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Postby Soshakuakamamushi on June 30th, 2013, 8:20 pm



Full Name: Soshakuakamamushi (So-shä-ku-ä-kä-mä-moo-see)
Short version: Aka
Race: Dhani (Viper sub-race)
Gender: Female
Age: 111 years old
Birthday: 39th of Summer, 403 A.V
Birthplace: Eyktol Desert, Eyktol Region


Human Form
ImageWhile in human form, Aka appears as a humanoid female with very pale skin tone, long jet black hair, and scarlet red eyes with pupils in the shape of slits. She usually ties her long hair into twintails or a single ponytail with ribbons/rope/whatever-is-available-at-the-moment. She also has an eye-shaped mark on both of her palms, evidence of her initiation into Reimancy.

Commonly with Viper Dhanis, she's quite short in height compared to the other sub-races, she stands at 150 cm (4'9" feet) and weighs 45 kg (110 lbs). She also usually wears a simple black dress with no underwear underneath to hasten the dressing/undressing needed in switching between forms.

Dhani Form
ImageWhile in her Dhani form, Aka spans 305 cm (10 feet) from the tip of her tail to the end of her snout. Her body is adorned with red scales with constant black spots. She also has long fangs which she uses to inject her venom with. She also has a cobra-like hood that can flares or flatten at will and tail that can be used as a 'spring' to jump around.

Viper Form

In her viper form, Aka spans 200 cm (6'5" feet) from the tip of her tail to the end of her snout. Similar to her Dhani form, she has red scales all across her body with constant black spots, venomous fangs, and a flaring hood. She also has a fatal venom that can cause death within minutes if left untreated and able to strike fast like all viper Dhanis.

Character Concept :
A seemingly arrogant Dhani who likes to mock and look down on other races and even other Dhani-sub races. Aka appears as the epitome of a haughty female who can't keep her head out of the clouds. But it was all to hide the immense guilt that had been plaguing her conscience because of the freak accident she caused, resulting in the death of her mentor. She desperately tries to forget and ignore her accidental murder, the fact that there were no witnesses and it happened in the middle of the wilderness weigh heavily on her mind. She felt relief that no one witnessed her crime and that sickens her, the harsh truth of her back-stabbing snake nature don't bode well with the moral teachings her mentor taught her.

Personality :
If one could describe Aka with simple words, it would be 'Spoiled Snake'. Aka acts tough and arrogant to the people she deemed weak or stupid, only to cower in fear when the mocked person showed power or intimidation beyond her reach. She usually tries to offset her fear with attempted defiance and anger, but her bluff is awful and one that's not a village idiot can see through it. Her arrogance combined with pride makes her a rather gullible and easily-taunted person, she's rather easy to be manipulated by someone who knows how to pull her strings. Most often, she will grumbles and pouts once she found out she has been tricked. But with all her flaws, she also has some benevolent trait; she's loyal and likes people who pampered her with praises and gifts. She will also defend and stand up for her comrades.

Character History :
A Viper Dhani born in one of the Dhani nests in the Eyktol Desert, Aka's mother's name was Soshaku and her given name was Akamamushi so in tradition with the Dhani naming system, Aka's full name is a combination between her mother's name and her own name. Aka has always been a spunky and energetic Dhani, ever since she learnt her Dhani form; Aka often travel outside her nest, springing and jumping around like an acrobat. She loved to get her cold-blooded muscles moving in the hot sands of Eyktol. All in all, it was a rather ordinary life for an ordinary Viper Dhani until disaster happened...

A male member of her nest, a certain sadistic and stupid Viper killed a Chaktawe on purpose by biting his neck and injecting his venom. That Chaktawe turned out to be a member of the Suli tribe, the most aggressive and combat-oriented tribe of the Chaktawe. This horrendous act, of course, brought the wrath of the whole tribe against Aka's nest. The warriors came with their weapons and slaughtered her nest, killing each and every member except for... Aka herself for she was doing her usual wandering outside the nest when the massacre happened. When she came back, she found nothing but death and despair, knowing nothing of what happened to her nest; Aka wandered aimlessly and almost went insane if not for her mentor, a Nuit named Galbern. This happened when she was 101 years old.

Galbern was a male mage Nuit who was visiting Ahnatep in search of the ancient knowledge of the Eypharians, he just so happened to be travelling in the Eyktol when he stumbled upon a half-dead humanoid female, lying on the sand unconcious and dehydrated. He decided to help the Dhani, not out of concern, but out of scholarly curiosity to learn more about the almost-extinct Dhani race. He took Aka as his own apprentice and even initiated her into Reimancy. He treated Aka like a student, flat and almost devoid of both compassion and disdain, just neutral.

He took interest in her hidden magical talents, especially Reimancy, and decided to teach her more about the wonderful world of magic. Aka had nowhere else to go so she instinctively clung to the Nuit and looked up to him as her father figure. She craved attention, but the Nuit's indifference to her approach annoyed her sometimes. The Nuit didn't care for her nor hate her, he just viewed her as a simple apprentice, no strings attached.

They traveled around the world as master and apprentice for eight years until they ended up in Alvadas, the City of Illusions. One day, her master told her he needed her to accompany him just outside the city to do something, but he didn't tell her why. Aka was curious, Galbern looked very sick for some reason.

Later that night, just outside the City. Galbern told her to keep watch while he prepared something, Aka obeyed but she was still curious on what he was planning to do. While waiting, she decided to practice her Reimancy by creating a rather big fireball and using her mastery over earth, she combined the elements and was very excited to create a lavaball, bigger than she ever attempted before. She ran back to her master's location to find him... laying prone on top of a seemingly dead body painted with runes and the Nuit was belching some sickly... liquid out of his mouth into the corpse's mouth.

Aka screamed in panic at the ghastly scene before her, she had no knowledge about the Nuit's body transfer ritual. She accidentally lost hold of the large lavaball she was holding and it dropped to the ground, burning the grass below and it quickly spread to Galbern's location. What happened next horrified her to no end, Galbern was not moving, still laying on top of the corpse even as the fire spread to him and began consuming both him and the corpse. Aka fell down to her knees, she couldn't do anything, her power was not great enough to stop the flames she accidentally created.

After fifteen chimes, what was left of her master were pile of ashes. Aka cried and cried for hours until no more tears could fall from her eyes. She once again lost the people closest to her and this time, it was because of her own stupidity. Aka picked up her belongings and ran away, she didn't know where she was going and just kept running south... until she arrived at the Jungles of Falyndar.

Language :
Fluent Language: Snake-Tongue
Basic Language: Common
Poor Language: Arumenic

Heirloom :
The Fox Mask given to her by Galbern after she nagged him to buy it for her at the market in Ahnatep. Aka very much care for the mask, at least... she doesn't want to destroy the last object that connects her with Galbern.

Housing :
Scarlet Cavern: A fancy cave in the Residential Wing in Zinrah

Perks and Injuries

Social Perks
Date Acquired: 15th of Spring 514 A.V
Viper Queen of Zinrah: The Queen, Snhamtanabis, ordained Aka as one of the Dhani Queens in Zinrah directly serving under her rule. This made Aka a member of Zinrah society's highest echelon, just below Tanabis and Siku herself.
Date Acquired: 90th of Fall 513 A.V
An "Old" Friend: A relationship perk, Aka has gained the favor of Ressaylissandra, an ancient Dhani Priestess now in the body of Glyph through the means of a magical collar.
Date Acquired: Fall 513 A.V
A Serpent In The Making: A status perk, rumors of Aka's Deeds and Power are circulating even amongst Queens.
Date Acquired: Spring 514 A.V
A Queen Owes You a Favor: A status perk, A lesser Queen owes Aka a favor, boosting her reputation in Zinrah.

