[Location] Citizen Registration Office

Here you can register as a citizen of Ravok.

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A city floating in the center of a lake, Ravok is a place of dark beauty, romance and culture. Behind it all though is the presence of Rhysol, God of Evil and Betrayal. The city is controlled by The Black Sun, a religious organization devoted to Rhysol. [Lore]

[Location] Citizen Registration Office

Postby Alija on March 11th, 2018, 10:14 pm

Last time she had been here, the place had been empty and what she had been trying to do had been put off for long enough for her to find her way to Sahova and back. Now, that she had been back in the city for about a season already, she knew it was time to return.

She should have done it sooner. Elias had been urging her from the moment she had returned, reminding her of what could happen without her papers. But she had been hopeful, and lucky enough, to get away without them. It was the action that scared her. The action of her signing her life away and making herself part of this city for good.

Alija was aware she could always run. Run away, back to Nyka, to Sahova, to some other hell-hole. Or to Zeltiva. But that was a coward's way out, and besides, she knew it was a choice she could really make.

She was here, and here to stay. Time to make it true.

This time, she avoided admiring the architecture, the skilled craftsmanship that was here to impress those who came to the city for the first time. If she lingered too much, she would flee. She couldn't do that. It was about time she actually stuck to what she said she was doing.

Alija filled out a form for herself. Her handwriting was scratchy, but she couldn't help it. Her hand trembled as she wrote.

Citizenship Application

Name: Alija Piper
Race: Human
Parentage: Jaiden Piper and Fiona Piper (born Caldera)
Place of Birth: Zeltiva

Primary Trade: Blacksmithy
Known Magic: Auristics, alchemy
Financial Holdings: 2425GM 5SM 7CM, owner of a blacksmiths (closed) and accompanying house in Nyka

Please state your reason for being in Ravok: Employment and new residence

She hesitated, before adding that her mother was born Caldera. She knew the name had enemies, but hopefully, it would justify her right to citizenship even more than she had. She wished she had a better answer to the last question to help it further.

Quickly, she slipped it onto the desk. "Is there anything else I need to do?" she said, voice breathy. Soon this would be over and she'd have the papers and wouldn't need to worry any more. But how soon was soon? Because the process was taking too long already. With her hands twisting in her cloak, she gave a smile and waited for a response.
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[Location] Citizen Registration Office

Postby Shiress on February 16th, 2019, 4:07 pm


3rd Day
Winter 518AV

Shiress left the Caldera Manor in the early morning on borrowed confidence and now that she stood before the table, staring down at the stacks of papers, that confidence had abruptly fled, leaving her regretful that she hadn't asked Rook or Elias to accompany her. She had made her mind up that she wouldn't ask for help or guidance in this; some things just needed to be done alone and of her own initiative in her new found freedom.

Citizenship was a crucial step for Shiress and, in her eyes, a true declaration of her freedom. It both filled her with elation and utterly terrified her at the same time. She had a feeling that the registrar may very well have the authority to make or break her, though she hadn't a clue of their true power. They were of the Black Sun and that was enough knowledge to send her heart racing and her hands to shaking. Drawing in a steadying breath, she dipped a quill into an ink jar and began to write.

Citizenship Application

Name: Shiress Underhill
Race: Human
Parentage: Zachiah and Lorna Underhill
Place of Birth: Zeltiva

Primary Trade: Medicinal
Known Magic: None (does my cultivation gnosis count?)
Financial Holdings: 48GM, 3SM, 99CM

Please state your reason for being in Ravok: Become a Begin my new life as a free woman and initiate my medical career.

Lifting the quill from the paper, Shiress studied her answers. Satisfied by the vague truth of them, she took up the application and stepped in line. Sooner than she would have liked, the queue parted and she was next in line. Soon enough the office door swung open and through it, a young man emerged. Shiress watched him as she hesitantly began to walk forward to take his place in the tiny office.

The balding man seated behind the large desk did nothing to help her nervousness, his steely eyes watching her as she stepped forward. Swallowing hard, Shiress cleared her throat.

"My name is Shiress and I would like to apply for citizenship please." she said, sliding the paper across the wooden surface of the desk."Also, Sir, I would like to apply for a position as a doctor at The Healing Hand, but since the Center for Employment was destroyed I didn't know where to apply and was hoping you might help me with that?" Shiress tucked a rogue strand of hair behind an ear and offered the man a weak smile. It was not returned.

Green eyes fled the man's gaze, suddenly finding a deep scratch on the surface of the desk very interesting.

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[Location] Citizen Registration Office

Postby Gillar on March 20th, 2019, 7:18 pm


Tawny, the ever-present disturbing grin on his face, watched Shiress intently as she approached him with required paperwork for citizenship. While it was difficult to say exactly why the man was so unnerving, Tawny nevertheless possessed an unsettling nature.

When Shiress presented herself and the required paperwork, Tawny absently licked his dry, lightly cracked lips and accepted the paper which he immediately started reading. It was the only time his eyes left Shiress although he did not respond to her words.

Once he had finished, Tawny looked back up at Shiress and in a nasally, unusually high pitched voice said, "Your paperwork seems to be in order, Shiress Underhill. I will approve you for probationary citizenship. This means that for a period of two seasons, you must live within the city, obey the laws and stay out of trouble. If you cannot do this, you will lose your citizenship and be subject to all that such a thing entails. In the meantime, you will enjoy our most gracious Lord's protections as well as that of the Ebonstryfe while you live within the city."

Tawny narrowed his eyes and licked his lips again as he continued to stare at Shiress while at the same time scribbling something on another piece of paper.

"As for employment...we are currently working on establishing a new system following the Center's destruction. In the meantime, I will add to your registration papers your declared talents and desired occupation. You may present this to the staff at the Healing Hand and they will likely take you on. I know that they are in need of some added help." Tawny begin scribbling on another piece of paper; one appearing identical to the first. He then presented both pieces, each a copy of the other, to Shiress.

"Now, I need to place your thumb here and speak aloud your acceptance of Rhysol as your lord and ruler and swear to abide by all of the laws established by The Black Sun." The presented papers were Shiress' formal registration papers and the place where she was to press her thumb; on both pages, was an odd, stylized symbol of a sun.

Assuming she did what was requested and pressed her thumb to the symbol and made her declaration, a black thumbprint would appear in the center of the symbol and she would be given one of the copies. Shiress would then be able to take her leave and begin her probationary citizenship.
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