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[Character Sheets] Q&A

Postby Prophet on April 6th, 2017, 3:45 am

Flashbacks have to be done in thread -not your cs- to be awarded xp.
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[Character Sheets] Q&A

Postby Pentacle on April 6th, 2017, 3:51 am

Hello :)

Just to elaborate on what Prophet said, you're more than welcome to write Flashback threads (which take place prior to your creation date), but they will still earn experience points the same way as for any other thread. It would be based on roleplaying your character doing the skill in which you want to improve upon (1 exp per post).

This is largely a game mechanic so that all new characters start on the same footing and so you can work and grow your character as you continue to roleplay here. Even if your character is hundreds of years old, it's not nearly as fun starting off as 'all powerful' and with no meaningful goals for your character to progress towards.

So yes you can write Flashbacks but skill points are still earned the same way with Flashback threads.
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[Character Sheets] Q&A

Postby Kesh Baldur on April 6th, 2017, 5:52 am

Sweet I'm alright with that, just wanted to make sure what needed to be done in case I wanted to go that route. Thanks for the help!

I guess the next thing to ask is if I want to have a flashback where would I post it, with my character or on a different thread? If you can provide links I'll make sure to do them there.
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[Character Sheets] Q&A

Postby Dove Brown on April 10th, 2017, 10:01 pm

To do a flashback, you start a thread in whichever city your character would have been in at the time the flashback is dated. You can only start threads in cities that are currently open. If the city you need isn't open, then you have to wait until it is to write a flashback there.

Does that make sense?
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[Character Sheets] Q&A

Postby Calvyn Eltros on October 25th, 2017, 6:19 am

Hello, I have a question regarding a character concept. Pardon my ignorance beforehand.

I'm thinking about making a "wanderer" type character that travels from place to place. The problem is though I'm having trouble on how he would make money. I'm my head he seems to be this wilderness type guy. So maybe a wilderness guide/hunter. Would that be okay?

I have another idea about a bounty hunter/monster Hunter. Killing monsters and bandits for coin. Would that be possible.
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[Character Sheets] Q&A

Postby Wymez on October 25th, 2017, 10:23 am

Calvyn Eltros wrote:Hello, I have a question regarding a character concept. Pardon my ignorance beforehand.

I'm thinking about making a "wanderer" type character that travels from place to place. The problem is though I'm having trouble on how he would make money. I'm my head he seems to be this wilderness type guy. So maybe a wilderness guide/hunter. Would that be okay?

I have another idea about a bounty hunter/monster Hunter. Killing monsters and bandits for coin. Would that be possible.

Hey mate, welcome! Just a heads up, cities are spaced very far apart and having someone wander about in the vast wilderness that separates them is generally discouraged because, well, you're character would likely die rather quickly.. even with the most points you can have poured into wilderness survival at the start. Perhaps choose a starting city that has some 'wilderness' attached that your character can hunt in (note: be aware of which cities are closed and which are open as rp can only occur in open/modded cities - check the roleplay board to see each city's status).

As a small suggestion, you could look either into the Drykas race or starting in the Sea of Grass/Endrykas since both offer the opportunity to craft the wanderer/seeker archetype. Helpful hint: make sure you read over the Codex before creating a character for this region since it has specific requirements.

As for making money, take a look at this list and see what fits. All you need to do is write two threads depicting your character doing their job per season and you'll be rewarded with the appropriate income (further information can be found here). There is a bounty hunter occupation but do understand that your character will need to build themselves to the appropriate skill levels to be able to claim certain occupations. As for 'monster' hunting, that would fall under hunter but, again, understand this is not something a starting character could take on as monsters in Miz are no walk in the park. Perhaps stick to either hunting, wilderness guide or bounty hunting and see how things progress from there :)

Hope this helps! I know there may seem like an endless amount of info to sift through but take your time and have a good look around. Your concept is doable, just with certain tweaks to make it fitting for this particular setting. Good luck, happy writing and don't forget to read over the welcome pm (it contains everything you need to know about the starting guide and lore)!
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[Character Sheets] Q&A