Physical and Mental Perks
Date Acquired: 1st of Fall 513 A.V
Steamy Rage: Because of Aka's Overgiving, she has adopted a new trait. Whenever she is particularly enraged her body heat will increased and be released via steam through the pores in her skin and scales. Without Ivak's presence...who knows what could have happened...
Date Acquired: 32nd of Fall 513 A.V
Tranquil Reflection: Now Aka can travel to the Reflecting Pools and approach the area safely. The pools will not respond to her, nor give her visions of the past or future, and will seem quite ordinary except for the fact she can still feel the latent energy of the place in the air. She will find it particularly easy to find peace of mind and meditation in the Pools if she chooses to relax there.

Date Acquired: 32nd of Summer 507 A.V
A set of bruises that will take up to 2 days to fully heal
Mild internal bleeding that will clear up in a week
Mild overgiving, sweet whispers will entice her for the rest of the day and the day after
Date Acquired: 15th of Summer 513 A.V
+1 Slash along the waist will heal gradually over a month
+1 Smaller shoulder wound will heal gradually over a week
Date Acquired: 70th of Summer 513 A.V
+2 Cracked Ribs (Several Weeks of Soreness While they Heal)
+Several Claw Gashes (Will be sore for two weeks as they heal)
Date Acquired: 32nd of Fall 513 A.V
After her trials it will take Aka almost a month to fully regain the amount of Djed drained from her body, and as she does she will get weary much faster.
Date Acquired: 76th of Fall 513 A.V
+1 deep gashes to the arm: Will need a month to heal with regular care in order not to form scars
Date Acquired: 2nd of Spring 514 A.V
Set of bruises on the arms and legs that will last for about a month, gradually fading over this time period.
Date Acquired: 5th of Spring 514 A.V
Aka will suffer from a severe headache due to her overgiving. This should only last for a few bells.

Thread List

Summer 513 AV
Thread Name Status Rewarded XP
7th [Jungle Wilds] Tiny Mage, Giant Wrestler (Mamoru) Graded +1 Intimidation, +4 Observation, +3 Reimancy, +2 Running, +1 Socialization
10th [Sitria] David Among Goliaths (Traverse) Graded +1 Intimidation, +3 Observation , +3 Reimancy, +1 Rhetoric, +1 Socialization
11th [The Residential Wing] Dig Dug Graded +1 Observation, +2 Reimancy, +2 Socialization
12th [Training Gallery] I Shouldn't Have Said That... Graded +2 Observation, +2 Acrobatics, +1 Reimancy
13th [Jungle Wilds] Cannibals! Cannibals! Burn it with Fire! Graded +2 Acrobatics, +1 Acting, +1 Observation, +2 Reimancy
14th [Jungle Wilds] Interrupted Meal Graded +1 Hunting, +2 Observation, +1 Planning, +1 Reimancy, +1 Wrestling
15th [Training Gallery] I'm Not Your Servant! Graded +2 Acrobatics, +1 Brawling, +2 Observation, +2 Reimancy, +1 Running, +1 Weapon: Rock
25th [Kandukta Basin] Trickster and Reimancer (Mamoru) Graded +3 Observation, +3 Reimancy, +1 Socialization, +1 Stealth, +1 Swimming
35th Firefly and The Gentle Giant (Aka) Graded +2 Socialization, +2 Observation
40th Magical Dooddles Graded +1 Calligraphy, +1 Glyphing, +2 Observation
41st Glyphed Casting Graded +2 Calligraphy, +3 Glyphing, +4 Observation, +2 Reimancy
55th [Jungle Wilds] Acroreimancy Part 1 Graded +2 Acrobatics, +3 Reimancy, +1 Running, +2 Tactics
60th Lost and Found (Aka) Graded +1 Hunting, +2 Intimidation, +1 Observation, +1 Planning, +2 Reimancy
65th [Residential Wing] Eat It! Eat It! Eat it! (Yuki) Graded +2 Observation, +1 Socialization, +1 Wrestling
70th What a Cow! (Bovi) Graded +1 Endurance, +1 Investigation, +4 Observation, +1 Persuasion, +1 Planning, +2 Reimancy, +1 Running

Fall 513 AV
Thread Name Status Rewarded XP
1st The Fire Within (Aka) Graded +3 Endurance, +1 Intimidation, +3 Observation, +3 Reimancy
4th Unique Occurences Like... (Yuki) Graded +1 Glyphing, +1 Intimidation 1 XP, +1 Observation, +3 Socialization
4th Welcome To My Humble Abode [Aka & Yuki] Graded +2 Flirting, +2 Intimidation, +3 Observation, +1 Persuasion, +5 Socialization
5th What Sorcery Is This?! (Mamoru) Graded +1 Acting, +2 Endurance, +2 Hypnotism, +2 Meditation, +5 Observation, +2 Persuasion, +2 Rhetoric, +3 Socialization
17th [Zinrah] Collapsed part I Graded +1 Acrobatics, +1 Endurance, +2 Investigation, +3 Observation, +2 Reimancy, +3 Socialization
17th [Zinrah] Collapsed part II Graded +1 Endurance, +2 Observation, +1 Philosophy
18th A Strange Little Salamander (Aka) Graded +1 Seduction, +2 Observation
20th - 24th Unearthing the Forgotten (Aka) Graded +2 Acrobatics, +2 Endurance, +1 Glyphing, +1 Hunting, +4 Investigation, +5 Observation, +1 Reimancy, +2 Running, +1 Wilderness Survival
26th Hissing You So Much (Aka) Graded +1 Acting, +1 Intimidation, +1 Hypnotism, +5 Observation, +2 Persuasion, +1 Rhetoric, +3 Socialization
27th [Jungle Wilds] Serpents, Felines, And Monkeys (Mamoru) Graded +1 Acrobatics, +1 Flirting, +2 Leadership, +4 Observation, +1 Planning, +2 Reimancy, +2 Socialization, +2 Tactics
30th Just a Touch Up (Aka) Graded +1 Endurance, +3 Observation, +1 Tactics
31st [Jungle Wilds] Purebred And Half-Breed (Tinnok) Graded +3 Observation, +1 Skinning, +4 Reimancy, +1 Hunting, +2 Intimidation, +3 Socialization
32nd [Reflecting Pools] The Flaming Reflection (Soliloquy) Graded +5 Endurance, +2 Observation
36th How Far Would You Go? (Aka) Graded +2 Reimancy, +1 Teaching, +2 Persuasion
39th Party Like A Dhani (Aka) Graded +4 Socialization, +1 Intimidation, +3 Flirting , +3 Seduction, +1 Tactic, +4 Hypnotism, +1 Drinking
50th Siku's Solstice [Seasonal Event] On-Going -
62nd [Jungle Wilds] Red Viper, Black Constrictor (Saxani) Graded +2 Endurance, +1 Hypnotism, +3 Observation, +1 Philosophy, +2 Planning, +3 Reimancy, +2 Socialization, +3 Stealth, +3 Tactics
76th The Tiger, the Familiar and the Girl (Aka) Graded +1 Hypnotism, +1 Investigation, +5 Observation, +2 Persuasion, +1 Philosophy, +3 Planning, +3 Reimancy, +2 Rhetoric, +5 Socialization
79th [Zinrah] A New Undead Doll (Evalin) Graded +3 Socialization, +3 Rhetoric, +3 Intimidation, +1 Interrogation, +2 Reimancy, +1 Seduction, +1 Philosophy, +2 Persuasion
87th [Jungle Wilds] They Shall Burn (Evalin) Graded +1 Acrobatics, +1 Flirting, +3 Observation, +2 Reimancy, +1 Running, +1 Socialization, +1 Tactics
90th [Aka's Cave] Arcane Shackle (Traverse) Graded +3 Endurance, +2 Investigation, +2 Persuasion, +1 Running, +2 Socialization

