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Rosela re Ahnatep

Postby Rosela on August 26th, 2012, 10:48 pm

Rosela the Clothier
tiny filler words
tiny filler words
Average height, with dark skin and hair that is well cared for. Body build is a little on the voluptuous side, but her upper arms and shoulders are toned, leading up to a graceful neck. Makeup and jewelry is meticulous, though not as grand as it was in her previous life. Her hair is naturally very dark brown, but she paints red streaks into it every few weeks. Her overall look has the impression of being well-manicured, each feature being particularly styled and maintained. She has six arms and is dextrous with all of them, though does favor her right, middle hand when writing. As of Summer 514AV, Rosela is pregnant and her belly will continue to grow until early Summer 515AV, when she is due.

Bodily Marks:
  • One Lacun mark, indicative of her dissolved marriage, appears just below her sternum, an inch below her breastline. The mark appears as as three very faded chain links, two of them broken. This mark is always hidden.
  • One Mark of Akajia, in the shape of a dark crescent moon, appears on the back of her neck, just below the hairline. This mark is hidden whenever possible by keeping her hair down, as she does not want it common knowledge that she is marked by Akajia. (thread)
  • Kuvan mark indicating her citizenship of Riverfall, on the underside of her left, bottom-most wrist. It appears as a small, teardrop shape made up of spirals and dots. This mark is not hidden, though she resents having been permanently marked for her citizenship.
  • A plain gold undan, a band indicating her Nakivak status, encircles her lowest, left wrist. The band is easily not noticeable among the other gold bangles she wears.

On the first warm day of the year, she sheds her winter cloak in favor of a lighter one. Pants and leggings are put away in favor of dresses, always sleeveless for freedom of movement for all her arms. Later in the spring, even the light cloak is not necessary, and she switches to lighter footwear as soon as possible.
Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image

Summer, her favorite season, finds her out in a loose, fluttering dress. The fabric is light and airy, and sandals are a must. It's in the summer where she gets the most experimental with her fashion.
Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image

Summer wear still applies while it's warm. Because she requires sleeveless garments, so her arms are free, she will simply don her light cloak over her dress to stay warm. Sandals start getting replaced with her high boots.
Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image

Winter dresses are wool knit, and are paired with leggings if necessary. Her light cloak has been traded up for a white fur one, silk lined and very warm.
Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image


tiny filler words
tiny filler words
Race Eypharian
Gender Female
Birth date 24 Summer, 488AV
Birth Place Ahnatep, Eyktol
Height5'6", 5'10" in heels
Profession Owner of Red Diamond Fashions
Location Riverfall
Beliefs Akajia, Xyna
Likes Fashion, Gossip, Wealth
Dislikes Weak People, Lesser Races
Aspirations To be the source of all beautiful things

Fluent Language Arumenic
Basic Language Common
Poor Language Tukant
tiny filler words
tiny filler words
  • Business: RDF is going to be the biggest thing around. Just you wait.
  • Wealth: Buckle down and make it happen. There's no excuse for being...ick, poor.
  • Fashion: Autumn colors in Summer? What's wrong with you?
  • Men: I like 'em big. The more muscles, the better. But not too smart for their own good.
  • Beauty: How can you not see I'm the best looking thing in this room?
  • Gossip: Sure, I like the latest dirt, but Gods help you if you dare to sling mud at me.
  • Racism: Just accept that some races are made to serve others. It's the way of the world.
tiny filler words
tiny filler words
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Rosela re Ahnatep

Postby Rosela on August 26th, 2012, 10:50 pm

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Rosela’s family was a wealthy one, one of the Gilded in the heart of Ahnatep. She was born late in her parents' life, well after her older brother, and heir to the family name and popular clothing company, was grown, married, and gone. Without the patience or time to raise a baby girl amidst the rush of running the company, Rosela's parents delegated her to a litany of nannies and tutors. With few friends her own age, she grew to have a bitter and caustic temper, but with a fine eye for beautiful things.

As was expected of her when she reached maturity, Rosela married a man from an adjacent family to strengthen business ties. The man and her new household were easy to bend to her will, and she enjoyed, what seemed to her, limitless power for a time.

However, things changed when her husband's grandmother came to live with them. Though now nearly bedridden, the forceful woman refused to allow Rosela to order her around. Decades of experience allowed her to take back control of the house, and the grandmother's insults and politicking among the servants left Rosela furious and powerless.

One night, the grandmother came to Rosela with an ultimatum: leave her husband with a small sum or their battle would start extending into public society. The sum wasn't nearly enough, so Rosela pulled her bow on the old woman. Her husband walked in, startling them both and the arrow slipped, killing the grandmother. Her husband fled and Rosela pursued, still in shock. In the hallway, she hit him in the back of the head with a torch, killing him and accidentally setting the house ablaze.

Leaving Ahnatep
Both the grandmother's and her husband's wills left her nothing, and the bow used on the grandmother was the only thing of hers to survive the fire. After a brief stay at her parents', Rosela set out for Riverfall, determined to make the most of her newfound freedom and get back into riches any way she could.
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Once in Riverfall, Rosela quickly discovered that the way to necessary allies was not through anger and suspicion, but by being pleasant and gaining their trust. Another revelation occurred with the muscular and rugged men of Riverfall, who were nothing like the silver-spoon-fed men she'd encountered in her social circle in Ahnatep. For the first time, she discovered not only her own sexuality, but its uses.

Wealth and Status
Opening her own shop gave her the financial freedom she lost with her old life, but every miza made is never enough to satisfy her and she is always looking for ways to gain more money and influence. Currently she seeks to expand her business exponentially, and secretly hopes to push her reach even beyond Riverfall, by any business and magical means necessary.

In Spring 514AV, Rosela inherited a large house in the more expensive part of town, cementing her feelings of having 'made it'. Though the house was inherited by an acquaintance instead of bought herself, it has become a monument to her success and is slowly being filled with the material trappings expected of a woman of status.

In early Summer 514AV, Rosela was attacked by an unknown assailant, bashing her on the head with a rock and throwing her into the Plunge Pool Bay. She was rescued, but remained comatose until the 70th of Fall 514AV. When she awoke, she found with horror that she had been taken as a Nakivak while unconscious in order to pay her medical treatment fees. While her new Talvis had had no problems violating her while unconscious, an abrupt personality change throughout Riverfall during the season of her awakening turned the bold, driven Rosela into a weeping damsel and her unscrupulous Talvis into a caring patron. The pair seemed perfectly matched, for the time being.