Postby Calvyn Eltros on October 25th, 2017, 10:05 pm

This is a Work in Progress character sheet that I'm wanting feedback on. Please know this is nowhere near complete I still have much to add and fix. However I'm going to be logging off for the remainder of the day so I decided I'd post it for some helpful criticism. So if there is anyone who wants to add a bit of input then I'd gladly listen. Specifically all those Drykas PC's because that's where I'm kinda shooting for. I was wanting feedback before i get to far into it. For some reason I have the fear I'll make a CS then do it all wrong lol.

If you read the character concept and what little I have in Calvyn's history it should be clear where I'm heading. A human boy, found by Drykas, then kind of 'adopted' into their culture. Kind of an outsider but not really. Is this possible, what advice would you give me and any other ideas any of you may have. All of that would be much appreciated.

I promise I'll listen, as this is much harder than I assumed it would be.
Which is fine because it's only building my excitement.
Thanks in advance, Sincerely.

Calvyn Eltros


Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Birthday: Winter, 498 AV
Birthplace: The Sea of Grass

Appearance: Calvyn Eltros is fairly tall standing at 6'0" even. He's kind of broad at the shoulder and narrow at the hips. Like the Dryka's he grew up with he is, of course, in good shape. Giving off a lean muscular build like that of a distance runner. He has jet black hair which he keeps rather short, a trimmed beard and sea green eyes. Unlike the Drykas he wanders with Calvyn has no windmarks that mark his body. He is human and as such is not within their culture.

Long days of being out in the sun have tanned his body. Living the life of a nomad has impacted him. Giving him rough, calloused, hands. On his left hand he has a small crescent moon shaped scar.


If one could say one thing about Calvyn it is that he is determined. Having lived his whole life as an outsider Cal wants nothing more than to be accepted as one of the people, as a Drykas. He is strong willed and rarely gives up when he's set his mind on a task. In a way this has made him both resilient and stubborn. Only seeing his goals and not heeding other people's advice no matter how good their intentions.

Having lived a life of poverty Cal cares little for life's luxuries. He is a simple man with simple pleasures and is not fond of people who use their wealth or status to gain leverage over others. This is a rare problem though because he lives with Drykas. Having been bullied and pestered growing up by his peers Calvyn has little tolerance for that now. He had no family to fall back onto growing up so he learned to deal with problems himself. Ignoring them mostly.

He takes great pride in proving people wrong, almost as if it were an offensive weapon against them. He is not one to rub in a victory and is quite humble and fair. However he does like to win. It gives him a sense of satisfaction and if others take notice it makes him all the more happier. It's rare for Calvyn to show his true emotions whether happy or sad. If in a topic he feels is to personal he would likely change the topic all together. Giving no reason as to why.

Any mention of his real family is hard for him to swallow. As he does not know what happened to them. As well as mentioning how he is not Drykas himself is also hard for him. He understands this and has vowed to one day mount his own strider. Longing to be accepted amongst the people he has lived with for so long.

Calvyn is a loyal friend to those who take the time to get to know him. It is hard for him to trust people which is why he much prefers having a small, close, group of loyal friends. Rather than many people he does not know deeply. He'd do anything for anyone that shows him respect and kindness. Which he himself tries to show to everyone else in turn. There are no lengths he wouldn't go for those he loves and truly cares about.

Character History

Calvyn Eltros doesn't really remember much before the Drykas found him. He was told (By those Drykas willing to tell him) that he was found wandering the Sea of Grass alone. Where he came from, what happened to him and how long he'd been alone was all a mystery. It was simply a miracle he survived the wilderness. A party of hunters having found him and brought him back to the safety of the tent city. Having no home nor any family to return to the Drykas decided to adopt him as one of their own. Allowing him to stay so long as he was put to use.

