Award Fall's Featured Character Is...

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Fall's Featured Character Is...

Postby Gossamer on September 15th, 2019, 8:30 pm


Hello Fellow Mizaharians!

Keeping with our tradition, the Founders Circle and Regional Storytellers are proud to announce that the Featured Character of the Fall Season of 2019 is Shiress! Way back in 2013, Shiress logged on and created a character for Mizahar and has been a steady presence ever since. Having a strong presence in Ravok, Shiress is somewhat of a game expert and great person to go to for help if you see her loitering in chat. So, please join us in welcoming her to the elite club of Featured Character! Her interview is below!

The Interview

1. Shiress started in 2013 and has been played actively for all these years. What do you think the greatest change is she’s gone through? Lets face it, she’s gone through a lot, so it might be hard to pick… how about top three?

I think the most significant change in Shiress is her self-confidence. In the years I have been writing her she has gone from a poor, pitiful ex-slave girl to a confident, free woman. Hopefully, she can remain free! Compassion has also been something that has really developed and changed over the years for her. Shiress has ultimately turned her own self-pity into a strong, driving compassion for others, even strangers, and most times to a fault. Trust, I think, can round out the top three nicely, but not trust in a good way. It’s funny, though, because I first created Shiress to have the ever-popular trust issues, but as I began playing her, I realized that to have a character that doesn’t trust easily is a hard thing to keep consistent for me. So, I ended up not fleshing that out for her in the beginning, and so Shiress really trusted quite easy, but as the years have gone on she has actually developed that trust issue in the game, so it kind of worked itself out.

2. Does Shiress have a secret wish for happily ever after? What is it?
I think she does and it would be the obvious-raise a couple kids and grow old with your man watching the sunset over Lake Ravok- but she’s a bit too scared to bank on any kind of happily ever after now. Especially after her last couple of seasons.

3. You play Shiress in Ravok and have for years. To you, what is the appeal of Ravok to your PC and to others? What mystique draws you to the location and keeps you playing?

This is a bit tricky because Shiress first came to Ravok as another PC’s slave and that PC was like ‘we are going to Ravok’ so I didn’t have much of choice, but once I began playing in Ravok I fell in love with the difference of it; canals instead of roads, boats instead of carts, mysterious and scary evil worshiping order instead of guards. For Shiress, I think she finds a strange safety in Ravok, almost the same way she did in Syliras, but instead of walls, she’s surrounded by water. I think she also feels a sort of convoluted attraction to the Ebonstryfe. You know, they are all dark and mysterious but yet they are supposed to protect you. You have to admit that's kind of alluring!

4. Id like to know what some of the most memorable moments have been in Shiress’ life. Where there threads and moments in those threads that really touched you as a writer? Can you give us some examples? Links would be lovely too.

There’s. So. Many!

One of the first to pop in my head was one of the earliest when Shiress was taken by her old slave master, and she ended up killing him. That thread changed Shiress in good and bad ways. It’s kind of like saying she got a taste of blood…and liked it, but she also found out that she is a fighter. The experience in that thread also drove me in my more recent plots with her more recent slave master. I knew she would fight him because that blood seed had been planted long ago and I wanted to carry on that fighter mentality for her. Another pivotal changing point was meeting Elias Caldera (writer and character). By forcing Shiress IC to see that she was a strong person and capable fighting for what she wanted out of life and succeeding, he also forced me as a writer to realize that I shouldn’t hold Shiress back out of fear that I might not be a good enough writer. Through the PC Elias giving Shiress fighting confidence in the game, the writer Elias gave me confidence as a storyteller. I’ll always be grateful to him for that.

5. If Shiress dies in the big quest Gillar is planning, what is one thing you’d like the game as a whole to remember your PC for?

-Insert foreboding feeling here-

If Rhysol and friends decide to end Shiress, I would like for everyone to remember her not only for her kindness but her knack to fight for what she wants. I want everyone to look back on her and think. ”You know, that Shiress sure was a big sweetheart, but damn she had anger issues.”

6. I’d like to know how you discovered Mizahar and what kept you returning?

The ever-faithful Google search brought me here, and the friendships that I have made and the fun I have writing and plotting keeps me here.

7. If you could give advice as a veteran player to new people, what would that advice be to ensure they stick around as long as you have and thrive as Shiress has?

My advice to other players would be that when you feel as if you couldn’t possibly read another paragraph of that extensive lore…keep reading! Read! Read! Read! And after you have read, never be too scared to ask questions. Also, If something happens IC and your PC hits a dead end, ask someone to help you figure out another way. I was so incredibly shy when I first started that I never asked for threads, much less help, but I've come to learn that the player base on Mizahar are some of the nicest people and all are willing to help out or give advice.

