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Image:Scroll2.png “It feels wonderful does it not? To keep so much in for so long, Soshakuakamamushi, little wonder it came out like this, but it is beautiful nevertheless. Come, rise from your ashes, you have suffered, but so have all of my children, and they come again into this life, stronger, and fiercer. Rise, Viper, and tell me what you see.”
- Ivak, to Aka before he marked her

Inferno Queen of Zinrah
Date of birth403 AV (aged 120)
Place of birthEyktol
Gnosis marks

Soshakuakamamushi (Or "Aka" for short) is an Acrobat-Reimancer Dhani of the Viper subrace who was born in the dry desert of Eyktol. She is one of the Queens - also the only Viper Queen - in Zinrah and a member of the Azenth, Ivak's marked. The Viper is currently living in Zinrah, a giant Constrictor Dhani nest deep in the Jungle Wilds of Falyndar, literally spreading Ivak's flames on the Myrian to tip the never-ending conflict to the Dhani's favor. Evalin, a Nuit ancient sorceress, told her about Lhex, the God of Fate, and she shared the Nuit's hatred towards Lhex, refusing to accept that her life was in Lhex's whim. She strove to sever the hands of Fate itself, first, by achieving victory in the battle against Myrians.


Physical description

Aka is rather unusual for the normally cold-blooded Dhani as her body temperature is higher compared to others due to her Azenth mark, making her as warm as a normal human.

Human Form

While in human form, Aka appears as a humanoid female with very pale skin tone, long jet black hair, and scarlet red eyes with pupils in the shape of slits. She usually ties her long hair into twintails or a single ponytail with ribbons/rope/whatever-is-available-at-the-moment. She also has an eye-shaped mark on both of her palms, evidence of her initiation into Reimancy.

Commonly with Viper Dhanis, she's quite short in height compared to the other sub-races, she stands at 150 cm (4'9" feet) and weighs 45 kg (110 lbs). She also usually wears a simple black dress with no underwear underneath to hasten the dressing/undressing needed in switching between forms.

Dhani Form

While in her Dhani form, Aka spans 305 cm (10 feet) from the tip of her tail to the end of her snout. Her body is adorned with red scales with constant black spots. She also has long fangs which she uses to inject her venom with. She also has a cobra-like hood that can flares or flatten at will and tail that can be used as a 'spring' to launch herself.

Viper Form

In her Viper form, Aka spans 200 cm (6'5" feet) from the tip of her tail to the end of her snout. Similar to her Dhani form, she has red scales all across her body with constant black spots, venomous fangs, and a flaring hood. She also has a fatal venom that can cause death within minutes if left untreated and able to strike fast like all Viper Dhanis.


If one could describe Aka with simple words, it would be 'Spoiled Snake'. Aka acts tough and arrogant to the people she deemed weak or stupid, only to cower in fear when the mocked person showed power or intimidation beyond her reach. She usually tries to offset her fear with attempted defiance and anger, but her bluff is awful and one that's not a village idiot can see through it. Her arrogance combined with pride makes her a rather gullible and easily-taunted person, she's rather easy to be manipulated by someone who knows how to pull her strings. Most often, she will grumbles and pouts once she found out she has been tricked. But with all her flaws, she also has some benevolent trait; she's loyal and likes people who pampered her with praises and gifts. She will also defend and stand up for her comrades.


Early Life

A Viper Dhani born in one of the Dhani nests in the Eyktol Desert, Aka's mother's name was 'Soshaku' and her given name was 'Akamamushi' so in tradition with the Dhani naming system, Aka's full name is a combination between her mother's name and her own name. Aka has always been a spunky and energetic Dhani, ever since she learnt her Dhani form; Aka often traveled outside her nest, springing around like an acrobat. She loved to get her cold-blooded muscles moving in the hot sands of Eyktol. All in all, it was a rather ordinary life for an ordinary Viper Dhani until disaster happened...

A male member of her nest, a certain sadistic and stupid Viper killed a Chaktawe on purpose by biting his neck and injecting his venom. That Chaktawe turned out to be a member of the Suli tribe, the most aggressive and combat-oriented tribe of the Chaktawe. This horrendous act, of course, brought the wrath of the whole tribe against Aka's nest. The warriors came with their weapons and slaughtered her nest, killing each and every member except for... Aka herself for she was doing her usual wandering outside the nest when the massacre happened. When she came back, she found nothing but death and despair, knowing nothing of what happened to her nest; Aka wandered aimlessly and almost went insane if not for her mentor, a Nuit named Galbern. This happened when she was 101 years old.

