Closed Runaways And Rag-Tags

Tazrae and Antelokes takes charge of the children and find three missing!

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Runaways And Rag-Tags

Postby Tazrae on April 23rd, 2022, 2:52 pm

Timestamp: 50th of Spring, 522 A.V.

Tazrae couldn’t remember being this tired as she led the children away from the 5th Tenday and up the beach, skirting inland around Mathias’ place briefly. The day before had been fairly intense for her, taking a visit to the Outpost to see Alric and then staying up half the night baking for the Tenday. She'd gotten up after just a few hours to prep breakfast and lunch for the guests so they could help themselves, and had slipped out early to deliver banana nut muffins to the celebration.

She didn’t know most of the kids’ names, nor did she really know the man that walked with them carrying Luke. He was Antelokes, or so she thought she’d heard his name being said. But they’d never had a formal introduction. She would have given one now, but the children made it a bit difficult, all walking with her, their eyes wide with fear. “You guys should hold hands.” She said, knowing nothing about child care and even far less about making them feel protected.

Several Ixam peeled off from the various lounges that had been lingering at the Tenday, attracted by the crowd and the hopes for music or even extra food. They were lazy things that loved to be fed more than they loved to hunt and actually enjoyed the music. When four of them ranged up beside the little troop of children and the two adults, some of the kids started looking nervous. Taz glanced at Antelokes, to see his reaction, then spoke to the children quietly.

“They are protecting us… don’t let them frighten you.” The big scarlet male took that moment to hiss his displeasure, and Taz inwardly winced. He was wondering what she was doing with all the little ones and irritated that they weren’t going at their usual jog. The Ixam didn’t like to walk anywhere… they went in bursts of speed and pauses to look around. Humans had an incredibly unnatural gait to them.

The lounge wasn’t actually playing bodyguard, not as Tazrae explained it. But they wouldn’t hurt the children and would fight if something bad happened. They simply were heading home with Tazrae, since they mostly lived with her. She said as much to Antelotes as she drew abreast of him to smile at the little boy Luke he still held. “They live with me. I’m Tazrae… the local Innkeeper. My curse is that no one remembers me or my name. But it doesn’t seem to affect the Ixam so I’ve been sticking to them mostly this season.” She explained to the stranger. “Your Antelotes, aren’t you?” She asked, reaching down and lifting one of the children she was holding hands by the arm so he could easily jump over a fallen branch across the pathway. The child holding her other hand didn’t need such assistance. Taz had initially had a bit of an issue wondering which of Brea’s arms to take, but the girl had solved it by putting her second left hand in Tazrae’s right one. The girl had so many hands!

“So, what’s everyone’s name here?” She asked, glancing at the sea of nine heads she had with her. She knew Antelokes had Luke, who was supposed to be a little Iyvess. He even had some scales showing. Taz didn’t know much about Iyvess, but it seemed odd to her. Tazrae had two more girls with her… Brea who was eight and Dalhia who was close to that. The two girls followed her carefully. Lexi had Darcy and Kelton by the hand. Tori had sidled up to Antelokes and taken his free hand while Julian and Senora held hands. Lexi, the oldest looking of the group glanced around.

“Axim, Dalton, and Kyle are missing,” Lexi announced with a furrowed brow. “They were just here too.” She added, then carefully pointed out each child and introduce them to the pair of adults by name. “Where did Axim and Dalton go guys? And where is Kyle? The missing youths were all around the same age, eleven, twelve, and fourteen. They couldn’t have gone far. “Axim and Dalton are never far apart… and I just saw Kyle in the clearing." She added. Taz stopped unsure of what to do. She couldn’t very well leave all the kids to go find the other kids, but she certainly couldn’t take all the kids to find the missing kids either.

“What do we do?” She asked Antelokes. Taz had zero experience with children. “Did they maybe go back to the Children’s Pavilion?” She asked. Normally she couldn’t be concerned, but with Mistress Hess dead… there was a whole lot now to be concerned about.

