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Who am I?

Postby Firenze on July 7th, 2015, 4:23 pm


A tear threatened to roll on her cheek and Fire swiped at it angrily, she didn’t want to show weakness. Shock had started to set in a bit from the act that she’d performed but it was done and there was nothing that she could do about it now, she felt Bitzer had silently confirmed that when she didn’t answer if they could fix what happened. Warmth came around her and she realized that Bitzer had thrown her cloak around her shoulders. This threatened the tears anew, the shocking contrast between the two strangers that she’d come into contact today proving the madness of Sunberth.

Fire’s feet continued to move thoughtlessly, keeping her with the other woman. She listened to the instructions that she was being given and made a mental note. Bitzer seemed as though she’d been through this kind of thing before and her words were from experience, Fire would heed them.

Her shoulder caught another’s as they walked, barely registering the curses coming from the other person she just tried to focus on getting back and listening to her companion. The further they got away from the alley the less she felt weighed down with the thoughts of her actions. It started to feel surreal, that it might not have actually happened. Bitzer’s presence was the constant reminder that it had.

As the other woman spoke she realized how true her words were. She couldn’t afford to wallow in her self doubt and fear. How many times had she killed an animal for survival and food? Yes, it was slightly different because the life that she had taken wasn’t for sustenance but that didn’t mean it was any different. Shaking her head slightly, she tried to loosen the fog in her mind. Filling her lungs with air she slowly let out the deep breath, a long and slow white cloud flowing from her mouth.

“I understand. You’re right, I… I got lucky this time. Next time…” she paused for a moment wondering if she might encounter a next time. She didn’t want to encounter a next time. What she needed to do was get out of Sunberth. It was becoming more and more apparent that she was not meant for this town as everyday passed. “If there is a next time… I only hope to be as lucky.”

Fire had not been paying attention to the direction they were heading, trusting the woman that she’d briefly met before to lead her in the right direction. Glancing up she realized that they’d not come upon the bar but were passing a gate that lead to a few buildings. Bitz told her to come there if she were in trouble again and that gave Firenze some relief, she had somewhere more secure looking to go, other than the bar. The courtesy of security came with a warning though. Firenze nodded, “Yes, understood. What is that place?” She’d passed by it before but had not really paid attention to it, her mission always elsewhere.

Glancing over to the other woman she wondered if she was cold, her cloak secured around Fire’s shoulders. She was cold, the chill that had sunk into her bones in that alley felt like it was deep and that it would never leave. Her eyes turned to the street, looking but not really seeing, her thoughts frazzled her mind. Quickly her attention was torn from her thoughts and she was grateful to the woman next to her for keeping her from turning too far inward.

“I...I am staying at the Drunken Fish. I’ve had their ale before and it is rather strong,” the bitter false heat of an ale sounded good, hoping it would help her to relax, “do you want to have a cup with me? I'll pay, for your troubles of course.” Bitz noted her frown and Fire realized that she did indeed have her mouth turned down. She hadn’t even noticed, maybe her thoughts had placed it there without her knowing. Looking over, unfurling the crease between her brows she lifted the edges of her mouth and tried to give her best smile to Bitz, it was not her usual brilliant smile but a half one that was strained.

They approached the door for the Drunken Fish and Firenze grabbed the handle automatically, pulling it back. Warmth drifted over her, running along her exposed skin. As they entered, she dragged out a seat near one of the back tables for her companion and then grabbed another and plunked down into it. She waved a hand limply in the air at Miriam to come with drinks.

“I’m from Sunberth as far as I know, I’ve been here as long as I can remember. It is starting to become very clear that I may not be suited for this city…” her lips came together in a hard line, a heavy sigh escaping her. Her eyes turned onto the table, hands clasped together on the worn top.

Miriam plunked a couple of mugs onto the table, the liquid sloshing over the side. “Thanks. Add it to a tab, I’ll pay you later,” Fire dismissed her, the barmaid knew she was good for her word and then some. She enjoyed the voluptuous woman, although they’d never be friends she liked the simple banter and bargaining with her from time to time.

Attention back on the other woman, she asked, “Are you from here?” The question was simple enough but there were other questions that were bothering Firenze that she wanted find out. Thumbs fiddle together debating whether to ask or not, her curiosity won, “How did you find us? How did you know we were there? I'm grateful you were, I’m not sure how things would have turned out had you not been…" Chair creaking she shifted in her seat, "I owe you a debt, you saved my life," it was a grim realization but Fire was truly grateful, "Anything you need, let me know and I will do it the best that I can.” She did owe the woman her life. It was risky leaving the debt favor open-ended but she wasn’t exactly sure how she could repay her. Taking a long pull from the ale she closed her eyes for a moment letting it sink in and warm her belly and bones, hoping that it would clear her head as well.

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Who am I?

Postby Fallon on July 16th, 2015, 9:37 am

There was a blast of warmth as they entered, the eyes of the Red Wolf sweeping back and forth between the faces of the patrons that littered the ground floor. There was a few glances back, but the few hardy sailors that looked for warmth in the cold merely went back to their drinks. As Firenze took to one of the tables she moved after her, merely hovering at the table. Once settled, Fallon thought only on reclaiming the cloak with barely a mumble upon her lips, "Too many layers in a warm room can trap the cold in." Her eyes shifted, feeling the prickling gaze fall upon her shoulders, the weight of judgement brush against her consciousness. She could not stay long, she had her duties to attend and a patrol to do. The green blue orbs blinked, paused and looked down upon the woman, "I cannot stay long, nor dwell to far from my territory. The Red Wolf must keep an eye on her hunting ground, lest it be infested by rabid dogs."

A clunk to the drinks upon the table surface, a brief purse of lips as the woman fell into what could only be described as a monologue. A repose of the self and the beginning of flagellation onto her ego. Fallon merely raised an eyebrow, the lips twitching as she gave another scan of the room. Firenze however, appeared to be already drinking indulging herself in the mental numbing brought forth from alcohol. It was an experience to say the least, but how she would grow upon it Fallon did not know. She answered, "Do not dwell on what could have been, think only on what has been. Better yet, focus on the present and look to the future. Life is too short for worrying."

"How did I know?"
She tested the question, "I was requested by locals to drive off a shadowy looking one, threatening business, trouble maker, suspicious sort. Coincidence made you the bait of that same target." A shrug, "There was nothing else to it beyond that. So with the target following prey, it made things a lot easier to flush out and catch in the act." She frowned then, jaw tightening as the orbs bore down onto the table intensely, "I do not tolerate rapists." Fallon moved onto answering the other questions then, words twisting and turning as she pocketed the small slithers of information the woman produced. She raised a hand in gesture to the Drunken Fish, "Here specifically? No, I am not. Though, if you doubt your ability to survive in a city then it is probably best to hunker down or leave. Sunberth is no place for the faint of heart, it is a land of kill or be killed."

Pulling away Fallon gave a tap upon her belongings, checking her tools needed were there and still on her person. Discovering them in place, "Be careful with your words, there are those out there who would use them and manipulate you into something deadly. Here, people wear masks and fake smiles carry the sharpest knives." She gave a squint, "And wolves, they are dangerous prowlers who will not hesitate." The Red Wolf straightened, bundling the cloak this time around her own shoulders, "You should focus on getting warm and more able in worth - you cannot offer me anything if you cannot fight for yourself." With a nod, Fallon turned on her heel. Her hand raised with a dismissive wave, "I am off. There is nothing left for me here. Oh and Firenze," She looked back briefly from the door, "Don't do anything stupid."
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Who am I?

Postby Royal on December 10th, 2015, 4:20 pm

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