Location [Riverfall] The Land and Sea Gates

All visitors and newcommers to Riverfall most post here if they enter the city. This entrance combines both the Sea Gates and the City Gates.

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Built into the cliffs overlooking the Suvan Sea, Riverfall resides on the edge of grasslands of Cyphrus where the Bluevein River plunges off the plain and cascades down to the inland sea below. Home of the Akalak, Riverfall is a self-supporting city populated by devoted warriors. [Riverfall Codex]

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[Riverfall] The Land and Sea Gates

Postby Karvelic on July 4th, 2012, 5:26 am


Timestamp 15th Day of Summer 512 AV

Karvelic slowly walked towards the looming and familiar gate of Riverfall. A sparse fog hindered the walls from displaying their usual majestic pose, but it didn't stop them from inspiring awe. He just left the nomadic city of Endrykas, spending a handful of days gathering provisions and hunting to prepare him for his new life in Riverfall. Well...not exactly a new life. You see, Karvelic is an Akalak, native to the city of Riverfall, but it has been over 100 years since he's looked on the gates of the city. The tragedy that took place over a century ago left him bitter towards his homeland, and he had no desire to return until now.

As he stepped closer towards the gates he recognized the Akalak soldiers standing guard on either side of the tall steel bars, appearing as cold as a Talderan night. Their height was even imposing to Karvelic. The Akalakan soldiers each stood over 7 feet tall, and their muscles set fear in the majority of visitors, but Karvelic knew better, they were soft at heart.

"Welcome, traveler. Here is a scroll of welcome from the city. It contains a list of our laws, a map of the city, and some advertisements from local businesses that sponsor these scrolls to be made. You can feel free to come in if you agree to our laws and turn this scroll back in when you leave so we can reuse it."

"So, the Akalaks have sold out?" Karvelic's cold voice pierced the heart of the massive guard. "Not courteous enough to part with a few scraps of paper?" A wry smirk flashed across his face.

"We mean no harm, brother!" The guard lifted his hands in a stature of defense. "The parchment is quite expensive, and I could only imagine the mess we would find littered across the streets if we allowed ever visitor to keep the scroll."

"Well, you can keep your paper, I'll have no need for it." Karvelic voiced matter-of-factly, crossing his arms. "I'll follow your rules...what choice do I really have?"

"Calvar, the small one is getting feisty!" A chuckle was exchanged between the guards. "You're correct, you will follow the rules, or this will be your last trip. Do you have business in Riverfall? Will you need temporary lodging?"

"I have papers here for permanent accommodations at the Bluevein Apartments, courtesy of Parnelo." Karvelic flashed the deed.

"Parnelo, eh? Looks legitimate to me. You may pass. Enjoy your city." The guards fell back into their stances, leaving Karvelic to pass.

Karvelic stuffed the papers back in the pocket of his cloak and adjusted his hood to keep his face hidden. He began long strides into the city gates, with one purpose in mind, "Now, for that meeting. Kulkukan Inn and Tavern should be it."

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[Riverfall] The Land and Sea Gates

Postby Gianne Basete on July 11th, 2012, 3:27 pm

18th Day of Summer
The Sea of Grass

The sun's hot rays beat down on her back, casting a long, distorted silhouette of herself and Gill in their wake. The shadow trailed ahead of them, pointing down the Kabrin Road to their destination in the distance. Riverfall was just a dark smudge miles away, surrounded by a sea of hot, dancing grass. Gianne swiped her hand across her eyes for about the thousandth time, smearing the sweat and dust away. They'd been traveling through Cyphrus a long while now, and finally their destination was in sight. Gianne was just too tired to smile, but she was definitely relived.

She picked uncomfortably at her sweaty shirt, peeling it away from her hot skin. Gianne, being from Zeltiva where it rarely got hot, wasn't used to this humidity. Even the wind was warm. She didn't know how the Drykas and Akalaks could stand it. I should have traveled later in the year, she thought dismally but in vain. It was far too late for that now, and surely there would be places in the city to cool off. She leaned over Gill's neck and patted his sweating hide gently, crooning reassuring nonsense to him. The past few days his head had started hanging marginally lower and lower, and she knew he was tired. The heat didn't help. When they reached the city she'd go straight to the stables and find an animal physician to make sure he would be fine. "Almost there," she assured him.

