Location [Riverfall] The Land and Sea Gates

All visitors and newcommers to Riverfall most post here if they enter the city. This entrance combines both the Sea Gates and the City Gates.

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Built into the cliffs overlooking the Suvan Sea, Riverfall resides on the edge of grasslands of Cyphrus where the Bluevein River plunges off the plain and cascades down to the inland sea below. Home of the Akalak, Riverfall is a self-supporting city populated by devoted warriors. [Riverfall Codex]

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[Riverfall] The Land and Sea Gates

Postby Septimus on September 12th, 2012, 12:28 pm


51st of Fall, 512AV
To make room for the rest, Septimus wasn't in her horse form. The ferry was a bit crowded and she didn't feel like being leaned against and patted by some of the younger travelers. The armor she carried was heavy and she was still trying to get used to it, but alas it would take quite sometime. She smiled a friendly 'hello' at one of the women that walked passed. The lady looked right at her but didn't say a word nor respond besides continuing to walk.

Septimus shrugged this off her shoulders and sighed. She carefully opened the scroll as everyone else was doing then actually took time to read it and to comprehend it. She was here for the Knights and needed to represent them with good manner. Since she was traveling to a foreign city that she had only heard about in stories, she wanted no trouble here until they hit the battle. The rules were simple enough and she just needed to act appropriately. Other were shrugging, laughing, talking, and scowling that there were rules. She simply sat there, carefully rolling up the scroll.

Septimus had to admit, if the Gods wanted her to travel on water they would have given her fins. She was a land animal and water wasn't her zone. But she figured she needed to get used to that in a city called 'Riverfall'. She might could use it to her advantage and for exercise and training bits she could swim against the water's pull. Despite trying to formulate a plan her head, Septimus was still unassured that she could handle water that easily.

She instantly looked in the direction of the Akalak who was speaking to her. Xalet or now Xuphim. The changes would take so adjusting to but she was Septimus, she could make it work.

Septimus didn't like the particular way he said squire. It made her sound like she was low when recently wasn't he himself just one? She shrugged it off then chuckled with a smirk as he explained his goals for her over the season "If I don't get my head lopped off by that time. Haha." She heartily laughed then the smirk returned to her face. She guessed the reality hadn't set in yet but until that time she would still continue to live life to the fullest.

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[Riverfall] The Land and Sea Gates

Postby Dust on October 23rd, 2012, 9:31 pm

Fall 40, 512 AV

The wind off the falls tugged at Dust's pale hair, threatening to snatch the broad-brimmed hat right off her head. She clapped a hand down on it to keep it in place, squishing the felt all out of shape; battered and worn though it was, she wasn't inclined to lose it just yet. Standing at the ship's rail -- actually, leaning so far out that anyone watching must surely think her in danger of falling over -- she stared across at the great, noisy cascade with all the delighted awe of a first-time visitor to Riverfall.

It was a little while before Dust left off studying the falls and the city alike, snatching up the backpack at her feet; she was forced to juggle getting both arms through its straps with the need to keep her hat on her head, but in the end she emerged triumphant. By the time everything was said and done, she had been plainly singled out as a new visitor; so it was that almost the very moment Dust stepped off the gangway, she was intercepted by a polite -- if very large! -- blue-skinned man.

He spoke of laws, and shops, and held a scroll for her to take -- which Dust did, unrolling the parchment with a bemused-but-game air. She looked at it first right-side up, then upside down, then even sideways, the marks on it equally inscrutable in any orientation. The reverse side proved to be an uninteresting blank. Ultimately, she gave the blue-skinned man a shrug and a nonchalant smile. "I can't use this," the Kelvic said, handing it back. "You can keep it."

Correctly inferring that the young woman couldn't read, the man recited the relevant text for her. She listened to what he said, and agreed when she needed to agree. Then Dust padded off towards the city beyond the docks, looking around herself with avid interest. A new place, with new things and new people to see. And best of all -- it wasn't a boat!
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[Riverfall] The Land and Sea Gates

Postby Leo Varniak on November 9th, 2012, 10:45 pm

4th day of Fall, 512 AV

"So, whatcha think of the view, lad?"

Leo Zaital wished the Captain had more respect for his personal space. He was standing way too close for comfort, smelling faintly of saltwater and garlic. The man had been stalking him throughout the journey at sea, constantly seeking Leo's company when he wasn't barking orders at the crew. By his own admission, the Captain didn't embark a lot of passengers with a penchant for discussing philosophy rather than ale and women, and he liked that for a change. He also feared an outbreak of disease on his ship and kept two healers on hand at all times. He feared that more than anything else; Leo could see that very, very well and certainly couldn't blame him. Leo himself feared nothing. He missed the feeling sometimes.

