Award Winter 519's Featured Thread Is...

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Winter 519's Featured Thread Is...

Postby Gossamer on December 1st, 2019, 5:13 pm

Oresnya Cacao wrote:
Here is my choice for the December TotM.

First off, I’m gonna ask you to read a lot, and I’m not even gonna apologize for it. You’ll thank me later. Perhaps it’s cheating, but I’ll take my chances so that those of you who haven’t followed this arc can be just as stunned as I was with the absolute beauty with which it is written, the horror that its protagonist faces, and the power she demonstrates in its quasi-finale. If forced to point out a single thread, I’d tell you to read Aftermath. It’s always been one of my favorites, but the entire plot arc is well worth your time. (Disclaimer: The threads I’m suggesting can be a bit rough to read emotionally with all the abuse their protagonist endures).

The protagonist in question is Kelski, and the threads I’m talking about are her arc with Darvin. It begins with Daggers and Drugs, a three part training thread. While it begins with a demonstration of Darvin’s lust and desire to use Kelski, it moves on, demonstrating the differences in the two and the insights those differences give each into the other. Both, in their flaws, in their strengths, and in their different personalities, see the other in ways others would normally not. Though written as a training thread, it has an eloquence that quickly makes you forget that.

There are many other threads that demonstrate Darvin’s cruelty, and throughout it all Kelski’s hope depletes as she becomes more and more broken by slavery. This use and abuse builds until it seems to become most dangerous in Aftermath. This thread is tightly written, wasting no words, demonstrating Kelski’s breathtaking ability to craft a story and weave together a long plot line, as well as her ease with words and the seamless way she conveys her character’s emotions. There is a lot in this thread that is heavy on action and horror without letting those be the highlight. While those two components are written here as well or better as I’ve read them anywhere else, the insight into Kelski’s thoughts and how she endures this trial is what I enjoyed most.

Throughout these threads, Kelski seems to lose a little more of what makes her her with every abuse she suffers, her sense of worth and self fading, but she is strong, and her writer knows how to balance the abuse with the power that lies inside of her character. Everything with Darvin comes to a head in The Storm Before the Calm. I won’t spoil anything on this, but the last post with Kelski returning home is equal parts triumphant for her victory and heartbreaking for her suffering.

I’ll admit to being behind on reading, but I do think Darvin makes a return, so the plotline continues.

Kelski, I look forward to every thread of yours I get to read. Thank you for the amazing stories and the willingness to dive into the darker aspects of people. Thank you also for giving us a victory, as so many who explore the darker parts of us often forget to do.

I’ll leave you all with his little gem.

“She thought shanking was the best thing since wings.”

Kelski will need to select a Featured Thread
for Spring 520 before the end of December.
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Winter 519's Featured Thread Is...

Postby Octarus on December 2nd, 2019, 12:00 am

Well, I've been trying to keep to reading Kelski's threads in order, but it was worth it to skip forward to this collection of threads. Congrats on the feature!
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Winter 519's Featured Thread Is...

Postby Ines on December 2nd, 2019, 6:54 pm

Congrats Kelski!!
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Winter 519's Featured Thread Is...

Postby Rohka on December 2nd, 2019, 8:37 pm

Congratulations Kelski! That was a well articulated feature, and the writing in Kelski's threads always amazes me. I read both Aftermath and The Storm Before the Calm, and the details, the strength, and the switch between personal and impersonal were all really beautiful. How is it that Miz becomes a place that inspires the dark just as much as the light? Thanks for sharing :)
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