Completed The Principles of Water Control

[Maiden's Cape](Aoren, Open) Ricky takes to practicing his Reimancy skills in seclusion.

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Center of scholarly knowledge and shipwrighting, Zeltiva is a port city unlike any other in Mizahar. [Lore]

The Principles of Water Control

Postby Ricky Maze on September 13th, 2014, 8:56 am

Ricky definitely looked surprised to learn that Aoren had a brother himself, something that the father hadn't expected to discover until the healer briefly mentioned that the two were bound to leave soon. As it turned out Aoren had been planning to leave for a while now, and it was a trip that may actually take a while. Yet the trip wasn't something that Ricky felt worried about at all, it was whether or not that both he and Aoren would cross paths again. It was a question he wish he knew the answer to, yet all the same didn't wish that it had to be asked to begin with. Even so this was Aoren he was thinking of, a man that could not only handle himself but heal others where he was needed most, and he definitely had the gift of a genuine soul that was rare to find.

So where did the part where Ricky didn't want him to leave come in? In truth not even the fisherman knew for sure, some part of him felt a sense of attachment to Aoren that matched that of a close friend, even if they both knew only a little about each other in the short time shared. Silly o' me t' feel like dis. There was amusement found within but he kept a plain content smile, a look of understanding in his face as he nodded after hearing Aoren explain his reasons for wanting to travel to the city. "Aye. Oi can relate t' dat feelin', once felt it some time a while back." Ricky added as he remembered the journey that he'd tried to make to Wind Reach, though that journey came to an end when he reached Alvadas and found the second half of the trip impossible for him. "Oi t'ink Oi'll find someone who can make de trip dere fer me t'ough." He remarked to the suggestion of the courier, as he thought it probable that some might be willing to travel that far.

A look of surprise fell on Ricky then as Aoren caught him off guard, asked for advice on traveling abroad since the fisherman practically associated with it. "Well Oi honestly ain't got any real advice," He smiled a bit bashfully, "best remember t'ough dat de crew knows best. If t'ey need help den don't be 'fraid t' lend a hand, so long as ya know ye can handle it anyways. Oh, an' if ye or yer ever feel sea sick, eit'er massage yer temples or rub yer wrists t'gether. It helps sometimes." He shrugged when he stated that, as he failed to remember as to whether or not he actually ever felt sea sick when he sailed to Alvadas or Nyka. "Most importantly; enjoy de wind an' de sea. When Oi was a boy me Pa always revered Laviku an' Zulrav while we we're abroad, he would say t'ese exact words: Laviku's waters carry yew, Zulrav's winds guide yew." He said this not in repetition of what his father used to say, but what he would genuinely say when it came to a trip at sea. It was his sure way of hopefully blessing Aoren with a safe trip to Riverfall, and in turn praying that the healer might one day make a safe return.

"Guess dat's 'bout it t'ough, sad t' say Oi ain't got no real tips fer ya." He chuckled with a genuine smile then as his eyes fell upon Aoren once more with a deep sense of friendship bound within, an idea present in the father's head as he made himself a decision Aoren knew he would like in the end. "What time d' ya depart mate? Oi know ye're tellin' me goodbye now but Oi t'ink Oi know anot'er who'll want t' see ya off t'morrow." It was his final question for the conversation as Ricky would only keep secret just who this other person was, either way when it seemed their conversation came to a close he would wish Aoren well and promise to show tomorrow, along with the other secret person that would want to say goodbye to Aoren as well.

oocSo I went ahead and wrapped this up and left it for you to close. :) You can pretty much guess who it is he's planning to show up with the next day.
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The Principles of Water Control

Postby Aoren on September 20th, 2014, 6:44 pm

I will look forward to the day of possibly receiving a letter then.” He gave Ricky a smile then listened calmly as the Wave Guard gave his advice on how best to travel at sea. It was advice that he would take to heart no matter how small it was. Aoren had no experience when it came to sailing or travel at sea. Travel by land in a caravan? Hiking along roads with a pack and supplies on one’s back on foot? Those were things he knew. He would simply have to wait and see how he faired when it came to shipboard travel over water. To the mention of seasickness he managed a small smirk. Reaching up he tapped the swirling sigil on the side of his face.

