Open [Calendar Event] Hunting Elusive Alohota

A group of friends turn out to do some hunting for the baker's of Sunberth.

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[Calendar Event] Hunting Elusive Alohota

Postby Kelski on April 13th, 2019, 11:33 pm

Timestamp: 30th of Spring, 519 A.V.

Kelski heard the little boy cry the news. "Hear yea! Hear yea! Its said that a day and a half journey down past South of the tent city, towards the eastern beaches that creatures known as Alohota have been seen on the shores. The Bakers Butchery has asked for any brave hunters to bring them one. They are big! Birdlike... and fat! The pay is going to be excellent to get them one! One thousand Gold! Anyone and everyone is welcome to try!" It wasn't as if she needed the money. What she needed was an excuse to go south on the beaches again and not be so scared. Alexander and herself had faced far more than they had bargained for heading south along the coast, and though they'd seen none of these 'Alohota', they'd ran into slavers and both had almost lost their lives and their freedoms. Kelski had avoided that direction ever since.

But when she heard the boy's cry, she paused. A hunt? Anyone was welcome to try? That sounded .... well it sounded like fun. It stirred her predatory soul and made her smile slightly. So she turned on her heel, headed back the way she'd been walking and burst into a jog. Soon enough she was back at the Midnight Gem and bursting into the place... pounding up the stairs and calling to Ebon as she did so. "Lock the store up for the day! We're going hunting!"

Excitedly she told the group what she'd heard and pointed excitedly down the beach. South! There's a rare creature spotted on the beach that the Baker's Butchery wants. Shall we go try to catch one? We haven't done anything fun since the race and I'm not sure we could actually call that fun. I'm going to go.. for sure. But anyone else interested?" Kelski asked, hurridly changing her clothing into her leathers and night armor. She packed weapons, strapped on her crossbow and two quivers of bolts then filled her backpack with supplies that included food and a medical kit. Then she turned eagerly to the crowd to see who was coming.

"I think we should bring the horses too.... because if we kill one of these things and they are supposed to be big... they can carry them back for us. We just need to pack some oil tarps or something if they lay over them or something to wrap the carcasses in if we bring the cart." To Kelski the cart sounded like the best option so she carefully harnessed Moth up while everyone else was getting ready and waited just outside the property on the trail to the beach until everyone was ready to follow.

Then, as a group they could travel south past the docks and out onto the wilds of the beaches to the south. Then from there they could start the hunt.

"Does anyone actually know what an Alohota is? I have no idea how to hunt them." Kelski said, wondering if anyone knew anything about the creatures and what they were up against. Despite the unknowns, Kelski was still excited and eager to go. Moth was even tossing his head, prancing slightly in his traces, happy to be infected with his Mistress' joy at the prospect of getting out.

Alohota :
ImageName: Alohota
Classification: Fauna
Frequency: 100-175
Threat Level: Low
Major Features: Beak like nose
Abilities: Strong sense of smell, sharp teeth
Most Common In: The Northern Suvan Sea
Mod permission: Yes


When full grown, an Alohota is about eight and a half feet long, and another five from head to webbed feet. They have a white underbelly and tail, while their backs and feet are the color of a raven's feathers. A dark mask covers their eyes, and a beak sprouts from the front of their face. It tends to be a mix of warm colors- namely red and orange, which are also the color of their eggs. Their ears blend in to their bodies, two slits beneath their nostrils. Directly below them, thin gills begin to line the underside of their neck and scales the length of the rest of their bodies. Their legs prove to be long and awkward, capable of dragging their forms along shorelines for short distances, assuming they dig their sharp claws deeply enough into the sand.


The Alohota was originally a creature hunted in the north, around the waters of Avanthal for their blubber which could be used to help burn oil lamps, and for their fatty meat, which helped add weight to the thin's bones, ultimately aiding those who lived in the colder regions with their ability to keep warm. However, over time the creature was nearly hunted to extinction, leading them to migrate to warmer climes in order to keep their numbers within existence. It is unknown how they came to find the Northern Suvan, and claim the area as their own, although it has become common knowledge amongst the Svefran people that such occurred, and slowly, they are beginning to repopulate.