In early Spring 515AV, the personality changes that had gripped Riverfall reversed, leaving the city to breathe a sigh of relief as their lives returned to normal. Rosela found herself wondering how she'd allow her life, even accounting for the child, to spin so out of her control. Her Talvis returned to the unscrupulous rake he'd been prior to the change, resulting in an explosively violent encounter between the two. Rosela is still working on making her life her own again, but vows to never be so dependent on another.
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Rosela re Ahnatep

Postby Rosela on August 26th, 2012, 10:51 pm

[color=#191d1e]tiny filler words
Legend: SB=Starting Bonus, RB=Racial Bonus, SXP=Seasonal Job Experience
Skill EXP Total Proficiency
Art (Fashion Design) 3, 5, 4, 2, 2, 2, 5, 1, 1, 1, 3, 1, 3, 1. 2, 3, 1, 2, 5, 3, 5, 2SXP, 1, 1, 5, 5, 4, 1, 1, 5 80 Master
Beading 3, 2 5 Novice
Business/Retail 1, 1, 1, 4, 3, 1, 2, 3, 4, 3, 3, 2, 1, 3, 1, 2, 2, 2, 5 45 Competent
Cosmetology 1 1 Novice
Drawing 2, 3, 4, 1, 5, 4, 5, 3, 3, 4, 1, 3 38 Competent
Herbalism 4 4 Novice
Knotting 1 1 Novice
Leatherworking 4, 2, 3 9 Novice
Perfumery 4 4 Novice
Philtering 1, 4 5 Novice
Sewing 30 SB, 2, 4SXP, 2, 4, 5, 1, 1, 3, 4SXP, 2, 4SXP, 1, 1, 1, 1, 4SXP, 2, 3, 1, 3, 5, 4SXP, 5, 1, 1, 5 100 Master

Skill EXP Total Proficiency
Anthropology 1XP 1 Novice
Architecture 1XP 1 Novice
Law 1XP 1 Novice
Mathematics 2XP 2 Novice
Organization 2XP, 1XP, 2XP, 1XP, 1XP, 3XP, 3XP 13 Novice
Philosophy 1XP, 5XP 6 Novice
Planning 2XP, 4XP, 5XP, 1XP, 3XP, 1XP, 2XP. 5XP, 1XP, 1XP, 4XP, 3XP, 1XP, 5XP, 4XP, 1XP, 2XP, 5XP, 2XP, 1XP, 1XP, 1XP, 4XP 59 Expert
Psychology 1XP, 1XP 2 Novice
Subterfuge 2XP 2 Novice
Tactics 1XP 1 Novice
Teaching 2XP, 1XP, 2XP, 1XP, 1XP 7 Novice
Theology 3XP 3 Novice

Skill EXP Total Proficiency
Animal Husbandry 5XP 5 Novice
Bodybuilding 1XP 1 Novice
Brawling 1XP, 3XP, 1XP 5 Novice
Carpentry 1XP 1 Novice
Climbing 1XP 1 Novice
Cooking 1XP, 4XP 5 Novice
Endurance 1XP, 1XP 2 Novice
Fishing 3XP 3 Novice
Hypnotism 3XP, 5XP, 5XP, 5XP, 4XP, 5XP 27 Competent
Massage 1XP 1 Novice
Meditation 3XP, 2XP, 5XP 10 Novice
Observation 4XP, 3XP, 3XP, 2XP, 2XP, 3XP, 2XP, 3XP, 3XP, 2XP, 1XP, 2XP, 2XP, 2XP, 4XP, 4XP, 4XP, 3XP, 3XP, 2XP, 2XP, 5XP, 3XP, 2XP, 1XP, 1XP, 5XP, 1XP, 1XP, 2XP, 4XP, 3XP, 3XP, 2XP, 1XP, 1XP, 5XP, 2XP, 2XP, 5XP 100 Master
Singing 1XP, 1XP 2 Novice
Stealth 1XP, 1XP 2 Novice
Weapon: Dagger 2XP, 4XP, 1XP, 4XP 11 Novice
Weapon: Shortbow 20 SB, 10 RB, 3XP, 5XP 38 Competent
Writing 2XP, 5XP 7 Novice

Skill EXP Total Proficiency
Acting 1XP 1 Novice
Communication 2XP 2 Novice
Deduction 1XP 1 Novice
Diplomacy 1XP, 1XP 2 Novice
Flirting 2XP, 1XP, 5XP 8 Novice
Impersonation 1XP 1 Novice
Intelligence 2XP, 1XP, 3XP, 1XP, 2XP 9 Novice
Interrogation 4XP, 3XP, 1XP, 3XP, 1XP, 2XP, 1XP, 2XP 17 Novice
Intimidation 2XP, 1XP, 3XP, 4XP 10 Novice
Investigation 3XP, 3XP, 2XP, 4XP, 2XP 14 Novice
Leadership 2XP, 3XP, 1XP, 1XP 7 Novice
Negotiation 2XP, 1XP, 1XP, 2XP, 1XP, 1XP, 2XP 10 Novice
Persuasion 2XP, 1XP, 1XP, 1XP, 2XP, 3XP, 2XP, 2XP, 3XP, 2XP 19 Novice
Rhetoric 1XP, 3XP, 1XP, 2XP, 2XP, 1XP, 2XP, 2XP, 5XP, 3XP 22 Novice
Seduction 5XP, 1XP, 4XP, 2XP, 1XP, 5XP, 1XP, 3XP, 4XP, 2XP, 2XP 30 Competent
Socialization 4XP, 2XP, 1XP, 5XP, 1XP, 3XP, 4XP, 2XP, 2XP, 2XP, 2XP, 2XP, 3XP, 3XP, 3XP, 2XP, 3XP, 3XP, 4XP, 5XP, 1XP, 3XP, 5XP, 1XP, 1XP, 4XP, 1XP, 3XP, 2XP, 1XP, 1XP 79 Master
Storytelling 3XP 3 Novice
Contemplating Your Inventory
Examining Other Businesses to Determine Style
Managing Space In A Store
Finding A Customer's Needs
Business is Everywhere
The Thrill of a Big Sale
No More Procrastination
Calmly assisting unusual customers
Handling Customers Expertly
Assisting Customers To Help Them Know What They Want
Knowing What A Customer Needs
Knowing How To Give A Customer What They Want
Customers Must Look Fabulous
A Little Competition Never Killed Anyone…Right?
How to Deal With a Pregnant Customer
Retail: Sorry, We're Closed
Business: Keeping it Professional
Business: Uncertainty of going up against a well-established Beautiful Things for Jewelry Market
Job for Kavala
Business: Sometimes it is easier to buy competitors out then to compete
Business: Wealthy trader of good repute trusted more than a poor trader of equal repute
Orders of Silence
Open Sign: Sentimental Value
Business: Anticipating The Needs Of The Future
Business: Knowing What Sort Of Help Is Needed
Business: Incoorprating Fashion Design Into Ads
Business: Interviewing Applicants
Interviews: Knowing when it won’t work out
Managing the desk: Sometimes better than hiring
First steps towards your dream
Choosing the better of two applicants
Organization: Optimizing Workflow
Business: Basic Accounting
Business: Costs of Basic Seasonal Supplies for the Red Diamond

