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Jason Alexander

Postby Jason Alexander on January 20th, 2011, 2:19 am

I am currently in the process of redoing and reworking my CS and my Character to make him flow better within the Lore. Thank you for you time, any help is welcomed.

Jason Alexander
Basic Information
Race: Human
Birthday & Age : Summer, 489 -- 23 Years Old.


:Physical Description:
  • Gender: Male
  • Height: 6'3" Inches
  • Weight: 180 lbs
  • Eye Color: Deep Green
  • Hair: Lighter Brown
  • Skin Color: A Lighter Tan
  • Body Type: Athletic Build
  • Tatoos, Scars, and other Markings: A few minor scars on his hands from working with plants and knives with his mother in his childhood. A minor burn scar on his right arm from early fire Reimancy attempts.
  • Day-to-Day Appearence: Usually in seen in his deep red cloth tunic, black cloth pants, and dark leather boots. As well when in the open he will most often be seen also wearing his black hooded cloak. Normally within in the streets and other crowded areas his hood will be over his head and will mess up his hair as he steps out of the crowds and removes his hood off his head.

:Character Concept:

:Character History:
    Basic Timeline of locations:
  • In Sylrias from 489 AV to 509 AV
  • In Zeltiva from 509 AV to 510 AV
  • In Alvadas from 510 AV to Spring 511 AV
  • In Spires from Summer 511 AV to Spring 512 AV
  • In Alvadas early Spring 512 AV
  • On Sylrias Epic Quest from Late Spring 512 AV to Current

    Time Line of Events in Jason's Life:
  • Learned Reimancy in Spring 502 AV
  • Learned Glyphing in 502 to 504 AV
  • Father Died in 504 AV Magical Education put to a stop
  • Mother Died in 509 AV do to the Blight. [This event is what cause Jason to take this Botany and look for way he could create medicine to fight it. Knowing only summoning maybe able to help, he began to seek it out.]
  • Learned Summoning in 510 AV

:Training (Skills, Arcana, Gnosis, Lore):
--Skills-- Earned Total
Reimancy-- Fire/Earth--23 (Sp) + 5 (Exp) + 1 (Exp) +1 (Exp) + 1 (Exp)=31/100
Summoning-- 8 (Sp) + 15 (RB) + 1 (Exp) =24/100
Glyphing-- 10 (Sp) = 10/100
Botany-- 9 (Sp) + 1 (Exp) = 10/100
Writing-- 2 (Exp) = 2/100
Observation-- 2 (Exp) + 1(Exp) + 1 (Exp) + 1 (Exp) = 5/100
Detection-- 1 (Exp) + 1 (Exp)= 2/100
Wilderness Survival-- 1 (Exp) = 1/100
Carving-- 1 (Exp)= 1/100
Intimidation-- 1 (Exp) = 1/100
Socialization-- 2 (Exp) + 2 (Exp)= 4/100
Leadership-- 1 (Exp) + 1 (Exp) + 1 (Exp)= 3/100
Interrogation-- 2 (Exp) + 1 (Exp)= 3/100
Negotiation-- 1 (Exp) + 1 (Exp) = 2/100
Bodybuilding-- 1 (Exp)= 1/100
Mining-- 2 (Exp)= 2/100
Stealth-- 1 (Exp)= 1/100
Storytelling 1 (Exp) 1/100

The well known plants of Mizahar
Plants of Sylrias
Theory behind Reimancy
The Sunken Conundrum
Astral Coordinates of Fyrden
Astral Coordinates of Kseyden
Astral Coordinates of Shoyden
Astral Coordinates of Swalden
Astral Coordinates of Zaiden
Basic Knowledge of the Common Worlds
Drawing Summoning Circles
Double Checking Work
Finding Mistakes
Taking Notes
Fire Scares Away Wild Animals
Not All Zith Are Vicious
Jamoura's Camouflage Ability
Location of Entry to the Spires
The Spires: Layout of The Petals
Jamoura Don't Wear Clothes
Not All Jamoura Live in The Spires
The Chill of a Ghost Passing Through
The Dangers of Interrupting a Conversation
Basic Isurian Mining Technique
Feeling of Being Possessed
Isurian Terras Clan is All Women
Trolling a Novice
Eridanus The Horny Ethaefal
Eridanus Chilled With Leth
Eridanus' Holy Grimoire
The Anvil of Souls
Search At Home First
The Order of Transcendence
Eridanus' Invitation


Common- Fluent
Nader-canoch- Basic

:Equipment and Possessions:

Set of Clothing
  • Black hooded robe
  • Red Tunic
  • Black cloth pants
  • Leather boots
On Persons:

Destroyed, Lost, Gone, No Longer On Persons:

Reasoning for Change to Ledger Change
Starting Mizas (Cashed in Housing) +600 GM
Purchase of DaggerA common weapon often used as a secondary item of offense or defense. - 2 GM
Purchase of Botanist ToolkitIncludes all the tools needed for growing, maintaining and harvesting herbs as well as various other plants such as flowers, fruits and vegetables (a small collection of varying sized pots and containers, a small set of cutting/grinding tools, a sampling of seeds for common plants and herbs). - 20 GM
Purchase of Common BookFlowers of Mizahar - 8 GM
Purchase of Common BookTrees of Syliras and What They Do - 10 GM
Cost of Living (Common) -135 GM
Purchase of Chalk - 1 CM
Library Fee -3 GM
Purchase of Blank Book (For notes) - 3 GM
Total Mizas Left in Ledgar = 418 GM 99 CM

Thread List

-Found You Once More Summer 2 512 A.V. Alvadas

-Getting a New Friend? I Hope Summer 4 512 A.V. Alvadas

-[Regional Quest - Prologue] The Annoucement (Questers Only) Summer 42 512 A.V. Syliras

Completed Threads
- Entering the Spires Summer 1 511 A.V.

- Wandering the City Summer 2 511 A.V.

- Is this Syliras? Summer 14 511 A.V.

- Filling a dead Isur’s shoes Summer 32 511 A.V. Quest


-What does Djed do? Summer 67 509 A.V. Syliras

- Discoveries and Circles Spring 47 510 A.V. Alvadas
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