Solo Mountain Tops In The Mist

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Mountain Tops In The Mist

Postby Kelski on December 1st, 2018, 4:14 am

Timestamp: 30th of Fall, 518 A.V.

She still didn't know what happened. Without the third eye, she wouldn't have been able to work the puzzle, deconstruct it, and pull the lock open. But the timing all seemed too neat, to destined, and it caused her flesh to rise as her whole nervous system reacted to the fact that the creature before her was finally free. And now that she wore something new that she could never remove...

“As the rays of my beloved Syna reach across the horizon, I wish to give you this bit of insight. The changes you’ve experienced were not without a purpose. They were meant to serve as a source of reflection. Change is an important force that drives all life. How you dealt with the changes you were faced with; changes in body, mind and even in the minds of others, speaks greatly to who you are as a person. As you continue to live your life, take time to reflect on what you experienced and ponder your reactions to the change. Did you hide them or hide from them? Did you embrace them? Did you exploit them or use them for the betterment of others? As you search for the deeper meaning of change and how you deal with it, know that I, Leth, God of Thought and Change have gifted you that opportunity. Also, as a gift and a reminder, I offer a piece of my light. The stone you discovered contains a piece of starfire. In your hands, it will undergo its own change. Take it with my blessing.”

She dug into her pocket, the stone that having started it all half forgotten within her pocket. As the voice faded, the stone started to change, melting, and in its place was a key. The key burned with a liquid silver flame, though it was cool to the touch and very light in weight.
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