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Postby Vasin on December 11th, 2018, 10:50 pm



Race: Human, Mixed
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Birthday: 64th, Spring, 495.
Birthplace: On a Casinor sailing through the icy waters of Desperation Bay

Appearance: Vasin stands at a height of six feet two inches tall and is built as a mesomorph. He has very little fat on him, his body athletic and tough beaten into its current shape because of his lifestyle. He is no bodybuilder, but his profession has kept him from growing soft, that much is evident. That body of his can be seen with the occasion bruise, cut, or scar as he walks about Sunberth as a tell of what he does. His skin olive in shade having only those as interruptions along it. His face is host to a thick brown bushy beard and mustache. His hair combined back to keep from getting in the way. A ragged scar present on his chin obscured by his bear. Then there are his eyes, which are both piercing blue.

Character Concept

A saying that Vasin has come to think of and use comes to mind when describing him. Family and friends are everything, and if you are neither then you are nothing. This comes from his days with his family, and then later his time alone surviving in Sunberth. An excuse he tells himself? Perhaps, but it has served him well in the harsh city of Sunberth. He regards strangers with some suspicion and will size them up in trying to determine what they are to him. A possible friend? Or possible prey? For in this life it can go the other way around as he understands it and thus it is always good to make friends. He is most likely to give people a fair shake when not out on the prowl for a mark. He is swift to respond to perceived slights but has learned to hold his tongue. Bide ones time, and do not rush. See how it plays out and all that, one never knows what could happen, or what opportunity could arise.

Jovial, warm, and friendly to those he knows and calls friends he is one for conversation and sharing his daydreams. He wishes to reach out and take what is his. Vasin is not above taking what he wants by force, knowing that life will not send what you want into your lap. For an apparent thug for hire his views on the world around him are not so simple. He dreams big and encourages others to do so as well. On the other hand to those, he does not know and regards and possible targets he can come off as cold-hearted and insincere. An attempt to distance himself from them of course.

He feels trapped at Sunberth, even as he calls it his home. He finds the notions of travel and exploration to be romantic and believes there is much to be taken from the world around. Even if he does not know all that much about it the world captures his imagination.

Character History

Born from a Vantha mother and Svefra father Vasin is not too entirely sure how they came to meet, as it has been some time since he was told the story when he was but a child. But as he remembers it his mother Teija met his father Silin in Avanthal. She was an amateur artist from who was at the edge of the city painting her surroundings. Frozen ice in the winter, it must have been for practice as Vasin believes no one who sees snow for the majority of their life could find it that beautiful. But there she was out there when she spotted something. A group of men and women dragging boats over the snow and ice on skis. Boats packed with supplies heading for the city. They approached Teija and she was met by his father Silin. It was love at first sight, or at least it was for his father. The reasons his father was traveling to Avanthal was because he fancied himself some sort of merchant. He wished to buy furs and other items one would rarely see back home. And so with his eyes set upon her, he spent his time both courting her and trying to find the best deals. He wished to see the world, and she wished to appreciate it as Vasin would put it.

It took some time but eventually, Silin convinced Teija to come with her instead of vice versa. She was hesitant for her entire life was in Avanthal, and she would have preferred that he settle in Avanthal. At this point, they were fully in a relationship and she was pregnant with Vasin. Silen was able to convince Teija that her entire life could be the world and that there was so much to see. The sea and their boat would be their home. It sparked her imagination, and he was fully willing to take her along for the trip, as he had many more stops. But unlike before where they took an overland trip due to winter, he wanted to try a sea route as he read about in An Account of the Circumnavigation of Mizahar. It was a book that he "acquired" some time ago. He knew that as spring approached they would be able to hug the coast and travel through Desperation Bay. So with that, she picked up some of her meager belongings, sold her home, and joined the family of Svefra.