6 Bells Later
The Land Gate

The two waited tiredly as the ferry carried them across the river, the name of which Gianne had forgotten. Riverfall loomed above them, an intimidating but beautiful wall of stone. Her eyes wandered over what was visible of the city. Soaring domes, an orchard, vineyard, and several buildings dotted around. The ferry docked and she led Gill off, his shod hooves drumming loudly on the deck. Up the gates they went, Gianne's heart pounding so loud she assumed everyone could hear it. Two Akalaks were at the gates, and she stopped nervously when one pulled out some parchment.

"Welcome, traveler. Here is a scroll of welcome from the city. It contains a list of our laws, a map of the city, and some advertisements from local businesses that sponsor these scrolls to be made. You can feel free to come in if you agree to our laws and turn this scroll back in when you leave so we can reuse it," the shortest Akalak said. His voice wasn't as deep as she thought it would be, and he sounded completely normal. She'd assumed his voice would shake the walls of the city, and the fact that he sounded so plain made nearly every muscle in her body relax. She smiled tentatively and took the scroll, opened it, and scanned the laws quickly. Seems very agreeable, she thought. "I agree," she told the two guards, and they let her pass with nary another word.

Wow, she thought as she looked around, craning her neck up at the stone structures. She'd stopped dead several yards inside the city, and was gawking like a stunned moron. A shoulder bumped hers as a man walked past, and he issued a hurried apology before rounding a corner and slipping out of sight. That knocked her from her daze and she looked around, frowning, then remembered Gill waiting patiently beside her. "Come on, let's find someone to check you out, then get some dinner."
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[Riverfall] The Land and Sea Gates

Postby Ricius on July 26th, 2012, 6:57 pm

2st Summer 512

Ricius was tired from the heat when came upon the entrance the gates he was standing in awe of how tall the walls were, he looked over there the guard was almost smilling as if it was a common thing to be in awe.
"Welcome traveller before you pass. Here is a scroll of welcome from the city. It contains a list of our laws, a map of the city, and some advertisements from local businesses that sponsor these scrolls to be made. You can feel free to come in if you agree to our laws and turn this scroll back in when you leave so we can reuse it."
He took the scroll from the guard and starting reading it slowly the laws seemed ok to him a bit strange a couple of part's, but otherwise they were acceptable terms.

"Thanks for the scroll you can have it back i agree with this city laws" the guard just nodded taking back the scroll and motioned Ricius to enter the city.
"Enjoy your stay traveller and dont get lost" was what he heard before moving on.
Entering the city he dint expect the water woah water flows like a watefall guess i should find a place to stay for more than a season perhaps i should ask around the local inn moving on he started walking he dint want to stay more in this heat.

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[Riverfall] The Land and Sea Gates

Postby Namorin on July 26th, 2012, 7:35 pm

Fifth day of Summer 512 AV
Namorin looked as he did every day when he returned to Riverfall from a long day of training beyond the city gates. Like he had been to war with himself. And so he had. For countless hours, beyond the great walls of Riverfall, Namorin fed his obsession. His single minded quest to perfect the arts of combat. So he worked himself to a point that even other Akalaks might look twice at. As if the constant training, his obsessions with the culture of his people, his single mindedness would somehow purge from him all thoughts of his life before. All thoughts of the only parent he knew, and the mother he lost.

In fact when he passed through the giant gate, he could not help but notice that to an extent, it was working. He was beginning to think of this place as home. These as his people. He looked at the guards as they uttered their customary greeting... with not just compliance, but respect. The elite warriors who served one of the most important roles, to defend their city. Their families, their way of life.

Namorin did not think so much of what he no longer had. However, he still saw himself as lacking. Even though he had become an impressive warrior, learned great amounts of the lore of his people, he still felt somehow an outsider. Perhaps he always would. None the less, he was a man now, and the time had come to move past the studies on his own. He would seek, anywhere and everywhere to find those who knew the ways of combat, and its sister arts.

He would prove himself worthy. He would become the warrior his father would have wanted him to be, the protector his mother said she saw in his future. Study with the best. Meet the hardest tests. Keep in mind this singular goal. If he could do that, he could meet his destiny.

That was what the young warrior told himself. He did not tell himself how to deal with the dark whispers in his ear. He did not think of his losses. He did not mention in the recesses of his own mind the difficulties in front of him. He focused on combat.

There was of course more to him than a warrior, but the warrior was all he would show. A singular obsession that took up all the space in his head... leaving no room for pain, or doubt, or fear...

