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Mistaken identity (Crylon Stonecraft)

Postby Vasin on June 14th, 2019, 10:10 am

Vasin was having a hard time understanding what Crylon meant, Isur make? made by Isur? He wasn't sure of the difference at all, but Crylon was being rather adamant that there was, in fact, a difference. It was kind of getting confusing with how he was explaining it to, and Vasin tried to walk it back through his mind."So basically... the difference between made and make... or made by and Isur vs an Isur Makes... is a matter of Izurdin? like when an Isur makes something vs made it means that..." Vasin was stretching his limits trying to understand."Do they put their heart and soul into it? Versus... doing for the sake of doing? or something like that?" Vasin asked not entirely sure he had gotten all of that as they walked.

After a couple of moments, he came back in mind to the gem."As for the gem... sure I think I will." he said with a shrug as they walked."Though I wonder what a place of celebration would be? Like a gathering place? Dance area? Could really be anything as you said. Though given what you said about building." he paused as they rounded a corner down the street."It should be an impressive building yeah? Do you know how large it is going to be? Any idea of it?" he asked Crylon merely curious about the addition to the Gem.

"You ever been into stumble alley before? They don't call it that because it's an easy to navigate place." he said with a pause."Probably the reason why you haven't heard of the library before is that it's in that place. Plenty of people never come out. So best to know your way around." he said looking over to Crylon as they walked slowly but surely making their way to stumble alley."What do you know about Sunberth anyways?"
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Mistaken identity (Crylon Stonecraft)

Postby Crylon Stonecraft on June 15th, 2019, 1:32 am

Crylon was dumbfounded. Either his metaphors were no good, or he had struck upon a truly dumb human. He might have thought it was him, but he had used more than enough examples and metaphors and explanations by then to think this human was simply dense.

Far too dense to understand, he was beginning to think. But Crylon was if nothing else hard to convince to give in. To give up. He was an isur, he could overcome anything! Even a foolish human who refused to listen when an Isur did his best to speak and explain using a language which did not have the right words for what he was explaining.

Simpler maybe, Crylon considered to himself? More direct? More literal. More direct relationships.

Crylon paused as the human spoke back to him, lowering his head for a moment and kneading his brow with the fingers of his right hand, before he suddenly perked up with fire in his eyes once more.

An idea. Hands. Arms. Izurdin! He was the metaphor! He was the example, of Izurdin's own craft and ability. As was his left arm. When he spoke it was not in a tone meant to be rude, more akin to a tone one might use on a child standing before a wall and not understanding how to use the latch on the gate to get through.

“One time more, okay? I try one time more. I know you get, just listen yes? Take rocks from ears, toss aside, listen. Listen to what say, not what think say. Not what suppose say. Listen to as say. Yes? Okay. I do best, but as say common not have proper words to explain what try explain, so must go... About round way yes? Come at from side.”

With little more preamble Crylon entered into another explanation of the same thing he had been trying to explain to the human for some time. Almost as if he was willfully not understanding!

“What you say before, wrong. Not at all what say. Not about put in more effort, not just try harder. Put in more... Heart? Why put organ in when make thing? Is just make mess. Not make sense. Is more... More. In same way put in one miza, take out one miza. This put in five miza, get out five miza. Different things, different measure. Not same at all. As would not call one miza same as five miza.”

“Izurdin, father of Isur. His domain, his power, of make. Industry. When something made, anything made. Boots. Sword. House. Is lent this from Izurdin domain. But is his domain, his to lend out. Can lend same as normal, or can lend more than normal. Is same when he make, can make by pull upon self more, or less.”

Tugging at the clothe of his pants, Crylon tried to pull the humans attention.

“This normal pants. When person make, pull... One miza of create from Izurdin's domain. Is normal pants, when make normal thing, any person can do, pull one miza of create and make one miza pants.”

“Izurdin, though he do more. He pull more, when make Isur. Our body, more. He say pull... Fifty mizas of create, to make Isur.”

Using his right arm here, Crylon pointed at his left arm. At the appropriate moment he also smashed this limb into the ground, to show it was unharmed.

“One arm of Isur, is special. Is not harmed, is perfect tool gifted to Isur by Izurdin. When he give special arm for Isur, when he make, he pull more create from his domain. Say pull... Two hundred mizas of create. Is more than just normal arm, is more. Is smash on ground, not hurt, not harm. Is put in vice, smash with hammer, not hurt arm. Because Izurdin make more, by put in more. Is two hundred miza of create arm.”

Pausing here, Crylon would take a moment to make sure the human was following, before continuing.

“Now Isur, Isur not Izurdin. When make thing normal, is normal. Normal make, one miza create. We make pants, is one miza pants of create. Make boots, sword, is one miza. Is same as anyone do. But, Isur is touch by Izurdin, and so sometimes, sometimes Isur can use more of create than normal one miza. Izurdin give aid from his domain, and Isur make special, can maybe make... Five miza of create item. Is more than normal of that thing when make. Not as special as Isur, not as special as Isur special arm which not harm by any, but still more than normal one miza make. Maybe is... Harder. Stronger. More like Isur, more like Izurdin. But is lent from Izurdin.”

“Is make sense? All create is different amount pull on domain of Izurdin. Normal make, is one miza. Isur special arm, not harm by any, two hundred miza od create by Izurdin. But sometimes Isur do this also, not as much as Izurdin, but more normal, is make maybe five miza make. Is make sense, yes, when say Isur made? Is when say this, is when mean this five miza make.”

Letting out a sigh, Crylon watched the humans eyes, hoping the examples and metaphors and numbers would make sense. If not, he was at a loss of how to explain it to the man besides showing him an example of Izentor. And that was an extent he was not willing to go to.

When the human brought up the building, Crylon considered for a few moments before responding.

“Not know how large be. Would ask Kelski. She know, I not. Not see full plans. Is just start, is early. Not even begin put up. Still work ground.”

“Stumble ally? Not sure if been fore. Name not sound familiar, but not know all names of places. Maybe been fore, not sure. But sound from what say, is good idea have someone been before to show way.”

Pausing at his latest question, Crylon once more considered the mans words before continuing.

“Is know places been too, but not much. Know place by docks. Now... Market, been market. Uh... Few other place. Not many. Not been long, still learning of city. Still learn. Still find. Not much more than that. What all you know of city, where all you been?”
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