Winter 513 AV
Thread Name Status Rewarded XP
1st [Jungle Wilds] Sparking Scales Graded +2 Reimancy
2nd Delving Deeper Into Trouble (Aka) On-Going -
7th Playing Dolls (Aka) Graded +2 Rhetoric, +1 Teaching, +1 Socialization, +2 Intimidation, +2 Flirting, +1 Torture
50th [Jungle Wilds] Destined Encounter (Evalin) Graded +2 Endurance, +3 Observation, +1 Planning, +3 Reimancy, +3 Socialization, +1 Tactics
54th The Grand Reveal (Aka) Graded +4 Socialization, 1 Rhetoric, 1 Teaching, 1 Leadership, 2 Seduction, 2 Observation
72nd [Jungle Wilds] The Slave's Thrall (Evalin) Graded +1 Running, +2 Reimancy, +5 Socialization, +1 Seduction, +1 Planning, +1 Interrogation
86th Monster Hunting (Aka) Graded +4 Socialization, +2 Reimancy, +3 Observation, +2 Leadership, +1 Rhetoric

Spring 514 AV
Thread Name Status Rewarded XP
2nd [Jungle Wilds] A Colorful Chicken Graded +3 Acrobatics, +2 Endurance, +1 Running, +1 Unarmed Combat
5th [Kandukta Basin] Arch-Nemesis (Vitri) Graded +4 Reimancy, +1 Running, +3 Socialization, +1 Leadership
10th One Day on the Job [Aka] Graded +1 Endurance, +1 Intimidation, +2 Observation, +3 Seduction
11th [The Distillery] Scales, Tables, and Mugs Graded +1 Reimancy, +2 Hypnotism, +2 Intimidation, +1 Socialization
13th A Time at The Steambaths Grading Pending -
20th [Scarlet Cavern] Rumors Of The Undead (Evalin) Graded +1 Reimancy, +1 Begging, +4 Socialization, +2 Seduction, +1 Politics
43rd To Reveal the most intimate part... (Aka) Graded +3 Socialization, +1 Leadership, +1 Seduction
45th Double Double, Toil and Trouble (Aka, Evalin) Graded +3 Socialization, +1 Leadership
47th [The Nursery] Oh My Acidic Friend... Graded +1 Socialization, +2 Observation, +1 Babysitting, +1 Storytelling, +1 Reimancy
53rd Ice creeps through the den of the snake (Aka) On-Going -
81st Does Their Blood Run Red? (Aka) Graded N/A

Summer 514 AV
Thread Name Status Rewarded XP
7th The Viper's Grip Grading Pending -
9th A Lethargic Reentry (Aka) Graded +2 Endurance, +2 Socialization
12th [Scarlet Cavern] Dysfunctional "Family" (Xen, Evalin) On-Going -
15th There Comes A Time...(Aka) Graded +1 Rhetoric, +4 Socialization
15th The night gives way to day (Aka) Graded +2 Socialization, +1 Planning, +2 Philosophy, +1 Flirting
20th A Queen's Play (Aka) On-Going -
46th The Gods that Shape Our Bite (Aka) On-Going -
80th [Jungle Wilds] "Reunion" (Oryani) On-Going -
90th Rising Tides (Aka) On-Going

Thread Name Status Rewarded XP
16th Spring 507 A.V Reptilian Musings (Svansan) Graded +3 Running, +1 Intimidation, +5 Observation, +1 Swimming, +1 Brawling, +4 Rhetoric, +1 Reimancy, +1 Tactics, +2 Seduction
10th of Summer 507 A.V A Snake In Armor Graded +3 Socialization, +5 Seduction
15th of Summer 507 A.V Small Girl and Smaller Girl Graded +1 Observation, +4 Socialization, +3 Interrogation, +2 Persuasion
17th of Summer 507 The Arts of Reimancy Graded +3 Running, +2 Persuasion, +1 Hunting, +2 Reimancy, +2 Socialization
30th of Summer 507 A.V The Brat And The Hunter Graded +2 Tracking, +2 Observation, +2 Reimancy, +2 Hunting, +1 Flirting, +1 Seduction, +1 Storytelling
31st of Summer 507 A.V [Bronze Woods] Twintails (Nilika) On-Going -
32nd of Summer 507 A.V A Song Of Flame And Ashes Graded +2 Endurance, +3 Reimancy, +1 Intimidation, +1 Leadership, +1 Acrobatics, +1 Tactics
42nd of Summer 507 A.V [The Bronze Wood] Jumping Snakes Graded +3 Intimidation, +1 Interrogation, +2 Running, +4 Endurance, +2 Persuasion, +5 Acrobatics, +2 Socialization
50th of Summer 507 A.V [Bronze Woods] Future Azenths (I'saya) On-Going -

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Lores and Skills


Summer 513 A.V
Senka: Bully AND Friend
Saving Face
Reimancy: Powerful, But Not Perfect
A David Among Goliaths
Aspia: A Master Reimancer
Earth Reimancy: Important in Zinrah
Losing Control of Your Fire
Showing the Fire Within
Becoming Employed as a Reimancer of Zinrah
Myrians Live in the Jungle
Threatening with Fire
Being Scared out of One's Mind
Mamuro: A Constrictor
Finding an Ally in the Jungle
The Repetitive Task of Digging Tunnels
Senka: An interesting Work Partner
Being Blackmailed into Shifting
Creating a Stone Dagger
Facing a Myrian
Making Fire Spit
The Memory of Ones First Kill
Dhani Hunger Pangs
Having Your Kill Stolen
Murdering Myrians
Hatred Fueling One's Training
Little Mamuro is Just as Annoying
The Sweet Whispers of Reimancy
Creating a Lava Dagger
Mamuro Isn't an Enemy...Right?
Training Your Frail Human Form
Senka: Never Knows When to Quit
Reimancy: Giving More Than You Should
Swimming is BAD
Fire Works Well on Boats
A Growing Hate for Myrians
Matching Mamuro Kill for Kill
Exhaustion from Res Use
A Successful Night Myrian Hunting
Finding Someone Smaller Than You
Naked Intimidation: Doesn't Really Work
Obtaining a Slave
Obtaining Presents for One's Slave
Glyphing: Channels Other Magic
For Emergency Glyphing: Use Blood
A Glyph Can be Comprised of Many Facets
A Focus Can Aid in Summoning Res
Not the Same Sort of Slave
Persuading Your Captive to Join You
Bovi: Quite Strong
Chasing After Your Captive
Being Saved by A Bison
Bovi: A Kind, Strong Soul
Finding a Unique Ally in the Jungle
Having a Little Fun With Your Slave
Getting Some Meat on Yuki's Bones
Pyromancy Better Practiced Outside of Zinrah
Using Reimancy in Precise Ways
Reimancy Technique: Multiple Fireballs
Reimancy Technique: Inhaling Your Own Res
Be Wary When Testing New Glyphs
Bone Meal: Easily Attainable with a boulder
That awkward moment when a stranger ask you about your past
Ruga: Calmer than some Constrictors
Living the Past: A Time Before Dhain Lived in Zinrah
Ressaylissandra: A powerful, ancient Sorceress
Identifying a Powerful Glyph-work
Aspia: One of the Few Constrictors Preferring Human Form
Glyph: A Mentally Unstable, yet Skilled Glypher
Persuasion Technique: Tell the Truth, but Not All of it
Lissandra: A New Ally