Lore of Eyktol Fashion
Lore of Jewelry Appraisal
How to dress men in their best colors
The Importance of High Quality Fabric
Experimenting with Multiple Hand Sewing
Designing Clothing by Status
Working with Fur
Finding the Right Materials for Winter Wear
The Art of Using Just Enough Fur
Simple Pants, Fantastic Butt
And a Knife to Match
Riverfall: Little Fashion Sense
Fashionable Yet Armed
Battle: No Reason To Avoid Mascara
New Clothes, New Attitude
Schooling The Fashion-less
Wool, Cotton and Linen: Seasonal Material
Alterations, Adjustments And Flourishes
Let Your Imagination Own Your Hands
The Hallowed V-Shape
Being Original
Suspender Straps
From Pencil To Needle, A Dress Is Born
Making Alterations
Designing Menswear
Taking Akalak Measurements
Designing Dresses To Cover Scars
Scarfs: Warriors Dislike These – To Easy For Opponents To Grapple
Fireproofing: It can be done on garmets
Sewing: Backstitch
Fashion: Redheads and Jewel Tones
Sewing: Stitch Ripper
Sewing: Herringbone Stitch
Redheads do well in green
Function over form limits beauty
Leatherworking: cut outs fragile alone.
Fashion Design: Trousers are dull
Sewing: Ruffles are Tedious
Fashion Design: Inspired by gods
Beading: Wax Linen thread for sturdiness
Sewing: Traditional belt loops wore out fast
Fashion Design: Paying Careful Attention To Detail
Sewing: Placing Stay Stitches To Keep Cuts From Fraying
Sewing: Attaching Buttons With Button Stitch
Sewing: Crafting Buttonholes
Sewing: Making Cloaks
Sewing: Making Sweaters
Self-Awareness: I Hate Sewing Sweaters
Sewing: Neck Tubes
Fashion Design: Inventing Neck Tubes
Drawing: Clothing and Fashion
Planning: Designing Clothing While Training
Sweater-knit Fabric Is Horrible To Work With
Fashion Design: Back Of Gloves Best Place For Decoration
Leatherworking: Imprinting Gloves,
Fashion Design: Decorating With Men’s Tastes In Mind
Fashion Design: Taking Inspiration from Leo Varniak,
Leatherworking: Rabbit fur is easier to sew through the hide than tanned leather
Fashion Design: The Charoda-Tail Style Dress
Fashion Design: Seductive Without Being Trashy,
Sewing: Measure Twice Cut Once
Fashion Design: Planning Color To Match Theme
Fashion Design: Knowing When & Where To Add Embellishments Like Embroidery
Some people have no fashion sense
Cruel with Fashion
Drawing: Basic Sketching Techniques
Drawing: Blueprinting Fashion Designs
Drawing: Effective Use of Coloring
Drawing: Seamlessly Modifying Fashion Design Sketches
Fashion Design: Creating Clothing to Accent the Body
Fashion Design: Designing for Function and Ease
Fashion Design: Designing a Cohesive Outfit
Fashion Design: Understanding Trends in the Fashion World
Drawing: Leather Clothing Designs
Fashion Design: Creating Original Clothing
Fashion Design: Streaming the Sketching Process
Fashion Design: Simple but Flexible Designs
Fashion Design: Themed Clothing
Fashion Design: Fur as a Base Material
Drawing: Bodies and Clothing
Fashion Design: Sassy Clothing
Fashion Design: Retro Look
Sewing: The Many Uses of Velvet
Sewing: Backstitch
Fashion Design: Ice Masquerade Dress

Popping out Panels
Killing A Worm Is Still Killing
Fishing Without Poles
Fish Don't Die Quickly
Fishing Is Still Killing
Fishing With Poles And Nets
A Teacher In Perfumery
Absorbing Much, Quickly
The Many Uses Of Rose Hips
Getting The Best Deal You Can
No Warrior I!
Researching Your Subject Matter Certainly Helps
Intimidation: Buy the Scarf!
Dagger: Dodge, Don't Parry
Brawling: Go For the Nose!
Drawing First Blood
Observation: Assessing Your Opponent
Investigation: Seeking the Source
How to Keep a Secret
Ocelot: Sharp Claws
Animal Husbandry: Use of a Litter Box
Ocelot Urine Stinks
Ocelot Animal Husbandry: Never let Ocelot Urine Sit long
Massage: Stress Points can be found all over the body.
Impersonation: Cocky Struts
Planning: Dull things first, Interesting things second
Interrogation: Even Shadows have answers.
Theology: Priskil, Goddess of Hope and Vigilance
Theology: Ionu God or Goddess of Illusion and Trickery
Theology: Izudin Blessed Isur
Theology: Akvins Ascension to godhood
Reimancy: Literal translation of Djed “Backbone”
Djed cannot be destroyed
Reimancy: Beginners cast only one element but Masters can cast many.
Initiation into Reimancy is traumatic
Hypnosis: Suggestion
Hypnosis: Emotional Response
Hypnotism: Novices needed Subtlety and a way to back out when something wasn’t working
Hypnotism: Need to give reasons with suggestions
Hypnosis: The reason should be something that they can not disprove with other senses
Hypnosis: Careful to not be too forceful
Bola: A weapn that entangles people when thrown
Swords: Too Heavy
Dagger: Proper Stances
Drawing: Designing A Logo
Dagger: Proper grip
Dagger: Proper stance
Dagger: Knowing Ones Skill Limit
Dagger: The Vulnerabilities Of Daggers
Weapons Training: Being Prepared Before One Is In An Emergency Situation
Dagger: Vulerable Spots Between Ribs (Aka Sweet Spots)
Dagger: Technique Rabbit Punch
Intelligence: Investigative Techniques
Hypnotism: Useful Applications
Interviewing without hypnotism
Intelligence: Gently asking the right questions to get information
Law: Basic Estate
Medicine: Habits of Pregnancy
Organization: Tracking Time with a Lit Candle and Pin
Acting: Putting on a Brave Face
Diplomacy: Working Out the Rough Patches in a Relationship
Socialization: Handling a Complex Relationship
Mathematics: Simple Calculations
Mathematics: Simple Charts
Organization: Effectively Organizing Thoughts on Paper
Diplomacy: Gracefully Declining Unwanted Advances
Philosophy: Fly Free
Philosophy: Leaving The Past Behind
Philosophy: Offer Sins To the World
Cooking: Beef Stew
Cooking: Jerky and Goat Cheese Sandwich
Cooking: The Dangers of Hot Pans
Cooking: The Importance of Monitoring The Stove
Philtering: Basic Tools And Equipment
Philtering: General Steps And Processes
Herbalism: The Uses of Cocoa Beans
Herbalism: The Uses of Coconut Oil
Talking To The Shadows
The Critique Of Darkness
The Shadows: Smug, Belligerent And Omniscient
Finally, A Compliment!
Do Shadows Have Children?
Gnosis: Recognizing One's Own
Gnosis: Desire to keep secret
Gnosis: Shadows are poor at small talk
Gnosis: Shadows Don’t Hide
Gnosis: Akajia’s Mark lessens need for candles
Gnosis: Shadows are Everywhere
Akajia Overshadowed Wysar
Gnosis: Shadows really like Black
The Basics of Seduction : Hygiene, Looks, Dress, Manners, and being genuine
How to use Body Language to Seduce
The Seductive Look
Breaking Off A Flirt Properly
Knowing How To Take Advantage Of A Situation
Getting Something For Nothing
Next Step: The Opening Line
Conversation: Vital To Successful Seduction
Watching an Utter Failure
A Night Out For Free
A Tantilizing Challenge
Xuphim: Rippling Muscles, Sexy Akalak
Little Brats Ruined The Mood!
Seduction Note: In Winter, Less is More
Faking Being Stood Up to Get a Date
Getting out of Nighttime Activities
Seduction Tip: Let Nothing Shock You and Make Men Feel Special
Akalak Men are Trustworthy... Comparatively
Seduction Tip: Let Them Drink
How to Avoid Freebies
Men do not want to talk about their feelings
Seduction: Act possessive towards men
Seduction: Eye contact is important
Seduction: Accept a man’s kinks
Identifying the competition
Accidentally Showing off for the Akalaks
Enjoying Idle Fantasies
Choosing The Right Time
Riverfall: Smorgasbord of Males
Drunken Men Are Not Subtle
Taking Proper Measure Of A Mark
Slow Down There, Tiger
Always Pay For The Lady's Drink
Self-Control Around A Fine Specimen
Advising Women on Seduction
Flirting: Never too busy to play a little
Flirting: Deciding what is too much information and what is just enough

