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Ball and Jade + Family versus looters

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The vast majority of Syliras exists within the walls of this fortress, which is in reality the city itself, where all the people, merchants, and Syliran Knights all live together. It is divided into tiers where the classes are neatly divided. The basement of Stormhold is an enormous bazaar while the lofty heights belong to the Dyres family.

Family... Friends... Food.

Postby Ball on April 27th, 2017, 2:45 am

"My Speaking" My Thoughts

19th Spring 517

There was rumors of rioting and pillaging of wares at the docks. Yet Ball did not see any so far and as such he had sent a page he had seen running about to send for his squire and her family. Tag-a-long and child that is. They might like a little time away from training or child-rearing and get in the open air. As much as Ball hated the idea of being this close to the open sea, boats, and monsters that live in the waters – It was 'too soon' still, too soon being nearly five years ago.

Today though he rode his mighty terrier, the brown-black terrier was still getting accustomed to saddle and rider, but it was a good day. Locked into the ready but not couched positioning on his saddle was Ball's trusty lance Thorn, a keepsake from a past patron. Hanging by his waist was his beloved rapier, held in place by clay of his own being and pulled tightly against his body in doing so. When he had sent the page he had requested that they come armed, if his squire needed a weapon of her own Ball decided he would pay for it. It was his duty and privilege as a knight and teacher. Maybe a sweet or two for the child as well.

Ball smiled at the thought, earlier this season he had ran into his former patron, his newly found lover, and their child. It was an interesting time and one Ball mistaken as a training session without knowing the full details. Dina was different though, she was a lost soul amongst a sea of long souls. She needed a firm hand to guide her, someone that understood, someone that could relate to that fear. Dina also had her parents, two people Ball was determined to see combat and survive it.

Speaking of the goods he had intention of purchasing, Ball had requested the same page to go to his dorm and remove fifty mizas from his trunk. Anymore and Ball was apt to know and punishment would not be pleasant. Fifty should be enough.

So all he had to do now was wait for the page, his squire, her tag-a-long, and young Dina.

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Family... Friends... Food.

Postby Jade Laken on April 27th, 2017, 2:49 am

Jade sat up and rubbed her eyes yawning. She had finally gotten a chance to sleep all night. Her patron was a very sporadic teacher to say the least, but the woman would have it no other way. Nothing in battle or life was certain that fact was being drilled into her every time her body moved. Popping her neck, the blond got up and went about her morning routine getting ready for the day ahead. Dina had begged the woman to take her down to the docks to see all the ships on her next day off. The mother had readily agreed, but told the child early on that she didn’t know when that would be. With Ball, there was no guarantee that the woman would ever have one off while under his training.

“Armor or no armor?” Jade asked herself.

Her mind drifted to the warning of possible riots breaking out down there. Looking at the metal, the young Drykas grabbed it and put it on with a great amount of difficulty. She was given a standard one size fits everyone, the only thing was that it was far too big on her. Making a face, the woman had not wanted to return to her superiors and complain about it. She was content was making due, till she was done and could buy her own armor.

“Not much longer now I hope,” the blonde spoke quietly.

Her roommate was not present so that helped to calm her nerves some. The pair still did not get along after the first early morning wake up call, no matter how many times Ball had included the other woman in their excursions to the Pit. This morning however had started with her roommate being summoned by her own patron early, and the woman was thankfully left to sleep. After making sure all the straps were fastened as tight as possible, Jade opened the door just before a young page knocked on her door. The blonde nodded when he said that her patron had summoned her and disappeared to find Ferrin. She was glad that Ball would already be at the docks waiting. Hopefully, the mother could take her little one down there to see the ships and sailors before any kind of violence broke out.

Walking down the street, Jade ducked into the orphanage and smiled hearing all the children at play. The woman told a helper, who she was there to pick up and waited patiently for the little one to be brought out to her. An excited cry and pattering of little feet on hard wood, made the mother smile brightly. Dina hated all kinds of footwear no matter what it was. So, most days the woman allowed her to go bare footed or stayed at home with her.

“MOMMY!” Dina cried and launched herself at the woman.

“Dina!” Jade caught her and hugged her close.

Letting the owner know where the pair was going, the mother walked outside of the building and let the child’s feet touch the ground. Taking her hand, the pair walked towards the docks with humming. Jade did not worry about the little one getting away if someone tried to grab her. Dina had been escaping her new parents from the very beginning. It took some time as every time the child saw an animal, the girl tried to catch it. Laughing Jade helped her stand before they continued. It was not long before they saw Ball riding his trusty pup that the knighthood awarded him upon completion of his quest.

“Good morning ser. Sorry to keep you waiting,” Jade stated as Dina instantly started playing with the animal.
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Family... Friends... Food.

Postby Ferrin Al'Mandrikan on April 27th, 2017, 2:11 pm

19th of Spring517av



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