Closed A Place to Belong [The Midnight Gem]

After leaving the Dust Bed, Anja goes to Kelski for advice. Is there a better place to call home?

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A Place to Belong [The Midnight Gem]

Postby Anja Nightwatcher on November 19th, 2018, 8:15 pm

Fall 37th 518
18th Bell
The Midnight Gem

Kelski had told Anja that he was free to come over for dinner whenever he liked. As the afternoon waned towards evening, and Syna spread her bright crimson light over the dense grey clouds, the Drykas found his knees guiding Maisa down the familiar winding streets towards the building nestled against a beach in Baroque Bay. Maisa's hooves beat a slow rhythm that increased in tempo as the Strider realized where it was her companion was guiding her towards. Nestled on Anja's lap astride the mare's back, two pairs of bright blue eyes blinked nervously in the fading light from behind Anja's coat. An occasional soft whine was heard from within the depths of Anja's coat, which would be soothed with a soft touch or kind murmur.

It had been nearly ten hours, and the Eiyon was still angry. If it were not for the puppies and for Maisa, Anja very well might have come to blows with Jeb. And, judging the older man's propensity for combat, Anja had only just narrowly avoided a bloody end to the death scarred tapestry he called a life. Even thinking it now, Anja could feel rage coursing through his veins. How could a fellow Eiyon possibly employ a nuit!? Jeb's explanation had been ridiculous! So what if that monster forfeited it's life should it ever leave?! So what if it served Jeb entirely?! It was a abomination and it needed to be put down immediately! How Dira could possibly think to allow this, Anja had no idea.

Lost in his thoughts as he was, Anja nearly lost balance when Maisa shifted her weight suddenly. When the man returned to himself and glared at the back of his companion's head, Maisa flicked her ears in his direction. 'Stop that,’ those ears seemed to say. Anja felt his temper cool very slightly, enough for him to remember where he was and what he was doing. Tension radiated through his body and down his legs, and the ever perceptive Maisa could guess exactly what was on his mind. She was right. Dwelling wouldn't bring a solution to the problem at hand, and he needed to focus his energy where it was most efficient.

He couldn't live in the Dust Bed anymore. Not with a nuit camping nearby. Anja only had so much self control, and at the very least he needed to protect Maisa and the pups. The little ones were his responsibility. He owed it to Light to give them the best life he could, and camping in a haunted graveyard with undead next door was not a life he wanted for them. That said, what other options did he have? He had investigated the Tent City earlier that morning. In the two hours he had been there he had seen three men robbed and one stabbed. If he was to keep the puppies safe, that was not the ideal location. He had heard about the possibility of apartments, but the idea of being cooped up in a small place made Anja nervous. It would also require stabling Maisa, which she would detest.
Anja couldn't do it in a good concious. His options were running out.

Anja found himself pointing Maisa towards the Gem before he realized what he was doing. As the strider picked up speed, Anja was able to rationalize the instinctive decision. Kelski knew the city well and could give Anja advice, and food in the man's stomach would certainly help him to focus on his problem. And he could let the pups run around without worrying about them getting trampled, or kicked, or stolen. Kelski had learned to like horses. Perhaps she could learn to like dogs too.

Anja had been riding all day so when he finally dismounted from Maisa's back at the Gem's front door his legs nearly buckled from his own weight. The Drykas took a chime to stretch, silently admonishing himself for how out of shape he was, and unloaded the gear atop Maisa's back while she shuffled eagerly underneath his hands, making yearning nickers in the direction of the field of grass. Atop Maisa's back was every meager thing Anja owned that was not currently strapped underneath the man's sash. He had made a bundle of all his things within his tent, all strapped together in one huge package and hauled it through the city. Anja saw Maisa heave a relieved sigh as the man lifted it off her back. She was no draft horse, but had endured the work stoically. After a brief glance around, Anja stashed the bundle in a discreet place behind the fence. Maisa could keep an eye on it and protect it from the possibility of thieves.

Finally, Anja lifted the two puppies from atop Maisa's back, and settled each of them in his two large coat pockets. Battle, the white female splattered with black, gave a yowl of complaint, but grumbled agreeably when Anja gave her a small nibble of jerky. Sayeth, the black male with a few crests of white, was far more docile towards the intrusion. He scanned the horizon warily from his position in Anja's pocket, a few soft whines emanating but little else. Anja also gave him a bite of jerky, as well as some pats, but the attention did little to ease the pup's tension. Finally, Anja checked over Maisa’s back, rubbed her down, and watched her delicately lift the latch to the gate, close it behind her, then go to look for Moth. Anja turned his back on his friend, approached the front door, and cautiously rapped his knuckles against the door and waited for a response.

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A Place to Belong [The Midnight Gem]

Postby Kelski on November 27th, 2018, 9:55 pm

It was actually not her night to cook, so Kelski was relaxing on the deck. She’d been concentrating on meditation, something she’d learned recently. Deep inside her mind she’d imagined a whirling pattern like a ball of sparking djed near where her third eye had recently been. In her meditation, she’d imagined that ball of djed as a deep rich blue and had set it to spinning clockwise. Settling down on a cushion outside in one of the rare evenings it hadn’t been raining, the Sea Eagle had folded her legs beneath her and was concentrating on her djed ball. She eventually drew the sparks out larger, bigger, the spin faster, until they were powerful enough to stream out and travel down her right side, circle under her and travel up her left side to rejoin the ball. Her focus was absolute as she drew this vision in her mind and then as Gilthas had taught her, pushed it outward, creating secondary balls at her the top of her head, her throat and near her heart. He’d explained there was a definite circulation of the djed in her body and that half the battle of being a good mage was keeping her body focused and honed, the pathways of djed clear and flowing.