Sorgar: Willing to Help?
Morlevik: Interested Businessman
Silka: Eypharian of the Velvet Curtain
Taskel: Akalak Gentleman
Taskel: Catlike And Persistent
Serrif: A Knightly Manner
Serrif: A Man Of Many Talents
Vanator: Sculpted And Smart (If Lacking Fashion)
Taskel: Convenient Gentleman
Soren And "The Herd"
Knowing Xuphim From... Whoever
Fade: Nikali Marked
Eosi: From Denval
Leo: Terrible taste in clothing
Leo: Tends to wear rags
Leo: Priest of Ivak
Mizra, Instructor or Referee?
Riaris, Kavala's Lover
Riaris: It's a Date
Uopa: Glassworker
Razkar: Miserable Creature
Rinya: New to Riverfall, desires something pretty
Rinya: Does not want to attract too much attention
Rhys: Hounding Rinya to become his Nakivak
Kavala’s Order: Robes with stone embellishments
Kavala: Generously Compensates for labor
Kavala: owner of The Sanctuary
Kavala: Friendly with Riaris but not in a committed relationship
Eida: An Ethaefal
Eida: Marked By Leth
Krima: Makes Odd Requests
Krima: Works for the Amphitheater
Garob Hired An Assistant
Garob makes elegant broaches
Preskon Levrat: Died, Stomach Sickness
Behetimal Levrat: Relative of Preskon
Courlet Hensan: Butler
Hirem: His Mother Was A Midwife
Hirem: Forgiven
Hirem: A Man Who Has Sinned
Hirem: The Story of His Past
Hirem: Strong, Ultimately Good
Hirem: Desires Strongly To Build A Future
Hirem: A Friend
Likhren: Enough Is Enough
Stopping Grown Men From Squabbling
Identifying a Working Girls’ underlying motivations
The Burden Of A Drunk
Pity For The Unfortunate
Defusing An Argument
What Do Men Want?
Eavesdropping in the Market
Taking Risks With Savages
Getting Ditched On A Lunch Date
Taking Bribes
Being Asked To Model
Observation: Too Lean, Too Forgetful
Benshira, Dirty Sand-Suckers
Ethaefal: Transform At The Rising/Falling Of The Sun/Moon
Ethaefal: Aren’t Born But Fall
Benshira: Sand Rats
Pycons: Small clay creatures that talk
Reprimanding Offensive Musicians
Interacting With Akalak Males Socially
Socialization: Handling Awkward Silence
Socialization: Gracefully Handling Rude Customers

Familiarity with Riverfall’s Library
The pros and cons of doing favors
Passing a Kuvan Citizenship Test
An Accepted Business Plan
Avoiding Akalak Children
Riverfall Doesn't Predate the Valterrian
Velvet Curtain: House of Pleasure
Riverfall: Too Big For One Day
Sanctuary: Healers Of Men And Beasts
Lore: The Knirin Gardens
Sanctuary: Preparing For Quarantine
Jewelry Store in Riverfall
Riverfall: Horde Of Brats Equal Respects
Loads Of Leather: A Rival
Discipline Above All
Riverfall: Kendoka Sasaran
Christina’s Remorse: Rickety and fear inducing
The Sasaran Is Busy Midday
Riverfall Sweet Day

Remembering Home
Defending Oneself: Such a Lower Class Problem
How Things Came To This
If You Have The Courage To Ask...
Patience Is A (Hard To Maintain) Virtue
The Forgotten Shine of Mizas
Be Careful On Ice
The Beauty Of Ice
The Sweet Scent Of A Rose
Making Good With Tools Available
The Satisfaction Of First Success
Out Of Battle, Back To Business
Learning Important News
Smart Recommendations
Just Breathe
Concentrating On The Battle
The Wrong Time To Remember
I Am Not An Ant!
Buying For Spite
The Shock Of A Revelation
The Joys Of A Selfish Day
Not A Pauper: A Lady
Remember What Killed The Cat...?
Height Equals Safety
The Unsettling Nightmare
Kadda is Playful
Kadda Not Worth the 10 Gold Miza payment For Pet Sitting
Priskil: Lover of Aquiras
Desire for Izudin’s attention
Fire Bricks: Compressed grass to burn a little longer than normal wood
Making Hard Decisions: Don’t take them lightly
Layout of New House
Song: Paddy Murphy
tiny filler words
Lightweight sleeveless linen dress
White cotton dress
Simple undergarments
Simple light cloak
Kevat Fur-lined cloak
Red linen 2-piece swimwear
Fur lined white wool shirt with embroidery
Fur lined black cotton pants
Black cotton skirt overlaid with a layer of black lace
Black cotton dress with gold colored linen cincher
Cotton and chiffon dress, black with tiger pattern
Burgundy velvet thigh-length dress with ruffles around the arms
Tan and red cotton tunic with shorts
Unusually white fur cloak, ivory silk lined
Black wool knit dress, knee-length
Leather cincher
Pink and black cotton dress
Yellow chiffon dress with gold embroidery
Black, full-length sweater dress
Wolf fur stole
Red fur stole
Black wool and chiffon dress
Lavender silk maternity dress
Patterned cotton maternity dress
White cotton bolero
Simple sandals
High boots
High heeled boots with belts
Open-toed high heels
Cut glass embellished sandals

Red cloth belt with gold painted and glass buckle
Canvas purse/backpack
Pocket sized mirror, steel-backed
Leather purse, low quality and undecorated
Cream hat with black band
Simple cut glass necklace
Copper torc with bone-carved Eypharian Jackal heads at each end
Ruby and gold necklace
6 gold bangles
Gold and glass brooch

Shortbow (heirloom)
20 Arrows
1 Stiletto Blade, silver with black Nabato bone handle

Book: The Art of Hypnotism - unlabeled
Book: Journal of the Expecting
Book: The Ultimate Soap and Shampoo Guide
Book: The Eyktolial Mystique
Book: Fun with Perfumes
Rare, Indigo Rug
5'x2' Mirror
Wooden rocking chair
Wooden ottoman

1 small kitchen knife (for eating)
Flint and Steel
1 Waterskin
1 5-dose flask of Ember Oak Fireproof Oil
1 Vial of Ink and Quill
1 basket
11 healing scrolls (2 eyestrain, 2 sore muscles, 2 muscle cramps, 2 headache, 1 backstrain, 1 cuts/bruises)
Basic makeup kit
Makeup kit with rare, fine colors
Weak perfume bottled in glass flower perfume bottle
Vial of Rose Water

Purchase Cost Total Notes
Balance Forward - 2516gm 2cm 1cm
Living Expenses Spring 515AV -450gm 2066gm 2sm 1cm
Hudon Spring 515AV Wages -273gm - Clerk - 3gm/day
Rocking Chair -20gm - 'Fine' Arm Chair
Ottoman -2gm 1771gm 2sm 1cm 'Fine' End Table
Hudon Summer 515AV Wages -57gm - 3gm/day, 19 days
Courlut Summer 515AV Wages -18gm - 2gm/day, 9 days
Living Expenses Summer 515AV -95gm - 'Good' living, 1st-19th
Living Expenses Summer 515AV -108gm - 'Common' living while traveling
Traveling Fare -58gm - By ship, 58 days
Cargo Fare -17gm 4sm - 300lbs of cargo
Layover Inn Stay -6gm 5sm 1411gm 3sm 1cm 13 days, Common inn

