I Dive Into The Future//But I Sure Know Where I’ve Been Pt.2

Finn and Kamilla have some trouble on the high seas...

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Syka is a new settlement of primarily humans on the east coast of Falyndar opposite of Riverfall on The Suvan Sea. [Syka Codex]

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I Dive Into The Future//But I Sure Know Where I’ve Been Pt.2

Postby Kamilla on May 19th, 2019, 2:25 am


Kamilla Circe Gordon

Once her senses had returned to her, Kamilla found herself somewhat startled by the sudden and unexpected proximity of the young Svefra, brown eyes blinking a few times in an attempt to reconcile the past few ticks before she simply gave up. It seemed that she had indeed pushed herself a bit too far, considering she had barely pushed herself at all in quite sometime. Regardless, even though she felt somewhat numb and as if she weighed less, seemingly floating on her own plain of existence that was only an inch above her usual reality, the mage was still proud to have accomplished something once more. It had been quite some time since she’d earned what she considered a success.

Finn used his larger stature to easily assist her in lifting to her feet before setting her down once again, this time in a more comfortable position where she was far less likely to take another dip in the Suvan Sea. It took a significant amount of effort for Kamilla not to push the man’s arm away and avoid her contact as she disliked the idea of being helped like some damsel, but she managed to stop herself from reacting negatively. Unfortunately, the truth was that his assistance had been somewhat needed, even if it made her feel a bit feeble.

”I’m okay.” she stated, head tilting backward to rest against the cabin, even though it still felt as if it weighed less than usual.

Finn had been right of course, she had earned a short rest, after all, she’d just propelled their ship forwards quite a distance. She was also relieved to here that her efforts had been enough to push them to safety, a loud and happy smile escaping her lips. ”Good... The bald one looked like he smelled awful.” Her tone lacked any humour, she was being completely serious.

As Finn went about making adjustments to the ship in order to ensure their continued movement away from the pirates, Kamilla found herself falling prey to the light headed feeling once more. She felt wonderful, the hint of numbness mixed well with the floating sensation running through most of her body and she felt as if she could drift away at any moment.

It took only a few moments before she finally did, happily drifting off into a well earned nap, too dizzy to catch herself slipping.

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I Dive Into The Future//But I Sure Know Where I’ve Been Pt.2

Postby Madeira Dusk on August 31st, 2019, 5:39 pm

Grades Awarded!

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  • Observation: 5xp
  • Meditation: 1xp
  • Reimancy: 5xp
  • Socialization: 5xp
  • Rhetoric: 2xp
  • Logic: 4xp
  • Sailing: 3xp
  • Tactics: 1xp
  • Planning: 3xp
  • Intimidation: 1xp
  • Leadership: 2xp
  • Endurance: 2xp

  • Meditation: getting into the headspace
  • Reimancy: theory of paraelements
  • Reimancy: creating ice
  • Lore of some of the practical uses of ice reimancy
  • Sailor Terminology: heading
  • Lore of the threat of pirates on the open ocean
  • Finn: genuinely kind
  • Sailing: steering a ship
  • Sailing: the necessity of wind
  • Reimancy: raising a wind
  • Lore faith in Finn
  • Endurance: resisting overgiving

Awards & Retribution


Finn Reefdiver


  • Observation: 5xp
  • Navigation- Sea: 1xp
  • Socialization: 5xp
  • Rhetoric: 1xp
  • Tactics: 4xp
  • Meditation: 1xp
  • Leadership: 5xp
  • Sailing: 5xp
  • Endurance: 1xp
  • Teaching: 1xp
  • Logic: 1xp
  • Planning: 2xp
  • Intimidation: 2xp
  • Weapon- Cutlass: 1xp

  • Navigation: observation and estimation
  • Kamilla: has had a breakthrough with her magic
  • Tactics: shaking off a tail
  • Meditation: calming prayers
  • Leadership: the responsibility of being captain
  • Endurance: resisting pain
  • Teaching: basics of steering a ship
  • Planning: playing it by ear
  • Intimidation: threat of violence
  • Kamilla: a clever person
  • Tactics: watching your partners back

Awards & Retribution

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