So with the newly melted ice, they took to the cold waters and hugged the coast. Navigating past broke off floating ice and avoiding the nasty predators and beasts of the wilds. But even worse was the perpetual feeling of being watched. it was a feeling his father had felt when traversing the wilds once before when he unknowingly moved through the lands of a barbarian tribe. Not wishing for a repeat of what happened last time, whatever happened last time as Vasin was never told, his father convinced they hasten their trip. Eventually, this leads them to Desperation Bay. It is here on a cool morning that cries and screams could be heard, and Vasin was born to the cold air. The product of their parents love for one another he joined them on their journey. Of course, Vasin does not remember his years as a baby, only the stories of what he was told occurred. Luckily for him, and much to his parent's relief he was born with blue eyes. It had been a worry that because of his mother he might not have them, and they must be cast to the sea. His mother did not entirely understand why it was an issue but was relieved all the same.

As a baby, the sea rocked his crib as they ventured along the coasts of the world. Visiting friendly settlements and cities along the way, even as few as they were the family bought and traded. His father wished to maximize profit on return so that when they did return they would be well off. But his father had more on his mind than simply buying and trading his way across Mizahar. The Svefra was known as the scourge of the sea for a reason. Vasin would be known later in life that this was the reason for things to come. Between Konti island and Sunberth Silin spotted a merchant's vessel, and its holds were no doubt packed with loot. A storm was fast approaching, however. He made the fateful choice to attack the vessel even with a time limit looming over them. It was chaos as the merchant's vessel was far more prepared then they had originally thought. While they did manage to board the fighting was intense. The crew barricaded themselves in the inside of the ship. It was in the middle of this that the looming storm hit. Ships were scattered, and Vasin now a toddler huddled in their ship with his mother became separated from the main group. It was the longest night Vasin can remember, the loud thunder, massive waves knocking their boat around. When the storm broke, and the sun rose, the vessel his father had boarded was nowhere to be seen. None of the others in their group were anywhere to be seen. They were on their own, and with little experience on sailing a ship they hugged the coast and eventually ended up in Sunberth.

Vasin and Teija reasoned that they would obviously meet up at the rough and tumble city. Vasin had grown to trust in his father's abilities, even at such a young age. Limping to the docks they decided to stay at the Drunken Fish, his mother wanted solid ground under her feet. Unfortunately for her, and for Vasin, this would prove to be a mistake. In Sunberth you are either predator or prey, weak or strong, exploiter or exploited. Early the next morning as Vasin and his mother went to check to see if Silin or any of the others had come. What they found instead was masked figures having boarded their boat who were trying to hastily escape with it and the goods his father had collected. Teija made a mistake and decided to confront them. It was then and there that a blade was plunged into her on approach and Vasin horrified stood there frozen. They had considered killing him too but decided to just make off with the vessel. So they did, leaving the horrified Vasin at his mother's side. He would walk up to her and sit down as she bled out on the docks. Later after he was forced to he left and would help bury her in what way he could. He was now stuck here, with no help, no family, and as the days went on it became clear his father was not going to come for him. This was the first harsh lesson he was subjected to, and would set the tone for the reality he was now in.

So far in his life, Vasin had been told that family was everything, and that family he had was now gone. It was snuffed out and he was too weak to prevent it, and he was considered too inconsequential to be worth snuffing out as well. It left a mark on him that effects him to this very day. Of course, some took pity on him in the early days, but that did not last long. This is because as he would find out the people of Sunberth were a paranoid and suspicious lot. They understood to keep to themselves and be on the lookout for danger. Luckily enough in the early days while he tried to figure out what to do his mother had left behind a small coin purse. She had taken it with her into the room they spent that night before that fateful morning. But he knew the money would run out sooner or later. He had to adjust, be he was still in shock over what had happened. At times he felt like just laying there and letting himself go. But there was a small spark in the back of his mind that prevented him. The warm and hopeful smile of his mother, and the brave and adventurous grin of his father. He had to live for them, his father surely would want him to and so would his mother.