He pulled up the collar of his grey shirt to keep the strawman mark hidden. He did not enjoy showing Ssena's mark around; it made people very uneasy around it. Leaning against the railing, he took in the spectacular vista of Riverfall's port and sea gates and was once more reminded that the world was a big place. You learned that as a child; an epiphany second only to the realization that you, too, must eventually die. But then most people chose to forget, because the mind had an easier time with the small than with the big. He had forgotten that, as well. As the mist cleared, he looked up at the cliff and the magnificent falls with the city proper perched like a beast ready for a great leap. All the pride of the Akalak race screamed in unison with the elegant rage of the water.

"Words exist for this scenery, Captain, but not in a language you or I can speak," he remembered fondly. Yes, the air and water had known such a tongue. Once, he had been familiar with these words; they were memories now, indistinct shapes accompanied by a feeling of fullness, completion. He frowned at the sight of a single damaged building in the port and changed the topic. "How did Riverfall fare in the Djed storm?" The man shrugged. "How did everyone else fare? Din't like it one bit, couldn't do nothing 'bout it. Things went down, people died. Nuttin' they can't handle though."

'Everywhere I go, my deeds precede me. Everywhere I speak, my actions have spoken for me first.' He lowered his gaze to the foaming waters and said nothing more. This was not going to be easy, but he had to start somewhere. Who said that all it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing? Here, here was as good a starting point as any. Better than any city in Sylira - too close to Ravok, too compromised by Rhysol's agents. Leo Zaital was one man. He couldn't hope to defeat as appealing an idea as the idea of evil in perfect solitude. Of course, that he'd been half dead by the time he got near Alvadas and the only ship passing by was sailing to Riverfall had no small impact on his decision.

He thanked the Captain, recovered his meager belongings, and disembarked as soon the ship was cleared to dock and the crew set the gangplank in place. He made his way through the harbor, his ears getting used to the hustle and bustle of a real city after so long. While he'd grown up in the most populous city in the world, he hadn't been in the presence of so many people in years now. It must not have been hard to see he was literally fresh off the boat. As such, it didn't overly surprise him when a large Akalak showed up, greeted him personally, and handed him a scroll with the laws of the city (this part actually surprised him a bit.) Leo thanked him and proceeded to read the contents right away. For a moment he worried that his very existence here might be illegal, but thankfully nothing made him unwelcome here by merely standing on their home ground.

But how long would that last?

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[Riverfall] The Land and Sea Gates

Postby Nander Greenfield on November 30th, 2012, 9:00 pm

78th Day of Fall


As the ferry came at a stop in front of the Riverfall gates, Nander weakly raised his head to view the city. For everyone else, it had been a short and relaxing trip full of anticipation. However, for Nander it was a nightmare he would have been happy to get through. It wasn't because the trip was violent or anything, though. It was because of Nander's...problem.

You'd think that someone with motion sickness would walk everywhere, but Nander finds traveling by horse or vehicle is a lot faster. Even if he ends up puking up the days meal, at least he'll get to his destination quickly. Walking took too long and was awfully dangerous. With the choice between traversing the creature infested woods and puking, Nander always chose puking. He wasn't drunk enough to take on some winged Zith that appeared out of nowhere.

Hearing everyone getting off, Nander dragged his body off the boat, though it was more of a crawl than a drag. He stayed on the solid ground for a while, not getting up until everyone had already gotten inside the city. By then he'd gotten through the aftereffects of the motion sickness, though he still staggered as he stood. "I wouldn't have to deal with this crap if I could teleport or something," Nander said, wiping drool from his mouth.

Looking towards the gate, Nander wouldn't really see anything of interest, save the two Akalak who were guarding the gates. Just looking at them told Nander they weren't too much for small talk. He'd have to find the answers from some other people. Approaching the guards, he heard them say their usual lines before handing Nander a scroll.