Pre-515AV Ledger
Purchase Cost Total Notes
Starting +100 gm 100 gm
Basic Makeup Kit -3gm 97gm Must-have for any Eypharian lady
Simple Cut Glass Necklace -10gm 87gm The most essential of accessories
Summer 512AV Living Expenses -3gm 84gm
Linen Swimwear -1sm 83gm, 9sm Price Referenced: Linen Chemise
20 Shortbow Arrows -1 gm 82gm 9sm
Leather Quiver -20gm 62gm 9sm
Fur lined cloak -15gm 5sm 47gm 4sm See post for pricing details
High Boots -5sm 46gm 9sm
Torc 0 46gm 9sm Payment/Gift from Elem
Shortbow Arrows -1gm 45gm 9sm
Food -2sm 1cm 45gm 6sm 9cm
Errand boy -1gm 44gm 6sm 9cm See post for details
Fortune Told -5gm 39gm 6sm 9cm
Autumn 512AV Wages +655gm 2sm 695gm 1sm 9cm Per Goss
Autumn 512AV Living Expenses -135gm 560gm 1sm 9cm
Winter Outfit -3gm 557gm 1sm 9cm See thread for details
Stiletto -3gm 554gm 1sm 9cm
Drinks -1gm 3sm 552gm 8sm 9cm See thread for details
Winter 512AV Living Expenses -135gm 417gm 8sm 9cm
Winter 512AV Wages +993gm 6sm 1411gm 4sm 9cm Per Goss
1/4 lb of Dried Apricots -3gm 7sm 5cm 1407gm 7sm 4cm See thread for details
Shopping -572gm 3sm 835gm 4sm 4cm See thread for details
1 Flask of Fireproof Oil -140gm 695gm 4sm 4cm See post for details
Cotton Dress and Cincher -1gm 1sm 694gm 3sm 4cm Cotton Dress/Linen Corset
Black Lace Skirt -3gm 691gm 3sm 4cm Cotton Skirt/Double Lace Extra
Spring 513AV Living Expenses -450gm 241gm 3sm 4cm 'Good' Conditions
Spring 513AV Wages +1310gm 4sm 1551gm 7sm 4cm Per Goss
Summer 513AV Living Expenses -450gm 1101gm 7sm 4cm "Good" Conditions
Summer 513AV Wages +1310gm 4sm 2412gm 1sm 4cm
Autumn Dress -16gm 2396gm 1sm 4cm Chiffon overlay: Satin multiplier
Heeled Boots -5gm 2391gm 1sm 4cm High boots w/ belts
Velvet Dress -16gm 2375gm 1sm 4cm
Cotton Tunic -7sm 2374gm 4sm 4cm With built in shorts
Menagerie Pitch-In Payment +10gm 2384gm 4sm 4cm See thread for reference
Blank Journal -3gm 2381gm 4sm 4cm
Vial of Ink -1gm 2380gm 4sm 4cm
Quill -5cm 2380gm 3sm 9cm
Vial of Rose Water -8sm 2379gm 5sm 9cm Used 'Scented Water' price
Steel-backed Mirror -10gm 2369gm 5sm 9cm Pocket size
Leather Purse -1gm 2368gm 5sm 9cm Of lesser quality than her own work
Fur Cloak -22gm 5sm 2346gm 0sm 9cm 'Unusual' White fur, silk lining
Wool Dress -1gm 2 sm 2344gm 8sm 9cm
Autumn 513AV Wages +2026gm 8sm 4371gm 6sm 9cm Per Goss**
Autumn 513AV Living Expenses -450gm 3921gm 6sm 9cm 'Good' Conditions
Leather cincher -4sm 3921 2sm 9cm
Sanctuary Project +1000gm 4921 2sm 9cm See thread for details
Kavala's Order +60gm 4981gm 2sm 9cm See thread for details
**Fall 513AV Wages Correction +594gm 5575gm 2sm 9cm Wages initially entered incorrectly
Paid Off Debt to Council -1480gm 1sm 4095gm 1sm 9cm Paid back 43rd of Winter, 513AV
RDF Makeup -2322gm 1773gm 1sm 9cm Paid for RDF Extension
RDF Repairs -17gm 1756gm 1sm 9cm 5sqft of wood, 1 fireplace (20% off)
Mask -5sm 1755gm 6sm 9cm Small masquerade mask - details
Cotton Dress -1gm 1754gm 6sm 9cm
Winter 513AV Living Expenses -450gm 1304gm 6sm 9cm
Winter 513AV Wages +3293gm 6sm 4598gm 2sm 9cm
Various -56gm 4542gm 2sm 9cm See thread for details
Spring 514AV Living Expenses -450gm 4092gm 2sm 9cm 'Good' living
Hudon Wages -276gm 3816gm 2sm 9cm L1 Sewing, Clerk Salary 3gm/day
Courlut Wages -60gm 3756gm 2sm 9cm 30 days, Laborer Salary 2gm/day
'Sun' Dress -44gm 3412gm 2sm 9cm Silk, Embrdry, +20gm Gold thread
Orabelle Shop Rental Fee +45gm 3457gm 2sm 9cm Spring 514AV
Summer 514AV Living Expenses -35gm 3422gm 2sm 9cm 'Good' living, Last thread date - 6th
Hudon Wages Summer 514AV -18gm 3404gm 2sm 9cm Clerk Salary 3gm/day
Courlut Wages Summer 514AV -6gm 3398gm 2sm 9cm 3 days, Laborer Salary 2gm/day
Thread Purchases -89gm 3sm 5cm 3308gm 9sm 4cm See thread for details
Living Expenses Autumn 514AV -75gm 3233gm 9sm 4cm 'Good', 15 days
Fur stole -4gm 5sm 3229gm 4sm 4cm Silk sash, 'unusual' fur lining
Brooch -75gm 3154gm 4sm 4cm Gold and glass
RDF Weaving Extension -24gm 4sm 3cm 3130gm 1cm See thread for details
House Tea -1sm 3129gm 9sm 1cm See thread for details
Winter Dress -26gm 4 sm 3103gm 5sm 1cm Wool & Silk
Living Expenses Winter 514AV -460gm 2643gm 5sm 1cm 'Good' living
Leather Apron -6sm -
3 Books Copied -75gm - From library
Dinner -3gm - Large soup, ingredients
Coatrack -2gm - For shop, fine end table price
Iron -5sm - For shop, bick iron price
Silk Dress 20gm -
Cotton Dress 1gm -
Sandals 2sm 2516gm 2cm 1cm +25gm cut glass embellishments
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Rosela re Ahnatep

Postby Rosela on August 26th, 2012, 10:52 pm

tiny filler words
Fall 515AV
1st Syliras Main Gates Single: Entrance to Syliras N/A

Summer 515AV
5th Business as Usual Solo: Job thread #1 Waiting for Grade
7th Business as Usual, pt. 2 Solo: Job thread #2 Waiting for Grade
9th Our Last Days Late night call from Hirem In Progress
12th Business as Usual, pt. 3 Solo: Job thread #3 In Progress
17th Time's Up The grand birthing, with Caelum and Hirem In Progress
18th Sunrise Looming Escaping the city with Hirem In Progress

