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The Song Of The Wind IV

Postby Kelski on December 1st, 2018, 4:02 am

Timestamp: 45th of Fall 518 A.V.

She stood at one of the workbenches, studying the wide array of glassware set up with metal instruments. There were alcohol burners which she was familiar with, but she was unused to the glass beakers suspended above them nor the rows and rows of chemicals that stood on shelves and in locked cupboards before her. It was almost like a bar that served wines and liquors displaying their glassware behind their bars were carefully hung mirrors and sconces caused an extra special appealing gleam to light the air. His workshop had none of that swag, but the endless rows of labeled chemicals, herbs, oils and powders lent the same effect. And clean... the whole place was a great deal cleaner than she was used to in Sunberth.

But then again, this was a part of Sunberth she was unused to. It didn't even have the air of being the same time period she was used to dwelling within. Kelski felt like she'd stepped back in time because everything here was incredibly old... ancient even. And it drew her curiosity like nothing else... especially when one of the bigger glass jars actually had something move within its depths.
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