It was difficult for a time, he resorted to begging which minimally effective. Typically only visitors really ever took that much pity on him. He had no real skills at that time, and it didn't help those other beggars were far better at it then him and they constantly muscles the boy out. That first morning told him he should not contest with these people and so each time he would move on. The longer he stayed the more he branched out, and only by coincidence sometimes. The occasional odd job, such as the first time he was given a coin to deliver a message without notice. He was lured into schemes with the promise of money which he desperately needed. Other than acting as the occasional messenger he would sometimes act as bait for someone, luring them into an ambush getting a small cut of the results. What he did came naturally to survival, and to him was no different from his father and his raids. Family and friends are everything, but if you are neither then you are simply prey. A simple view he used to justify his actions to himself as he grew in this city. It became his new mentor as he grew but that was a double-edged sword. As he grew people were less likely to use him in those previous schemes that relied on him as a child, and people would not use him as a messenger.

Instead of the work, he cut his teeth on as a child he knew that he could play the role of those muggers and take what he wanted. He doesn't know exactly when this dawned on him, but it probably around the time he grew facial hair for the first time. Now he knew the tricks and how to pull them off, the places to wait, and whom you could rough up and get away with it. He was sort of like an alleyway raider. But he knew not to be brash and foolishly let himself gain a reputation and would try and stay low, and leave no witnesses. It all came naturally to him as he would live this way, and branch not only into this alleyway banditry but also mercenary work. But his life before he ended up at Sunberth never left his mind, even as the faces of his parents faded in his memory and became shadows. Those early years were some of the best he ever had, the young eyes of a child got to see new exotic places with his family. The ocean was his home, and now he was here in Sunberth. Often he would find himself wandering to the edge of Sunberth to look out into the wilderness. His thoughts of exploring the land and taking what he wanted would grow as he would discover a familiar book in a stall. An Account of the Circumnavigation of Mizahar, it was a distant memory but the cover brought up memories. He would acquire this book and read it, finding some inspiration. But he knew he wasn't strong enough, his father was a cutthroat beyond him in skill. He would need to bide his time, and focus on the practical.


Fluent Language: Common
Basic Language: Fratava
Poor Language: Vani


Skill EXP Total Proficiency
Observation 40# EXP 40# Competent
Socialization 26# EXP 26# Competent
Weapon: Longsword 15# SP 10# RB 25# EXP 50# Competent
Acrobatics 6# EXP 6# Novice
Acting 2# EXP 2# Novice
Animal Husbandry 3# EXP 3# Novice
Arcanology 2# EXP 2# Novice
Bodybuilding 8# EXP 8# Novice
Botony 1# EXP 1# Novice
Cartography 4# EXP 4# Novice
Copying 1# EXP 1# Novice
Deduction 2# EXP 2# Novice
Disguise 1# EXP 1# Novice
Drawing 3# EXP 3# Novice
Endurance 10# SP 19# EXP 29# Novice
Farming 3# EXP 3# Novice
Foraging 1# EXP 1# Novice
Intelligence 1# EXP 1# Novice
Interrogation 15# EXP 15# Novice
Intimidation 10# EXP 10# Novice
Investigation 21# EXP 21# Novice
Land Navigation 3# EXP 3# Novice
Logic 15# EXP 15# Novice
Logging 4# EXP 4# Novice
Mathematics 3# EXP 3# Novice
Navigation (Underground) 3# EXP 3# Novice
Organisation 1# EXP 1# Novice
Philosophy 6# EXP 6# Novice
Psychology 2# EXP 2# Novice
Planning 17# EXP 17# Novice
Research 5# EXP 5# Novice
Rhetoric 5# EXP 5# Novice
Running 6# EXP 6# Novice
Shield 5# SP 2# EXP 7# Novice
Scouting 2# EXP 2# Novice
Stealth 1# EXP 1# Novice
Subterfuge 1# EXP 1# Novice
Swimming 5# SP 5# Novice
Spelunking 5# EXP 5# Novice
Tactics 10# EXP 10# Novice
Teaching 3# EXP 3# Novice
Tracking 3# EXP 3# Novice
Unarmed Combat 15# SP 5# EXP 19# Novice
Wilderness Survival (Forest) 3# EXP 3# Novice
Wilderness Survival (Underground) 3# EXP 3# Novice
Writing 3# EXP 3# Novice
Wrestling 1# EXP 1# Novice