Alohota are often found to be both curious and playful creatures. Relatively harmless unless provoked, and fiercely protective of their young. They tend to travel in large groups of about 10-15 members, known simply as pods, with a single male at its head. A younger female leading at its side.


The Alohota are known to eat a variety of things, considering the fact that they're largely omnivorous. A personal favorite, however, tends to be kelp, although, they are also known for being relatively fond of smaller fish such as anchovies. During times in which prey is scarce however, the animals don't hesitate to scavenge, feasting on whatever bones and flesh other creatures left behind.

Credit goes to Aello
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[Calendar Event] Hunting Elusive Alohota

Postby Vasin on April 14th, 2019, 2:58 pm

Vasin had been in the study reading his book 'An Account of the Circumnavigation of Mizahar' which he had been reading in spurts ever since he met Kelski. The book still captivated him and ignited his imagination as he poured through the pages. Comfortably in one of the two chairs within the study reading through the pages of chapter two. However, while at first, he did not notice he did hear someone rushing up the stairs. Glancing up and lowering the book Vasin looked over his shoulders. Who was it? Kelski had gone out not too long ago, could she be back so soon? He shifted in his seat a little when Kelski called out to Ebon. They were going hunting? His curiosity immediately peaked right then and there as he would put a bookmark into place and close the book setting it down on the table between the two chairs. Getting up from the chair Vasin would go to meet with Kelski who told them all about what she had heard. An Alohota? Whats an Alohota? Vasin didn't think he had ever heard of a creature like that before. Then again, there were a lot of things Vasin had not heard about before. His eyes followed where Kelski had pointed curiously. Down the beach and to the south huh?

"Yeah, I'm interested." Vasin said with a nod though thought about it for a moment more."If Baker's Butchery wants them so badly, then they must be something rare. Should be fun. Plus, when adventure calls you should answer it anyway!" Vasin said motivated to give it a shot! He wouldn't make a very good explorer if he shied away from such a challenge."I'll head out with you, just need to go get geared up." Vasin would explain before ducking into his room. If they were going to go hunting it was best not to overburden himself with a combat load. He needed to be able to be swift on his feet, and not tire. Vasin recalled how one hunter he ventured out with went hunting very lightly. But at the same time, he couldn't go naked for if Kelski knew about this creature other might as well. There were people in Sunberth willing to kill for far less than the chance at some coin. So he grabbed his gambison and slipped it on before putting on his weapons belt. He was to take with him his Flamberge Long-Sword, Throwing Axe, and Waraxe. He also stuffed some trail rations and his filled waterskin into a backpack. All geared up he was ready to go out and find this creature!

Vasin stood before Kelski now all ready to head out on the hunt."Good point, who knows how large it could be." he said through the thought of something else."We can take Tack as well." Vasin reasoned knowing that his Mule tack could prove a good contributor to their hunting trip. Following Kelski's lead Vasin would head out to the stable to fetch Tack the mule. Getting him all harnessed up took some time as he was not too experienced with it. Though he took cues from the way Kelski had gotten Moth all ready, with the addition of the travel bags they had found Tack with. Electing to not ride Tack just yet for not wanting to get bucked off by a misstep just yet he would take them by the lead/reigns and walk him out of the stable. Taking his time to not try the Mules patience. After that Vasin and Tack would meet up with Kelski and the others at the trail that led to the beach."I think we are all set to go."

"Not a clue myself." Vasin said with a smile."I suppose unless someone else knows then it shall be a mystery until we find it?" Vasin said liking the notion of finding the unknown. Also! that meant other people might not know what one was either. So they were on a more or less even playing field with others who might go out for it."Should be fun finding out as well. Plus, more then likely if we don't recognize the animal... that would be it." Vasin reasoned out.
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