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A lawless town of anarchists, built on the ruins of an ancient mining city. [Lore]

The Quay

Postby Fallon on September 23rd, 2014, 7:01 pm

The Quay
The Walled Residence


ImageThe Quay is a area of land upon the coast of Sunberth. Marked clearly by the ten foot wall that traces its perimeter, this lot of land once used to be a coastal slavers pen that has since been abandoned by the city for decades - until it was taken over and begun again, officially opening it to the public in Fall 514 AV. Rebuilt and reconstructed, it is now owned, run and maintained primarily by Bitzer and Web. Cool stone will often greet the viewer, shortly followed by the worn - if not slightly imposing - gate house that marks the entrance. The only other public way of entering is otherwise through the small docks located at the back.

Inside the main complex is the most noticeable feature - hosting the offices and home of the owners. Dubbed as 'The Quay House', this business fronted building is constructed of two floors of solid masonry and filled with simple décor throughout. More often than not the general public only reach the first common room and offices - the rest of the build being private except to those who are welcomed in or are seen as friends. Upon entering up the stone steps and through the solid, locked door one into an entrance room, a spacious piece with various simple furnishings, one is greeted by the faint scent of incense and tobacco. Off this room three doors - all boasting their own locks - the one on the right leads into the SWI office, the left leads into the Quay office, and the centre leads on to the private areas of the Quay house.

Beyond the main complex is the Stone Docks; small, sparse, proper and maintained as well as possible. Rarely, it may have a vessel dock there to drop off supplies or out of city visitors - but more often than not it is empty and used for other recreational past times. Private residence aside, the Quay also hosts the main working hub of the SWI as well as a small and rarely used private dock. It also hosts space for travellers looking for more 'walled' security to pitch up their tents there - as long as they contact the land owners first for permission. Generally as long as they cause no trouble, visitors are welcome - otherwise those that inflict trouble, danger and pain, will simply receive it back tenfold.

Places of Note:

  1. Gatehouse
  2. The Quay house - Main Complex - Main housing of Bitzer and Web - also hosts the SWI (full room list can be found in the plotnotes of Fallon).
  3. Scarred Wolf Investigations (SWI) - Run by Bitzer, Enter for all your investigating services.
  4. Stone Docks - a small, quiet, private dock of the Quay.
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The Vino

Postby Regime on December 8th, 2017, 2:39 pm

New Occupants of The Quay as of Winter 517 A.V.

    Sunberth abhors a vacuum of power, no matter how small.

    And even when that void lingers like a scar, this competitive, ever changing city will always begins to gnaws at its old wounds, replacing those scars with new wounds. Many have eyed The desolated Quay for sometime, but being a building of contention between the Daggerhands and The Sun’s Birth has kept many away from it. The gangs only ever using its empty confines as a random place to get drunk, or skirmish with each other over it ... that was until now.

    The Vino were few in number, but have effectively claimed The Quay for their own purposes. No one knows much about The Vino and what rumors that do circulate around them are all just hearsay.

    What is known to those educated enough to understand it is that the word 'Vino' in the ancient tongue of Nader-canoch means 'children, offspring, or brood'. Its become obvious that the latter definition defines them as they are a close knit collective. Out of a sign of respect, each member of the gangs inner circle takes on the word Vino as a surname, using it to erase any past familial connections. Their reason for doing this are unknown, but what is know is that they are in Sunberth to stay, openly making a name for themselves through the cities slave trade. But a gang is a gang. And criminals will be criminals.

Name: Edward Vino
Race: Human
DoB: Fall 3rd, 451 AV (66 years old)
PoB: Syliras
Title: Vino, Treasurer.
Skills: Negotiation (56), Organization (82), Politics (53), Persuasion (44), Intimidation (32), Auristics (58), Rhetoric (66), Subterfuge (54), Weapon: Dagger (58).

Gnosis: Minting, 1st mark.

Additional Info:
Standing at 5'2'', Edward is a man of Syliraian heritage in his mid 60's, his skin holds the signs of overexposure to intense sunlight beams from a harsh life of maintaining cargo from over land caravan trade. He's done business in many cities throughout his life, studied their economies, what they import or export, and made money though his keen sense of business. As it stands, he is the front man for The Vino, and the first person all outsiders have to talk too in order to deal with the gang.

Name: Vesalius Vino
Race: Symestra
DoB: Summer 3rd, 472 AV (45years old)
PoB: Kalinor
Title: Vino, Roza Vino.
Skills: Weapon: Symenestran Lash (80), Stealth (66), Subterfuge (77), Blind Fighting (77), Cryptography (53), Intelligence (55), Unarmed Combat (48), Poison(82), Philtering (88) Brewing (54), Observation (88).

Chaon, 1st Mark.
Silakrov, 1st Cursed.

Additional Info:
Vesalius is ever a man of grace and calm. He keeps his appearance immaculately well maintained, wearing only the most elegant ebony tunics crafted from the finest spider silks of Kalinor. His taste in fashion appears to be the only thing which ties him to his homelands. But he has long since cut his ties to Kalinor with a bloody knife. His past is irrelevant now. Only the present matter now that he's found a new family... A better family.