Helpful Lores:
● Lore of Sunberth Culture
● Lore of Sunberth Street Layout
● Location: The Library
● Location: Stumble Alley
● Journal: Swords and Coin by Mercenary Urija
● The Library: A safe, quiet place to read without being bothered
● Swords and Coin by Mercenary Urija: A look into the daily life of a mercenary
● Intimidation: Make yourself look bigger
● Intimidation: Confidence is key
● Intimidation: Posturing is important but don't oversell it
● Tactics: Using intimidation as a threat rather than direct violence
● Tactics: Follow through when you ambush a target
● Tactics: Your whole body is a weapon, not just your sword
● Longsword: Proper striking techniques to maim a target
● Longsword: Aim for the opposite side of your target and follow through
● Longsword: The importance of fluid motion
● Philosophy: Practice makes perfect
● Longsword: Stay light on your feet and move around
● Longsword: Aggressive stances and lunges
● Longsword: High guard - a counter stance?
● Longsword: A well maintained sword does not need to be swung with great force to do damage
● Journal: The Journal of Azen, Wilderness Guide
● Wilderness Survival: The importance of safety and understanding your surroundings
● Wilderness Survival: Predators most often attack at night
● Wilderness Survival: How to identify signs an area is prone to flash flooding
● Wilderness Survival: The importance of finding and treating water
● Wilderness Survival: Dig a pit for a fire
● Wilderness Survival: Avoid eating anything with milky sap, beans, bulbs, or seeds inside pods, soapy taste, spines, parsley-like foliage, almond scent in woody parts, rain heads with pink, purplish, or black spurs, and three-leaved growth patterns
● Wilderness Survival: Hang meat from trees to avoids predators getting it
Book: The Contents Of The Circumnavigation Of Mizahar By Kenabelle Wright
● Kelski: Mannerisms & Appearance
● Kelski: Loves to Read
● Sunberth: Has a Library – Its Location & Appearance
● Kelski: Has An Accent
● Remmy: Owns The Library
● Remmy: Appearance and Mannerisms
● Stumble Alley: Location/Appearance
● Stumble Alley: Daggerhands control it
● Disguise: Looking Bored
● Library: Where Maps & Diagrams Are
● Map: Known Shafts And Tunnels Below SB
● Kelski: Kelvic Sea Eagle
● Kelski: Habits Scouting City
● SB: As Mapped From Above
● Sastiva: Works For Goldfinger
● Sastiva: Hand to Hand Combat Expert
● Planning: Adjusting/Updating Maps
● Planning: Learning Mapmaking
● Planning: Exploring SB Above/Below/Wildlands Around
● Morphing: Can Change Your Shape
● Kelski: Loves To Fly
● Kelski: Wants To Be Friends
● Kelski: Thinks Magic is like a dagger and wielded as a tool not evil itself
● Kelski: Lives At The Midnight Gem/Owns It
● Location: Goldfinger's Loan Agency
● Planning: Calculating routes and escape plans
● Sunberth: Requires ferries to traverse the Mudway
● Location: Seaside Market
● Acting: Walking with confidence
● Intelligence: Learning about a mark's mannerisms and personality through careful observation
● Investigation: Looking for armed threats
● Planning: Taking in surroundings and intel to formulate a plan of action
● Investigation: Sizing up a mark
● No one cheats Goldfinger and gets away with it
● Intimidation: Broker no argument
● Intimidation: Threats of bodily harm
● Acrobatics: Heavy gear and armor makes movements more difficult
● Intimidation: Namedropping
● Buckler Shield: Using an opponent's momentum to serve an elbow check
● Buckler Shield: Defensive block
● Longsword: Close-quarter thrust
● Longsword: Defensive block
● Longsword: Lowered guard stance
● Endurance: The toll of heavy one-on-one combat
● Buckler Shield: Not the best defence against blunt weapons
● Acrobatics: Ducking an oncoming blow
● Sunberth: Violence and dead bodies in back alleys are commonplace
● Lore of acting tough
● Work attitude: "its just business"
● Intimidation: threatening eye contact
● Investigation: questioning witnesses
● Interrogation: using intimidation
● The mysterious ferryman: won't give information
● Subterfuge: changing the story
● Lore of finding a dead body
● Observation: Viewing the multiple wounds on a fresh corpse
● Sunberth denizens are a paranoid lot
● Investigation: Finding the source of a sudden sound
● Tent City: Home of the poor and hopeless
● Tent City: Also a place of inspiration and warmth borne from necessity
● Cartography: Best as a beginner to use another map as a guide
● The feel of testing new armor
● Acrobatics: Finding balance in extra armor
● Slag Heap Fire: Eternally burning
● Sunberth: Be ever mindful of thieves
● Location: Yedra's Fountain: A source of drinkable water
● Yedra's Fountain: Rumours
