Closed Ad Fundum (Turrin, Sira and Dru)

It's Turrin's Birthday; no one goes home sober

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Ad Fundum (Turrin, Sira and Dru)

Postby Sira on June 23rd, 2015, 3:26 am


Sira did not recognize the woman.. At all. But that wasn't unsurprising. The wild harriers were often away from the city, and Sira did not interact with them much. At one point in her life she'd considered joining them, but that was before she'd ever found a rider. Now Sira was homebound, even without a rider. Unless her new rider, whoever that might end up being, wanted to travel, Sira was content to stay and protect Wind Reach.

"Oh, right. Neria. How could I forget?"

When Turrin responded to Neria's teasing her grin grew all the wider, if that were even possible, and she turned to the woman wide eyed and, in truth, more than a little excited even if Turrin had no idea what he was talking about.

"Did you hear that? He wants both of us at the same time!"

Sira moved to Turrin's side, sliding her arm through his, and glancing invitingly toward the other woman. When Brandon appeared with his comment Sira paid him little mind. She was having too much fun at the moment to bother with strangers, and besides, he was entertaining Drusilla. Although, if things didn't lead anywhere interesting with Turrin, she might just have to seek the stranger out. Assuming she could remember what he looked like by then. Sira leaned in close and whispered into Turrin's ear.

"Save some of that endurance for me, War Hawk. Don't use it all on the rabbit, and Ill make sure the three of us have a night you never forget." Sira tugged on Turrin's arm, pulling him toward the bar, and reached out to Neria to drag her too. "First thing first though. You two need a drink."

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Ad Fundum (Turrin, Sira and Dru)

Postby Turrin on July 14th, 2015, 4:19 am


Turrin watched the expression on Sira's face and the grin grew wider and wider with every passing word. It only dawned on him now that Neria wasn't talking about sparring. No it was something much more carnal that beating the shyke out each other in the fighting pits. When Sira linked her arms in between his own and whispered in his ear, the myrian just gave her a baffled look, but he aloud her to lead him to the bar with Neria in tow. Starting to realize what was happening, the myrian glanced over at Drusilla and Brandon who were dancing than he turned his attention the two beautiful women next to him and muttered to himself in myrian, “Petch it! It my birthday!” Looking at Sira, Turrin leaned over and whispered in Sira's ear, “You are enjoying my pain aren't you?” Turrin paused for a moment and said with a smile, “I am glad you can make it to my birthday.”

Turning to the bartender, Turrin asked with a smile, “Can I have the Fury? I will buy this round of drinks for the two women also.” The endal knew that he was probably not going to remember tonight, but he figure that it might be best if he had to deal with Brandon and Drusilla grinding on the dance floor.

Neria seemed to be using Sira as support as she asked to Turrin in confusion, “You going to buy me a drink, are just a game scout. I can buy for as of us. I am RICH!”

Turrin was kind of confused on what she just said because as the baseline started to get louder. Everyone on the dance floor around them started to cheer in excitement as the drums started to pick up their pace. The endal leaned towards her and said with a smile, “No, I will buy and you will enjoy it, Neria.”

The look on Neria face was priceless as a “lower caste” told her no. Turrin never experience watching a endals change his or her mood, but when he told her no, the intoxicated endal for a moment looked like she was going to punch him. However, the Neria must have other things on her mind as she snuggled into the other women shoulder and asked Sira with a exaggerated pout on her red lips, “I think our game scout needs to be punished! What do you think, Sira?”

As Turrin tried his best to listen to the two women’s conversation, but it was hard to ear because of the intensity of the music around him. Deciding to turn his attention to the dance floor, he turned his attention to the dance hall. As the music started to progress, he started to move his head with the beat of the drums. Turrin wasn't the kind of person to get the courage to dance without a few drinks first, but he did appreciate the drumming and the other miscellaneous instruments being played by the band. Turrin wasn't the kind of person to frequent the Weather often, but he did enjoy the music even if he didn't join in the dancing.
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Ad Fundum (Turrin, Sira and Dru)

Postby Brandon Blackwing on July 14th, 2015, 7:32 pm

Brandon shook his head with a smile, not even bothering to figure out what had been going on inside Dru’s head. “You know I can’t take off just like that, Dru, I’m not a bird.” He grinned widely, taking a sip of his drink. It was indeed quite sweet, like some sort of nectar. But it was strong too, the aftertaste burning his throat pleasantly. “Besides, you would have seen a flash of light. Or at least a bundle clothes.” He shook his head some more, his hair waving slightly. “Nah, I have a foolproof way not to spill while dancing;” he said, winking.

Then, he lifted his beverage to his lips and gulped down about half of it at once, stopping when his gag reflex was about to strike. One more sip and he’d have vomited; he could feel it. The way his stomach had contracted, the subtle change in saliva in his mouth. Though he did not care about just having been on the brink of puking, instead he mouthed “ta-daah” and pointed with his free hand at his drink. “See, now it’s become very hard to spill by just dancing.” Though if he decided to fool around it wouldn’t help one bit.

