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Kamilla gets lost and bumps into Quzon

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Syka is a new settlement of primarily humans on the east coast of Falyndar opposite of Riverfall on The Suvan Sea. [Syka Codex]

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More Than Just Survival // In The Shadow of The Wizard

Postby Kamilla on April 25th, 2019, 4:44 pm


Kamilla Circe Gordon

Still hiding with only a bush between themselves and the large creatures, Kamilla had been hoping to convince the savage man that attacking the dangerous looking animals would be a bad idea. Unfortunately, his determination had not even wavered as he spoke, his voice lacking any hints of uncertainty. Admittedly, the female mage wasn’t surprised by his answer at all, having only spoken in hopes that it might work. It looked like she had no real choice.

Brown eyes moving to observe the unusual creatures a second time in search of any obvious weak points or anything that stood out as something to be especially cautious of, Kamilla was caught off guard by the savage as he turned to lock sights with her. The intensity of his emerald gaze as it met her own was unexpectedly alluring, the mage noticing the man’s handsome masculine features for the first time. Not that it changed anything, he was still somewhat of a savage in her eyes.

Apparently, he’d turned to give her a short lecture or crash course on hunting, or perhaps fighting in general, using his emerald res as an aid for the lesson. Most of what he said seeming fairly obvious to Kamilla, though she’d admit that him pointing out that the maiming was higher on the priority list than an instant kill, despite the latter being the end goal. Of course, it made complete sense, especially against creatures so superior in size.

She had noticed how his common had suddenly improved, assuming he was putting a lot of effort into his little team hunting meaning.

”Well, I did take down a glassbeak once... with some help.” She supposed that it counted as a fight, even if she’d only survived because of the beautiful morphing warden Kinapak’s perfectly timed rescue. Still, she had handled herself well enough and was now far more skilled with her Reimancy than she had been back then. She could do this, without a doubt.

”Earth, air, water... and ice.” Her answers were quick and concise, the hunter’s current predator like demeanor proving somewhat contagious as they drew nearer to the fight. He want her to use earth spikes? Simple enough, after all, earth was her first element as well as the one she was most comfortable with. Though, ice was just as deadly with the added benefit of being lighter.

Choosing not to say anything more, Kamilla simply nodded in acknowledgment, the nervous and excitement of the hunt beginning to settle into her skin. While the mage may not have been keen on trudging through the undergrowth and killing for sport, she was entirely on board with attempting to put her magic to good use. It was her best chance at improving further as controlled practice could only do so much.

Once again peeking through the bush at the large long legged creatures, envisioning her attacks before it was time to actually try them.

It was because of this newfound determination and state of mind that Kamilla was caught entirely off guard by the man’s next words. He’d given her both the option to leave and the direction in which she should head. If she wanted, she could simply stand up and head back to Syka without so much as a word spoken. If he’d given her the option only a chime earlier, Kamilla was certain she’d have taken it without batting an eye, but now things were different.

She would stay, for several reasons, some of which were entirely her own.

The man giving her the option to leave after dragging her along this far almost felt deliberate, he could have been free of her several chimes ago if he’d only pointed her in Syka’s direction sooner, but had chosen not to. Because of this, his sudden nonchalant attitude toward her leaving felt very suspicious. Was he doubting her abilities? Looking down on her? Did he think her incapable? All of these thoughts were triggering something deep within the mage. She’d come to Syka for a fresh start, to escape her failures and pave a new path with successes. She’d already gotten into the mindset of a hunter, or at least that’s what it felt like.

”I’m staying.” Those were the only words spoken as she clutched the gauntlet containing Yennefer closer to her body with one arm as glistening lavender res began to pour from the other. She’d prove to both Quzon and herself what she was capable of.

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