Spring 515AV
7th Father and Mother Working at RDF with Hirem In Progress
10th Helping Hands Help from Ayatah In Progress
27th Keep it Lit Open: Alement's anniversary party Waiting for Grade
42nd Slim Pickings Herb gathering with Kailey In Progress
50th Loom, Boom, Doom Weaving help from Thomas In Progress

Winter 514AV
TBD Buy Me a Rose Quest: RDF has a special customer In Progress
1st Weaver Weaving Weaving at RDF with Sheaya In Progress
1st Open, Open, Opening Up Open: RDF's re-opening In Progress
3rd Getting Cozy At RDF with Voss In Progress
3rd Dress to Impress At RDF with Aoren In Progress
5th The Price of Freedom Running into Timothy In Progress
7th Fashionable, Even in Death At RDF with Evalin In Progress
20th Measure by Measure Theatre fittings with Marion In Progress
30th When You Can't See Your Feet Solo: Updating RDF's maternity line In Progress

Fall 514AV
79th Only Treatment, No Cures Here At Alements with Caelum Waiting for Grade
81st A Little Help, Please? Heavy lifting help from Adrien In Progress
TBD The Art of Ombre Philtering with Kavala In Progress
60th Sweetday! Open: Sweets galore Deduction +1, Endurance +1, Observation +1
30th Get Out Solo: 110% done with Likhren Cooking +1, Planning +1, Art (Fashion Design) +1, Intimidation +4, Interrogation +2, Rhetoric +3, Brawling +1

8th A New Approach At RDF with Grace Fashion Design +1
15th The Seduction Game At RDF with Stefan Dead
19th Style of the Day At RDF with Palla Fashion Design +1
20th Fashion and Beauty Galore! At RDF with Reven and Orabelle Dead
31st Moving on Up Solo: To a deluxe apartment in the sky Business +2, Intimidation +3, Investigation +4, Law +1, Observation +3
6th Red Diamond's Driving me Nuts At RDF with Hirem Dead
70th Waking Up Solo: The traumatic re-awakening Bodybuilding +1, Stealth +1
85th Skyfall Open: Tears of Zintilla fall Dead
87th Own Two Feet Solo: Putting the shop back together 5 Art (Fashion Design), 3 Drawing, 2 Organization, 1 Planning
88th This is Men Solo: Timely men's fashion design 5 Art (Fashion Design), 3 Drawing, 1 Organization
89th This is Women Solo: Timely women's fashion design +4 Art (Fashion Design), +4 Drawing, +1 Organization, +1 Planning
3rd Stirrings of Another Soul Two changed souls collide, with Hirem Persuasion +3, Investigation +2, Storytelling +3, Rhetoric +5, Philosophy +5
10th Red Diamond Accounting Solo: RDF accounting and time-budgeting +5 Business, +5 Mathematics, +1 Observation, +3 Organization, +1 Philosophy, +5 Writing
12th This is Working Solo: Working around Likhren +1 Acting, +1 Art (Fashion Design), +1 Diplomacy, +1 Drawing, +1 Socialization
55th A Day in the Worklife Solo: A day of working Cooking +4, Art(Fashion Design) +5, Drawing +3, Organization +3, Planning +4, Philtering +4, Herbalism +4 Cosmetology +1 Negotiation +2, Persuasion +2, Endurance +1

1st Needs Must At RDF with big, scary Razkar Observation +1, Intelligence +2, Business/Retail +1, Sewing +1, Socialization +5
5th The Grand Undertaking Solo: Much-needed menswear redesign Drawing +3, Observation +5, Planning +3, Fashion Design +5, Psychology +1
6th Talking About Akaji...Or Not At RDF with Riaris Observation +4, Investigation +3, Flirting +2, Negotiation +1, Business/Retail +2, Socialization +2
8th Shopping! Solo: Spending lots of mizas Fashion Design +1, Sewing +2, Persuasion +3, Observation +3, Seduction +2
20th Menagerie Pitch In Guided Solo: Hosting an ocelot kitten +3 Observation, +5 Animal Husbandry, +1 Negotiation, +1 Sewing
25th Painting 101 Getting painted by Nivrexis Observation +1, Socialization +1
43th ...But Does It Come in Black? At RDF with Uopa +3 Socialization, +1 Rhetoric, +2 Persuasion, +3 Observation
45th Pompous and Circumstance F&FF: Opening march and social time +1 Observation
46th Deep Tissue Issues F&FF: Learning massage +2 Observation, +3 Socialization, +1 Massage
46th I'm Too Sexy... F&FF: Teaching the art of warrior's fashion +1 singing, +1 leadership, +1 impersonation, +2 rhetoric
54th Sava Chivan's Closet Solo: Wardrobe redesign for Sava Chivan Drawing +4, Fashion Design +3, Obsersavtion +1, Planning +1
3rd A Study in Fashion Solo: At RDF, formerly with Cisel Sewing +2, Business/Retail +3, Socialization +2, Fashion Design +1
10th Old Blood, Bad Blood Training with/Trying to kill Zakar Weapon: Dagger +4, Brawling +3, Intimidation +2, Rhetoric +1, Observation +2
17th Transformation Meeting Eida Observation +5, Interrogation +3, Fashion Design +2, Socialization +5, Business +2
24th Birthday Bash Solo: Making the best of a lonely birthday +3 Socialization, + 4 Leatherworking
25th Hair Cuts are a Fashion Statement Cutting Nailah's hair Sewing +3, Rhetoric +3, Observation +2, Intimidation +1, Business/Retail +1
50th Cat Fight Sparring with Niraeya Observation +3, Socialization +1, Dagger +1
63rd Of Pretty Things and Necessity At RDF with Rinya +3 Fashion design, +4 Business/retail, +2 Socialization
76th A Darkening Heart Quest: Bloody mystery of the Fire Talon Dead
1st Advancing Autumn Attire Solo: Planning Autumn Attire +1 Organization, +1 Observation, +3 Fashion Design, +3 Sewing, +2 Rhetoric, +1 Planning
3rd An Act of Desperation At RDF with Jorin and Rinya Socialization +2, Rhetoric +2, Business +2
5th Old Glories Reminiscing with Tobias Interrogation +1, Rhetoric +2, Socialization +1
9th How I long to stab thee Dagger training with Favchean Socialization +5, Flirting +5, Observation +3, Dagger +4, Planning +1
10th Can I Pay for Your Silence? At RDF with Kavala +2 observation, +4 socialization +2 mathematics, +3 business/retail, +1 drawing, +1 fashion design
13th Open/Close Getting a shop sign from Hornet Observation +4, Interrogation +1, Rhetoric + 1, Socialization +3
15th Crossing Threads Sizing up competition from Krima Observation +2, Business +3, Interrogation +2, Leadership +1, Planning +2, Sewing +1
16th Robes of Importance Solo: Working on the Sanctuary Project +3 Planning, +2 Fashion Design, +5 Sewing, +3 Beading, +1 Flirting, +2 Leatherworking
20th Terra Fashion At Terra Cottage with Kirsi Planning +2, Socialization +4, Intelligence + 2
22nd Empire Dream: Seeing the past and future Completed
25th Planning an Empire Solo: Planning the expansion of RDF +4 Planning, +3 Business, +1 Architecture
35th The Art of Magic Solo: Overview of various magicks +3 Intelligence
39th The Art of Hypnotism Solo: Learning the beginnings of Hypnotism +1 Stealth, +3 Hypnosis, +1 Knotting, +2 Beading, +3 Meditation
43rd The Magic of Hypnotism Solo: Hypnotism at the Menagerie Hypnotism +5, Observation +5
50th The Practice of Hypnotism Solo: More Hypnotism at the Menagerie +1 Planning, +5 Hypnotism, +2 Observation
56th The Benefits of Hypnotism Solo: Hypnotism in the Zhongjie +2 Meditation, +5 Hypnotism, +3 Socialization
68th Beautyfest: Makeup Stalls Free makeup at Beautyfest Completed
68th Beautyfest: Party on the Pier Party for Beautyfest Completed
74th Look Up for Help Solo: Looking for divine inspiration for RDF +1 Interrogation, +3 Theology, +1 Fashion Design
79th Visiting the Dark Side Solo: Visiting The Rattling Chains Dead
83rd The Gifts of Hypnotism Solo: Hypnotism and learning business +4 Hypnotism, +3 Business/Retail, +3 Socialization
83rd The Gifts of Hypnotism, pt. 2 Solo: Hypnotism and business, pt 2 Socialization +3
2nd Wearing Winter Solo: Putting together the winter line Planning +5, Drawing +5, Fashion Design +5, Sewing +5
4th Shop Until You Drop At RDF with Orabelle Dead
6th The Longest Road to Nowhere Quest: The Ruv'nas return Dead
12th What Flatters Green? At RDF with Favchean Sewing +1, Socialization +1, Observation +1
15th A Shopping I Shall Go! At RDF with Lyn'nice Dead
30th 513AV Winter Council Meeting At the annual Winter Council Meeting No Posting
40th No Time Like the Present Solo: First big step - the job posting Planning +4, Business +1, Writing +2, Drawing + 4, Fashion Design +3
43rd A Party Like No Other Bachelorette party for Sybel +1 Diplomacy, +2 Observation, +1 Singing, +1 Socialization
52nd Fresh New Faces Solo: Interviewing for a new clerk Business +2, Intelligence +1, Investigation +2, Hypnotism +5
58th Fresh New Faces pt. 2 Solo: Final clerk interviews Socialization +1, Teaching +1, Observation +1
60th No Stopping Now Solo: Inventory and a hell of a dress Business +1, Planning +5, Drawing +5, Fashion Design +5, Sewing +5, Leatherworking +3
80th The Ice Masquerade Open: Winter Masquerade Party Dead

