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Family matters

Postby Shiress on May 31st, 2021, 3:41 pm

75th Day

Shiress couldn't help the wide smile that spread across her lips when she spotted Nolen striding through the Redynn's entryway as if he had every right to be there. Every time she saw the gorgeous man, it seemed confidence wafted off him like a particularly heady cologne, and it both intrigued and annoyed Shiress in equal measure.

It had been nearly a season since Zachiah, Shiress's father had hired the former Syliran Knight to see to the cottage upkeep while his particular craft of shipbuilding took him off to Syliras for long bouts of time. From nearly the first day, Nolen had not been at all reticent about his attraction to Shiress. Shiress, however, has thus far been steadfastly and stubbornly hesitant in returning the interest, or, at least, admitting to having it. Which she really did. In spades.

Who wouldn't be attracted to Nolen? The man was at least six and a half feet tall, with miles of bronzed skin, dark eyes, and long, shoulder-length black hair; the man was the phrase 'tall dark and handsome' personified, with just enough amalgamated danger to form one of the best-looking men Shiress had ever seen.

Today was no exception, either, with his muscular body clad all in black, hair pulled up in a messy attempt at a loose bun, rogue strands framing his stubbled face. The man demanded the attention of everyone in the room, female and male alike. He most definitely had Shiress's attention.

"Hey" he said, smiling and stepping in for a hug before bending to press a kiss to Shiress's cheek.

Shiress was immediately inundated by the scent of him, all leather and woodsmoke and man. It left her somewhat breathless when she attempted a reply.

"Hey yourself. What are you doing here?"

"Your mom said you would be working late tonight." Nolen moved away enough to lift a familiar basket between them and grinned, "She sent supper."

"Did she now?" Shiress smiled, hand reaching out for the basket, but a new voice had her jerking back the appendage as if she had been burned.

"Doctor Shi?"

Shiress turned to see Beth, one of the Redynn's nurses, standing patiently nearby, hands folded before her.

"I'm sorry to interrupt, but someone's asked for you."

Shiress frowned.

"A patient?"

Beth nodded. "Two patients, actually, a man and a boy. Both involved in some sort of brawl. The boy looks worse for wear, with an obvious head wound, abrasions, and a bloody nose. The man's injuries are harder to see, but I suspect he didn't escape unscathed."

Shiress wrinkled her nose "When you say boy, how old are you talking?"

"Thirteen, fourteen." beth replied, a bite in her tone.

Shiress's mouth fell open. "Thirteen!? And in a brawl?" she shook her head then lifted her gaze to Nolen. "Looks like I'll be a while. Wait for me?"

When Nolen nodded, Shiress pointed him in the direction of the waiting area before indicating for Beth to lead her to her new patients.

To say that Shiress was surprised at what, or rather, whom she found waiting for her in her exam room would be like saying lake Ravok was a mere pond.

Caspian, of all people, slumped in a chair, sat directly across from where a boy -a very young boy- all but sprawled across the exam table, his face covered in blood.

"Caspian? Why...what happened?"

Not waiting for an answer, Shiress made a beeline for the boy, the seemingly more injured of the pair. Shiress's brushed back matted and tangled hair as gently as she could from his forehead and smiled when a pair of the most stunning emerald-colored eyes Shiress had ever seen opened and peered up at her.

"Hi there. Can you sit up for me?"

Watching the boy's face closely, Shiress helped him to a sitting position and, when he gave no indication of immediately toppling back over, she moved her hands to his head, giving the wound on his scalp a quick prod.

"Not too bad." she murmured "Just a couple of stitches, I think, but let's get you cleaned up first."

Shiress's attention turned to Caspian, but it was Nolen that spoke, addressing the investigator with a derisive and clipped tone.

"What did you do," Nolen jerked his chin in the boy's direction, "throw a kid underfoot so you could escape?"

Shiress turned to see Nolen standing in the curtained alcove of the exam room, something close to a smirk on his face, gaze trained on Caspian. Shiress closed the distance between them, intent on escorting the man from the room, but Nolen, moving faster than any human had the right to move, snaked an arm around Shiress's lower back and pulled her body to his. Shiress gasped, planting both hands against the man's muscular chest. Nolen took full advantage, lowering his head to lick into Shiress's open mouth, catching her lower lip between his teeth, before letting it drag slowly free, ending a far more passionate kiss than the couple had shared thus far.

Stunned, eyes clamped shut, Shiress missed the look that Nolen gave Caspian as he straightened.

"Sorry, Shiress, he said, letting go of her and stepping back, "just wanted to let you know that I'll meet you at home."

Catching his lip between his teeth, Nolen swept Caspian with another unreadable gaze, then turned and left.

If the room's occupants were observant enough, they would see that Nolen's gesture had completely caught the doctor off guard. They would also see that this was Nolen's aim all along.

Shiress stood motionless for several long chimes before Beth cleared her throat, waiting for instruction.

Shiress shook herself, straightened to her full height, and cleared her throat in an attempt to refocus her thoughts.

"Beth, I need a washbasin, cloths, bandages, gut, and needle, please. I think everything else I may need is here. Thank you."

Turning, she approached Caspian grabbed the man's chin between deft fingers, the hold possibly a little more firm than she intended. Tilting his head up to watch the man's eyes, her gaze searching for signs of a concussion, Shiress desperately hoped her friend wouldn't feel how badly her fingers shook against his skin.

"Care to tell me how you found yourself in a bar brawl with a child?"

Not waiting for a reply, Shiress darted a finger up between Caspian's eyes "Follow my finger with your eyes without moving your head." she ordered, then moved the digit from side to side. Shiress saw it, then; a slight hesitation, a lag, in Caspian's tracking of her finger. She sighed and couldn't help it if her thumb brushed back and forth across his bruised cheek before she let her hand fall away and, without a word, turned to the boy.

"Okay, little man, your turn."

Lifting her hand, Shiress did the same finger tracking, and when the boy's gaze tracked her finger without a telling hesitation, she breathed a sigh of relief and stepped back, studying the boy's nose closely, noting silently the telltale swoop and misalignment. Broken.

Shifting her gaze back to Caspian, Shiress scowled, jaw muscles twitching, hands going to her hips.

"Explain!" she growled
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Family issues

Postby Caspian on May 31st, 2021, 3:47 pm


Shiress is livid.

Caspian can't actually see her yet and technically this hasn't yet happened. But he knows, from the state of both himself and the kid calling himself Milo, the effect that this will have on her.

None of this is his fault. That's the first thing that comes to mind. Though injury has always been something rather matter of fact to him, it doesn't mean he enjoys or relishes it, especially when it comes to innocent bystanders, and said bystanders happen to be children.

Though -

He glances down at Milo.

Hard to say how innocent that kid is, really, because ever since they'd met Milo had carried on this gleam in his eye, that suggests, perhaps, that there's something about him that knows too much for his own good.
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Family issues

Postby Milo Murrell on May 31st, 2021, 4:28 pm

Yes, but Caspian still owes Milo a potato.
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