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Center of scholarly knowledge and shipwrighting, Zeltiva is a port city unlike any other in Mizahar. [Lore]

[Zeltiva Entrance] The Rolling Waves

Postby Jimmy Avery on June 20th, 2012, 6:49 am

Jimmy looked out from the mountain pass down upon the vast city of Zeltiva, the journey had been uneventful as he travelled alongside a group of traders bound for the city from Sunberth. His lips spread into a boyish grin as he thought to himself A city like this will be sure to make my fortune and with that trailing thought he began to make his way to the cities entrance...
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[Zeltiva Entrance] The Rolling Waves

Postby Syel on June 23rd, 2012, 1:45 am

7th of Summer, 512

Syel hummed cheerily to himself as he strode along the path towards Zeltiva. Or what he assumed was Zeltiva. A friend of his had pointed him down this road, and the rare road signs indicated his accuracy, but one could never be sure in this day and age. He had been walking in this valley for some time, and had seen many travelers of just as many races. He had seldom seen the larger peoples of the world from the shelter of the Pyve, only hearing tales of them, so he naturally gawked at the first few humans he saw pass by him, each one casting a curious glance in his direction. Well, he supposed to himself, Not everyone's seen one of my kind before, I guess. It was probably true, too. As sheltered as Syel was, he knew that not everyone saw his sort all the time.

Judging by the increasing traffic, he assumed he was drawing nearer to the city. Shortly thereafter, his assumption was proven true. Just over a small hill--small for a human, anyway--he saw the port city of Zeltiva, the seat of learning and education in Mizahar. Syel quickened his pace, eager to see his first adventure up close. He'd had a few interesting situations along the road, but nothing like what he hoped his time in a city like Zeltiva would provide him. As he neared the city, he had to trod carefully to avoid being trodden down like dirt underfoot. The thought occurred to him briefly that he really was dirt, if he took the time to think of it. He chuckled at that as he dodged between feet, narrowly avoiding the careless feet that passed by all around him.

He went right on through the gates, taking in the sights with wonder. Such buildings! This was much, much different from his Pyve, where everything was built specifically to Pycon standards. Syel gawked at the press of people, the occasional wagon, and especially the buildings. They loomed over him, making him feel terribly insignificant, and he found that he strongly disliked the sensation. As he continued to look on, he marveled at the scale of the buildings. The bricks were as large as he was! And the doors...The doors were moving mountains to him, swinging to and fro without effort as the people passed freely, not a thought given to the fact that they were swinging a slab of wood that weighed easily fifty times Syel's own weight.

For a moment, he glanced down at himself and took in his lanky, clay form, weighing it against the bodies a round him. They already were what the gods had intended them to be. They were perfect. Flawed, as were all beings, but still exactly as they had been meant to be. Perfect. Syel envied them their perfection, as he knew he would be working for the rest of his days to attain it. He repressed these thoughts, knowing they would no good while he was avoiding being trampled in the city streets, and continued on to see what he could see.

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[Zeltiva Entrance] The Rolling Waves

Postby Kressha on June 24th, 2012, 11:13 pm

14th Day of Summer, 512 AV
Arrival from the Sea

Kressha stood in the lower levels of the ship along side her mare, Rahhale as the ship rocked from side to side as they got closer to port. The captain of the vessel hadn't been particular fond that she wanted to bring her horse, claiming that if she had a means to transport herself, she should just take the pass to get into the city. She had no desire to go riding between the two mountains and insisted it was probably still cold. With it being summer now though, that probably wasn't really that good of an excuse. After some bickering back and forth, the captain had finally caved in, clearly stating that she'd pick up any mess it left behind.

The ship rocked a little more and Kressha gripped onto the support beam she was seated next to. Man, she really didn't like the water, but she didn't like cold areas more, so she had picked the lesser of the two evils in her opinion. The trip from Sunberth felt like it took forever. She wasn't sure how much more of it she would take, or how much longer it was going to be before Rahhale did in fact make a mess. Even though she agreed to clean it, she wasn't looking forward to it.

Sitting there absorbed in her thoughts, dreading what was sure to come, Kressha didn't realize that they had made it to Zeltiva already until members of the crew came down to the lower level to start hauling stuff out. "Are we here?" She asks, the excitement of being in a new place again clearly heard in her voice. Of course getting off the ship at last defiantly added to her excitement. With a nod of the head from the crew member as he disappeared up top again, Kressha quickly placed the saddle on Rahhale's back, double then triple checking the area around her to make sure nothing had fallen out of any of her saddle bags before leading the mount out of the lower level of the ship.

Making her way down the ramp to the dock, Kressha let out a relieved sigh at having something firm under her feet again. She really didn't like traveling by water. Taking a moment to watch the crew unload more from the boat, she finally started for the city. Oh, she was excited and the grin on her face clearly showed it. She loved new places and she was eager to see who and what she'd meet there.
Kressha is a Viper Dhani. She looks like a small weak human standing at 5'0" and is quite playful. Her speech is the only thing that hints really at what she is, but she is trying to learn to sound more human.

