[Stumble Alley] A lil' trouble (Open)

Not knowing the road very well, especially at night, Eridanus loses his way and found himself at the last place he'd wanted to end up at...

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[Stumble Alley] A lil' trouble (Open)

Postby Eridanus on November 2nd, 2011, 3:47 pm

The Ethaefal bounded down the alley, not even bothering to whisper any more as he tried to maintain a conversational tone.

"Red lights, green gold, veins of the night like tendrils in snow; - wait where did I pick this up from? - the sky cries, the earth mourns, a tragedy like no other will be unleashed; - wait, don't go there... - streams of power, an unlimited loop within itself, a moon with a celestial path; -stop, gah. i mean... stop!- like a snake eating its tail, and so will consume. - don't go there, don't don't don't-"

As he finished the last sentence, he felt a power enveloping his body. Where, he did not know. How, he did not care. Only to understand that this euphoria was a power only gifted to the strong, and the weak must be culled to understand why the strong remain the strong.

As he neared the interest, he saw his nearest target, a human wearing a turban. The image oddly called out to him mentally, but he could not quite place a finger for his memories were hazy in the blood lust. Still, he saw the man pull an axe out of a cleaved skull and the voices churning in him were happy, and called to spare the man. Well, spare him until there was no worthy targets left, at least. With the new-found energy in his legs, the Ethaefal reached the Benshira and leaped against the wall, using his hand to push off on the wanderer's shoulder. This allowed him to again kick off against the last inch of the corridor, causing him to fly unnaturally into a smaller alley which held a scrawny lad who still had the scars of adolescence on his face.

The boy trembled, his dagger somehow seeming inappropriate, but there was no time, there was no space. Like a possessed demon, he landed with his knee in the lad's chin, pushing him downwards into the alley and finally landing with his knee against his throat. The lad yelled a blood curdling cry, before being cut short suddenly followed by a small gurgling sound as the Ethaefal plunged his sword into the boy's chest, twisting it until no more sound was emitted.

The slavers who could see the spectacle began to whiten, and as another slaver from another place approached the merchant to whisper things in his ear, the merchant visibly began to jabber. Apparently the messenger told him the gruesome remains of the first two rogues that he had given instructions to. The other slavers did not wait for the merchant to give any orders, and they turned tail and ran, the merchant himself not bothering to give the order of retreat and himself escaping into the streets.

Eri snarled in disappointment and leaped into the cross-junction again like a predatory animal, locating the direction the merchant was escaping in and beginning to vault forward until he felt the back of his tunic being held by the human and some meaning words uttered from behind that he did not care about.

"Interfering turban-wearing mortal, know your place!" He roared, the combination of the whispers in his mind and the euphoria of power causing him to lose all logical thought.

The Ethaefal was very close to the threshold for suffering the first onset of overgiving, and if Idue did not act fast it would not end well for either or both of them.

OOC: Basically the frame now is Eri still facing the merchant, but with his head and body gradually turning back to face Idue (head first though). Apologies for godmodding your character, but I hope you understand the rationale for it. Idue is currently holding on to his cloth tunic from behind. Whatever he said in response to that is up to you.

The symptoms may seem worse, but the feeling of power is largely exaggerated by the hidden personality, but in actuality he is about 1% close to the first wave of mild overgiving.

It is time for this thread to end, and I invite you to end it by dragging Eri - unconscious or not - to the library. There Idue can either leave him or join him in a next thread discussing the aftermath and consequences of the incident.

Either way, it was great RP'ing with you. Do understand that this thread is more of a character development thread and thus I tend to be a bit heavy-handed in controlling the plot. Take care and may we meet again!
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[Stumble Alley] A lil' trouble (Open)

Postby Idue on November 2nd, 2011, 11:02 pm

Alright, this is how it is going to unfold. Idue is going to knock you unconcious and take you to the library. There we can have the aftermath thread in the early morning on the 4th day of Fall. And yes, I'm up for the post-thread.

Idue thought he was hearing things in his head. Was this how people were right before they were killed? Did they hear things? Idue would've believed this if he heard his dad speaking to him, but why would his inner voices talk about snow and serpents? It was too odd, and Idue couldn't understand that. And then he felt pressure on his right shoulder.

Glancing up quickly, Idue watched as Eridanus walked on the wall using him as a balence. The man landed in one of the other alleys along with a young slaver. He had to be in his early twenties at the very most, and probably was only seventeen. Caught in a profession he didn't need to be in. Someone who deserved a second chance at living life. A boy who would never get that chance as Eridanus turned this boy into a sheath for the longsword. It sickened Idue. The others deserved to die, having done this for so long, but not that boy.

A slaver whispered into the merchant's ear, and then all stability disappeared. Slavers fled including the boss, leaving only the corpses and their failed prey. So Idue stuck one of his axes in his sash, and was about to put the second in before he noticed Eridanus. The man was about to run off after the merchant with no thought about being trapped later on. And something wasn't right. So Idue stepped forward, grabbing onto the back of Eridanus' tunic. "Enough, Eridanus. They fled, and we're safe."

But Eridanus didn't listen, instead half-turning and yelling at him. He called Idue a turban-wearing mortal. Wasn't this man mortal too? This was too freaky, and the man was slowly turning around. His blade was still in his hand, and Idue was nervous he might use in on Idue. So the Benshira did some quick thinking. Rolling the handle of his axe, he slammed the blunt side of his axe head into the back of Eridanus' head as he was turning. Idue didn't do it hard, but enough to knock him out. And it did just that.

A clang is heard as Eridanus' swords dropped on the stone, but Idue set his crazed friend down slowly. Idue didn't know what had happened, but he was sure Eri didn't do it on purpose. It was like something possessed him. But what? He wasn't going to learn anything with the only one who knew unconcious, so Idue did what they had planned on doing in the first place. He was going to take Eridanus to the library.

Sitting Eridanus up, Idue put the man's and his own weapons back where they went. Greasing his palms, Idue wrapped his hands around Eri's chest, and dragged him down the alley they were going. He dragged him around the piles of blood from the four slavers they had killed, trying not to look at the maimed bodies. Please let the library be close.

And thankfully it was. Pushing open the door with no light to help him, Idue dragged Eridanus over to a spare chair. He couldn't really ask the man if he was comfortable, so Idue just worried about himself for the moment. Seating himself, he waited for Eridanus to wake. He waited for answers.

The End
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[Stumble Alley] A lil' trouble (Open)

Postby Archelon on November 27th, 2011, 7:13 pm


When Idue levered the ethfael into a chair and sat in his own chair a slight movement was seen out of the corner of his eye. Turning to try to says something the begoggled form of Gemmy would be seen bringing a vase down over his head, knocking him into an unconscious sleep. She'd leave him there after taking the violent pairs weapons away, at least until Lotharia stalked through.

Leaning close Bloodrunner spoke a little in Gemmy's ears about tracking down a few slavers that had been running their way out of the alleys and the blood on her sword was evidence enough to their fate. Nodding in understanding and looking mortified the librarian would soon return their weapons and set a plate of milk mixed with gingerwort and cookies at the table between them and leave them to their naps.

In the morning Idue would wake with a slight headache calmed by a glass of warm milk that tasted slightly medicated, but if he were to ask the librarian then she'd simply shrug and place one finger over her mouth to tell him to remain quiet... this was a library after all.

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