Deciding to look over it later, he simply said "thanks" before heading inside.
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[Riverfall] The Land and Sea Gates

Postby Eosi on December 1st, 2012, 3:05 am

1st Day of Winter, 512 AV

The looming city of Riverfall stood stoically against the darkening skyline, its solemn stone face observing her as she approached. Eosi dug in her heels against the horse’s flank, urging it faster down the dusty South Kabrin road. The horizon was transitioning; the bottom half streaked a timid blue while the top half boasted deepest navy, embellished by pinhole stars. Ice obliged its impatient rider and sped on toward the impending fortress. As they rode the clatter of its hooves became a monotonous din in the back of her scrambling mind. Tedious, like her life had become.

Eosi had left Zeltiva what seemed like a century ago. In reality it’d been a comparatively short time in contrast to the journey from Taldera. But the caravan she’d chosen to accompany kept a creeping pace - that alone worried away at her patience. Once the fortress had come into direct sight, she immediately broke off into a gallop without a second glance. The wind whipped at her scarlet hair, sending curls whirling chaotically about her face. The distinct sensation of covering ground allowed her to focus, relax. With every stride she was closer still, closing the gap between her and the future that lie ahead.

Internally, the young woman had been grappling a hard truth. With the only home she’d ever truly known destroyed, her future was as blank and pale as the snow certain to come. There was just nothing for her. The bustling port city had been a home as good as any, but it just wasn’t an adequate fit. Eosi had always pursued activity, productivity. It had been too long since she’d strung a bow. Too long since she’d faced down dread. By extension, Riverfall seemed like a compelling choice. Its residents were a hardy people who insisted the citizens be contributing members of the whole. In description it sounded like a place she could invest in while she took the time to rediscover herself.

Along the line of those musings, the striking similarity between her and her Father became apparent. Laes and Eosi both seemed to share an elusive sense of purpose. They both literally attempted to chase it down, running from one place to the next. She wondered after his wellbeing too often to say, but it was wasted energy. Her mouth etched into a hard line. He’d made his choice about his family long ago. It would be a decision that plagued them both.

The half Inarta glanced up, slowing her steed to a walk. Stern Akalak stood atop the city’s mighty walls, observing her with an unfeeling gaze. ‘Good,’ the girl thought. It would be easier for everyone if they skipped over any troublesome solicitation. Eosi’s approach was straight and purposeful, leading her mount in a unwavering line toward the mouth of Riverfall’s gate. "Welcome traveler, the man said gently. Here is a scroll of welcome from the city. It contains a list of our laws, a map of the city, and some advertisements from local businesses that sponsor these scrolls to be made. You can feel free to come in if you agree to our laws and turn this scroll back in when you leave so we can reuse it." Eosi found the reuse of scrolls agreeable.

“Of course,” she assented naturally. Taking the narrow object in hand, she unrolled it and began to read intently. After a minute or so she nodded in comprehension. There would be no reason to agree to something she hadn’t read. “I agree to your laws,” the woman responded after a time, shuffling the thing away into a saddlebag. “Thank you for your service,” she added politely, trotting off briskly into the vivid avenue of her new home.
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[Riverfall] The Land and Sea Gates

Postby Treccho on December 2nd, 2012, 5:34 am

1st Day of Winter, 512 AV

Treccho Had been flying for a long time and was sure he was lost. The small bag full of necessities he was carrying was wasn't heavy but was still making his arms ache from holding it for so long. He was surveying the area when he finally saw a city in the distance. He felt a great deal of relief and pushed his tired wings toward salvation.
He arrived at his destination and gently drifted down in from of the two guards, judging by their dark blue complexion and imposing height they must be Akalaks meaning this city must be Riverfall. He was told this place was a beauty to be hold and he had to admit the city was very beautiful.
He got as close to the guards as possible before landing, normally he would remain hovering for as long as he could but he needed to give his tired wings a little rest. His race wasn't very equipped for being on land and he hated it.
The guards walked over to him with concerned looks on their faces "are you okay?" one of them asked
"I'm fine, just a little tired. I've been flying for a very long time."
"If you want in to our city to rest you will need to look over this scroll, It contains a list of our laws, a map of the city, and some advertisements from local businesses that sponsor these scrolls to be made. You can feel free to come in if you agree to our laws and turn this scroll back in when you leave so we can reuse it."
The guard bent down and gave Treccho the scroll. Treccho looked it over, put it in his bag and confirmed that he agreed with the laws. The two gaurds opened the gate and Treccho hovered through the doors into the city.
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[Riverfall] The Land and Sea Gates