Galbern was a male mage Nuit who was visiting Ahnatep in search of the ancient knowledge of the Eypharians, he just so happened to be travelling in the Eyktol when he stumbled upon a half-dead humanoid female, lying on the sand unconscious and dehydrated. He decided to help the Dhani, not out of concern, but out of scholarly curiosity to learn more about the almost-extinct Dhani race. He took Aka as his own apprentice and even initiated her into Reimancy. He treated Aka like a student, flat and almost devoid of both compassion and disdain, just neutral.

He took interest in her hidden magical talents, especially Reimancy, and decided to teach her more about the 'wonderful' world of magic. Aka had nowhere else to go so she instinctively clung to the Nuit and looked up to him as her father figure. She craved attention, but the Nuit's indifference to her approach annoyed her sometimes. The Nuit didn't care for her nor hate her, he just viewed her as a simple apprentice, no strings attached.

They traveled around the world as master and apprentice for eight years until they ended up in Alvadas, the City of Illusions. One day, her master told her he needed her to accompany him just outside the city to do something, but he didn't tell her why. Aka was curious, Galbern looked very sick for some reason.

Later that night, just outside the City. Galbern told her to keep watch while he prepared something, Aka obeyed but she was still curious on what he was planning to do. While waiting, she decided to practice her Reimancy by creating a rather big fireball and using her mastery over earth, she combined the elements and was very excited to create a lavaball, bigger than she ever attempted before. She ran back to her master's location to find him... laying prone on top of a seemingly dead body painted with runes and the Nuit was belching some sickly... liquid out of his mouth into the corpse's mouth.

Aka screamed in panic at the ghastly scene before her, she had no knowledge about the Nuit's body transfer ritual. She accidentally lost hold of the large lavaball she was holding and it dropped to the ground, burning the grass below and it quickly spread to Galbern's location. What happened next horrified her to no end, Galbern was not moving, still laying on top of the corpse even as the fire spread to him and began consuming both him and the corpse. Aka fell down to her knees, she couldn't do anything, her power was not great enough to stop the flames she accidentally created.

After fifteen chimes, what was left of her master were pile of ashes. Aka cried and cried for hours until no more tears could fall from her eyes. She once again lost the people closest to her and this time, it was because of her own stupidity. Aka picked up her belongings and ran away, she didn't know where she was going and just kept fleeing... until she arrived at the Jungles of Falyndar.

Arrival in Zinrah

The Viper found herself lost deep within the Jungles of Falyndar and if it not for the deeds of a Constrictor named 'Kalesserimamoru', an illusionist and morpher, her fate was doomed in the hands of Myrians or predators. The Constrictor took her into Zinrah and their relationship developed into a rather odd Master - Mentor connection. She had been living there ever since, using her reimantic powers to develop and maintain the tunnels of Zinrah and, of course, hunt Myrians. She dreamed of one day clearing the Myrian blockade so her cousins may not need to live in fear.

The Fire Within

As it turns out, her life in Zinrah isn't exactly comfortable, aside from the always-present thread of Myrians outside the nest, she also faced discrimination from her Constrictor cousins, seeing her as a mere puny 'small fry'. Even within their own sub-race, Dhani mostly viewed each other with disdain, this caused frequent in-fighting and one of the main causes for the Dhani's low population. Her frustration reached its boiling point after a group of Constrictors almost killed her in a lethal prank, she stormed out of the nest and unleashed her flames upon the jungle, burning everything around her, to the point of severe overgiving. Ivak, The God of Flames, was intrigued by the Viper's emotional upheaval, he visited Aka and marked her after she launched her literal fiery temper tantrum.

Lhex, God of Fate

One day, she met a strange girl in the Jungle Wilds, trapped by a wild tiger. The Viper decided to save the girl, took her in as her slave, and found out the girl was actually Evalin, Sorceress of Fire and Shadow. Evalin told her about the existence of Lhex, God of Fate, and her hatred for him. Shocked by this revelation, Aka shared Eva's disdain towards the God who so arrogantly controlled her life and the lives of every beings on Mizahar. She will sever this illusion of free will.

Ascension to Queenship

In 15th of Spring 514 A.V. Queen Snhamtanabis of Zinrah summoned Aka to her chambers, revealing that the Viper would be one of the Queens, serving directly under her rule. It was all Aka ever wanted, to hold power for the betterment of both herself and Zinrah as a whole, however... this boon came with a catch, Tanabis gave her time until 80th of Summer 514 A.V to eliminate Evalin, the Nuit she had grown to love and trust or Aka's reign would be the shortest one ever in the history of Zinrah.

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