Calvyn was human and many of the Drykas that despised outsiders often reminded Calvyn of that. Telling him he'd never be Drykas, he was not fit for their way of life. The young Calvyn was reminded of this almost daily by his peers. However Calvyn was also shown kindess by some of the elders and was often cared for. He didn't have a solid family and seemed to be a burden for those willing to help him. No one took him in completely however. Whether it was because he was not Drykas himself or some other reason Cal would never know.

As he grew older he was taught and observed the ways of the people. He watched as they went on their first hunts, mounted their Striders and earned their Windmarks. Wishing there'd be a day he himself could begin his journey as a Draykas. Instead Calvyn was looked at as a sort of an outsider that the people both pitied and held contempt for.

The day did come however when Calvyn was old enough to learn a real skill. He managed to come across a bow and some arrows. He started to practice shooting at simple targets. Eventually various families caught wind of this and decided it was time he learn a real skill. Something besides tending horses and doing other odd chores.

Now nineteen Calvyn longs to be accepted among the people he grew up with. He wants nothing more than to go on his first hunt, claim his Strider and earn his first Windmark.


Fluent Language: Common
Basic Language: Pavi


Skill EXP Total Proficiency
Weapon: Long Bow RB 15 Novice
Wilderness Survival; Plains SP 10 Novice
Hunting SP 10 Novice
Tracking SP 10 Novice
Riding SP 10 Novice
Herbalism SP 5 Novice
Trapping SP 5 Novice


Lore of Sea of Grass Geography
Lore of Drykas Culture


1 Set of Clothing (Colorful)
-Simple Shirt
-Simple Pants
-Simple Undergarments
-Simple Cloak
-Simple Boots
1 Waterskin
1 Backpack which contains:
-Comb (Bone)
-Brush (Bone)
-Balanced Rations (1 Week’s Worth)
-1 eating knife
-Flint & Steel
-Long Bow
-Arrows (40)
23 Gold Mizas

Heirloom: Calvyn was found with a simple necklace across his neck. He's kept it ever since he was a boy and it means much and more to him.


Location: Endrykas, his own tent, travels with Drykas

House: 1 large tent (4 person)
1 large tarp
100 ft of rope
1 lantern
2 torches
1 bedroll
1 blanket
1 set of fishing tackle & hooks
1 Black, Mix-blood horse
1 Yvas
1 large set of Yvas bags


Purchase Cost Total
Starting +100 GM 100 GM
Long Bow -75 GM 25 GM
Arrows (40) -2 GM 23 GM

Thread List

Link your current & past threads here!

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[Character Sheets] Q&A

Postby Carla Lake on July 22nd, 2018, 5:32 am

I apologize if this is a "dumb" question in advance.

Is there any list for the already-created-and-rp'd-in Dryka Pavilions? I've searched on the site but can't find anything.

Thank you!
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[Character Sheets] Q&A

Postby Gossamer on July 22nd, 2018, 5:57 am

Hi Carla.

That's a great question!


Keep in mind though that Endrykas and most of Cyphrus is closed.


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[Character Sheets] Q&A

Postby Arrex on October 11th, 2020, 8:55 pm

I have a question about the hunting-skill and exercising it as a Hunter.

As I understand the activity (with that understanding mostly from other fiction, admittedly), the process of Hunting encompasses alot of things that would be covered by other skills than Hunting: Tracking, Wilderness Survival, Camouflage or Stealth, use of a Hunting Weapon (commonly a Bow), and to a lesser degree also Endurance and Running.
When creating a character that is/wants to be a hunter, and I create them with lots of points in hunting, but little in the other skills, does that basically mean they know the 'theory of how to hunt', but lack the individual skills to actually pull it off?

Also, on a secondary note, which skill covers the preparation of hunted game? I believe when traveling large distances, not the whole carcass was brought back for large game, and instead only desired bodyparts extracted at the location of the kill. In other scenario, a hunter might sell parts of the carcass (leather, meat, bones) to different customers - is that Food Preservation? Part of Hunting? Butchering?
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