So he strode with head held high, into his city, his home, with his people.
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[Riverfall] The Land and Sea Gates

Postby Illani on August 14th, 2012, 2:13 pm

Day 78 of Summer, AV 512
When had she ever been this far from home?
The answer was never. She had never even left Mura before she'd run off. There were so many new things here, it was overwhelming. Tall, muscular men- 3 things she'd never seen much of in one sitting- were waiting with a scroll.
"Welcome, traveler. Here is a scroll of welcome from the city. It contains a list of our laws, a map of the city, and some advertisements from local businesses that sponsor these scrolls to be made. You can feel free to come in if you agree to our laws and turn this scroll back in when you leave so we can reuse it.
She read the scroll.
"I agree." She said, trying to muster up any confidence she had left. She wasn't normally like this. But again, that had been in Mura. Challenge one: Entering the city. Complete. She stared at the busy city.
Challenge two: Finding a house and job... not complete...
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[Riverfall] The Land and Sea Gates

Postby Elem Bree on August 18th, 2012, 6:03 am


79th of Summer, AV 512

The sun was on its way to rest as the wagon approached the massive walls. Elem knew his mouth was hanging open and he let it remain so. The stark contrast of the high, dark walls against the light of day was just...epic. His long journey had brought him so far. First, it had been a month long journey to Syliras. He thought it a bastion of order, so different from Zeltiva. Originally he had no real intent, but the mark of Rak'keli always brought interest. One of the travelers at the stables, where horses were switched out for the various wagons, had mentioned this great city on the cusp of seas. One of grass and one of water. His meeting with Sariana Lisden had piqued Elem's interest in this city of great warriors.

The traveler's description did not do it justice. He could see the guards as the ferry was pulled across the great river beneath his feet. They were massive! The business of warring had no better participants. Plenty of healing would be needed in such a place. His enthusiasm grew with the beaming grin which finally closed his slack jawed mouth. As the wagon rolled off of the ferry, the young healer slid from it and stretched with a great popping of bones. The guards passed a scroll to the driver, who in turn passed it to Elem and the others.

It all just felt so right. After reading the scroll and passing it off, he closed his eyes and bowed his head. He lifted his clasped hands to his lips so that they rested against the shifting sigil placed there. Quietly he whispered his prayer to his Mother.

"Thank You for bringing me safely to this great city, Mother. May Your light shine on all those who suffer and long for Healing. May I act as Your instrument here and spread Your Love to all those who would receive it. In Your name and by Your grace."

His eyes opened and the wagon was moving inside. He followed, his eyes wide with wonder.

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[Riverfall] The Land and Sea Gates

Postby I'sona on August 26th, 2012, 1:25 am

17th of Summer, 512AV

The surface was hotter than the Charoda remembered. The sun was already pickling her skin, giving her a sticky feeling rather than a moist one. Poking her shoulders above water she watched curiously as large blue people walked around, she always thought humans were more of a pink color. And there entire city reminded her a bit of home, it was built as all things should be, into what was already there.

"Oi! You there! Ya can't be in the water here, yer gonna get squished!" On cue, the small dingy bumped into I'sona, sending her back under the waves. Her apology coming out as a gurgle of bubbles but this time she made sure to swim underwater until she reached the dock.

She had never been outside of the water, on top or around but never on something that could strand her from it. Never on dry land. She began to feel a fluttering of nerves although she had already began climbing onto the dock, a large blue hand clasping around her wrist and pulling her up the rest of the way. It put her fears to rest and made her decision for her.

I'sona busily stared at the tall blue man, her hands automatically clasping the paper and answering the questions habitually. By the time her webbed toes touched the land she realized she couldn't even pronounce the cities name. And much to her dismay the rules the man had been speaking about were written in Common, struggling through it all the same she figured she might life this 'Rivertall' very much.

This is Common (Basic)
This is Char (Fluent)

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[Riverfall] The Land and Sea Gates

Postby Rosela on August 27th, 2012, 8:35 pm

Timestamp: 89th of Summer, 512 AV

After two days of bumping along dusty roads, listening to the old couple chat on her right, and slapping away the hand of the old lecher on her left, the couple’s child at the window proclaimed Riverfall to be just over the bridge. They hit the bridge with a large rattle, and Rosela used two hands to keep to her seat and another to slap the lecher away from her thigh. The horses snorted and clopped noisily to a stop, punctuated by the child bursting from the door like a trapped mouse. His parents followed wearily behind, along with the lecher. He cast her a mock-sorrowful look and she curled her lip in distaste.

Her feet hit the ground unsteadily, and she looked wearily around at the other passengers disembarking. The rest of the caravan, with whatever goods they were bringing to Riverfall, waited behind with their shuffling, impatient horses. Ahead, two tall Akalaks stood guard at the entrance to the city, stoically handing out scrolls with the same curt advisement. Hanging back, Rosela looked the pair up and down, humming under her breath. They didn’t make men like that back in the Gilded families of Ahnatep.