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Runaways And Rag-Tags

Postby Antelokes on April 24th, 2022, 6:53 pm


Antelokes took Luke from Mathias, nodding in assent to the man’s request. Anger still bubbled up in his gut. It flooded him with adrenalin and made him anxious. He wanted to lash out at something, he wanted something tangible to do. But there wasn’t anything that he could do. This wasn’t a problem he could solve by pounding on it with a hammer or by punching something till his fists were bloody, no matter how much relief such action might bring to the tension welling up inside him. Reluctant rationality won over, and Antelokes calmed himself, stilling the pounding in his ears that beat like the drums of war. There was nothing to fight. Not here. Not now…Not yet.

“Yes sir,” he said to Mathias, voice formal and stiff with the effort of containing his rage. He took one last look at the corpse, then tore his eyes away. Others would tend to the dead. His task was to care for the living. Glancing at the child in his arms, Antelokes recalled that he had never been a great caretaker in the past. He had to try though. These orphans deserved that at least.

“Come now,” he whispered to Luke as he followed the woman Mathias had pointed out to him. “You were brave. You did what you could to help.” He wanted to question the boy, but the young Iyvess had buried his face in Antelokes’ shoulder and clung to him tightly. The intense grief Antelokes could feel through his gnosis had not abated in the slightest. Perhaps the questions would have to wait. He examined the woman he was following, trying to remember if he had met her before. He was new, but Syka was small and by now it was rare that he saw a face he didn’t recognize.

When the Ixam sidled up by the group of children Antelokes tensed, subtly shifting to place his own body squarely between Luke and the one that had just hissed. Despite the time he had spent in Syka so far, he hadn’t quite grown accustomed to the large reptiles. He’d never seen them attack anybody, but wild animals were wild animals. He preferred not to let his guard down, and was not entirely convinced that they were here as guards.

He listened closely as Tazrae introduced herself. It made sense, in a way. There was an inn, and he’d met no other innkeeper. Somebody must run the place. And erasing all memory of someone seemed like just the sort of cruel, cowardly thing that whatever had caused the curses in Syka—be it a god like the letter had suggested or something else—might do.

“It’s a pleasure, Tazrae,” he replied. “I wouldn’t have known you from before anyways… but I’m sorry. Syka these days always feels like it’s missing a few pieces, and from the sounds of it you might be one of them.” He stepped carefully over the branch, keeping a watchful eye on the children as they did so as well. He felt a small, firm hand grasp his, and he looked down to find that one of the little girls gripping three of his fingers as tightly as she could. He closed the rest of his hand around hers.

He counted off the children’s names as they were introduced, doing his best to remember them. Three missing children was a concern, especially on an inauspicious night like this one.

“I’m not sure…” he responded to Taz’s question. Where would three children have gone? The settlement was as chaotic now as he’d ever seen it. There were any number of places they might have run off to.

“We need to find them,” he eventually said. Antelokes remembered his own anger, the overpowering desire to act, to be reckless. These children had possessed a much closer relationship to Mistress Hess than he had, and their reactions would likely be stronger. Grief could drive away cogent thought, and without the guiding hand of Mistress Hess there was plenty of potential danger the kids could get involved in. “This is not a good night to be alone. We’ll split up if we have to.”

“Is there anywhere they go when they’re scared?” he said, addressing the children. “Or somewhere they go when they’re angry?” Most of the kids looked at each other nervously. The one named Julian spoke up.

“Dalton and Axim like to explore the settlement together,” he said. “Maybe they found someplace for wanting to be alone?” Julian shrugged. “I like being alone when I get mad.”

“But Kyle doesn’t get mad,” Lexi interrupted. “Not easily. He’s more prone to stop fights than start them.” Antelokes frowned. A peacemaker. He would expect a kid with that disposition to stick around with the group, not wander off alone.

“Scared then,” he said. “They would have gone somewhere they felt safe. The pavilion maybe?” It was still strange. There was safety in numbers, so why had the children gone off alone? With just the two adults this search would be difficult. Lexi had shown initiative and seemed old enough to be fairly competent. Julian seemed levelheaded as well. They would both be helpful. Antelokes felt Luke shift, still clinging to him. The boy didn’t seem like much of a talker, and still hadn’t said anything.