The fortunate thing about being a Healer is that if it isn’t too serious, I won’t have to worry about it. I will keep your advice in mind though.” There was a portion of Ricky’s advice that struck Aoren though. It was a name he wasn’t entirely familiar with. He recognized it as being a deity with the way Ricky structured his sentence by referring to it as “Zulrav’s wind”.

Zulrav? That is not a deity I am familiar with.” He shrugged his shoulders. Zulrav. Lord of the Winds. Aoren’s interest was piqued. He would have to look further into this god to learn of him what he could.

The ship departs in the early afternoon. We will be leaving from the southern end of the docks. Look for the ship called the Suvan’s Grace.” Reaching out Aoren clasped Ricky on the shoulder staring into the man’s eyes for a moment.

Thank you, Ricky. You’ve made Zeltiva less of a strange place. Maybe one day our paths will cross each other again. Only the gods know.” Giving Ricky’s shoulder a squeeze Aoren left it at that. He gave the Wave Guard a nod then turned picking up his boots he tugged them back on before taking his leave. He clasped his hands behind his back. He needed to finish packing and prepare himself for the journey that lay ahead.
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The Principles of Water Control

Postby Gale Austin McCenry on December 23rd, 2014, 4:41 am

Ricky :
Reimancy +4 XP

Location: Maiden's Cape
Lore: Tale of the Black Lady
Wave Guard: Approval to Use Magic
Aoren: Master Reimancer
Aoren: Going to Riverfall
Aoren: Auristics User
Three Key Parts In Reimancy: Focus, Discipline, and Precision
Reimancy: Practice with Moderation
Aoren's Reimancy Elements: Wind, Water
Reimancy Tactic: How to suffocate someone with water
Reimancy Tactic: Water Whip
Reimancy Tactic: Extensions of your arms
Res: An extension of yourself
Hand to Hand Combat: Requires Discipline, Balance, and Harmony
Reimancy: An Art and Discipline
Res has Layers
Res layers creates para-elements
Res: Can be formed into anything with some creativity
Reimancy Theory: Deep connection with first element
Water Reimancy: Just as wicked as t is graceful
New Element: Wind
Using Attraction to discover new element
Reimancy Elements: Water and Wind can create Ice and Fog
Aoren: A great and special friend
Aoren has a brother

Item Description
Minor OvergivingYou'll have a hard time concentrating for the next few days, and tomorrow you'll have minor muscle spasms and soreness.


Congratulations on learning a new element Ricky! That was interesting to read, and I'm glad I had the chance to. Because of Ricky's obvious improvement, I gave you some minor overgiving.

I really liked Ricky's thought process through his learning and how he grasped each concept Aoren taught. It was cool to see him process everything and how he was able to grow even with just those few tests. Good job!

Aoren :
Auristics +3 XP
Teaching +5 XP
Socialization +2 XP

Location: The Cerulean Pier
Location: Maiden's Cape
Ricky: Magic User
Ricky: Reimancy User
Ricky: Free of Illness
Three Key Parts In Reimancy: Focus, Discipline, and Precision
Ricky's Reimency: Knows Basic Skills
Reimancy Tactic: How to suffocate someone with water
Reimancy Tactic: Water Whip
Res: An Extension of yourself
Hand to Hand Combat: Requires Discipline, Balance, and Harmony
Reimancy: An Art and Discipline
Res has layers
Res Layers create para-elements
Ricky's Remaincy Elements: Water and Air
God/Deity: Zulrav and his domain

Item Description
Minor Overgiving Some sensitivity to light and frequent headaches for the next couple of days.


Good job at playing at your skill level with Auristics. I really enjoyed Aoren's point of view in the thread and how he taught Ricky. I've never been one to really understand magic as thoroughly as you magic users so I actually learned a lot through this thread myself. XD Great job!

Since you did play your skill level pretty well, I gave you only minor overgiving to show your improvement. ^_^ And I gave you some of the lores Ricky got simply because I didn't see you have them yet and I thought that you may want to have them as well.

Additional Comments

I sincerely enjoyed this thread you guys, I'm really impressed. It was relaxed and very natural yet it was a great learning for everyone, including myself. :P I think I got a headache myself trying to comprehend what Aoren was saying half the time so yeah for learning! XD Haha! Keep it up you two!

If you have an concerns at all about your grade, however, or have an questions, just send me a PM and I can see what I can do! Don't forget to remove/replace your request to say "graded" so the ST's can clear it out. Thanks!

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