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The Song Of The Wind III

Postby Kelski on December 1st, 2018, 3:55 am

Timestamp: 45th of Fall 518 A.V.

The burning pain now was fading. It had inundated her awareness and brought out the beast more than she liked. Kelski's eyes were dilated, looking more eagle than human as she held her mouth open and hissed bird-like between dragging in deep breaths. She couldn't catch her breath. Her pants and hisses sounded incredibly inhuman even in her own ears. She could feel it like an invasion. It felt like a hundred thousand fire ants had worked their way into her soul and were slowly changing her from what she was into what she would be. Kelski hissed again, sweat breaking out on her forehead and bare back as a warm hand reached up and caught her head.

"Look at me. Focus on me. Don't focus inward. Focus outward. It will make things easier." His voice was deep, rich, and so vastly different than when she'd first met him. He commanded the air around him with an indisputable authority that drew her attention immediately. A second hand joined the first, catching her skull in his grip.

"Kelski. Look at me." He said again.
They laugh at me because I am different.
I laugh at them because they are all the same.
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