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Postby Tove on June 8th, 2018, 8:36 pm

✣ Name: Tove- Birth Name unknown
✣ Gender: Female
✣ Race: Kelvic (LaPerm)
✣ DoB: 5th of Spring. 517av

✣ Height: 5'8
✣ Weight:127lbs

✣ Housing: A poor apartment in the Sunset Quarter
✣ Occupation: Information Broker 9gm/Per Day (With competent intelligence)

✣ Gnosis: N/A
✣ Allignment: Neutural
✣ Religion:
  1. Akajia - Night, Shadows, Darkness, Secrets, Stealth (Goddess)(Tove is not yet a devout follower of Akajia but she will be doing extensive research on the Goddess throughout the Autumn season)


"There is no such thing as beauty without imperfection"

Tove is neither exceptionally breath-taking nor horrifically unsightly, she simply looks like a girl without the luxury of comfortable living. The girl is pale, often appearing tired due to the deep-set bags that make their home just below her eyes. Small scrapes and bruises cover her arms and knees. A thin layer of dirt and grime often clings to her like a second skin only to be vigorously washed away in the night. Her body is lithe, moving with the natural grace of a feline. With time and effort, such a body can be trained to become rather flexible...but Tove sadly has neither of those things to waste.

The girl's only notable features are those of which she inherited from her feline form. Pale blue eyes seem to hide curiosity, her pupils shifting with her mood, though in a far less extreme way than that of her cat form. Wild curls fall just past her shoulder, often pulled back into tight ponytails that never keep their form. The curls are untamed, frizzy and plagued with split ends.

Scars and distinguishable marks :

Animal Form :
The LaPerm is an odd-looking cat, a curly coat replacing that of a sleek look often seen in both long haired and short haired felines. Her coat consists of three dominant colors;
White, grey, and yellow. With a lack of proper care, such curls could become thick mats, which sadly seems to often be the case with the young Kelvic's.

Character Concept
With the newfound freedom away from the chains, Tove doesn't really know what to do, almost as if it's too much freedom for her to feel comfortable. A loner at heart, Tove enjoys being the type people forget about. A natural distrust of people pushes others away, but it's better to be alive with no friends than dead with many. Curious by nature, she often partakes in people watching, learning the mannerisms of those that pass her, though this is done in her animal form to keep from provoking suspicion. When she isn't eavesdropping on unsuspecting strangers, she is often found laying about lazily due to boredom. Seclusion keeps her from being thrown in social situations, but when forced into them she will naturally look for an escape.

Tove was born in chains, knowing from a young age that her life was not her own, belonging to whoever had the coin to pay for it. Sadly, many thought she would never be bought, illness having plagued the girl since mere weeks after birth. The slavers began to worry, not about the girl, but about the lack of Mizas she would bring in. They acted quickly, placing a less expensive price tag on her life in hopes that someone would buy her.

Tove met a woman by the name of Lucille during the summer of 517 AV, being introduced to her by a slaver trying to get the woman to buy her. A strong sweet scent followed the woman, who had clearly lived through the prime of her life, like a thick cloud that touched the noses of anyone walking by her. Long grey hair was pulled back into intricate braids that framed her face in a flattering way. Despite all these notable features, there was one thing that stood out about Lucille. The tattoos that covered her wrinkled body like a second skin. Some had aged with her flesh, appearing as mere inky blobs of dark ink, others managed to keep their shape, which consisted of intricate pattern that had integrated themselves into her flesh as much as the sun-kissed pigmentation that rests below them.

Lucille ended up purchasing the Kelvic child, nursing her back to health for the first few weeks after the purchase. It became very apparent that Lucille wasn't the typical elderly woman, her attitude being neither stern nor sweet like many of the elders Tove had observed. Lucille had the mouth of a seasoned sailor, the attitude of a rowdy young woman, and the alcohol tolerance of a drunk. She was an avid storyteller, constantly assuming Tove wished to know of her many adventures, lovers, enemies, and everything in between. Despite the lack of asking, Tove was very intrigued by these stories, which later sparked an interest in people watching within the girl. At times, it seemed as if Lucille merely bought the girl in order to tell stories, as well as having someone to put her to bed when the alcohol began to disorient her mind.

Of course, no man nor woman lives forever, even those who have millions of stories left to tell. Lucille's age and bad habits began to catch up with her rapidly with no mercy. Rather than living out the rest of her days surrounded by nurses, Lucille decided the best course of action was to share some of the many stories she had left, as well as spending the last of her late night's neck deep in booze.

