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Syka is a new settlement of primarily humans on the east coast of Falyndar opposite of Riverfall on The Suvan Sea. [Syka Codex]

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A Reunion (with Tazrae)

Postby Rhydian Lamoze on January 16th, 2023, 6:17 pm

1st of Winter, 522
Protea Inn -> Garden Beach

One hundred and twenty eight days... Counting today, that is how long it had been since he had seen her. The woman that had managed to not only welcome him to Syka but to give him a decent reason to stay. Entire seasons had passed in this time and with each passing day, the Eypharian couldn't help but feel horrid for how things had ended... Without a word, Rhydian had disappeared from his home. News of his adoptive mothers death had reached his ears and as such, he had departed from the Falyndar Region. From Syka. So many things had to be taken care of after his mothers passing and it all had fallen onto his shoulders. In that time, Rhydian couldn't dare think of how Tazrae would react upon his re-arrival.

With things likely being rather tense between the two now, Rhydian had considered simply not returning. If he had, he wasn't sure how she would react. And yet he had to. He couldn't continue to run forever. This was his last chance to head back and try to make things right. With that being the case, of course, Rhydian would eventually make his way back to Syka. Back to the Protea Inn. Back to his home. Upon his arrival, however, he would come to know that things wouldn't be quite that simple. A notice would key him in on the fact that the Protea Inn was currently out of commission. News that had certainly brought worry to the Eypharian.

"This.. Is this my fault?? I knew that I should have been here for her and yet.." The mans words would die out as he had continued to ponder the reason for such a thing to have taken place. If this truly was his doing than how could he ever make things right? Was this all for naught? "..I suppose that I should check at her home for her. If there is anywhere that she would be, it is likely to be there." With that point having been made, Rhydian would sling his stuff over his shoulder and begin to make his way towards the Garden Beach that wasn't all that far from the Protea Inn. Hopefully he would find her here. If he had.. Well his appearance might catch her a bit off guard. He had a completely disheveled look about him. His hair and beard were all the longer and the young Ixam that he had initially obtained was now a bit larger. It was perhaps somewhere between three feet in length now and seemed to remain wrapped idly over the mans shoulders.

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A Reunion (with Tazrae)

Postby Tazrae on January 25th, 2023, 4:45 am

When Rhydian swung by The Protea, he’d see the reason for the closure immediately. Standing Tall, the local builder’s supply and engineering firm had completely removed the entire roof of the Inn and was adding on a second floor. Workers were swarming the Inn, busy, working between the warm rain showers and utilizing sun breaks. They had to tarp often, untarp, and keep working depending on the weather. The dust, noise, and general chaos made even the kitchen an impossibility to remain open during the construction. A large table out front that acted as a sort of ‘command central’ for the workers held the plans – clearly displaying three large multiple-room suites going in as a second-floor addition.

But she wasn’t there. That was unusual for Tazrae, who helped initially build the Inn itself, and was present for everyday workers who erected the place initially – from the ground up – on an empty beach overlook. Rhydian was definitely pointed in the direction of Garden Beach.

And he’d find Tazrae there, of course, sitting under her palapa on the oversized lounge that was a mass of pillows and a side table that was decked out with an overflow of fruit for her lunch. She was dressed simply… shorts and a tank top. She gently rocked an infant in her arms, one that looked to be a season or so old. Ixam roamed the area, the large ones lounging in the sand, while juveniles and hatchlings hung out either on the lounge or scattered in groups alongside it. As he drew closer, Rhydian would hear the middle of a story… a story about a young Ixam getting into trouble and how the small creature got out of it.

Taz spoke in an animated tone, her storytelling including all the Ixam scattered about as if they could understand her just as easily as the infant could. One Ixam, a beautiful green one with sapphire highlights, lifted her head and studied Rhydian as he approached. She peeled back her scaled lips in the guise of a human smiling and offered him a greeting.

“Hello there. It’s been a while.” The creature said, Bree’s voice is definitely feminine. “You might not remember me, but I remember you. How have you been?” She said politely, her voice low, almost hushed, as to not interrupt Tazrae’s story or wake the infant she’d rocked to sleep in her arms.

“She gets so focused when she’s telling Khari a story. The child is erupting her teeth so she’s fussy and doesn’t sleep well. And so neither do the rest of us.” Bree said softly as if the explanation explained the gentle quiet of her voice. “Go on up… she’ll be glad to see a friendly face.” Bree urged, her purple tongue slipping out and licking one of her blue eyes.

It was at that moment that Taz looked up from the infant in her arms and saw Rhydian. She blinked, as if surprised, and then smiled brightly. She nodded a hello, and mouthed the words “Hey there…” And kept the story up and running until the end. When she was sure the baby was good and sleeping, she leaned over and tucked her into a cradle that rested next to the lounger.

“Rhydian!” She said, enthusiastic but not loudly, then patted the lounger beside her. The pillow-filled covered area was big enough for multiple people. “Come… sit a while. Have some fruit… there’s a waterskin of cold water next to the little table too. Tell me how you are. And where you’ve been?” She said softly, offering him a smile.

Taz had changed… that much was obvious. She was thinner, paler, and looked either ill or away from the sun for a bit. There were dark circles under her eyes, probably from having an infant as young as Khari was. And her clothing hung like she’d lost muscle tone beyond the weight she no longer sport.

“I have so much to tell me….. so much catching up to do.” She added, letting him get settled and urging him to grab something to eat. Taz would let him speak first though…. catching her up on how he was and where he’d been.
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