8. Are there any future plans in store for Shiress? Any teasers or spoilers you could let drop to the game as a whole?

This season is going to be a bumpy, emotional road for poor Shiress, but her future does look brighter. She will go home for the first time IC, and the best part is she’s taking someone back with her to meet the family ;)

9. Shiress has moved from a barmaid to something of a healer. How did she discover this love of medicine and advance so highly in it? Do you have plans for growing closer to Rak’keli in the future? Do you find threads involving healing rewarding? Why?

Shire's mother was a nurse at the infirmary in Zeltiva and taught Shiress much about the art of medicine, but being a slave, Shiress rarely has had the chance to implement it, but when she did I think she got addicted to the feeling that helping others gave her. Its an overwhelming pride in herself that she’s not used to feeling.

Gaining Rak’keli’s mark for Shiress has been a long-time goal of mine, I haven’t had the chance to work on that for her as much as I would like to, but I do absolutely LOVE healing threads. So much so, in fact, that I have become known as somewhat of a sadist among my co-writers!

10. You are unique among the whole of Mizahar because your irl daughter also plays here. Tell us a bit about how you introduced your daughter to the site and how you feel about being a multigenerational player?

Among all my kids, my oldest is by far the most like me, though she would be loath to admit it! Early on in my daughter’s life, I shoved a book in her hands, told her to go find a cool shady spot, and lose herself in the story. She fell in love with books and writing shortly after. When I started writing on Mizahar, she was like ‘what’s a Mizahar?” I think it scared her and she saw Miz as a fast-paced, adult role-playing site that she wasn’t cut out for. I kept at her to create a character, and finally, when she did, she loved it. It’s definitely a type of bond for her and I. We sit around talking about Shiress and Alex as if they were actual people in our lives. But then again, they sorta are, aren’t they?

11. This is your Soap Box! What would you like to say to the game as a whole? Tell us! This is your time.

Wow, when you are finally offered the soapbox your brain just kind of bottoms out, does it not?

Hmm, well, first I want to say that I genuinely see Mizahar as my second home and my runner up family. Over the time I've been around, so many people have come and gone, and everyone that befriended me or that I befriended had some sort of lasting impact on me and none more so than the current player base and a good many that are no longer active. I want to say a big thank you to each and every one of you guys.

Antipodes and Solstice, you two and the friendship we share truly means the world to me. Caspian, Rohka, and Itt you guys have made writing fun again when things weren’t going so great for Shiress, not to mention that you guys are some of the most patient writing partners the game as to offer.

To Gossamer and Tarot, I want to give a special thanks to.

Goss, thank you for creating such a phenomenal world that has become my home away from home. Thank you for the everyday, tedious things that you do that no one knows about. Thank you for caring about writing and storytelling because without that love Mizahar wouldn’t be here.

Tarot, the mysterious man behind the curtain pulling on the levers and pushing all the buttons, thank you for your silent commitment to Mizahar. Thank you for keeping the site up and going and for everything that you do behind the scenes, from across the world, and for the Mizahar that you and Goss have created and maintain. You both have my utmost respect and gratitude, even though I may rarely express it.

To all of Mizahar thank you for being great writers and storytellers. You guys make this world worth coming home to.

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Fall's Featured Character Is...

Postby Solstice on September 15th, 2019, 8:42 pm

Congrats Shire <3 Such a long overdue Feature. You've been such a constant prescence on Miz, you've always kind of defined it for me since I first joined. I loved your interview too, and I can't wait to see where you move forward from here.
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Fall's Featured Character Is...

Postby Luminescence on September 15th, 2019, 9:08 pm

Congrats, Shir! :D This is super well deserved. I always love seeing or hearing about what Shiress is up to IC, and it's always amazing to see people stick around with the same character for so long. I'm looking forward to seeing what you get up to in the future!
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Fall's Featured Character Is...

Postby Calla Davin on September 15th, 2019, 10:42 pm

Congratulations Shire! It's inspirational to see someone who has stuck with this site through thick and thin. You're a great role model, both as a player and a character. Thank you for all that you do, and good luck going forward!

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Fall's Featured Character Is...

Postby Kamilla on September 16th, 2019, 12:49 pm

Kamilla Circe Gordon

Congrats Shiress! Well deserved indeedn. You've been around as long as I remember and I aways enjoy reading your threads when I come across them. Glad to have you around.

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Fall's Featured Character Is...

Postby Sophia Sunshore on October 1st, 2019, 8:23 am

Late to the party, but I finally wanted to say congrats Shire! Such a well deserved feature. Shiress was one of the first PC's whose threads I just devoured when I joined, and I was amazed at how long you'd been writing here.
I'm so looking forward to seeing what she gets up to next!.
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