Tove would spend these days either curled up on a couch listening to Lucille's stories whilst in her animal form or cleaning up messes that had been caused by Lucille's drunken fits. The night of Lucille's demise was a time of heartbreak for Tove. Lucille had told stories that morning, drank once the sun went down, everything had seemed normal. Then, Lucille simply stopped breathing, and to Tove, it was a far too simple thing. Someone who had been anything but simple had simply ceased to exist in this life. It was all very distressing.

Freedom is an all-too-real concept now. The freedom to be who you wish to be, do what you want to do, it's all very overwhelming. More scared and curious than ever, Tove often finds herself in the shadows, watching those around her from afar. She cares little of stories regarding herself, she wants to learn the stories and mannerisms of those around her. Sunberth being the perfect place to study unique individuals.
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Postby Tove on July 1st, 2018, 1:53 am


  • Status-Deceased
  • Age-85
  • Race-Drykas
  • Affiliation- Former owner/Dysfunctional Motherly Figure
Skills- Storytelling(45), Escape Artist(23), Larceny (15), Persuasion(36), Horseback riding(28)


A woman hardened by a lifetime in Mizahar, Lucille knew how to stay alive. She wasn't the smartest, nor the friendliest, but she knew how to talk. Warping the world around her words came naturally and she used it to her advantage as a youth. She worked many career fields varying from prostitution to drug dealing before settling in Sunberth with a small fortune. About year before her death she bought a sickly Kelvic slave, and in turn of her hospitality, she would overwhelm the girl with stories of her youth.



    "Prettier than the Finest Beauties of Sunberth"

  • Status- Friendly acquaintance Image
  • Character Sheet-Aer'wyn
  • Introduction-The Cat That Bites
All she really knows about the blue giant is that he likes booze, deep conversation, and crudely disposing bodies in large barrels. He is secretive and endearing yet friendly in some strange aggressive way. The two discussed their origins, race, and interest before they parted ways.

Side note- Has not yet met the light brother

"The Kelvic Jeweler"
There are few (If any) Tove respects as much as she respects Kelski. The two encountered one another at the Seaside Market after an unintentionally rude comment slipped Tove's lips. The two went shopping together, learning more of each other along the way.

"The Peaceful Artist"
Some say first impressions make or break a relationship. If 'some' are correct then Tove and Kynier would have a great friendship flourishing. The two bonded over their knowledge of art (Or lack there of). The encounter was brisk and peaceful, Tove looks forward to their next meeting.
...Word, words, pictures, and words...

"Boy wonder"

Status: Friendly Acquaintance/Bad Influence
Character Sheet: Azcan
Introduction: Hooked on the Feelin'

From his boyish good looks to his intoxicating aura, Azcan is a force of nature. Tove met the Drummer whilst checking out The Bolt Hole. The man introduced the young Kelvic to the darker sides of entertainment, that being vigorous drug of course. The two didn't speak much between the dancing and the drugs but Tove wouldn't mind meeting the drug addict again.
...Word, words, pictures, and words...
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Postby Tove on August 26th, 2018, 6:33 pm


Skill EXP Total Proficiency
Intelligence26 SP+2 28Competent
Observation+4+5+3+5+5+5 +534Competent
Acrobatics9 SP+1 10Novice
Cleaning +1 +1 2 Novice
Cosmotology+11 Novice
Dancing+3 3 Novice
Hunting10 RB + 414Novice
Persuasion +1 1 Novice
Stealth15 SP+1+117 Novice
Unarmed Combat +11Novice

  • Drugs: Smoking a Hookah
  • Drugs: Dissolving a drug on her tongue
  • Drumming: A skill Tove finds beautiful and honorable
  • Kelvics: Respect their prey
  • Self: Booze tastes disgusting
  • Self: Claws can get stuck in fabric
  • Self: Doesn’t have anything against people without noses
  • Self: Enraptured by the tone of Azcan’s words
  • Self: Fashion is not up on her list of things to worry about
  • Self: Lacked the bravery needed to visit Slaver’s Row
  • Self: Lore of hidden bodies
  • Self: Quite the nosy type
  • Self: Self-preservation keeps morality in check

