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Adriana heads to the No Mans Land tavern to take a look at the job board.

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Every Mans Land

Postby Adriana Sparrow on April 5th, 2019, 10:07 pm

Adriana fumbled around in her pocket. The No Mans Land Tavern was across the river from the Castle Commons and the Rotten Ruins, where she lived and frequented. Therefore she had to take a boat across the river in order access the tavern. In her pocket was her magic little shell, her best kept secret, somehow even better kept than her own identity. She used the shell earlier today to get to the Seaside Market District. She knew the little boat would be better to travel around the city's waterways. But she wasn't about to tell this man about her magical secret. She needed a way to get the boat out and usable without him realizing it.

"So, uh." She started, unsure. "There is this canoe... thing... that someone kind of just left around. Dont know, maybe its abandoned. I use it from time to time, useful when you dont want to pay the Sevfra." She finished, and motioned towards the door.

She would begin walking, assuming the man was into the idea as he already seemed interested. The door out that tavern was quick and once outside she squinted at the sun, taverns always being dimly lighted. She pointed to the east, its over here, kinda hidden.

She knew the town well, and so she knew there was an overgrown of plant material at the edge of the river just east of the tavern. She had used the area before to hide and observe. It would be the perfect place to quickly wander off and set up the boat before Vasin could see.

Assuming Vasin was following her, she was glad her hiding place was nearby. It would only take a moment for them to hop over form the tavern to the riverside. Once she was close enough she would turn and tell Vasin to stop for a moment. "It should be right here, let me go check to make sure, theres no need for you to get up in the brush with all your armor if its gone." She would make sure he stayed as he was before she slipped behind the bushes.

She fiddled the shell in her pocket before retrieving it and placing it on the bank before her. The water of the river lapped at its sides, staining the wood a darker color at its touch. She bent and with one quick finger, poking the etched face of the shell ad took a couple of steps backwards.

Quickly the shell would grow and begin to transform until only moments later it was a full canoe, half in - half out of the river. She grinned, the magic always amazing to the girls eyes and mind, before she nearly skipped back to where she had left the man and motioned for him to follow her once more.

Code credit to Itt.
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Every Mans Land

Postby Vasin on April 6th, 2019, 6:35 pm

Vasin nodded and thought for a moment before looking to the door."Sounds like a good find." Vasin said thinking that was exactly what it was, a good find on her part."The cost of getting across via ferry can really stack up over time as well..." he said rubbing his chin and kind of stroking his beard. When she began to walk Vasin would follow her curious about the boat she had mentioned now and earlier."Its amazing what kind of things people can leave abandoned in this city. Sometimes though it takes a good eye to spot them." he said knowing that all the obvious stuff was usually picked clean the moment it appeared. Thus to find the untaken treasures one had to have a good idea. When he was younger Vasin had discovered that about Sunberth. Upon finding there way outside he blinked his eyes adjusting to the sunlight. His eyes had to adjust upon entering the Tavern, and now they had to adjust to being outside. However, his eyes soon caught the motion of Sparrow pointing to the east."That way huh?" he asked simply before he would begin to walk once more.

Upon finding himself by the river Vasin would look around not seeing the boat in plain view. Had she hidden it? Or perhaps it was gone? He glanced up and down the riverside from where he stood. However, his question as to where it was quickly got answered."Good idea keeping it hidden." he said knowing someone else could have taken it easily if it wasn't hidden."Also a good idea, this chain mail would probably get all caught up in that bush." he said deciding that her going to retrieve it was far easier then him baring his way through. Plus as she said, if it wasn't there then it would have been a completely wasted effort. He gave her a nod before Vasin would watch her slip on through the bushes and disappear from sight. Glancing around he would await her return and shifted his stance.

"Oh it's still there then?" he asked with a smile upon watching her skip her way back."Lead the way." he added before Vasin would follow her over to the canoe. Being brought to the canoe he gave it a look and smiled."A fine boat indeed!" he said very impressed with it."This should make mapping the river much easier as you said." he said now able to see it with his own eyes."How experienced are you with it?" he asked recalling that she said it was useful for crossings when one did not want to pay for one.
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Every Mans Land

Postby Baelin Holt on October 11th, 2019, 7:17 pm

Adriana Sparrow :
I love your writing! If you come back, get your ledger updated for Spring 519 and then I’ll be happy to give you your grade. Or resubmit to the grade queue―whatever works best.

Vasin :
1 Investigation
1 Observation
2 Planning
2 Rhetoric
1 Socialization

No Man's Land: A tavern with a job board
Sparrow: Knows Sunberth like the back of her hand
Sparrow: Hired as Vasin's map making helper
Mapmaking: Can be done both on foot and by boat
Salvage: Need a good eye to find anything worthwhile

It’s too bad this thread didn’t go any further, you two looked like you had a very nice setup! Outside of your setup, your housing section is out of date and your thread list needs work; other than that, you’re good! If you have any comments or concerns, please do PM or DM me! Enjoy!
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