[Location] The Pillars of Dust

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A half-collapsed city of alabaster and gold fiercely governed by Eypharians. Even partially ruined, it is the crown of the desert and a worthy testament to old glories and rising powers.

[Location] The Pillars of Dust

Postby Colombina on July 19th, 2009, 8:12 pm

The Pillars of Dust


Ahnatep is a city stacked over or dug out from the tomb of a previous kingdom. Images of the power and abundance of the pre Valterrian city are an uncomfortable reminder of how the world has dimmed. Some ruins cannot be unburied from the sand and linger as stubs. Most Eypharians avoid these sites, preferring the new wonders they have culled from the broken city and the walls they have mended.
The most tragic of these ruins is the Pillars of Dust, a somber reminder that even the greatest things pass away under Tanroa's watch. Those who relish the idea of Ahantep on its knees or those without means to go elsewhere gather here.

In the languid daylight hours, Larks slink between pillars, trying to adjust their tired bodies into pleasing silhouettes. Scorpions pay them little mind, returning to their quiet gambling or conspiracies. Duskers hover near near Dusk Eaters slumped against pillars, their eyelids trembling with visions.

This hive of the poor and the illicit, becomes a wilder bazaar when Syna turns her face away. In the hour when nature hides their deeds, the Pillars inhabitants grow bold and reckless. Scorpions are vigilant and weighted with weapons, general disreputables are spilling beer and shouting at whatever bloodsport has begun, bold merchants are selling drink and Mirage, while the Larks are tinkling with tiny bells hung at their hems as they compete against new arrivals.

If a good man would not seek it, it can be found here.

Notable Locations

Secret :
Scorpion is the general term for criminals for hire. There is no central organization but loose alliances where work is sometimes referred. The term remains from when a single entity attempted to moderate more nefarious enterprises, however the idea of honor among thieves proved a misnomer and the organization collapsed. Cutthroat politics and incessant plotting is now monopolized by the Eypharian nobles.

Secret :
Larks are the Eypharian term for prostitutes, so-called because of their history of singing to passerbys. Before the Pressorahs pushed Larks to the Pillars of Dust, they would walk streets and hum a particular tune to potential customers that discreetly identified them as on the market. Now that the Larks are kept mostly within the pillars, the habit has waned. Larks are usually slaves to a brutal Scorpion or a Dusker.

Duskers, Dusk Eaters and Mirage
Secret :
Mirage is a highly addictive drug that induces tactile hallucinations. It is made from the sap and petals of the Gloam Flower. Due to its common soporific effect and the mental haze it creates, its users are called Dusk Eaters and its sellers are Duskers. Mirage is commonly bought and sold here and many of its addicts slump dazed against the pillars.
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[Location] The Pillars of Dust

Postby Kausshivania on September 15th, 2010, 1:37 pm

The first sun's light shimmered across the vast desert sand, reflecting the dark shadows of the Pillars on the golden carpet. The few Larks that were still out and about were finishing up with their customers that they had lured to them, using their bodies as a trap to entice the ones that looked upon them and let deep desires run rampant. Earlier through the night there had been a small dispute between Scorpians, and the victors had left the defeated carcusses lying around to rot in the heat and to let any thing devour their flesh to consume the energy they needed and to rid them of their hunger.

The soft murmurs of Dusk Eaters were not to be heard of yet. They were probably sleeping off the Mirage, or perhaps so lucid now that they no longer even spoke, just sitting around, never sleeping, never eating, their eyes glazed over heavily by the drug that consumed them mind, body and soul. The sounds of Duskers could not be heard yet as well, no doubt sleeping still, or planning on how much they could sell and make profit off of the poor souls that tumbled into the despair of the Mirage.

Kausshivania was becoming an early riser. Her lithe, petite body slipped out from under her blanket, and her toes dug into the cool sand her tent provided for her. It was another day away from the Nest, another day where she could live as her own Dhani. Despite the location she had chosen, Kausshivania was greatful to be free. Before she made any notion to go outside her tent, Kausshivania made her praise to Caiyha, and thanked her for the day and all that was to come.

Then, without even bothering with her sandals, Kausshivania stepped out into the quickly rising heat and stretched high onto the arches of her feet. Her silky threads of long, white hair and black onx colored dress flowed and danced as the wind blew and carrassed her skin. A soft whinning had her smiling and looking to her strong willed horse, Vashkah, an Eyktolian Desertbred, who was walking towards her, sand coating his beautiful form. "Morning, my dear friend. I hoped you fared well during the night." Vashkah thrusted his muzzle at Kausshivania, begging to be touched.