● Yedra's Fountain: Give the urchins there a wide berth
● Yedra's Fountain: Water tastes salty yet sweet
● Yedra's Fountain: Glimpsing something in the waters
● Vasin: Wants to help people
● Falling for a street kid's ploy and finding yourself in a trap
● Longsword: Guard: Posta de vera crose - shows your back and armpit to your opponent
● Longsword: Strike for the neck
● Unarmed Combat: Shoulder check
● Longsword: Guard: Posta sagittaria - face your opponent head on
● Longsword: Locking sword to pin an opponent
● Unarmed Combat: Pinning an armed opponent to further trap their blade
● Tactics: Drawing an opponent in
● Longsword: Pommel strike
● Cartography: Counting paces to measure distance
● Mathematics: Measuring the diameter of the Tent City
● Cartography: Denoting hills with a bump mark
● Location: Southern Hills
● Cartography: Titling areas of distinction
● Location: Aquillar Hot Springs
● Cartography: Denoting structures with a box symbol
● Cartography: Indicating distance
● Location: The Plantation
● Location: the Proving Grounds
● People: Iztel the Swift
● Longsword Technique: half-swording
● Lore of baiting an opponent
● Longsword: basic guard
● Intimidation: a display of unshakable confidence
● Longsword: anticipating a strike
● Longsword: one can’t divert a committed attack
● Endurance: fighting through pain
● Lore of healthy skepticism
● Botany: identifying plant properties
● Wilderness Survival: identifying edible plants
● Investigation: putting together the evidence
● Intimidation: bravado
● Wrestling: enemy takedown
● Tactics: retreat!
● Stealth: hold your breath and wait
● Dhani: snake form
● Forest Plants are Interconnected
● Location: Empyreal Demesne
● Empyreal Demesne: Not Many Visitors ‘round These Parts
● Farming: How to Use a Hoe to Uproot Plants
● Farming: Effective Technique for Clearing Foliage with a Rake
● Body Building: Lift with Your Arms and Legs, Never Your Back
● Exercise: Sometimes it’s Better not to Give it Your All
● Logging: How to Hit a Tree
● Logging: How to Chop Down a Tree
● Logging: Using a Mule to Transport Logs
● Logging: How to Dig up Stumps
● Tack: Motivated by Travel Biscuits
● Axes: Proper Stance When Swinging
● Axes: Prying Them From Trees
● Axes: Proper Hand Placement on Lateral Swings
● Axes: Proper Hand Placement on Vertical Swings
● Bonfires are to be shared!
● Hone Deepseeker: Traveled with Silin
● Silin: Alive and with a New Family on the Suvan Sea
● Silin: Dislikes Morwen and Vantha
● Silin: Explorer, but Mostly a Pirate
● The People you Look up to Aren’t Always Idealistic
● Sometimes the Truth Hurts
● Planning: Taking a Trip Below Ground, Organization: Organizing Gear
● WS: The Rules of Exploration
● WS: Marking Your Pathway Underground
● WS: Don’t be Overconfident
● WS: Remember your turns – front and back
● WS: Don’t’ panic
● WS: Look forward and backwards so you know what both routes look like
● Spelunking: Kelski’s Mark Meanings
● Spelunking: Cave Exploration
● Kelski: Knows the man that made the brats
● Kelski: Lived in Sunberth less than a year
● Animal Husbandry: Finding and caring for a strange mule
● Kelski: Encourages his Dreams
● Gilthas: Mage Who Created Brats – Post Val Eth
● Anja: Appearance and Mannerisms
● Gilthas: Cursed To Remain Below Sunberth
● The Chavena: The Realm of The Record Of Our Lives, Chavi: We each have one – record of your life
● Dreamwalkers: Can Access Chavi
● Kelski: A Mage
● Kelski: How She Got Inducted To Reimancy
● Morphing: Magic of Transformation (Kelski knows it)
● WS: The Smell of Snake
● Kelski: Ex-Slave
● Psychology: Memory Games: How To Play Them
● Metal Snakes: Fighting & Killing them
● Kelski: Doesn’t Like Humans
● Kelski: Considers Vasin Her Friend
● Yukmen: One of the common threats of Mizahar
● Yukmen: They learn real quick
● Yukmen: Very agressive
● Tactics: Hit and Run
● Tactics: Using tight confines to slow down or restrict multiple opponents
● Sunberth: Has underground tunnerls
● Intimidation: Let them spread warning so they think twice.
● Logging: How to Use a Mule to Pull Stumps
● Logging: How to use a Mule to move a felled tree
● Self: Feels more confident with armor on
● Land Navigation: Follow the river
● Cartography: Measure only halfway and then double it
● Location: The Majestic
● The Majestic: Contains shelves of rotted books
● Investigation: Usually best to not be rude
● Kynier: Claims to know the owner of the Majestic
● Stumble Alley: Known for people disappearing there
● Sun's Birth: Offers training for a fee
● Pajalkich: Hunts in Sunberth's wilds
● Wildlands: Might contain pre-Valterrian relics
● The Docks: Seem to be too dangerous for most traders
● Sunberth: Led by the gangs and the people