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A triple s (sss) means just an [s], but it is extended in her speech.

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[Zeltiva Entrance] The Rolling Waves

Postby Johnny on June 27th, 2012, 5:13 am

25, Summer, 512

The young ghost child hovered along the ground as the moon held in the sky. He was not sure what this place was as he saw a city down the foothill. Where was this place? What was this place? Questions came to mind as he made his way towards it.
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[Zeltiva Entrance] The Rolling Waves

Postby Vodah on June 29th, 2012, 4:52 pm

1st of Summer 512 AV

Vodah stood at the front of the ship, watching Zeltiva grow larger. The early morning sun brought out gold highlights in her wildly curling brown hair and showed off her golden tan. She smiled as she patiently watched the city coming closer and closer.

Eventually one of the sailors came to tell her that they would be arriving soon. She went below deck to her cabin and packed her few possessions. Despite only having enough things to fill a small backpack, somehow they had gotten all over the place in the cabin: under her pillow, beneath the bed, in the corner, and all over the floor of the cabin.

By the time she had finished gathering all her things the ship had already reached port and everyone was disembarking. She got one of the other passengers, a native of Zeltiva, to give her directions to the University. She thanked the man and began making her way to it.
By day, Vodah is Dhani. One cannot tell her apart (in human form) from any other human save the typical Dhani accent.
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[Zeltiva Entrance] The Rolling Waves

Postby Larknas Tider on July 6th, 2012, 3:35 pm

3st of Summer 512AV
Larknas watched as he came to the bay of the city it was a long journey from the Suvan sea not big still he wasnt as familiar as he wanted with the waters here still the wind was good and that alone maked the journey so much easier he reached the city in record time to his eyes even if it was the first time he travelled here.
He had heard about the Djed storm and the mutated sea creatures that roamed the water he hoped his tavan friend would be fine this city seemed to atract trouble like myself he thought with a chukle he stoped chuckling as he docked finally here he got off his casivor and looked at the water next to his ship had his friend arrived with him safely.

He saw something moving "Piko?" sudently a dolphin came and splashed him with water and started laughing or at least that what Larknas thought "pheh you joker almost got me worried there fer a moment i'l get you back later for this" he said trying to squeze some water out of his clothes.
Piko dint seem to hear him as he swimmed round the boat carefree to someone watching this it would seem pretty comical but Larknas was serious he would get back at his friend later.
Larknas sighed his friend was always like this still he dint have time to play with him now it was time to get a bit familiar with the city he wanted to explore and pick up the trail to search his mother well into the jaws of the land we go Larknas thought as he walked off to explore the city.
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[Zeltiva Entrance] The Rolling Waves

Postby Vhast on July 10th, 2012, 9:47 am

evening 35th of summer, 512 av

The gray gloom of the morning had brought with it a favorable trade wind, a hint of fresh rainfall mingling with the salty brine of the sea that permeated through everything. Those on board the small merchant vessel did not waste time unfurling the sails when the breeze kissed their cheeks, a few yelps of command bellowing from a seasoned captain who strode between his scurrying crewman on the deck. Bearing a grotesquely toothless smile, a receding tawny hairline, and a tan so dark he may as well have been Myrian, one might hardly consider the man to be of any rank at all aboard the vessel. It was only his barking voice which separated him from the rest that gave away his title, a deception he'd likely used before when dealing with pirates.

Not if, but when he'd told the young scholar who had booked passage with him on his return to Zeltiva from Nyka. Pirates can be a nasty business, lad. Best keep your head low and your load light. Only way to handle 'em is to outrun 'em. They were words Vhast would not soon forget, his senses drawn to a lingering dread that at any moment they would be waylaid by such a vessel. But these thoughts had slowly drifted from the realm of persistent fear to dulled watchfulness as the days of travel had gone by. The crew seemed to know what they were doing, each man able bodied and knowledgeable of the course they were traveling. Despite this, Vhast could not help but notice that there was always one member on duty who kept a weathered eye on the horizon. It didn't take him posing the question to know what it was they were looking for.

Now that they had made it into the bay, however, tensions began to recede. The waters were a deep and rich blue, and occasionally another sail or two could be seen peaking the horizon far off in the distance. Nothing about this place seemed threatening, though Vhast reasoned it could just as easily have been his own inexperience coaxing him to relax. Still, he took his cues from the other crew members, settling his torso over the railing while his legs stretched casually back where only the soled toes of his boots made contact with the deck. Looking out into the distance, he could barely make out the unmistakable outline of civilization. Mismatched shapes had collected together to form walls and rooftops, a tower occasionally cresting the thin line of square buildings, revealing shadowed parapets where he thought he saw movement.