Fall 513 A.V
Jori: An Odd Dhani Name
Protective of One's Slave
Attending Dinner with a Fellow Dhani
Still an Outcast
Giving Into the Whispers
All the World Against You
Ivak: World Destroyer
The Feeling of Release
Becoming an Azenth
Discovering Mamuro's Secret Powers
The Shame of Being Manipulated (With or Without Magic)
Meditation: The Key to Hypnotism
Using a Mirror as a Focus
Being the Subject of Mamuro's Whims
Hypnotism: The Power of Suggestion
Dealing Skills for Skills
The Enjoyment of Manipulating Others
Getting Lost in the Jungle Wilds
Taking Prey Where You Can Find It
Discovering an Ancient Temple
Breaking Through a Shield (Magic)
Dhani Aren't the Only Torturers
Receiving a Potentially Unwanted Gift
Tryllisle: Owner of True Beauty
Tryl: A Constrictor the Rhymes
Getting An Idea of How Yuki Feels
A Forced Make Over
Enjoying Some Girl Time
Xen: A Messy Dhani
Keeping Relations Good With a Fellow Viper
Yuki: Knows the Right Questions (Magic Related)
Morphing: Altering in Ways Dhani Morphs Cannot
Morphing Side Affects: Getting Stuck Transformed
Reimancy Technique: Wind Bullet
Morgana: A Beautiful Example of a Constrictor
Morgana: Mamuro's Older Sister
Successful Hypnotism Means Picking the Right Target
The Beginnings of a Promising Friendship with Morgana
Using Reverse Psychology on Ssenka
Succumbing to Insecurities
Ruling Over Mamuro for a Day
Using Fire immunity to the Fullest
Mamuro: A Powerful Morpher
Myrian Tigers: Vicious Beasts
Whining Doesn't Get Work Done
The Importance of Calculated Geomancy
Saved by Senka
Noticing What Might Trigger a Rock Collapse
Getting to Know Senka
Okapi: Extremely skittish
Tinnok: Servant of Caiyha
Tinnok: Half Myrian/ half Dhani
A late night battle with a sister
Admitting to one's feeling can be hard
Reimancy: Stone/Lava Scythe
Translating Complicated Common
Meeting a Being Cursed to Feed on Blood
Katherine: A New Slave
Showing Off Skill to Your Slave
Discovering a New Hot Spring
Being Able to Let Your Hair Down
Mamuro: A Complicated Individual
Fighting Growing Feelings for Masster
Mamoru: Always the trickster
Willing to do anything for Master..almost anything
Teaching by means of experience not theory
Mamoru: Adorable in childlike form
Evalin: Afraid of Ghosts
Evalin: Attached to Her Pendant and Staff
Evalin: Fears Reality of Death
Evalin's Past
Tsenrika's Influence
Guard's Warning: Keep "Collections" Under Control
Waging a War in Balance of Power
Body Transfer Ritual
Lhex: God of Fate
Weird salamanders threaten the tunnels of Zinrah
Acid drooling salamanders make excellent rings
Malediction services definitely dont cost 10 mizas
Malediction is a lengthy process
Finding Someone to Return Your Feelings
Creating Wings of Fire
The Benefits of Having Back Up
Witnessing Katherine's True Form
The Disadvantages of a Fiery Show
Focus is Needed on Patrol
Sashisaxani: Constrictor Guard
The Downside of Failing to Hypnotize a Comrade
Why Constrictors Aren't in Power
Saxani's Backstory
Learning Not to go in Fires Blazing
Reimancy Technique: Blowing Your Scent Downwind
Reimancy Technique: Earthen Spike Traps
Reimancy Technique: Internal Earth Spikes
Knowing When the Enemy is Too Strong
Warding Off Competition
Using Hypnosis on the Intoxicated
Rescued Again by Mamuro
Failing to Impress Mamuro
The Reflecting Pools - This lore is the all encompassing knowledge that Aka received first hand from having her Djed sucked out of the pools, it includes knowing what they do to her, the compulsion they possess, and the power contained in he area.
Reliving the Past
Glimpsing a Series of Futures
A Warning of Dire Things to Come

Winter 513 A.V
Reimancy Pit Traps
Creating Earthen Domes (Reimancy)
Earth: The Perfect Way to Contain Flames
Witnessing a Nuit body Possession
Evalin: Treasures her Blue Pendant
Evalin: A Powerful Yet Obedient Slave
Human Customs: Curtsy
Amaryllis: Chief Embalmer of Sahova
Power Comes When One Plays Their Hand
Evalin's Story
Senka: Respects Bravery
Evalin: Loyal Guardian
Evalin: More than a Servant
Lightning: Quick, Loud, and Burning
Lightning: Like Fire and Air
Reimancy: Learning to use Lightning
Coming to Evalin's Defense
Evalin: A Secret Lover
Realising the Strength of Evalin's Powers
Reimancy Technique: Flaming Boulders
Being Wary of Dresskal
Standing up to Senka
Requesting Affection from an Undead Slave
Holding Dominance over Evalin with the Knowledge of Love
Teaching Evalin to Feel Emotion through Physical Contact
Having a Say on Evalin's Appearance
Having the Fear of Water Prevents Water Reimancing
Feeling Desperation without Evalin
Vino: A Myrian Servant Full of Hatred

Spring 514 A.V
Vaazier: The Viper Ambassador from Ekytol
Evalin: A Personal Mentor for Zinrah Politics
Obtaining Tips on Politics from a Slave
Mating Season: When Lust Becomes an Issue
To Share a Secret Doesn't Always Mean to Make Love
Understanding the Fundamentals of Summoning
Evalin: The Beholder of More Power than Initially Thought
Storytelling: Sharing a Story about 'Okapi'
Reimancy Technique: A 'Boulder Cage'
Fighting an Acidic Predator!
Zinrah: The Steam Baths
Zinrah: The Distillery Bar
Hypnotism Technique: Subtle Intimidation
Reimancy vs. Hypnotism: Using Both to Intimidate and Conquer
The Red Room: Zinrah's Finest Massage Parlour
The Fear Associated with Motherhood
The Desire to Re-populate the Dhani Race in Falyndar
Giving Into Urges to Procreate
Kandukta Basin: The Last Place I Want To Be
Senka: No Eye for Beauty
Reimancy: The Perfect Pranking Device
Getting Lost and Running into a Myrian
Yukmen: An Exhilerating Battle Opponent
Vitri: A Young Myrian of Tough Spirit
Reimancy Technique: A Spiky Earthen Battle Shelter
Burning Yukmen to Ashes
Fighting with a Myrian
Vitri’s Oath: The Battle is not yet Over
The Beauty of Falyndar's Jungle
Reimancy Technique: Floating Steps
Finding a Treshal
Reimancy Technique: Earthen Cocoon with Wind Buffer
Reimancy: A Good Way to Relieve Anger
Pushing Yourself, Letting Fears Go
Tsenrika: A Homicidal Familiar
Tinnok: An Unresolved Quarrel
Sekusepera: A Terrible Advisor
Charodae: Fish-like Humanoids
Watching the Sacrifice of a Charoda
Debating on a Personality Change