89th Various Arrived in Riverfall, checked into Godiva Refuge Finished - No rewards
90th Smells Just as Sweet Discussing flowers with Serrif Observation 4, Perfumery 4, Investigation 3, Philtering 1, Socialization 2
1st The Art of Seduction (Pt1) Solo - Mastering the Look Observation +4, Seduction +5, Planning+2
3rd A Bazaar Meeting Guerrilla fashion advice for Elem Observation +3, Leadership +2, Fashion Design +3, Persuasion +2, Socialization +4
4th Bows and Memories Solo - Shortbow Citizenship Test +3 Short Bow, +2 Socialization, +3 Observation
4th Riverfall Ink Single Post - Citizenship Tattoo Finished - Riverfall Citizenship
5th One Fish, Two Fish Learning to fish from I'sona Fishing +3, Observation +2, Persuasion +1
6th Labor Aid Single Post - Submitted business plan Finished - RDF Business approval
6th Dress like it's 507 Fighting over tacky fabric with Dex Negotiation 1, Teaching 2, Fashion Design 2, Observation 2, Socialization 2
10th The Art of Seduction (pt2) Solo - Opening Lines and Conversation Observation +2, Seduction +4
14th Step by Step Solo - Setting up RDF Seduction +1, Carpentry +1, Persuasion +1, Negotiation +2, Observation +2, Sewing +2, Organization +2
16th Self Medication Drunken debauchery at the Blue Bull Dead?
19th Red Diamond Shopping At RDF with Syrah Observation +2, Persuasion +1, Socialization +1
20th Vogue Solo - Fashion Design research for RDF Observation +3, Planning +4, Fashion Design +5, Sewing +2
34th The Future in the Park Fortunes told in the park Waiting for Grading?
35th Free Ride Solo - Snaring a free dinner Subterfuge +2, Seduction +1, Observation +3
36th A Knife's Subtlety Solo - Buying a small knife Planning +1, Observation +2, Weapon: Dagger +2
51st And All the Grasses Cried Quest - Strangeness in the Sea of Grass Dead?
56th Yea, I'm Cool Fun in the water with Xuphim/Xalet Observation +2, Seduction +2
57th Behind the Velvet Curtain Solo - Learning seduction from the master Observation +3, Negotiation +1, Anthropology +1
60th The Art of Seduction (pt5) Solo - Learning seduction from prostitution + 2 Observation, +1 Negotiation, +4 Interrogation, +4 Seamstressing, +5 Seduction
65th Zhongie Warrens Single Post - Buying Winter Wear Finished - Cloak and Boots
68th Girls Just Want to Have Fun Girly fun at the Beautyfest Dead?
70th Attack on Riverfall Defend Riverfall with Gianne Bow 5, Observation 3, Tactics 1
72nd The Champion's New Clothes At RDF with Leo Observation +5, Interrogation +3, Planning +5, Teaching +1, Socialization +4, Business +4, Leadership +3
73rd Do Clothes Really Make the Drykas? At RDF with Vanator Persuasion 2, Observation 3, Fashion Design 2, Sewing 1, Socialization 2
75th Complete Measurements At RDF with Xuphim/Xalet Fashion Design +1, Business +1, Sewing +1
2nd Dress for Success and Snow Solo - Sewing and Fashion Design for winter wear Drawing +2, Fashion Design +4, Observation +1, Planning +5, Seduction +1, Sewing +5
5th Have a Nice Trip Solo - Seduction in the snow Observation +4, Seduction +3, Psychology +1
8th Drunken Warmth Solo - Seduction with alcohol Sewing +1, Seduction +4, Observation +4
10th A Second Skin Creating costumery for Fade Business +1, Persuasion +2, Communication +2, Planning +1, Teaching +1, Sewing +1
38th Lover's Pride Red velvet and Eosi Sewing +1, Planning +2, Teaching +2, Fashion Design +1, Intelligence +1, Socialization +3
50th Bone Dog Saints Riverfall battles bone dogs Climbing +1, Brawling +1, Observation +2
70th Winter Council Meeting Riverfall''s elders meet Waiting for Grade
89th Redesign Solo - Working on the Spring line Seduction +2, Sewing +3, Observation +2, Fashion Design +2

90th To Market Dream: Exploring the dark side with Razkar Completed
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Rosela re Ahnatep

Postby Rosela on August 26th, 2012, 10:53 pm

tiny filler words
Name: Hudon Levrat
Race: Akalak
DoB: 88th of Summer, 478AV
PoB: Riverfall
Title: Clerk at Red Diamond Fashions
Skills: Weapon: Lakan: 27, Sewing 15, Negotiation 8
Gnosis: N/A

Though his family has dominated the precious metals trade in Riverfall for centuries, Hudon is one of the many children far enough removed from the patriarch of the family – the source of their wealth – to want to make his own way in life. Though he passed his Trials with flying colors, Hudon never found interest in metalwork beyond crafting his Lakan, much to the consternation of his father. Growing up his mother’s favorite allowed him to gain a comfortable affinity for the more delicate arts, particularly sewing and embroidery. His long, thin hands that once may have lent him to making jewelry or other fine metalwork, instead allowed him to do swift and precise needlework. By the time he finished his schooling, he’d set his sights on making his own way in the world as a tailor.