Name: Zsavin Vino
Race: Drykas, Human.
DoB: Winter 5th, 463 AV (54 years old)
PoB: Endrykas
Title: Roza Vino, Driver.
Skills: Riding (80), Driving (78), Horsemanship (77), Webbing (49), Weapon: Glaive (87), Intimidation (68), Weapon: Longbow (55), Wilderness Survival (60), Tracking (55).

Gnosis: None

Additional Info:
Sunberth often stands in awe as they watch a monster of speed rampage through the city streets. That monster is Zsavin Vino riding upon a chariot, chasing down run away slaves or cutting down threats in his way. Its no secret that he's a petching madman on a mount, which is why he is often in charge of delivering slave shipments to the slave markets. Even though he's never seen out of a nice layer of heavy armor and clothing, its obvious that he is a Drykas due to the fact that he keeps a strider stallion around, named Ikal, that he treats like family, and that the edge of one of his windmarks can be seen creeping up his neck toward the back of his left ear.

His day to day means of travel is a steel caged prison wagon either filled with slaves or freshly captured enemies. He is the main reason why runaway slaves never manage to get far.

Name: Rictor Vino
Race: Mixed Blood, Eypharian/Isur.
DoB: Spring 80 th, 457 AV (60 years old)
PoB: Sunberth
Title: Recha Vino, Slaver.
Skills: Weapon: Mace (75), Intimidation (91), Weapon: Hand Crossbow (60), Larceny (83), Leadership (56), Running (44), Endurance (77), Bodybuilding, (44), Brawling (68).

Gnosis: None

Additional Info:
A born and bred Sunberthan; or at least that's what he tells people. It is said that he is the reason why the Vino chose to settle down in the city. Most of the Vino's general slave labors force are maintained by him. If any slave gets too troublesome, he disciplines them or tells Edward to sell them off to keep the business running smoothly. He treats the slaves well, keeping only the strongest and most loyal slaves around to being trained so that they may someday earn their freedom to become Vino enforcers.

Name: Ele'non Vino
Race: Akalak
DoB: Fall 40th, 207 AV (310 years old)
PoB: Denval
Title: The Old Man, "Boss Vino".
Skills:Leadership (92), Teaching (55), Tactics (66), Weapon: Longsword (88), Unarmed Combat (65), Shielding (60), Riding (44), Weapon: Javelin (48), Summoning (55), Glyphing (48), Bodybuilding (87), Wilderness Survival (90)

Gnosis: None

Additional Info:
El & Non, lovingly referred to as Elenon tells everyone that they were born in Riverfall, which is a lie. Only the inner circle knows that he is from Denval and spent very little time if any in Riverfall itself.

It is clear that he is the the voice that ends all minor augments, the last vote in deciding what to do, and the eldest of the group. Simply referred to as 'The old man' by the other Vino, most of Sunberth has taken to calling him Boss Vino. Needless to say, El & Non brought every member of the team together in some way.

Name: Salem Vino
Race: Human
DoB: Spring 90th, 499 AV (18 years old)
PoB: Zeltiva
Title: Recha Vino, Savage.
Skills:Weapon: Club (38), Brawling (55), Bodybuilding (30) Larceny (46), Running (54), Intelligence (33), Stealth (45), Intimidation (35), Torture (43).

Gnosis: Vexation, 1st mark.

Additional Info:
When the Vino were going from one place to another, they came upon a caravan being overrun by Yukmen. The group dispatched the monsters given that they needed to move past them which lead to the discovery of a young child. Of all the Vino to save him, it was Rictor Vino who became the boys father figure. During Salem early years, he acted as the groups mascot, but has since gained the loyalty of all members of the inner circle and is considered one himself. He's had a harsh life, but The Vino have taught him how to survive. While streetwise, he's clearly a brute. He's young, but killed his fair share of people which have left his hands stained red with blood.

He is often found guarding The Quay, with a slave given to him by the gang to satisfy his brutal needs, or out on a task when the others do not wish to get their hands dirty.
    Gang Operations
    The Vino are a gang on the rise who only recruit people skilled enough to benefit them. The Vino trust new people as far as they can spit, but it is possible to become affiliated with the minor gang. To attain the title of 'Nen'; Nen being the ancient tongue word for 'Young', requires a moderated thread with one of the Vino to become a Nen Vino which translates to 'Young Child' within the gang.

    Skill recommendations:
    If you are eligible for any of the following jobs, The Vino would consider you applicable for membership.
  • Slaver, interviewed by Rictor.
  • Guard, interviewed by Edward & Ele'non.
  • Spy, interviewed by Vesalius.
  • Bounty Hunter, interviewed by Zsavin.
Human Slaves
    Sunberth consists of 93% humans, and while they do sell humanoid and Kelvic slaves, thoses are on a case by case basis. Please see here for further prices.

    Laborers: 50 skill points, no L2 skills.
  • Human Male Laborer, 300 GM
  • Human Female Laborer, 350 GM

    Skilled: 50 skill points, 1 @ L2
  • Skilled Human Male, 400 GM
  • Skilled Human Female, 450 GM

    Extraordinary: Extreme beauty, 100 Skill points
  • Extraordinary Female or Male Human, 1000 GM and up.

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