Summer 514 A.V
Being Summoned By Queen Tanabis
Tanabis: Every Bit the Ruler She Seems
Attracting the Queen's Positive Attention
Becoming a Queen of Zinrah
Evalin: Tainting Snakelings
An Order From the Queen to Eliminate Evalin
Attempting to Resist the Strange Lethargy Over Zinrah
Knowing You are Not Tired, Yet Unable to Move
The Wonder of Magical Items
Hard to Banish a Friend
A Pact to See Evalin Again
Seeing Past the Queen's Trick
Saying Goodbye Never Means Goodbye

Hot springs: Heaven for Dhani
Petching a Rattler
Shassimurisu: Constrictor Dhani
Shassimurisu: Worry of Injury due to Reimancy
Observational Insight: The Difference Between Dhani and Human Ages
Social Nuance: By Way of Introduction
Interrogation: Casual Queries
Humans: Their Varying Sizes
Precious Stones: Emerald
Precious Stones: Garnet
Persuasion: Clever Proposition
Reimancy: Stream of Fire
Social Nuance: Sisterly Affection
Intimidation: Little But Fierce
Strange, Quick, Flame Apple Throwing Men are a Pain
Swim or Drown
The Feeling of Absolute Humiliation
Licearsvansan: Rattler, Bastard, Attractive
Reimancy Spell: Earth Shackles
Showing Power Through Sexual Domination
Nathaniel Deveraux: Human hunter
Crimson Coils: New nick name given by Nate
Nate is a gentlemen
Mating urges are too strong to fight
Aoren: Reimancer
Aoren: Intelligent, cool and collected
Acrobatics: curling into a ball to minimize damage
Reimancy: Flame projectiles, Fire bullets
Defeat at the hands of Aoren
Running: Maneuvering Through the Woods
Running: Breathe In, Breathe Out
Intimidation: Domineering Threats
Persuasive Intimidation: On Pain of…something awful!
Acrobatics: The Importance of Proper Warm-Ups
Acrobatics: Warm-Up Exercises
A Lesson In Skillful Humility: A Plea to Fin
Acrobatics: Tools For Improving Balance
Acrobatics: Cartwheel
Acrobatics: Assisted Hand-Stand
Finnius: Friend, Teacher and…??

Being A Sub Is Insulting!
Target Of Vengance: Sayren
Dream Acquaintence: Oryani
Dream: Annalisa the Arch-Wizard
Dreams of Conflict
Annalisa: One Tough Insect

Starting Lores
Lore of combining Acrobatics and Reimancy: Throwing fireballs while dodging
I killed my own master

Skills and Gnosis

Main Skills
Skill Name EXP Total Proficiency
Reimancy 26 SP, +1 XP, +3 XP, +3 XP, +2 XP, +2 XP, +1 XP, +2 XP, +3 XP, +3 XP, +2 XP, +2 XP, +3 XP, +1 XP, +2 XP, +2 XP, +2 XP, +2 XP, +4 XP, +1 XP, +3 XP, +2 XP, +2 XP, +2 XP, +3 XP, +2 XP, +3 XP, +2 XP, +2 XP, +3 XP, +2 XP, +1 XP, +1 XP, +1 XP, +4 XP 100 Master (MAX) (Fire, Earth, Air, Water, Lava, Lightning, Ice)
Acrobatics 19 SP, +2 XP, +2 XP, +2 XP, +2 XP, +2 XP, +1 XP, +1 XP, +1 XP, +1 XP, +1 SXP, +3 XP, +5 XP 42 Competent
Glyphing +1 XP, +1 SXP, +1 XP, +1 XP, +3 XP 7 Novice

Skill Name EXP Total Proficiency
Hypnotism +2 XP, +1 XP, +1 XP, +1 XP, +4 XP, +2 XP 11 Novice

Other Skills
Skill Name EXP Total Proficiency
Acting +1 XP, +1 XP, +1 XP 3 Novice
Babysitting +1 XP 1 Novice
Begging +1 XP 1 Novice
Brawling +1 XP, +1 XP 2 Novice
Calligraphy +1 XP, +2 XP 3 Novice
Drinking +1 XP 1 Novice
Endurance +1 XP, +3 XP, +2 XP, +2 XP, +1 XP, +1 XP, +1 XP, +2 XP, +5 XP, +2 XP, +2 XP, +1 XP, +3 XP, +2 XP, +2 XP, +4 XP 30 Competent
Flirting +2 XP, +1 XP, +1 XP, +3 XP, +1 XP, +2 XP, +1 XP 11 Novice
Hunting +1 XP, +1 XP, +1 XP, +1 XP, +1 XP, +2 XP 7 Novice
Interrogation +3 XP, +1 XP, +1 XP, +1 XP 6 Novice
Intimidation +1 XP, +1 XP, +2 XP, +1 XP, +1 XP, +2 XP, +1 XP, +2 XP, +1 XP, +3 XP, +1 XP, +2 XP, +1 XP, +2 XP, +1 XP, +3 XP 25 Novice
Investigation +1 XP, +4 XP, +2 XP, +1 XP 8 Novice
Leadership +2 XP, +2 XP, +1 XP, +1 XP, +1 XP, +2 XP, +1 XP, +1 XP 11 Novice
Meditation +2 XP 2 Novice
Observation +2 XP, +3 XP, +4 XP, +1 XP, +1 XP, +2 XP, +2 XP, +3 XP, +1 XP, +2 XP, +4 XP, +2 XP, +1 XP, +3 XP, +5 XP, +5 XP, +3 XP, +4 XP, +3 XP, +5 XP, +2 XP, +1 XP, +4 XP, +3 XP, +3 XP, +5 XP, +5 XP, +2 XP, +2 XP, +3 XP, +3 XP, +2 XP, +2 XP, +3 XP, +3 XP, +2 XP, +2 XP, +2 XP 100 Master (MAX)
Persuasion +1 XP, +2 XP, +1 XP, +2 XP, +2 XP, +2 XP, +2 XP, +2 XP, +2 XP, +2 XP, +2 XP 20 Novice
Philosophy +1 XP, +1 XP, +1 XP, +1 XP, +2 XP 6 Novice
Politics +1 XP 1 Novice
Planning +1 XP, +1 XP, +1 XP, +1 XP, +3 XP, +2 XP, +1 XP, +1 XP, +1 XP 12 Novice
Poison 10 RB 10 Novice (Serpente, Chilopoda, Fungus)
Rhetoric +1 XP, +2 XP, +1 XP, +4 XP, +2 XP, +3 XP, +2 XP, +1 XP, +1 XP, +1 XP 18 Novice
Running +2 XP, +1 XP, +1 XP, +1 XP, +2 XP, +3 XP, +3 XP, +1 XP, +1 XP, +1 XP, +1 XP, +1 XP, +2 XP 19 Novice
Seduction +5 XP, +2 XP, +1 XP, +1 XP, +3 XP, +1 XP, +2 XP, +1 XP, +2 XP, +1 XP, +3 XP 22 Novice
Skinning +1 XP 1 Novice
Socialization +1 XP, +1 XP, +2 XP, +1 XP, +1 XP, +3 XP, +3 XP, +5 XP, +3 XP, +3 XP, +2 XP, +4 XP, +2 XP, +2 SXP, +2 XP, +3 XP, +3 XP, +5 XP, +3 XP, +1 XP, +2 XP, +4 XP, +3 XP, +1 XP, +4 XP, +4 XP, +5 XP, +4 XP, +3 XP, +1 XP, +1 XP, +2 XP, +3 XP, +3 XP, +4 XP, +2 XP, +2 XP, +2 XP 100 Master (MAX)
Stealth +1 XP, +3 XP 4 Novice
Storytelling +1 XP, +1 XP 2 Novice
Swimming +1 XP, +1 XP 2 Novice
Tactics +2 XP, +1 XP, +2 XP, +1 XP, +1 XP, +3 XP, +1 XP, +1 XP, +1 XP 13 Novice
Teaching +1 XP, +1 XP, +1 XP 3 Novice
Torture +1 XP 1 Novice
Tracking +2 XP 2 Novice
Unarmed Combat +1 XP 1 Novice
Weapon: Rock +1 XP 1 Novice
Wilderness Survival 5 SP, +1 XP 6 Novice
Wrestling +1 XP, +1 XP 2 Novice

Azenth (1 Mark)

Location: 1 Twining Gnosis Mark from Ivak the color of Aka's Res (Reddish) upon her left shoulder blade.

