Completed A Strange New Beginning [Gossamer][Trinket Box]

Naadiya arrives in Syka, appeals to local leaders for a job.

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Syka is a new settlement of primarily humans on the east coast of Falyndar opposite of Riverfall on The Suvan Sea. [Syka Codex]

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A Strange New Beginning [Gossamer][Trinket Box]

Postby Naadiya on February 15th, 2022, 8:15 pm

So Syka really was a Svefra hot-spot, Naadiya thought, good.

The captain that had brought her to Syka may not have been the most pleasant of people, but in this, at least, he hadn’t swindled her. The coastal settlement seemed to scream out to nearing ships, a safe haven to resupply and recharge before going back to sea. Trying to peddle her warm-weather weaves to the seafarers would offer her an opportunity to gather some information, Naadiya figured.

While Naadiya could, with effort, skin small animals, she had never done so with the intention of tanning and selling. Her skinning attempts, while technically successful, had been bloody messy trials. Naadiya got a bit better when she’d boarded the Svefra ship. Fish, she had found, somehow seemed less grisly. Still, no one would want to buy the skins she’d be able to provide.

With so much of Syka’s trade being sea-based, Naadiya was noting just how important ‘Captain’ James would be to the locals. Or any prominent ship’s captain. She might actually be able to visit Riverfall with much more ease than Naadiya could have guessed.

When Dawn laughed, Naadiya turned to her with a slightly surprised smile. If Tony’s family really were as prolific as that, there was definitely a chance she may actually be their long lost niece/2nd cousin/something… For now, Naadiya decided to air on the side of caution and leave that bit out when she replied to the blonde woman.

“I have four sisters,” she said, counting her twin, though for some reason Naadiya had a feeling she’d already been lost to the world. “My parents passed, but my mother had siblings so there are a few cousins thrown in the mix as well, but they are all still back in Eyktol, I believe.”

At the mention of children, Naadiya tried to not make the situation awkward.

“No,” she attempted a smile, “no children.”

She had tried. Tried and tried again. Then, tried with different men.

But no children.

Naadiya had already accepted that motherhood may not be in the cards for her but if she were being honest with herself, she wasn’t sure how she felt about it.

Her elder sister had been pregnant with her second child at the time Naadiya left the desert. From what she could see, her sister had very little attachment to the kid. Their mother had doted on each daughter, especially her first, so it could not be said that it was lack of having a mother-daughter bond to look back on. Yet, Naadiya’s sister, Vindriyana, had not been able to forge that bond with her first child.

As a result the child was mainly cared for by other family members. Naadiya could never do that to a child. But how could she guarantee love for a person she didn’t know yet. People often said that you always love your own, but Naadiya had seen that was not necessarily always the case.

Naadiya was quiet for a bit, unsure how much hope of a new generation she would be able to bring to the settlement. Dawn seemed the type of person who might at times try to set up a matches, hoping to watch love bloom from her efforts. Would she consider Naadiya a waste of one of their local unattached young men?

“To be honest, I had never heard of Syka. But I was brought here by Svefra who sailed the coastal borders of the desert, so knowledge of Syka has reached at least that far, in my very limited experience. But I don’t know that people far away could really picture what it’s like here. The rainforest is so different from anything I’ve ever experienced.”

Lush green speckled with bright reds, yellows and oranges gently meeting the white sandy shores seemed like a paradise. The ocean offered its bounty, the birds serenaded you from the trees and the…

“Snakes?” She said, the tiniest hints of uncertainty reaching her voice. Rain was like a miracle from the sky, mud could be no worse than quicksand and bugs made for great snacks if seasoned the right way…but snakes… “did you say snakes?”

James had arrived and Naadiya took his arm with a faraway look in her eyes. She let him lead her away, not really seeing where she was going and only trying her best to not think about snakes. She glanced up at James, he seemed like he'd know how to handle a snake-encounter. Her shoulders relaxed a bit... but not entirely.

Their next stop would be the Inn and Naadiya would very much welcome shelter from the threat of any serpentine creature.

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A Strange New Beginning [Gossamer][Trinket Box]

Postby Alric Lysane on March 14th, 2022, 7:44 am


Your Grades



Interrogation – 3
Logic – 1
Observation – 3
Socialization – 5
Weaving – 1


Artisans: Strive For Perfection
Captain James Chaliva: Founder
Dawn Tidewater: Tropical Fever Fashions Owner
Juli Chaliva: Mercantile Manager
Syka: Communal Facilities
Syka: Overwater Ranchos
Syka: The Commons
Syka: The Dovecote
Syke: The Protea Inn
Syke: Tropical Fever Fashions
Tendays: Sykan Festival
Weaving: Every Weave Is Unique

Items Gained

1 x Magical Trinket (Your Choice – Added To Possessions)
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