Tack the Mule


1 Set of Clothing
-Simple Shirt
-Simple Pants
-Simple Undergarments
-Simple Cloak
-Simple Boots
1 Waterskin
1 Backpack which contains:
-1 Longsword
-Comb (Wood)
-Brush (Wood)
-Balanced Rations (1 Week's worth)
-1 eating knife
-Flint & Steel
-1 Scabbard
-1 Buckler
-1 An Account of the Circumnavigation of Mizahar

Climbers Toolkit

-Flamberge Long-Sword (Cold Iron. Blade=43 Inches long. Tang=11 1/2 Inches long. Ring Cross Guard= 11 3/4 inches long. Rings= 3 inches long 2 inches wide. Pear Shaped Pommel= ounces. Blade tip is pointy)
-Axe, Throwing

-Studded Leather Armor
-Chain Shirt
-Gambeson (Padded Armor)
-Helmet, Nasal
-Gauntlets, Leather
-Greaves, Splint
-Vambraces, Splint
-Headwear, coif
-Aventail, Chain
-Shield, Large, Wooden

224 Gold Mizas 6 Silver Mizas 97 Copper Mizas

Heirloom: Mother's Damaged Journal


Location: Sunberth

House: 1 large tent (4 person), large tarp, 100 ft of rope, flint & steel, lantern, 2 torches, bedroll, blanket, fishing tackle & hooks, and a full set of tack.