"An Azenth with one Mark has one very important ability; they gain the immunity to fire. At one mark, the heat of a fire can still be felt, but it does not burn them. If they work with fire routinely, say as a magical discipline of Reimancy or routinely build fires, then the heat of that fire is often absorbed by them and keeps their body temperature relatively higher compared to 'normal' individuals of their race. Singularly marked Azenth often make incredibly talented firewalkers and firedancers with very little effort. In addition, at this level, Ivak marked people often sense the underlying strongly building emotion of another person, but cannot tell specifically what has caused those emotions. For example, if someone is experiencing a powerful upheaval of emotion - say grief - the Azenth can detect that, but will not understand what caused it. Mundane emotions - everyday joy, sorrow, etc are not picked up by Azenth. Instead, Azenth hone in and narrow down on only strong intense boiling emotions. They can often tell when someone has newly fallen in love, or if another completely hates something or someone with a passion. The only rule is that the emotion has to be intensely strong for them to feel it. Even urges, like the desire to steal, can be detected if they are overwhelming."

First Mark Acquisition Thread: The Fire Within

Ivak, The God of Flames, visited Aka and marked her after she launched a literal fiery temper tantrum in the Jungle Wilds of Falyndar.

Belongings, Ledgers, and Jobs


"World Magic: Basic Glyphing" Book
Tiny/Detail Brush
Inscribing Paint

Steel Dagger

Set of Clothing (coat & footwear included)
1x Set of Toiletries (comb, brush, razor, soap)
1x Set of Bathing Accessories (bath salt and bar soap)
Eating knife
Flint & Steel
Tent, Four person
Black Dress with Red Sash
Fine Black Dress
Red Silk Robe with Blue Sash

2 Collar, Kelvic (Silver)
2 Great Chests (High Quality)
2 Cage, Large
2 Manacles
2 Leash, Medium-size
1 Leather Whip
1 Jewelry Box (High Quality)
1 Beetle Choker
2 Beetle Bangles
1 Pair of Gold Earrings
1 Gold Armband

Special Items
Picture Name Description
Image Robe of Flames Acquired in: Zinrah Spring 514 A.V Seasonal Challenges Reward. Aka finds this Kimono in a silk bag at the entrance of her cave one evening when she returns from her job or perhaps even just a bath. A small well-written note explains that the robe is magecrafted to resist fire. This robe can withstand temperatures up to 700 degrees, as long as Aka isn't inside a roiling inferno flame storm, the robe will be able to withstand her fire reimancy (also the robe fits her diminutive size perfectly).
Image Fire Opal Necklace Acquired in: There Comes a Time... Given to Aka by Queen Snhamtanabis. The Fire Opal is the size of one's palm, but not as heavy as it seems, and sits upon a pure silver chain just at the base of the throat of the one that wears it.
Image Snake Pendant Acquired in: Small Girl and Smaller Girl. A silver snake pendant with a garnet gem being held by the snake's mouth given to her by Taylani, a human girl she befriended in Syliras at Summer 507 A.V. The Viper loved the pendant and it was a sign to her that not all humans were intolerant of Dhani even after Taylani and her mother discovered her true nature.
Image Acid Fangs Ring Acquired in: A Strange Little Salamander. Its simple aesthetic wise, consisting of three molars from the acid spewing salamander strung together to fashion a ring. If held to the right light setting it almost shimmers a sickly green color that resembles the acidic powder that resides inside each tooth. The malediction circle at first glance looks simple enough as well, however great length of detail can be found in the circles. Each one is in fact a salamander bent around eating its own tail to complete the circle. When worn, it grants Aka the ability to emit small amount (up to about two cups worth) of thick syrupy consistency res that has the ability to melt through any material or surface including it wearer if not careful. The res is highly concentrated so alot can go along way. The ring has no trigger word, only requires the reimancer to conjure res as normal but task it in its acidic nature instead of an element. This ability can be tapped into three times a day, one for each molar. If used all three times, a replenishing period of 5 days time is required to wait. If worn by anyone else the ring will promptly start melting through their finger of which is worn.


Summer 513 AV
Purchase Cost Total
Starting Funds +100 GM 100 GM
Turned-in Housing +500 GM 600 GM
Tent, Four Person -10 GM 590 GM
Black Dress, Fine Wool -2 GM 4 SM 587 GM 6 SM
Red Sash, Fine Wool -3 SM 587 GM 3 SM
Steel Dagger -2 GM 585 GM 3 SM
Collar, Kelvic (Silver) -20 GM 565 GM 3 SM
Cage, Large -25 GM 540 GM 3 SM
Manacles -15 GM 525 GM 3 SM
Leash, Medium-size -1 GM 524 GM 3 SM
Whip -1 GM 523 GM 3 SM
Delivery Service -2 GM 521 GM 3 SM
"World Magic: Basic Glyphing" Book -50 GM 471 GM 3 SM
Tiny/Detail Brush -5 SM 470 GM 8 SM
Inscribing Paint -3 GM 467 GM 8 SM

Fall 513 AV
Purchase Cost Total
Summer 513 A.V Living Expenses (Common) -135 GM 332 GM 8 SM
Summer Wages +1494 GM 1826 GM 8 SM
Cage, Large -25 GM 1801 GM 8 SM
Manacles -15 GM 1786 GM 8 SM
Leash, Medium-size -1 GM 1785 GM 8 SM
Delivery Service -2 GM 1783 GM 8 SM
Malediction Service -85 GM 1698 GM 8 SM

Winter 513 AV
Purchase Cost Total
Fall 513 A.V Living Expenses (Good) -450 GM 1248 GM 8 SM
Fall 513 A.V Wages +3276 GM 4524 GM 8 SM
Master Bedroom (Elaborate) (Cavern-home) -2500 GM 2024 GM 8 SM

Spring 514 AV
Purchase Cost Total
Winter 513 A.V Living Expenses (Good) -450 GM 1574 GM 8 SM
Winter 513 A.V Wages +6480 GM 8054 GM 8 SM
Great Chests (High Quality) (x2) -12 GM 8042 GM 8 SM
Jewelry Box (High Quality) -3 GM 8039 GM 8 SM
Bath Salt and Bar Soap -8 SM 8039 GM
Gold Earrings -20 GM 8019 GM
Gold Armband -15 GM 8004 GM
Common Area (Elaborate) (Home addition) -1500 GM 6504 GM
Magical Laboratory (Simple) (Home addition) -1500 GM 5004 GM
Servant Quarters (Home addition) -400 GM 4604 GM
Prison Cell (Home addition) -300 GM 4304 GM
Bath (Elaborate) (Home addition) -1000 GM 3304 GM
Red Robe, Silk -25 GM 3279 GM
Blue Sash, Silk -2 GM 5 SM 3276 GM 5 SM

Summer 514 AV
Purchase Cost Total
Spring 514 A.V Wages +6624 GM 9900 GM 5 SM
Spring 514 A.V Expenses (Good) -450 GM 9450 GM 5 SM
Kitchen (Simple) (Home addition) -800 GM 8650 GM 5 SM
Storage (Elaborate) (Home addition) -1000 GM 7650 GM 5 SM

Job Data

Workplace :
Gathering of Queens: Aka is one of the lesser Queens of Zinrah. She, along with the other Queens, discuss the matter of the nest under the watchful eyes of Queen Snhamtanabis. In addition, she still does her Reimancer-related work occasionally, for it is her specialty and what everyone relies on her for.