Postby Cephei on January 15th, 2013, 4:53 pm

As Cephei approached Riverfall she saw that there were two paths that could be taken. She could take the road that ran north and south past the city, which looked like it led to a gate. Then there was a ferry on the road that crosses the Blue Vein. She could understand the reason for the ferry in the spring since it was flood season. But since it was winter time, there really wasn’t a reason for it. So she decided to take the road. She could see that the road was well worn, from either people or the floods during the spring. Either way she stepped carefully on the road so she didn’t trip and fall, glancing ahead and only looking down she had to. She looked up at the sky and saw that Syna was still in reign of the sky. She currently was in her Konti form, but when Leth ruled the sky she would be her true self once more. The fake Konti woman looked around with her shining violet eyes at the beautiful city laid before her. Her pale blonde hair danced in the breeze, whipping around her face, as she stood there looking upon the gates. She traveled here because it was so close to home, yet far away enough that the memories of Gill would not be too harsh. She inhaled deeply and could smell the salt in the air of the sea nearby. That smell reminded her so much of her Gill, liquid began to form in her eyes, and she wiped it away, casting the thoughts aside. It was time to move on, pass time really, and she began approaching the gate once more.

As Cephei approached there were two large men with blue skin standing at the gate. She frowned, but then remembered that they were probably Akalaks. They were brawny and strong looking, with a fierce face and a stern look in their eyes. It was quite intimidating, but Cephei approached either way. Before she could open her small dainty mouth to speak, one of the Akalaks bellowed out a welcome, handing her a scroll, which he said contained a list of their laws, a map of the city, and random advertisements. They told Cephei she was free to come in, but to return the scroll upon leaving so they could reuse it. This made Cephei smirk, but she kept her opinion to herself as she nodded her head and went through the gates to the glorious city.

Cephei had traveled to many of places in her life time, gaining knowledge about so much the world had to offer. She hoped that this place would be the same, with a friendly face or two as well. She emerged in to the glorious city, not knowing the adventures that awaited her in the belly of Riverfall.
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[Riverfall] The Land and Sea Gates

Postby Nivrexis on March 5th, 2013, 3:55 pm

1st day of Spring, 513 av

After a time away, Nivrexis was ready to return to his family. He had been taken in by a Drykas clan in Endrykas after he was found by them nearly dead in the sea of grass. The clan that found Nevrexis helped him recover but were other wise unfriendly towards him. They waited until he was better and then had nothing more to do with him. Nivrexis wondered continued to travel with Endrykas but soon became very home sick, and left the moving city for where he really belonged.

Nivrexis was so relieved when He had gotten to the City gates, they were a beacon of hope to his despair. The sea of Grass had not been kind to him and he looked forward to a nice meal, comforting shelter and security. Assuming or course that his family didn't kill him, what he did was irresponsible, dishonourable and wouldn't be easily forgiven . Nevrexis knew he would be punished but he needed to go back were he belonged. Nevrexis missed his sisters, He knew his twin Konti sister Zoma would welcome him back with almost immediate forgiveness but he was certain he would get a savage beating from his older sister Rika. Nivrexis Didn't know how his father and brother would react, and he didn't really care as they weren't very important to him

In no time Nivrexis was in front to the gate, the Guards welcomed him in with out the usual greeting they give to outsiders. Nivrexis couldn't help wondering why Zomel was so quite during this, he decided it was better to saver the brief moment of quiet he had in his head instead.
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[Riverfall] The Land and Sea Gates

Postby N'ivae on April 9th, 2013, 1:41 am


1st day of Spring, 513 AV

The mind-numbing, repetitive sound of the clop clop clop that her Gilding, Aleah's, hoofs made as they beat against the path into Riverfall slowly lulled N'ivae's eyes closed. The methodical sound, joined together with the slapping of the Blue Vein's waters against the bridge that she could already hear from a few kilometers away, made her head droop towards her chest in an attempt to sway her into a deep sleep. Her journey had been long and tiring, and she wanted nothing more than to drop off her horse that minute and pitch her tent, but she knew it had been far too long since she had been inside the heavy gates of Riverfall. She owed it to her aunt to finish the journey that evening, even if it took a pint of ale too late to be considered healthy to get her through the night.

The horse's head bobbed with her steady steps, Aleah's steady gait faltering ever so slightly as she crossed onto the slightly damp bridge. The smell of fresh water, mist heavy in the air, filled her nostrils, and the Konti woman took in a deep breath. Already she felt the coolness of the Blue Vein seeping into her own, and almost instantly a quiet calmness filled her mind. If the incessant jerking from the horse's clamber didn't keep her mind so restless, it would be too easy for her to slip into a vision, right in front of the gates. It would not be a swell thing to do, however.