  • Akalaks: Don’t age like humans do
  • Azcan: A drummer for the Bolt Hole
  • Azcan: Blessed by Ionu to cast illusions
  • Azcan: Has nicknamed her Vogue
  • Azcan: The Boy Wonder
  • Azcan: Thinks women should have special names
  • Chubs: A slaver
  • Chubs: Hardly seemed bright
  • Chubs: Has an eye for all things pretty
  • Chubs: Real name is Tyrannus
  • Humans: Have a strange shame when slightly revealed
  • Kelski: Appearance & Mannerism
  • Kelski: Jeweler
  • Kelski: From Lhavit
  • Kelski: Suggests Daggers, willing To Teach Tove
  • Kelski: Has A Training Area In Her Basement Tove Can Use
  • Kelski: Owns The Midnight Gem
  • Kelski: Great Companion
  • Kelski: Ex-Slave Born in Alvadas
  • Kelski: Basic History
  • Kelski: Poor Opinion Of Humans
  • Kelski: Wants To Help People
  • Kelski: Sea Eagle
  • Kelski: Lives With Other Kelvics
  • Kelski: Offers Safe Haven
  • Kynier: A peaceful artist
  • Vel: Has one arm
  • Vel: Prettier than Sunberth’s finest beauties
  • Vel: From Riverfall in Cyphrus
  • Vel: Is 58 years old
  • Vel: Had a Kelvic Mother
  • Vel: Not much of a flirt
  • Vel: Not connected to his family
  • Vel: Trying to get rid of his brother
  • Vel: Religious
  • Vel: Will teach about the gods

  • Lore of Sunberth Street Layout (SP)
  • Lore of Sunberth Culture (SP)
  • Location: No Man’s Land Tavern
  • Sunberth: Lack of proper education, a common theme
  • Location: No Man’s Land tavern
  • Location: The Simpering Seacow
  • Simpering Seacow: Rumored ties with the Night Eyes.

  • Climbing: Digging into wood with claws for grip
  • Cosmetology: Braiding hair
  • Drawing: Pressing harder with the charcoal will make darker lines
  • Hunting: Don’t be fooled by cuteness
  • Hunting: Block the only exit
  • Hunting: Breaking a rat’s back with teeth
  • Intelligence: Professionalism is key
  • Interrogation: Facts that fall loosely off the tongue are more reliable
  • Medicine: How to make a simple bandage wrap
  • Persuasion: Convincing a stray dog with meat pie
  • Philosophy: Charity leaves an individual’s heart buzzing
  • Socialization: Not understanding innuendos
  • Socialization: Compliments are often dishonest, whereas facts are not
  • Storytelling: The Starfish Story
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Postby Tove on August 26th, 2018, 6:46 pm


Purchase Cost Total
Starting +100 GM 100 GM
Dagger -2 GM 98 GM
Simple Linen Blouse -8 SM 97 GM 2 SM
Good Tavern Meal -2 GM 95 GM 2 SM
Reward+4 GM 99 GM 2 SM
Seasonal Expenses -45 GM64 GM 2 SM
Seasonal Wages (half)+414 GM 478 GM 2 SM
2lbs. of Sausage -2 GM 476 GM 2 SM
Charity-1 GM 475 GM 2 SM
Bolt Hole Entry Fee -1 SM 475 GM 1 SM
Silk Bolt -1 SM 475 GM
Reward+600 GM 1,075 GM
Two lightening Bolts -4 SM 1,075 GM 6 SM
Tooth brush-3 GM 1,072 GM 6 SM
4 oz of Toothpaste -4GM 1,068 GM 6 SM


Image These articles of clothing are worn yet practical. The blouse is rather uncomfortable and the breeches are ripped at the knees.
Image Simple tan undergarments Did I spend 20 minutes looking at underwear images? Yes, yes I did. Why? The aesthetic.
ImageSimple Cloak- Lost in The Bolt Hole
Image Knee-high boots
ImageGood quality Linen Blouse
Image This necklace was given to Tove shortly after Lucille nursed her to health - a kindness the Kelvic still doesn't fully understand from the elderly slave owner. The silver is aged, the pendant itself having lost all the finer details due to years of exposure to the elements. It is a low-hanging necklace that is often concealedbeneath the girl's shirt.

ImageThe most basic of basic daggers, Tove bought the dagger after being given advice by the Kelvic Sea Eagle, Kelski.

-Comb (Metal)
-Brush (Metal)
-Tooth brush
-4 oz of Toothpaste

-Eating Knife

-Flint & Steel
-Sketch of a Cat in an alley
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Postby Tove on August 31st, 2018, 7:18 pm

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