Her pay is based on the Sage base pay of 15 GM/day, improved by her Reimancy. Anointment thread here

Known People :
Snhamtanabis: The Queen of Zinrah
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Reimancy Elements: Fire, Earth, Air, Water, Lava, Lightning, Ice

Reimancy Techniques (Level: Master)

Picture Name Description
Image Fireball One of the simplest, but still very effective, techniques in her arsenal. Aka emits her res in the form of a reddish slimy ball, usually floating near her palms. proceeding by igniting the outer layer and the middle layer of the ball into flames, while still keeping the core in pure res form to maintain control of the fireball. She will then use the fireball for various combat purposes only limited by her creativity, usually finishing by igniting the core and causing the fireball to explode violently, sending flames, shockwave, and heat to the area around the fireball.
Image Fire Breath If foes are too close or she didn't have time to create her fireball, the fire breath is a faster alternative. Trading explosive power for casting speed, Aka blows her res in the form of reddish smoke from her mouth and immediately ignites it forward, causing a stream of flame to jet out front her mouth.
Image Immolation A technique mainly for attacking a single target. Aka forms her res into a reddish slime from her mouth or palms, then she spits/throws the res, attaching it to a target's body before igniting it, causing that particular body part to be covered in flames. Her most preferable target is the target's face.
Image Fire Barrage Advanced Fireball technique, Aka creates multiple fireballs and keep them floating near her, she would then launch them to a target(s) and ignited them to explode just before they reach the aforementioned target(s).
Image Fire Burst Advanced technique, if her Fire Breath technique only blows fire from her mouth, the Fire Burst causes a wave of flames to expand outwards from her body like a circle. First, Aka exhumed her res through her torso and waist in the form of reddish gas, then she launched them outwards while ignting them at the same time, creating a searing hot flame wave.
Image Flaming Claws Seldom used. Aka covers her claws with her slimy res then ignited it, creating a flaming gauntlet of sorts. Due to her gnosis, she's immune to the harming property of the fire. As she prefers not to get into melee combat, this technique is mainly used for stunning close-quarters combatants with the searing heat of the fire, giving her a chance to gain distance.
Image Infernal Scales A defensive technique and a more elaborate version of her 'Flaming Claws' spell. Instead of coating just her hands and arms, this time, Aka coated her whole body in res, then lit herself on fire, creating a fire-armor of some sort. The intense heat aura and light then be used to deter and confuse enemies, unless her enemies had some kind of fire-deterrent technique, melee combatants must withstand scorching burn wounds if they ever get close to her. Of course, her gnosis kept her safe from her own technique.
Image Wings of Fire Mass-destruction technique, Aka slightly hunched down as she emitted medium-to-huge amount of gaseous res flowing from her shoulder blades, then ignited then creating a medium-to-huge fiery wings. These 'wings' can then be utilized for sweeping over an area with flames and heat, burning everything it touches, not including Aka of course as her Azenth nature kept her safe from her own - or any other - flames.
Image Second Sun Mass-destruction technique. Aka exhumed a huge amount of res and they gathered above the ground, forming into a huge sphere. The Viper then proceeded to ignite it, basically creating an all-encompassing fireball. The uses are virtually endless, from bombarding enemies with smaller projectiles, blanketing a whole area in flames, or exploding it in one giant infernal explosion. Obviously, using this would tire the Viper to the point she would overgive if she made anymore spells.

Picture Name Description
Image Boulder The earthen counterpart of her "Fireball" technique. Aka creates her reddish ball-shaped res, usually near her palms, she then gathers stones, dirt, and rocks to the res, covering it and creating a boulder of variable sizes. The res inside the rock provides her with control over the created boulder. Uses are numerous, ranging from using it as a bludgeoning weapon, launching it to the target, or turn it into the "Stone Hail" technique.
Image Stone Hail Aka commanded the res inside the boulder to fragment the rock, turning it into little sharp pieces of itself. Aiming it to the target, Aka launches a hail of sharp small rocks, causing small but numerous puncture wounds.
Image Swallowing Earth A non-lethal trap technique, Aka creates her res from the soles of her feet and stealthily seeps it into the ground, when the target comes within range, she will command the res to split the ground, creating a hole and swallows the target. Finally, the hole will close in and trap the target.
Image Impaler A lethal trap technique, similar to the "Swallowing Earth" technique, but instead of creating a hole, Aka commands the res to create a sharp rock spike to suddenly jut out from the ground, impaling the target from below.
Image Quill Spray An improvisation to the Stone Hail technique. Combining her earth and air elements, Aka fragmented the rocks into even smaller pieces then cover them with her res, then she used the res to create a surge of concentrated air blaster, sending the sharp dusts to a target, flaying flesh and skin. Also known as the "Sandblaster".
Image Earthen Maw Active version of Swallowing Earth and Impaler. Aka exhumes res from her feet in the form of gas, then it travel along the ground to the target's feet, where the res would manipulate the earth, creating a "jaw" that would grab the target from below. Possible modifications include sharp, jutted out, "fangs" for lethal application.
Image Stonefist The earthen counterpart to the Flaming Claws. Aka emits her res from her palm which spread quickly to cover her fist, then she would transmute/gather earthen material to cover the res in rocks, creating a stone gauntlet. This gauntlet can be used in a number of ways, few examples are blocking blade strikes, augmenting her punches, or launching the gauntlet as a projectile to strike a target.

Picture Name Description
Image Windblast A simple surge of wind, used for non-lethal applications. Aka emits her res in the form of gas, shaping them various shapes for different purposes such as concentrated surge, circle-shaped surge, etc.
Image Cyclone Advanced technique, Aka exhumes a rather large amount of gaseous res then commands them to rapidly swirl around a particular location. As the res swirl, she also willed it to gather the air around it, creating a tornado.

Picture Name Description
None yet None yet None yet

Picture Name Description
Image Lavaball A combination of her fire and earth expertise. Aka first created a boulder gathered by her ball-shaped res then she will transform the stone into lava when she's ready to launch it, because moving around with a ball of lava near her is very dangerous. The lavaball is much deadlier than the fireball or boulder as the heat from the molten rock and liquid state has far higher damage potential. Aka can also command the lavaball to erupt, causing it to burst like a water bubble, only it's lava.
Image Lava Spear A quick strike technique, weaker but faster and safer than the Lavaball. Aka exhumes her res to create a small spearhead-shaped piece of lava then quickly launches it at a target. The molten rock would pierce the target with precise accuracy.
Image Lava Stream Aka injects her res into the ground in a similar manner such as her earth trap techniques, but instead of creating a hole or a rock spike; Aka transforms the ground, creating a pool of lava. She will then continue by throwing more res into the lava pool, weaponizing it. After it's ready, Aka can launch streams of lava from the pool, burning enemies that comes within range. A good spell for holding her ground.
Image Lava Blast Advanced technique. The lava form of the Earthen Maw technique. Instead of commanding her res to move the ground, Aka transformed it into lava instead, creating a small pool of molten rock below the target's feet. She then caused it to erupt, sending a stream of lava bursting from the ground.