A few times, N'ivae's priceless companion's hooves slipped out from underneath her, the wet surface plus the weight of the young woman on her back creating what could be a deadly situation. Finally, with a swoop of her slender leg, N'ivae slid off her trusted pet, setting her boot covered feet on the bridge. Walking felt awkward, the gait of the horse having burned itself into the memory of her body. It took her a moment to get her bearings, but once she did, she grabbed a hold of the horse's reigns and tugged towards the city gates. Down at her regular level, only five feet, the gates looked even more sinister. Coupled with the steel colored bricks and the wavering mist from the river beneath them, it could have almost an evil feel at night, NI'vae realized. But Riverfall was never anything to fear.

As they came closer to the two Akalak men who stood outside, Aleah let out a few snuffs, and N'ivae had to tug more than gently to get the horse to come forward anymore steps. Her poor GIlding had never been to Riverfall, so she had never seen the powerful looking blue skinned men of the Akalak, which could sometimes be frightening. She didn't blame her horse. However, they had to keep moving, and she pulled a little harder than necessary to get Aleah's gait back into a steady pace. Slowly, she approached the men, her blue eyes wide and a smile on her face. She was certain they would not recognize her, even if they had known her. N'ivae's hair was longer now, and fastened with a few more braids and beads than she had been able to weave the last time. Being a woman now, of course, she had learned to decorate her hair better. Especially after all that time spent with her sister Konti, who taught her the many secrets after her aunt had died.

She approached the Akalak with a bow of her head. "I was once a resident here; myself and my aunt. I have come to hopefully take residence again, possibly, but now I am a guest here." She refused the scroll pushed out at her with a shake of her head and a gentle smile. But N'ivae was definitely proud of herself. Speaking was not her forte, especially to strangers, but it seemed she was getting better at it. Without her aunt around, she had no one else to speak for her.

"We hope that you enjoy your stay in Riverfall," the blue skinned warrior spoke gently to her, moving to stand back at his post only a few steps behind him. And with that, N'ivae guided her Gilding into her old city, her eyes wandering among the city once more.
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[Riverfall] The Land and Sea Gates

Postby Zyah'suyakal Songbringer on April 18th, 2013, 10:22 pm

Spring 3 513 A.V.


Zyah'suyakal sighed, leaning into Ryzan's side, her Strider was currently walking beside her acting as her guide, as well as her eyes. She felt the shifting beneath her boots, the ground was becoming smoother and easier to walk upon. She brought a rush of air into her lungs, tasting the salt that came from the sea, and the crispness of the air as well. She had made it, finally. After months of literal blind travel, she was now in Riverfall. A sense of elation swept through her, although it was nothing like the Sea of Grass it was defiantly a change of pace to the lands she had been traveling through it make it to this city.

The Drykas female felt her Strider slow to a stop, she felt an overwhelming presence looming over her, she knew she had reached the gates. She felt slightly off balance at the looming gates, but after drawing another breath into her lungs she was able to calm herself, this was indeed going to be a new way of life and a change of pace.

She hoisted herself onto Ryzan's back, then clucked her tongue against the roof of her mouth, this urged the stallion onward, they soon reached the gates, Zyah'suyakal heard footsteps, then she shifted on the Strider's back, turning in the direction of the approaching individual. As she listened she could easily tell that the approaching individual was a male, and a warrior at that, once at her side the male spoke, the voice was strong. ''Welcome to Riverfall, here is a scroll of that contains our laws, a map of the city, and some advertisements from local businesses that sponsor the making of these scrolls. You are free to enter if you agree to our laws and return the scroll when you leave so it may be used again.''

Zyah'suyakal nodded, then heard a whisper of fabric as the male extended the scroll to her, but she didn't take it. Instead she offered a slight smile, and spoke gently. ''The scroll if of little use to me, I am blind.'' As she said this the male made a sound low in his throat. ''I can read the laws to you.....'' With that said, she nodded. The male did as he said he would, he read each law to her, and as he did she nodded along, listening closely to his words. ''I agree to follow your laws, and I will not cause trouble.'' She nodded, and then waited for a reply. ''Then welcome to Riverfall, traveler.''

She nodded and urged Ryzan forward, as they entered through the gates and into the city, Zyah'suyakal couldn't help but smile. What did this beautiful and lively city have in store for the wandering Drykas and her Strider?
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