[Location] Citizen Registration Office

Here you can register as a citizen of Ravok.

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A city floating in the center of a lake, Ravok is a place of dark beauty, romance and culture. Behind it all though is the presence of Rhysol, God of Evil and Betrayal. The city is controlled by The Black Sun, a religious organization devoted to Rhysol. [Lore]

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[Location] Citizen Registration Office

Postby Prophet on April 13th, 2017, 1:21 am

PlayersThe terms of acquiring citizenship has been outlined in the first post of this thread. Please PM me if you have any questions.


Tawny sat up in his seat a little when Baran approached. The young man with dark eyes was run through a gauntlet of smiles and scrutiny as was the equipment he carried. He eagerly took hold of the form and held it off to the side so he could read the words while continuing to stare at the self-proclaimed musician. Suddenly, his face went blank and no more emotion was visible as if he had become someone else or had lost all interest in the visitor.

“May you play well, fiddler… Rhysol is worthy of more than a few crying strings.” He stamped the card, copied down some pertinent information into a small black notebook which was thick and well-worn then handed the square of parchment back to Baran. “You’ll need this for identification purposes. Should you lose it, you lose your identity and are less than a slave. Rhysol show you mercy if you misplace this card for his city will not.” Tawny went back to smiling openly as if he had not just threatened someone’s life then shooed the thin fellow aside. Just before Baran could leave, Jill bounced up from another desk.

“Take these with you! They explain the terms of your probationary period.” The woman batted her long eyelashes and gave a pleasantly lingering stare to the handsome man. Her large eyes looked like black suns in their own right but it wasn’t scary or tragic like one might suspect. The junior registrar had the beauty of creation in her stare then she was gone; back to her duties.


~~~ * ~~~ * ~~~


Jill looked up at the raven-haired woman and smiled. The broad grin was pleasant, warm and disarming. “Good afternoon!” The junior registrar was full of cheer that seemed to ooze from her pores as well as ring sickly sweet in her voice. “I see you filled everything out.” The big-eyed young woman leaned forward over the desk and lowered her voice so only Lilith could hear. “You’d be amazed at how many people can barely scribble their names…” This flash of orneriness passed and gave way to the return of an employee’s enthusiasm. “So… masseuse, eh?” She rolled her head to one side to stretch her neck. “I could certainly use a good rub once and a while…” The deep eyes cast an appraising look at Lilith’s hands as Jill copied down information into her ledger. “I bet your fingers are magical!” Jill’s tongue curled against her teeth as she pronounced the L to end her sentence but a quick side-glance saw Tawny taking interest. The friendly and perhaps playful Jill vanished.

Jill handed Lilith her application after a hard stamp. Her eyes remained down and her tone went flat. “Don’t lose this card. It’s your only record that proves you aren’t a slave.” The small woman pushed a small envelope over her desk to the woman with black hair. “This explains how your citizenship becomes permanent. Welcome to Ravok.” The registrar was instantly buried in her ledger and waving on the next person in line but should Lilith look back after turning away, she would catch the big eyes watching her leave.

~~~ * ~~~ * ~~~


Tawny took the card without looking up. It had been a long day and he was on autopilot. The hand held his quill and scribbled away into his notebook as he went through yet another application. When he hit the part where the applicant listed her lineage, his quill snapped before it could print the D in her surname. The tired eyes surrounded by bags looked up slowly to take in the sight of the Konti. He wasn’t smiling nor was his expression one of sadness or anger. Matter of fact, the man was staring with pure curiosity. Tawny had been doing his job for a very long time and knew the names of almost every family in the city at least to point of recognizing it on paper.

After several moments, his face split like a piece of dry-rotted wood to reveal his unnerving grin. “Welcome to Ravok, Ms. Durand.” He handed back the card but paused to admire her handwriting. “Your skill with a pen is quite remarkable. Please don’t lose this card.” He began to rummage through a drawer until a new quill was produced and he finished scribbling the details of Nomi’s file. “That card is your temporary citizenship. Without it- well, you wouldn’t be the first Durand to disappear.” His eyes lifted to her and gave a knowing look but it passed and he was shoving another pamphlet towards the scaled hands. “This explains what you’ll have to do to gain full citizenship in Ravok.”