Soon she had seven balls of sparking djed spinning in her minds-eye. The balls were all a different color and referred to as Chakras by Gilthas. Her Crown Chakra was a deep purple and spun giving off its sparks at the top of her head. It was her highest chakra and helped her connect to spirituality and the djed of the reset of the universe. It affected her brain, central nervous system and cerebral cortex. It represented inner and outer beauty. Kelski concentrated on it hard, feeding pure purple sparks of djed into what was quickly becoming a waterfall that was flowing clockwise around her entire form like a fountain of pure light.

Her third-eye chakra was a rich pure blue that had a deepness to it. Its swirling form sparked and added to the cascading waterfall that flowed down her right side and up her left side, feeding various colored sparks into their various chakras. It dealt with her soul, something she’d once doubted she’d had. It connected to her eyes and something deep in the base of her brain. To Kelski, this chakra represented her ability to focus and see the bigger picture in life. It dominated her intuition, imagination, wisdom, and the ability to think and make decisions. Her third eye was strong and she wondered if that was why the strange rock manifested its power in actually producing a third eye on her.

The next glittering sparkling spinning ball of djed was her Throat Chakra and it was a light brilliant blue. It had to do with filtering the djed in her body which could become contaminated and sometimes needed to be cleansed. It also had to do with her throat, ears, mouth, and hands. Kelski wondered why it connected to her hands, but Gilthas had sworn it was so. Kelski felt, much like Gilthas had instructed her to do when meditating on these chakras, that her throat chakra had to do with her ability to communicate. It was the weakest of her chakras and also guided her self-expression of her feelings and her ability to determine or tell the truth.

Her Heart Chakra was a bright brilliant green, right in the center of her chest a little right to where her normal heart organ beat. It had to do with her djed’s ability to center and her body’s circulation system. It was connected to her heart, lungs, thymus, and her bodies entire circulatory system. Its bright sparks added to the circulation of sparks throughout her body passing beneath her and fountaining up and over her head before they rejoined the Heart Chakra and spun within the origin of it before sparking off again. Kelski associated this bundle of djed with her ability to love. It also controlled her joy and inner peace. She could sense it as she concentrated on it, happy with its doings.

Kelski loved meditating through the swirling waterfall. She moved further down to her Solar Plexus Chakra where it spun with a brilliant yellow energy. It had to do with her gallbladder, stomach, liver and something called the pancreas. Djed-wise it dealt with the distribution of energy throughout her body and how energy responded to things. Hers dealt with her ability to be confident and in control of her own life. It really affected her self-worth, self-confidence, and self-esteem.

Moving further down, she gently focused on her Sacral Chakra centered within her body just beneath her belly button. It dealt with the cycles of her body, reproduction, ovaries, her uterus and if she’d been male her testes. It blazed a brilliant orange and added its own sparks to the cascade and fountaining up of color that swirled through her body. It also helped her ability to accept others and new experiences. To Kelski it represented a sense of abundance, well-being, pleasure and sexuality as well.

Finally, following the deep red sparks, Kelski settled her meditation on her Root Chakra that was the origins of her djed energy and which ruled over her kidneys, bladder and spine. Hers was bright and Gilthas had claimed it was because it dealt also with survival issues, financial independence, money and food. It was definitely her foundation of feeling grounded and solid.

From there, after all the visualizations were reality in the djed fountain surrounding her, Kelski sat in it, relaxed and really utilized it to unwind for the day. It was incredibly calming, relaxing, and for the first time in a few days sitting in her meditation, Kelski felt incredibly well grounded. At first, she was so deep in she didn’t feel the gentle nudge, the inquisition via The Gem’s awareness flooding her own. The Gem paused as if astonished to find her within such a thing – a literal fountain of light – and watched for a moment before it gently reached out and touched her awareness. Kelski blinked, fighting to hold the image even as The Gem sent a series of images into her mind of Anja arriving, stowing things out of sight, and turning Maisa loose to graze.

Quietly, Kelski thanked The Gem with images of joy at seeing Anja and visions of flowers and sea grass blowing in the breeze – things she really liked and associated with calm happiness… and rose from her meditation. The djed balls slowly vanished, the sparks dimming, as she walked across the deck, took the back stair down the side of the building past Anja’s bundle of things, and peeked around the edge of the building.

“You don’t ever have to knock.” She said softly, to not startle him on her approach. “Just take the gate in and the stair up… you are always welcome here.” Kelski said to the Drykas that was still standing in the doorway where he’d been knocking at the front. “The Gem told me you were here. All you have to do is say hello and one of us will know. Come on…” She said, backing up towards the side gate and pausing long enough to collect his bundle of belongings. Then she lead him up the stairs, onto the deck, and took a seat in one of the deck chairs after stowing his stuff right inside the doorway near the fire.

“What’s going on? Did you come for dinner?” Kelski said hopefully, but had a feeling the bundle of stuff meant a more permanent situation.

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