Picture Name Description
Image Thunderbolt Basic technique. Aka exhumes a very dense concentration of her res at the tip of her index and middle finger. She took a stance and aimed her fingers at a target, a tick later, a flash of lightning zipped through the air to the target followed with the boom of thunder.
Image Forked Lightning Improvisation of the Thunderbolt, Aka gathers her dense res at the tip of her fingers, with each finger pointing to different targets. The separated power resulted in a weaker bolt than the Thunderbolt technique.
Image Circle Shock The lightning version of the Fire Burst technique. Aka shaped her gaseous res as a three-layer circle around her body then transmuted the middle layer as electricity while the outer and inner layer keeps it contained. She then expanded the lightning circle outwards, shocking everything it made contact with.
Image Thunderstorm Advanced technique. A very dangerous technique that requires much preparation and best suited for mass combat. Aka exhumes a high amount of res-gas to the air, creating a blanket of res-cloud over an area, she then commanded it to rain down lightnings to the ground below. As she's not immune to her own lightnings, she would have to gain some distance to avoid self-shocking.

Picture Name Description
None yet None yet None yet

Supporting Skills


Level: Competent

"As an acrobat becomes more comfortable in their own skin, reflexes become more precise and use of the skill becomes habit in everyday life. Agility and Kinematics combine in a body smoothly but not perfectly; flips and aerial stunts can be achieved to some degree. Front and side splits are possible, as are the beginning stages of front and backbending. An acrobat’s Balance at this level makes them comfortable with heights, but a smart one still will not attempt more daring maneuvers. Misjudgments are still not uncommon. Performers can usually busk adequately or become a member of a chorus, while Combatants and Freerunners find themselves more comfortable with using levels and developing acrobatic tricks that define their style."

Aka's fighting style combines elemental power of reimancy and the movement finesse of an Acrobat. Making use of her inherent agile and speedy nature as a Viper Dhani, Aka seldom stays in one place, she keeps moving, dodging, darting, and leaping, confusing the target and avoiding attacks. She will rather uses smaller - but effective - spells as it requires less concentration, not disrupting her movement, but she is capable of switching tactics and hold her ground to focus on bigger spells should the situation warrants it.


Level: Novice

"Simple uses. Any crafted items will generally be too unreliable to be marketed. The Glypher will mostly use the runes to bolster his other magic disciplines, for example painting them on the palms of his hands. He will continuously practice reading and drawing them. Drawing the glyphs takes quite a bit of time."

This world magic is mainly used for Aka to boost her djed channeling, resulting in faster res exhuming while requiring less concentration. She paints the glyphs on both of her palms, over her eye-shaped mark of reimancy initiaton. Due to her combat style, even few seconds of boost could mean the difference between life and death.

Useful Links
-Transforming Elements: A Reimancer is able to transform an element into another e.g: Earth -> Air, assuming the Reimancer have expertise in both elements.
-Absorbing Res: A Reimancer is able to absorb back his/her res, just not with 100% efficiency.
-Elemental Attraction and the Living Body: A reimancer can pull out water/heat/air from a person's body via attraction.
-Aka's PC Lore page
-Tiny Tyrannical Girl TvTrope: Perfectly represents Aka's personality.
-Daboia Viper facts: Used in case Aka ever gets pregnant.
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Major PC Relationships

ImageName: Xen
First met: Unique Occurences Like...
Relationship: Mate/Husband
Status: Alive

A fellow Viper in Zinrah, a nest filled with Constrictors. Aka likes the male Viper for his cheerfulness and easy-going personality. His acceptance to her haughty attitude actually mellow her attitude towards him. In an interesting turn of events, she ended up mating with him, they are now husband and wife.

Being the proud female she is, Aka sometimes treat him harshly... only to mellow out in the end, then the process repeats again, but he seemed to like it. An odd male indeed...

ImageName: Evalin
First met: The Tiger, the Familiar and the Girl
Relationship: Lover and Confidant
Status: (Un)living

A Nuit mage whom she found in the Jungle Wilds, lost and alone. The Viper first decided to capture the girl as her slave, but found out later that Evalin was more than met the eye, she was an old powerful sorceress on a mission to sever the hands of Fate itself. After hearing that Fate was actually controlled by a God named 'Lhex' from Eva, Aka shared her hatred towards Fate as well. Together, they would take revenge for all the misfortunes happened in their lives. She likes the girl in a romantic sense and often lavish her affection physically to the Nuit.

ImageName: Kalesserimamoru
First met: Tiny Mage, Giant Wrestler
Relationship: Trickster Mentor
Status: Missing

Aka's master of sorts. He was the one who 'captured' her when she was traveling alone in the jungles of Falyndar. It was a good thing though as Aka would be killed by wild animals or Myrians if it not were for him taking her to Zinrah. Aka has a sort of love-hate relationship with him.

He went missing and Aka had accepted the fact that he would not return anytime soon, if he returned at all.

ImageName: Tinnok
First met: Purebred And Half-Breed
Relationship: Complicated
Status: Alive

A Dhani-Myrian mixed blood with Caiyha's gnosis she met in the Jungle. Aka respects the half-breed personally, but on the other side, she is utterly jealous of her because of her physical appearance and the fact that Mamoru mated with her only sent her jealousy into extreme envy. In short, she has a rather complicated relationship with her.

Since Mamoru's disappearance, Aka gradually lost any means to hate her and as such, the Viper found begrudging respect for the half-breed.

Relationship template credits to Markus Andres
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Postby Soshakuakamamushi on July 1st, 2014, 4:23 pm

Companion and Stationary NPCs

ImageName: Shihishanis (Shanis)
Race: Dhani (Viper)
Type: Companion NPC
DoB: 16th of Spring 380 A.V
PoB: Eyktol Desert, Eyktol
Title: Aka's Personal Handmaiden
Skills: 5 Cosmetology, 5 Medicine, 5 Herbalism, 5 Massage, 5 Wilderness Survival, 5 Unarmed Combat
Gnosis: 1 Venenum
Additional Info: HD Approved

Shanis is a calm and motherly Viper who was born in the Eyktol Desert, but ended up in Zinrah.

She is Queen Soshakuakamamushi's personal handmaiden, helping the Viper Queen with mundane chores and daily care. Despite being Aka's servant, Shanis often acted like an older sister to the young Queen, giving her words of wisdom and acting as a restrain to Aka's fiery personality.

Her Dhani and snake form has pale golden scales with the occasional spots of dark yellow, while her human form appears as a petite woman about 5 feet in height with matching pale golden long hair and eyes.

ImageName: Irisiyokussy (Iris)
Race: Dhani (Constrictor)
Type: Stationary NPC
DoB: 45th of Summer 395 A.V
PoB: Zinrah, Falyndar
Title: Zinrah Guard
Skills: 30 Unarmed Combat, 10 Wrestling, 5 Body Building, 5 Intimidation,
Gnosis: 1 Venenum
Additional Info: HD Approved

Iris is a Constrictor with the usual large bulk and muscle strength. She is a proud Constrictor who works as a Dhani guard. Born from a proud line of warriors, guards, and hunters, Iris serves to protect the Dhani race from all outsiders who mean harm.

Iris had been hand-picked by Aka to be her bodyguard. The guard could often be seen accompanying the Viper Queen in Zinrah, though she would not follow Aka outside the nest as she is stationed to protect Zinrah first and foremost.

She has scales in the color of a burning flame in her Dhani and snake form. In her human form, she has long fiery red hair - often tied up in a single high ponytail - and matching sharp eyes. Perhaps, this was the reason on why Aka personally picked her, the Viper loved red.
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