Kausshivania smiled softly and stroked his nose, brushing away some of the gritt that covered it. "Another morning, another day. Let ussssss make the bessssst of it again, my dear Vassssshkah." Vashkah blinked in understanding. Kausshivania kissed his nose then grabbed them both something to eat before she was to begin her daily work on crafting jewelry that she hoped to start selling soon at the marketplace. After they ate, Kausshivania examined the area, a natural thing she would always do.

Her neighbors were not people she could trust at all. No one as of yet had really bothered her, except for her first day she arrived and set up her makeshift home. A few Larks, afraid of her being new competition, had come too close to harrass her. All Kausshivania had to do was show them her eyes that showed the dark slit of her iris. The Larks backed off immediately. Those flimsy human women would not dare mess with a Dhani.

But the Larks were not the only guests. There were a few Duskers that thought they could have new buisness. Kausshivania showed her eyes to them and hissed, making them squirm and run away. And Scorpians were even more annoying. They came heavily armed, wanting Vashkah, but Vashkah lashed at them, and when they tried to threaten Kausshivania, she changed into her Dhani form and bared her fangs, her white hood flaring dangerously at them. She had looked hauntingly beautiful and powerful.

The so called ruthless Scorpians ran from her and no one ever bothered her again after her display of anger and defense of her friend and home. There were still no one that dared to bother her or Vashkah at the moment. Any human or occasional Benshira was far away, giving Kausshivania her room. Kausshivania hated to make people respect her by fearing her, but she had to survive as well, and no filthy cutthroat, delusioned soul, drug producer, or harlet was going to stand in the way of her new life.

The sun was now high up in the sky. Mostly all life was already starting to hide in the shadows to stay cool. A few children were playing in the sun, trying to get as much game time as they could before it became extremely hot to where they could not bear to be in the sun's rays. Kausshivania watched the children with warm eyes as she started making fast work at her jewelry. Some of the children came over, watching her with curious eyes, but they kept their distance.

Kausshivania knew what they wanted. She turned to Vashkah. "Go. They yearn for you, my dear." Vashkah pawed the sand with a strong hoof then shook out his glossy black mane and trotted to the children that laughed and ran around him, playing and petting his slick fur. Vashkah loved their innocent attention. Kausshivania smiled softly and watched as she worked at her creations.
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[Location] The Pillars of Dust

Postby Ezrai Smith on September 13th, 2013, 5:27 am

12 Fall 513

I sat in my tent and listened to the sound which I had by now become accustomed to. Bottles broke and men yelled and women cried. You could hear the occasional lark humming the old tune in the distance. I chose to listen to the humming, a peaceful, enchanting sound that cooed to the men of Ahnatep, "come and see me..." I always found it strange how much music could speak more than words. Music creates a physical reaction. The lark's music called the men to them, ready to embrace them for the right price.

Part of me envied the larks for a reason I couldn't exactly put into words. I suppose it had to do with what they were able to do. They had bodies that were warm, ready to be embraced by men, men ready to embrace them. My body was a cold, decaying temporary home. I lifted my cloak and looked at the wound which had killed my body. The rot was only worsening, but I knew that this body would last me at least two more months, if not more, as long as I took proper care of it. If it gave out sooner, there would be enough temporary replacements in this part of Ahnatep. People seemed to die left and right, a new supply every night of potential bodies. None of them fit my particular fancy, though. This was a fact I had trouble overlooking.

I peeked my head out of the tent, glancing around at the larks. I searched for the familiar waves in their hair or grey in their eyes, perhaps the small nose that sat centered perfectly in their face. Anything that would cause them to resemble me. Or, at least what I perceived to be me. I caught the eye of a Duster, who for a moment looked eagerly at me, wondering if I’d peered out to buy. It didn’t take him too long to see what I was and turn away in disgust. It was the natural reaction, so I could not blame him. It’s hard to look in the face of death and see it animated before you.
I kept my head peered out for a moment more, soaking in the people I saw. One man looking around in a craze, shouting words that no person could be expected to understand, a lark lead her prey into a tent, giggling with him the whole way. One Duster sat with a dagger in hand, looking dangerously around as if hoping for a fight. I liked to watch the people, but I retreated back into my tent none-the-less. I knew it was too dangerous to keep my head peeked out at this time of night, or I could be the one the Duster picked his fight with. And with a neck as thin as this one, I wouldn’t be too hard to kill with a dagger.
Luckily, Nuits come with one natural defense if you ask me. We disgust people. I sat back in the tent and awaited a safer time.
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