Personally, he is a quiet man, and his soft-spoken demeanor can come off as a startling contrast to many of his more gruff Akalak brethren. He is by no means ignorant of his own appearances, thinking himself a handsome man, and is very aware of his own style in both clothing and attitude. Though he stays in shape and is proficient with his lakan, he knows he will not attract the attentions of his future wife by competing with his Akalak brothers on the level of a warrior. Instead, he has cultivated intelligence and taste that allows him to speak with confidence to almost any woman. He can ‘lower’ himself to joking with the boys if necessary, but finds himself more at ease with feminine company, even if he is not considering any of them ‘wife’ material.

Connection to Rosela
Hudon works at Red Diamond Fashions as a front desk clerk, checking customers out and also doing the occasional mundane sewing task given to him by Rosela. Additionally, in a tangential sense, the city NPC patriarch of Hudon’s family is an acquaintance of Rosela’s, and this relationship influenced his hiring.

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Name: Courlut Hensan
Race: Akalak
DoB: Spring 33rd 475AV
PoB: Riverfall
Title: Laborer/Butler
Skills: Cooking 26, Bodybuilding 10, Weapon: Lakan 9, Animal Husbandry 5
Gnosis: N/A

By all accounts, Courlut is a kind-hearted man, though unfortunately ‘the candle upstairs doesn’t burn too brightly’ as some may phrase it. He may take a chime to laugh at a joke and conversations about politics are completely beyond him, but friends will find him perpetually loyal, and even acquaintances will be able to see his general happiness in life. He often finds himself popular with women, who see in him either a caring companion or something to fix, though rarely anything more.

In casual conversation, one may not even notice something is off, only that he may fall silent should the conversation turn to more complex matters. Lists of more than a few items will be easily forgotten, and tasks that are not immediately intuitive will require additional direction. His speech is not normally affected, but he will speak haltingly while trying to figure something out or when speaking from memory. The only physical evidence of his mental difficulties is a long scar on the side of his head, usually hidden by a mop of messy hair. The scar itches in hot weather, and he has taken to scratching it while thinking as a matter of habit.

As a boy, Courlut’s intelligence was unremarkable in either direction, but a hard hit during his Rite of Trial sent him flying headfirst into an exposed rock. Sheer force of will allowed him to take down the Glassbeak descending upon him, but he survived by the skin of his teeth and the quick actions of his Trial-mates. After being half-carried back, he was bedridden for nearly a season. Though he recovered physically, his ability to think and process information was irrevocably diminished. Continuing schooling became a failing struggle, and he eventually dropped out to learn a trade. He bounced between apprenticeships for several years, unable to progress beyond entry level work in any trade, before finally settling into manual labor work at the city docks.

The simple order of his day to day activities currently brings him happiness and those who supervise him at his employment do not typically mind his limitations. Despite his simple nature, he is no man-child, and so is not ignorant of the body’s baser needs, but finds romantic pursuits frustratingly complex and avoids them should they arise. Instead, he fills his life with simple pleasures: feeding park wildlife, improving his physique at Gideon's Glory, and watching the ebb and flow of the waterfront.

Connection to Rosela
Courlut was hired as a butler for 2gm/day, working every other day. He was recommended by Malin at the Riverfall Labor Aide due to his extremely trustworthy nature and the fact that he would do well with the simple, repetitive work.
tiny filler words

Name: Likhren Mourid
Race: Akalak
DoB: 5th of Winter, 460AV
PoB: Riverfall
Title: N/A
Skills: Weapon: Lakan 25, Brawling 15, Cooking 5, Intimidation 5
Gnosis: N/A

Likhren is an average son of Riverfall: strong in mind and body, proficient in his lakan, and otherwise, fairly unremarkable. The middle of three sons, he worked hard throughout his life to earn his mother’s love and father’s pride alongside his more intelligent older brother and more popular younger brother.

While not lacking in intelligence, he has few friends and little interest in gaining more. If not among the few he regularly socializes with, many find him to be an uncaring, blunt, impulsive, and an overall selfish individual. He is firmly of the opinion that he always knows what’s best and is always on the lookout for his personal gain. This has left him with a mild gambling habit, not much in the way of monetary savings, and numerous barroom brawls under his belt.

A woman can occasionally be enticed into a relationship with him, as he is not bad looking and can fake manners if need be, but they always dissolve into arguments and a messy breakup within a season. He has lately been on the lookout for a Nakivak, hoping to do his duty to Riverfall and gain the associated respect it brings at the same time.

Connection to Rosela
When Rosela falls into a coma after her attack, Likhren was suggested to take her as his Nakivak. At the time, he had no problem raping a comatose woman under the protection of being her Talvis, but with the personality changes that occurred throughout Riverfall the season she awoke, he felt extreme remorse and tried to make amends.

When the personality changes wore off, he reverted back to his old self, drinking, gambling, and pushing heavily on Rosela for money. While he could have leveraged the Nakivak system to bring her more fully under his control, he opted not to, hoping this show of mercy could be used to gain a foothold with her after the baby was born.
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Rosela re Ahnatep

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In an upscale neighborhood of quiet, shuttered houses is one that stood empty for quite some time. After the sudden death of an acquaintance in mid-Spring 514AV, Rosela inherited the above house amongst a quiet scandal within the man's family. Fending off accusations of impropriety, the deed and all the house's content finally came to rest in Rosela's ownership. A butler was hired, extensive cleaning was had, and Rosela moved in.

From the Street
It's an imposing house compared to the small cottage she moved from, but it is similar in size to the other estates in this part of Riverfall. To one side, the house sits against the cliff, with the opposite facing out over the lower tiers of the city and further, the water. In front, short steps lead past a very short yard with minimal landscaping to a large pair of double doors. The windows are polished and while the set to the right are obscured by curtains, the set to the left reveal a darkened library.

Main Rooms
One of the first areas of the house to be encountered is the grand courtyard. During the spring and early summer after inheriting the house, Rosela and her butler enjoyed the quaint, pond-like conditions in the pool and its disused fountain. Lily pads bloomed in the sun, and a chorus of frogs was often heard. Plans are had to one day return the pool it it's original form, a swimming pool.

Inside the home, hallways and common areas are expensively decorated with tapestries and sitting areas. the most imposing structure is the ballroom, with high ceilings and tall windows that provide a view of the city behind the house. The floors are hardwood, and against the far wall on the cliff-side of the house, a long dining table of dark wood and a set of high backed chairs stand. A curtain that may be drawn to separate the two areas is hooked to one side.

The numerous guest bedrooms in the house are sparsely furnished, and it is clear they are not often used. The library is much the same, lacking any books and having only the basic furnishings. The room is not candle-lit, as its disuse only requires sunlight from the high windows that have a view of the street outside.

Private Rooms
If one is lucky enough to be invited into the master bedroom and bath, they would find it lavishly decorated, with plush pillows, vases of flowers, and numerous mirrors. Between the bedroom and bath, there are a pair of large walk-in closets that not even Rosela has managed to fill. The windows of the bedroom and bath both have exquisite views of the city and water beyond, draped with heavy curtains to protect both privacy and against the bitter Riverfall chill.
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