Open Scouting New Territory

Where in Nya leads a party into The Maw for practice and to locate perhaps more ruins.

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Syka is a new settlement of primarily humans on the east coast of Falyndar opposite of Riverfall on The Suvan Sea. [Syka Codex]

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Scouting New Territory

Postby Sophia Sunshore on September 12th, 2018, 9:10 pm

A smile wound its way over Sophia's mouth at Nya's comment. "I am too." Within mere days Syka had felt more like home than any boat she had been on, and now that she had started to properly meet her neighbours that feeling was growing. "I expect you're right! Every time I look at the jungle I wonder how many things there are here that nobody has ever even laid eyes on before!"

A companionable silence grew for a short while as Sophia suspected the other two were mulling over their own stories. She had learned that not everyone was quite so willing to share their stories as she was, and that they were often things one had to earn.

Sophia found that she was getting a little more comfortable with walking through the rainforest as they went on, meaning that she could spare a little more focus to watch and learn from Nya, and also to listen properly to them both. She tried to get herself into a rhythm of swinging her cutlass as she walked to make it easier to chop through the foliage as she was moving. It seemed to work a little, but she definitely needed to build up her strength to make it even close to being an easy task.

She took the lengths of ribbon from Nya, and made sure to watch for a moment so she could judge accurately when to tie on a new piece. She noted that they took a good few strides before the previous ribbon started to become less visible, but still made sure to check as she tied each new one that the trail could still be seen.

As the trail opened up all of a sudden she stopped behind Nya. Sophia nodded as it was explained that these clearer paths were used by predators. She had come across similar ones with Uta before and the pair had never stayed on them for very long, but the Svefra had never through to question why. At least now she knew for whenever she finally plucked up the courage to explore the jungle on her own piece of land.

Sophia tried to mimic Nya's odd seated position. It wasn't particularly comfortable, but the other woman's warnings about biting bugs definitely meant that she would strive to get used to it. Her ankles protested as she awkwardly tried to stand again, and she almost put her hand on the floor to steady herself. At the last second she realised, and instead put her cutlass point-down so she could use it for leverage to push up. A sheepish smile tugged at the corners of her mouth. "You make that look easy!"

She turned her attention to Tarn as he answered Nya's question from earlier. "I didn't spend much time in Riverfall, but I can sympathise with the feeling. Boats don't feel particularly freeing." Eyes flicked to Nya as she also commented. Sophia loved people, she could happily chat for bells if the opportunity presented itself, although she had felt that this pair were definitely not like that from the moment they had gathered in the Commons. It was certainly different for her to be with others in silence, but she found that it wasn't something she disliked. She smiled at the Akalak. "I'm glad Syka is working out for you Taren."

Nya's own answer made the Svefra pause. Sophia had thought that the woman would decline to share her story, and she certainly could tell that there was a lot left unsaid. She sensed however that it was not something to be casually shared and so she would not pry. Instead, Sophia gave a single nod and a small, warm smile. "I hope that you do feel better in this place. I'm sorry to hear of what happened... I can't even imagine." She did note that Nya had only mentioned that she had come to Syka, and she hoped that the woman was not totally alone here. Nobody should be totally alone. Sophia hoped that her words didn't feel empty to the woman, but she wasn't really sure what else she could say to a story such as that.

As they trekked on, she marvelled at how easily Nya moved through the rainforest. Herself and Taren clearly had a long way to go to match that skill. It was as if Nya had been made to move through these trees. Sophia almost stepped right into her as she suddenly came to a halt, and peered ahead at the creatures they had found. They were like nothing else she had seen before, huge creatures, and an eyebrow rose as they were described as 'gentle'. She was more than happy to avoid them in any case, and followed off in a curve away from the odd beasts.

As they were moving onward, Sophia had a momentary lapse in what little grace she had and caught her foot on an exposed root. Thankfully for her, the root was thin enough to snap and instead of falling to the ground she just stumbled forwards a step. Something rustled in the trees above at the sound, possibly a monkey that was now disturbed and she glanced up briefly before looking back at the others. "Sorry! Need to pick my feet up more... these trees are getting closer and closer together. There are so many roots..." Hopefully she wouldn't completely embarrass herself as they trekked on.
NOTE: During the Fall Sophia is a Dhani, specifically a golden eyelash viper. See here for more detailed info.
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Scouting New Territory

Postby Taren Coballon on September 16th, 2018, 6:15 pm

They kept up a solid pace as Nya led them thru, around, and under the bush as they pushed onward and deeper into the jungle. As they talked, he realized that Sophia might be a valuable resource in the future with her knowledge of the pllants which he lacked entirely so far. After he took the offered ribbon from Nya and started to take his turn as they cut and marked the trail. While he agreed with Nya about not camping on the trail as it could destroy the trail, even followed the reasons to follow it from the side to watch the trail, however the difference between predator and prey was often changing in life or on the trail and one always had to be careful for those changes.

When Nya told her story he was quite surprised by her response as he looked at her with a new respect, and quickly sized the woman up again as she glanced over at the other two. He knew much was unsaid in the same way he used, but neither of his new companions were pushing for extra information so he wouldn’t either. If either had a story to tell them,they would when or if they wanted to talk, he would not press for information.

As they gave the Nandhai a wide berth and continued onward, Sophia stumbled but righted herself gracefully enough before he could even reach out and give her a hand, he wondered how they all hadn’t tripped all over themselves with as dense the foliage was at times. He also heard the trees rustle above them right before Sophia looked up as well, he decided to check upwards more often to be sure nothing was stalking them. As he looked down at the Svefra, he considered how nice and polite she had been the entire trip so far which he knew he had little of her friendly personality anymore from too many long days alone. “How long have you been in Syka, Sophia?” he asked as he resolved he should change about himself.

As Sophia and Nya were tying ribbons onto some limbs, he stepped up past both of them to front. “How about I let your arm get a little break and chop for a while” he stated to Nya as he started to clear the jungle in long full sweeps of his sword. Being out in front, he didn’t have to shorten his swings in fear of hitting those in front so he was able to clear foliage a little easier as he followed the general direction Nya had been leading them in and alternating around the trees and obstacles on the ground.

“Please keep me going in the correct direction and out of any poisonous plants if either of you wouldn’t mind” he mentioned to the others as friendly as he could before he continued onward. After the bells of short swings, it felt good to stretch the arm and shoulder out a little more even if just for a short time. Birds squawked all about them as the trio interfered with the birds day or maybe even the birds homes he wasn’t sure. While the jungle just kept going on and on seemingly endless. Occasionally he would come upon brightly colored flowers which he avoided cutting as much as possible for a variety of reasons.

As he pushed forward while the jungle seemed to thin out for a nice change of pace. He cut a strip of ribbon and tied it on a branch while he asked “How far have you two ventured into the jungle?” He turned and continued clearing the foliage, he had developed a rhythm of swinging that felt good and seemed efficient as well but was thankful for the lighter cover as well.

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Scouting New Territory

Postby Madeira Dusk on June 10th, 2019, 11:56 pm

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  • Wilderness Survival: packing for jungle exploration
  • Wilderness Survival: tents are useless in the jungle
  • Land navigation: leaving a visible marker
  • Endurance: the difficulties of trekking through jungle growth
  • Land Navigation: using game trails
  • Acrobatics: using leverage to save balance

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I'm sorry this couldn't continue. But for what its worth I thoroughly enjoyed what was there. Sophie is a sweet little chatterbox. <3
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