She finally slipped forward for her scroll and met the Akalak guard dead in the eye as he rattled off his demand.

"Welcome, traveler. Here is a scroll of welcome from the city. It contains a list of our laws, a map of the city, and some advertisements from local businesses that sponsor these scrolls to be made. You can feel free to come in if you agree to our laws and turn this scroll back in when you leave so we can reuse it."

“You got it, big guy.” She took the scroll and threw him a wink as she turned. There was muted surprise as he held her gaze for an extra moment. Then the moment broke as he transferred his attention to the next person. It wasn’t much, but it was something. Rosela strutted through the gate, scanning the map with one eye.

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[Riverfall] The Land and Sea Gates

Postby Caehli Galesong on August 28th, 2012, 5:47 am

Timestamp// The 86th Summer 512 AV

Caehli crowed happily as she neared the gates of Riverfall. It had been a long time since she had seen the inside of the city.She was eager to see what new buildings might have risen since her absence.After all Caehli and her father were often trading, managing export and import on the outside of the city. The last time she was in Riverfall...was probably her seventh summer?! It was so nostalgic to ride into the stone etched gates again.

She could feel the coolness of the waterfall at her neck.It rushed overhead loudly triumphing any decibel of chatter or movement. The powerful rush of fresh water was like a friendly "Welcome Back " and "Long Time No See!"to Caehli. It reminded her of when she would swim in the crystal pools when she was was younger.She was eager to perhaps swim in them again, to cool her and Din off after the long ride through Cyphrus.

She smiled warmly at the striking Akalak warrior. Although she knew the basic outlay of Riverfall it was much appreciated to get something like a refresher course. She didn't may too much attention the scroll but rather the warrior...were they always that massive and impressive? Caehli hadn't noticed until now. She felt that she was going enjoy more than just the city of Riverfall.

Just recently Caehli joined forces with a flock of Inarta as they migrated back to their homeland. Riverfall was the first solace of comfort and hospitality in the eleven days she had traveled with them. It was certainly a unique experience traveling with the bird people...

Caehli looked behind her and beckoned her friends over. "Your feathered folk are so slow" she teased trying to get her troupe of red heads through Riverfall quickly. Not that Caehli had any room to talk, she only sped ahead of them when she saw horizon of the tiered city.

Who could blame her after all? There was nothing greater behold than Riverfall...

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[Riverfall] The Land and Sea Gates

Postby Xalet on September 12th, 2012, 3:53 am

51st day of Fall, 512AV

There was a certain uneasiness that Xuphim felt when traveling upon the boat. They could dress the method of transportation up by calling it a 'ferry', but it went on the water, it floated, and it made him uneasy. It was a boat. His concern didn't quite rise to the level of irrationality, but the back of his mind always felt a gentle nag that he wasn't fully in control. When you were in a wagon and the wagon broke down, you could just jump out onto nice, hard, comforting ground. When you were on a boat and the boat broke down, it sank. Then you sank. Then you died. Swimming was a fantastic remedy, if you weren't a Syliran Knight wearing almost one hundred pounds of metal and cloth.

Then of course there was the bag he carried. Getting told you were being placed in a detachment in Riverfall was a shock, even if Xuphim was an Akalak. It meant he had to get everything he could possibly grab and shove it into a bag or two and prepare to live life not only in a different region of the world, but in a totally different culture. Simply being an Akalak didn't gift Xuphim with the knowledge of his own peoples culture, even if his mother would speak of it now and again. Almost three decades of dealing with Humans, working with Humans, and living like Humans lived changed the way he looked at life. One would think that being surrounded by his own race would have brought comfort, but instead it felt completely alien.

Who would have thought the thing that reminded him most of home was the Kelvic that had come with him? Xalet had dealt with her the most, so Xuphim wasn't exactly certain how he felt about the long legged blonde. Especially when most of the time she was a horse. At the very least she was familiar and it eased his nerves slightly.

"Damn." he muttered upon receiving the scroll of rules. What an odd feeling that restrictions immediately brought a sense of home to him, "Well, if I can manage not gettin' tossed out of Syliras, I'll make it work here." That was as polite a 'thanks' as he could manage. The comment was promptly followed by him readjusting his pack and rolling the scroll back up. Over his shoulder he eyed Septimus, "Alright Squire. My Patron made my life suck for a good decade and a half or so. It's only right I return the favor. Lets figure out where we're staying and then it's time to make that body of yours strong. I want you winning freakin' armwrestling competitions by Winter."
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