Already Zeltiva felt nothing alike to Ravok or Nyka, its surrounding lands rich and full of knowledge yet to be explored. It instilled within him a great sense of belonging that quickly overwhelmed him, a sharp breath dragged into his lungs as his fingers pressed against the railing anxiously.

"She's beautiful, isn't she?" The captain must have noticed his change in composure, stepping beside Vhast and patting a mole spotted hand against his shoulder. "Not even Syliras can match her point for point. You just make sure you don't get yourself involved in any of her politics, aye lad?"

Smiling ruefully over something that in no way belonged to the conversation, Vhast pulled himself to his full height while maintaining his steady gaze upon the mantle of growing buildings. "I never fancied politics, Captain Varosa. They're what drove me away from home in the first place."
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[Zeltiva Entrance] The Rolling Waves

Postby Miro on July 11th, 2012, 4:49 am

1st day of Summer, 512 AV

If he had followed directions correctly this time, then this would be the path to Zeltiva. Was it Mirzahal Peak? No, no, the Morhil path. It wouldn't matter in a moment, when he was finally in the legendary city. The stories were the fuel in his footsteps, the reason he was willing to risk his life to travel the distance alone. Well, more or less alone. And despite all of the time he took to rest and to correct his path, he was right on time.

Miro knew how his new life here would have to go. No longer would he sit by and be overlooked. He was going to make a name for himself, finally gain the acknowledgment he was due. The path was long, heading uphill through a mountain. It was boring enough walking through rough terrain, but to know the city of his dreams was so close. The university, it was his destiny to see it, to be in the city of scholars. Not only scholars, but the bravest men of the sea.

Finally, over the crest of the mountain, able to gaze upon the city. He stood in awe, unable to move even another step forward. The crystal waters reflected scenery of ancient buildings and towering mountains. Even from a distance one could hear the hustling people, pumping through the veins of the city. Boats of every size and shape were scattered in the bay and docks, loading and unloading goods and passengers.

Miro continued down the path, unsure where to start. Perhaps the local taverns could point him in the right direction. Could this city be the one he called home? When Miro was through with this city, he would be part of its legend. Everybody would know his name, and he would be showered in love and praise. The sunlight cast Miro's shadow over the city, it was going to be a good day.
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[Zeltiva Entrance] The Rolling Waves

Postby Remliel on July 11th, 2012, 11:13 pm

Timestamp: 77th of Summer, 512 AV.

    There was something Remliel had missed during his travels that the cold of night reminded him of immensely. It was a feeling of being underwater. It drummed lightly against his thoughts, causing an ebb and flow to over take his dreams. Even from the hillsides, the wind blowing against his blue skin always felt like an odd sensation. He had slowly let his Kavinka Paintedmount named Ero pace slowly next to a small family who he had happened to find himself traveling on the road. The human children of the couple had not stopped staring at the large fin on his head. For some thirty minutes he shared stories of his home city of Charbosi. to the children as the parents smiled at the innocent awe in their eyes.

    Obviuosly it was the children’s first time seeing one of his kind which Remliel found odd considering they were heading to a port side city. He found himself telling them about his time leaning how to make wine from kelp as he spoke to the strangers in a distracted way. Before he had noticed they had worked their way down the road past the narrow Mirahil pass, and into the city itself soon parting ways with the kind family after letting the kids touch the fin on his head....
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[Zeltiva Entrance] The Rolling Waves

Postby Ray on July 26th, 2012, 9:02 pm

57th of Summer, 512 AV

It was sunset when the little trade boat pulled into the port, mere minutes before everything was closed to activity. Most other ships had already been readied for nightfall and sailors were either on their ships or in a tavern, so the place was almost barren when the man stepped onto the pier.

Happy birthday, Rayes, he thought dryly.

A customs officer was approaching, no doubt to reprimand the captain on the tardiness of their arrival, and one of the crew members quickly shooed Rayes away from the vessel with oaths and swears that were said more in affection than true malice. The sailors were no doubt rough around the edges, but then again, so was Rayes, and they were good men anyway. They had been willing to help him out despite the burden a passenger would make in the dangerous new world that had sprung from the storm of spring and he had done his best to do what he could to make their lives easier or stayed out of their way. A businesslike camaraderie had appeared, and Rayes was slightly saddened to leave the ratty little ship that he’d called home for a season and make his way to stone streets.

Zeltiva. He rolled the name over in his mind. It had a ring to it, a ring of its own. Syliras had a ring of closed doors, missed opportunities and crushing expectations, but Zeltiva rang of opportunities just waiting to be found and grabbed. Already he could fee a distinct lack of knightly glares of every corner, and as he strode through the first of the city’s buildings he found himself smirking. Yes, this place was already starting to feel welcoming.

If he let it, this place could be home.
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