Tawny stood and used his hand to turn her away before she could ask questions about her family. The line of people was already moving to help facilitated the Konti’s exit. The man’s voice spoke plainly as he sat back down. “May Rhysol bless your search, Ms. Durand.”

~~~ * ~~~ * ~~~


Minnim was not out of place in line nor was Jill on edge at his approach. She took his card and smiled then began to copy things down into her ledger. When she recorded the word ‘Nuit’, her eyes fluttered but her hand did not. She coughed once then went back to writing but coughed again and this time she got up. “Excuse me for a moment. I need a drink of water.” Holding her throat gingerly, the small thing stood from her chair and moved to a table where there was a pitcher and a pair of glasses. As she filled a cup for herself, Tawny came over and gathered the other glass into his hand. The duo didn’t seem to speak but there was an exchange of information.

Jill returned to her desk and continued with the normal formalities. She finished copying his card’s information and then stamped it but she used a stamp that was different from the small round punch which she had used on the previous four applicants. This stamp was a turn-click and the indentation was a triangle with a black sun in the center. She handed it back to him and also slid an envelope across her desk. “This card is your identification. Keep it with you at all times, okay?” Jill gave him a very genuine smile then tapped the envelope with her pen. “That explains your requirements to gain a full citizenship whereas this one is temporary for the next two seasons.” The small hands closed the ledger as the large eyes looks up to the older man. “Have a wonderful day, sir and welcome to Ravok.”

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[Location] Citizen Registration Office

Postby Karyk on June 3rd, 2017, 1:33 am

Summer 63, 517

Karyk was standing in line, Sharay next to him, standing close, still not having said a word since her mother and sisters died three days earlier. He was sent here by the suggestion of the keepers of the boarding house where he rented a room. There were other faces from the caravan in the line, but Karyk couldn't smile or nod at them as he would normally. This trip had been a nightmare. He'd managed to convince so many people to follow him, and so many did so. And all that got most of them was death. He'd never make that mistake again, that was for damn sure.

This was to be his home now, and he'd been pleasantly surprised how nice it was here. He found himself constantly feeling lower class though. He was comfortable back in the poorer, hard working districts of Zeltiva. But here, everything, everywhere he'd seen so far, felt higher class than he could ever be. The twins were sitting nearby, drawing on opposite pages of a book. Karyk could see the glares and stares that many of the citizens cast toward this line of outsiders.

Eventually, Karyk was close enough to grab four applications. He made his way over to a desk, and began reading over the forms, having to read the words aloud, slowly. He dipped the quill in ink and slowly began filling out the applications, making grunts of annoyance at this, several times making errors that he failed to notice, his handwriting atrocious.

Name: Karyk Southwind
Race: Human
Parentage: Katya & Derryk Southwind
Place of Birth: Zeltiva

Primary Trade: Shipbuilding, Carpentry, Woodcutting
Known Magic: None
Financial Holdings: 408 GM, 6 SM, 8 CM

Please state your reason for being in Ravok: Migrant due to starvation courtesy of Morwen. Left Zeltiva for Syliras, was turned away. Came to Ravok.


Once the forms were filled out, he handed each of the children the one belonging to them. "Make sure ya do as I do. Nothin' else. Best behavior." When it was their turn, Karyk shepherded the kids into the registrar's office. He put on as good of a smile as he could muster in this time of grief, the lines in his face and his eyes showed the weight of the perilous journey they'd made just to reach this desk. "Hello." All three of the kids followed suit forlornly, before Karyk handed over his application, nervous that he got something wrong. He hated paperwork, but this might've been the single most important document he'd ever worked with. He hoped it worked out well.
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