Such thoughts had no place in his intoxicated head though; all Brandon was concerned about right now was to have as much fun as possible. So he danced, with flailing arms, jumping up and down to the rhythm of the beat. Nevertheless, the fact Turrin was also somewhere inside the Inclement was enough to make his smile curl down every so often, though vexing as his presence was, Brandon managed not to look in his direction for a while. However, he couldn’t keep it up of course, and eventually he did sneak a peek to where he’d last seen the endal. Much to his surprise, Turrin wasn’t there. Maybe he’s gone to fetch something else to wear than his ragged pants,the bat thought with a smirk.

Immediately after that Brandon fixed his attention back to Drusilla and his own movements, for some reason trying to sway like seaweed influenced by the sea currents. And then he just strated doing things with his feet, legs and the rest of his body. Things he felt made sense. To anyone sober it would probably look ridiculous, but there were no such people in the Inclement. Not ever. And besides, Brandon couldn’t care less. Not to mention he felt like a pro dancer too. He just continued his strange dance, taking a sip of his drink every so often, enjoying the feel of the seemingly burning beverage streaming down his throat.

Too soon his drink was gone, and all the bat was left with was an empty container. Maybe it was time for a refill, but Bran did not know whether Dru wanted a new one yet, and more importantly, Turrin had reappeared, now standing near the bar, blocking the path. Sure, he could go around, but that would mean wasting time and letting the Symenestra alone for an extended period of time. His shoulder heaved in a sigh as the Kelvic decided to stick around on the dance floor some more, but no-one had ever said that couldn’t be enjoyable too, right? Abandoning his mug somewhere –had he dropped it? Thrown it? Given it to someone? He didn’t know- Brandon closed in on Dru slowly, grabbing hold of her hands gently, or as gently as he still could, and dragged her into a wild dance.

It wasn’t anything complicated, just a combination of stepping back and forth while guided by their arms, which were swung away from their bodies and back towards it depending on whether they stepped back or forwards. It was wild, it was fun, it was easy to keep up, and it matched the rhythm of the beat fairly well. Brandon was quite pleased with himself, laughing as he danced, making things all the more enjoyable for himself. Whether it was the alcohol or something else, this dance really tired him out, burning in his stomach and making his breath come out in short pants. Nevertheless, he kept going, keeping up the pace and motions until the music changed.


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Ad Fundum (Turrin, Sira and Dru)

Postby Drusilla on July 16th, 2015, 3:23 pm

"Oooh, okay..." Drusilla giggled, "If I could turn into a bat... I'd do it aaaallllllll the time!" She twirled around to make her point, her drink spilling on the ground a little. She noticed her spill, "Ooops... Ah, oh well..."

She watched curiously to see what Brandon's fool proof plan of not spilling his drink was. Drusilla smiled and giggled at the fact that her companion's plan was to simply guzzle down half his drink. She could only laughed wholeheartedly at this and with her happy laughter her fangs shown. Somewhere down the road of intoxication she had lost the thought and conscious awareness to hide them like she normally did from people. Once her laughter had subsided Drusilla followed as Brandon had done with his drink. As the spider did so raising the metal cup to her lips a quiet noise was made as her fangs hit the mug, a noise lost in the crowd and drums. Mimicking what Brandon had done, she too drained a large amount of her drink. Once finished she gave the bat a smile and their dance began again.

As the two danced their nonsensical dancing Drusilla couldn't help but notice that something or some one was distracting Brandon, and for reasons unknown it irked her to no end. She finally got frustrated enough to finally turn his face back to hers with a long black claw-like nail and a pout on her face. The Symenestra still wasn't sure why she was bothered by Brandon's attention being elsewhere. Could she possibly be jealous? Nah! No way... Well, maybe... just a little bit...

Suddenly she was ripped from her thoughts. Something had her hands! Looking down she found it was less a something and more a someone. Brandon. Brandon had taken her hands in his. Drusilla looked down at their hands.... He had taken her hands very delicately for being drunk. After staring at their hands for longer than she planed, Drusilla took her hands and wrapped her hands around his. Looking up at the bat she felt blood rushing to her face.

A new dance began swinging and swaying, back and forth. Looking at Brandon she couldn't help but smile and laugh. He looked like he was having the time of his life and Drusilla found she had nothing to complain about she was enjoying her time with Brandon. The music stopped as a new song was in preparation. Brandon was panting and she took a step forward and lost her footing. (Her spilled drink!!) Something had stopped her fall. She was holding on to... someone. Opening her eyes Drusilla found her arms were wrapped around Brandon's neck. Dear gods, they were so close. This... What should she do? Her heart was beating through her chest. "Um..."


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