Closed Along the Cobbles II[Evalynn]

Moritz and Evalynn conclude their outing...

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Along the Cobbles II[Evalynn]

Postby Moritz Craven on September 14th, 2022, 10:15 pm

Moritz was nothing if not dedicated. If he was going to do something, well then he was going to do it right. He also had a head for small details, noticing some minute things others missed while missing some things others saw easily. In this setting though it seemed to be to his favor.

He was also determined to make sure Evalynn enjoyed herself, not really properly managing that the prior time. And so he also felt a bit of competitiveness with himself, a desire to surpass his past failure and exceed it. Wanting to see Evalynn filled with joy and appreciation towards him. It was not entirely entirely for her he acted as such, he had to admit to himself, but also for himself in a somewhat odd and indirect way.

Focused on these small details he noted to himself each spot and place to tweak her lock, which seemed to bring it closer to unhinging and revealing its contents, and which did little or nothing. He did this while trying to ignore his own peaking moment drawing ever nearer, not wanting to fail without completing his work. Each shudder and sound of joy from her brought him a bit in turn, a bit of joy at some small accomplishment. While also just to a degree enjoying seeing her enjoy herself.

Admittedly his knowledge base was rather limited to a single person, Evalynn, but while the specific spots and places to focus on might not be the same for other locks, he felt the techniques and methods of discovery would likely apply more broadly. At least that was his theory, though he had no real immediate plan to widen his information set and test that theory out.

If nothing else he felt after the encounter that of the two of them Evalynn was more hungry for it than Moritz was. While he was not averse to it, and certainly enjoyed the feelings and touches, he seemed less in dire need of it. Similar perhaps, he thought in his head, to compare two thirsty people. One a bit dry throat-ed and enjoying a cool sip of water, and the other having just come from the wilds with nothing to drink and needing the clean water quite dearly and urgently.

As he neared his end he found she was also growing close to finishing. He had supposed he could keep going after he was done to make sure she finished as well, but it seemed their timing was good today and would reach the goal at about the same time.

Once both of them were done Moritz finally rested beside Evalynn, letting his fingers stretch and limber and move about a bit in the air now that they were not at work. With a peck with his lips on the skin of her neck Moritz smiled lazily, letting his fingers drift against the skin of her arm.

"That was good... It seems for you as well... You know... If you find yourself in need of such attention again, all you need to do is ask. Although I'll be honest, I'm not really sure how often that sort of thing is a thing for you."

For his part Moritz thought on his own needs, and wondered on how often was normal if she offered to reciprocate. Daily? A few times a day? He was not really sure, not really having explored much in that area in himself, let alone how often might come off as rude or annoying... But then he was unsure how often the same would be true for him. of her asking of him. If she asked for his help three times a day, would he be offended? He did not think so, but he really had nothing to measure against.

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Along the Cobbles II[Evalynn]

Postby Evalynn Frostfawn on September 19th, 2022, 9:15 pm

“Well, dear Moritz, if it feels as good as this every time then I would say we can do this quite often.” Eva chuckled and nodded, tracing her fingers along his chest before trailing up to his jaw. “But, I do know that, with great friskiness come big risks. Constant fun could result in us ruining the desire to enjoy ourselves down the road. I have heard scary things about couples from my past not being able to perform because they lost desire.”

Eva rose up on an elbow and sprinkled Moritz with kisses along his face and neck before looking down at him. She couldn't imagine getting tired of him at this very moment, nor anytime soon for that matter. But time is a cruel thing, and can take away the sweetest of things while giving back bitter memories. Eva studied his face for a brief moment before placing a gentle peck on his nose and sliding out of bed.

“What do you say to a shower? Or, well, a sponge bath because all I have is a bucket of water and a rag right now.”

Eva smiled some and pulled back a curtain to reveal where she did most of her bathing. It was a strange setup considering there was a bathing area outside, but if Moritz asked about it she would simply explain the risks of her bathing outside. For example, the mark or Morwin on her hip would be shown and if anyone would see it she would be hunted down. There was a lot more to it, but that was the one main reason as to why she couldnt be seen bathing outside.

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