Purchase Cost Total
Starting +100 Gold Mizas 100 Gold Mizas
Longsword -15 Gold Mizas 85 Gold Mizas
Studded Leather Armor -25 Gold Mizas 60 Gold Mizas
Scabbard -4 Gold Mizas 56 Gold Mizas
Buckler -15 Gold Mizas 41 Gold Mizas
An Account of the Circumnavigation of Mizahar -20 Gold Mizas 21 Gold Mizas
Jacket -6 Silver Mizas 20 Gold Mizas 4 Silver Mizas
Gloves -5 Silver Mizas 19 Gold Mizas 9 Silver Mizas
Housing +250 Gold Mizas 269 Gold Mizas 9 Silver Mizas
Paper -4 Silver Mizas 269 Gold Mizas 5 Silver Mizas
Quill -5 Copper Mizas 269 Gold Mizas 4 Silver Mizas 95 Copper Mizas
Ink (1 Oz. Vial) -1 Gold Mizas 268 Gold Mizas 4 Silver Mizas 95 Copper Mizas
Costume -44 Gold Mizas -16 Silver Mizas -8 Copper Mizas 222 Gold Mizas 8 Silver Mizas 97 Copper Mizas
Winter 518 Wages +368 Gold Mizas 580 Gold Mizas 8 Silver Mizas 97 Copper Mizas
Winter 518 Living Expenses -46 Gold Mizas 534 Gold Mizas 8 Silver Mizas 97 Copper Mizas
Chain Shirt -100 Gold Mizas 434 Gold Mizas 8 Silver Mizas 97 Copper Mizas
Gambeson (Padded Armor) -5 Gold Mizas 429 Gold Mizas 8 Silver Mizas 97 Copper Mizas
Helmet, Nasal -25 Gold Mizas 404 Gold Mizas 8 Silver Mizas 97 Copper Mizas
Gauntlets, Leather -2 Gold Mizas 402 Gold Mizas 8 Silver Mizas 97 Copper Mizas
Greaves, Splint -60 Gold Mizas 342 Gold Mizas 8 Silver Mizas 97 Copper Mizas
Vambraces, Splint -50 Gold Mizas 292 Gold Mizas 8 Silver Mizas 97 Copper Mizas
Headwear, coif -2 Silver Mizas 292 Gold Mizas 6 Silver Mizas 97 Copper Mizas
Aventail, Chain -5 Gold Mizas 287 Gold Mizas 6 Silver Mizas 97 Copper Mizas
Shield, Large, Wooden -7 Gold Mizas 280 Gold Mizas 6 Silver Mizas 97 Copper Mizas
Axe, Throwing -8 Gold Mizas 272 Gold Mizas 6 Silver Mizas 97 Copper Mizas
Waraxe -20 Gold Mizas 252 Gold Mizas 6 Silver Mizas 97 Copper Mizas
Labor Charge -60 Gold Mizas 192 Gold Mizas 6 Silver Mizas 97 Copper Mizas
Flamberge Long-Sword (Cold Iron) -50 Gold Mizas 142 Gold Mizas 6 Silver Mizas 97 Copper Mizas
Proving Grounds- Advanced Group Session + Practice Long Sword -24 Gold Mizas 118 Gold Mizas 6 Silver Mizas 97 Copper Mizas
Spring 519 Wages +546 Gold Mizas 664 Gold Mizas 6 Silver Mizas 97 Copper Mizas
Spring 519 Living Expenses -46 Gold Mizas 618 Gold Mizas 6 Silver Mizas 97 Copper Mizas
The Wave Rider -19 Gold Mizas 599 Gold Mizas 6 Silver Mizas 97 Copper Mizas
Used Cottage -375 Gold Mizas 224 Gold Mizas 6 Silver Mizas 97 Copper Mizas
Sold Used Cottage +375 Gold Mizas 599 Gold Mizas 6 Silver Mizas 97 Copper Mizas
Summer 519 Wages + 728 Gold Mizas 1327 Gold Mizas 6 Silver Mizas 97 Copper Mizas
Summer 519 Living Expenses - 136 Gold Mizas 1191 Gold Mizas 6 Silver Mizas 97 Copper Mizas

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