“Julian, Lexi, we’ll need your help,” he said, then turned to Taz. “With your curse you would seem like a stranger to the children, but you know the settlement much better than I. If you want to find them, take at least one of the children with you.” Antelokes cast a sidelong glance at the small crowd of kids. “Though I wouldn’t envy you if you prefer instead to stay and herd this lot while I search.” If she wanted to stay, Antelokes was ready to strike off with Julian and Lexi to find the lost ones. If not, he would do his best to manage the youngsters.

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Runaways And Rag-Tags

Postby Crylon Stonecraft on April 24th, 2022, 10:31 pm

As a small group of people headed away from the scene of the recent death, Crylon felt a small hand clinging to his arm. Walking away along with the other children and adults Crylon easily kept pace, though due to his small stature as an Isur there were quite a few in the group taller than him. That along with the darkening night made him hard to see among the group.

At the scene he had ended up comforting and hugging one of the stray children, wrapping his strong arms around her carefully which seemed to put her at ease. If needed his Izurdin blessed limb could ward off sword blows, hammer strikes, arrows, or most other threats. Apparently it could also help ward off some of the concern of a young upset child.

He didn't try to talk to her while she was still upset, instead just pulling her in close and offering her what comfort he could that way, until eventually she calmed down at looked at him. When she did that Crylon put a smile on his face and met her eyes.

“Hello, I am Crylon. Whats your name.”

The child sniffled a bit, clearly still upset, before eventually responding. "Da...Darcy..."

With another smile Crylon nodded in reply, pointing at some of the other children being rounded up.

“Is think... Other children, going. Is good not stay here. You go aswell?”

At this question the child clung to his hand even tighter, though even at full strength he felt no pain from the weak child's grip. "You... Are you coming with me?"

Seeing her eyes once again and the tears on her face Crylon knew he couldn't say no, and simply nodded, pulling the girl along after him with the other children. As they walked at some point Darcy had ended up with her other hand gripped by another child, and in said chain they made there way away from the site of death and towards some place he did not know.

A woman seemed to have taken charge and was leading them all someplace. For a moment he wondered who it was, sure he had not met the woman before, but as he did he felt the familiar connection through Caiyha on her and didn't doubt she meant no ill will to the children. Surely Caiyha would not have marked such a person who would. He still kept his wits about him as usual, but he did not feel any immediate danger he needed to react to.

He was even less frightened when the Ixam approached, able to read their body language through Nura as easily as he did a open book. While not helpful they were not harmful, more interested as any being would be to see a strange group approaching and so taking an interest. Of course their presence in a way was protective, since other beasts were less likely to come at them with the Ixam near, and so he did not think the woman's words were wrong. The more he focused on and remembered to use it the more he realized how useful it was, though even still he often forgot to do so. It was all so new to him that actively using it just had not become habit yet. But when a large group of large animals came up upon a group of children he had used it without thinking. He didn't feel a need to explain it, particularly since the woman leading the group did such a good job of explaining their intent.

He heard a few of the adults talking as they moved, but was far enough away he could not hear what was said. It occurred to him then that they might not know he was there, but he was not overly concerned by that and would make sure to make himself known when needed. Instead he did his best to be a calm level headed presence among them, thinking calmly and logically, which he hoped would help keep the children calm. Nothing worse than an adult freaking out to freak out children. This of course was helped by Crylon's normal nature, which tended to take most things in stride.

When he heard the discussion that three children were missing, he waited for a moment to respond, but for the moment listened to the discourse. Tazrae, he had overheard her name being said, was unsure what to do and was asking the other man. Should they go back to the childrens pavilion? Where they there?

The man seemed to want to just find them, stating the fact in Crylon's mind as if it was a clear solution. Crylon though questioned it, not sure the man had the right tack of things.

When the man finally started to go off on a plan to send off groups in differing places and to split the children up as well into groups, well there Crylon felt the need to put in his two copper mizas. Holding up his left gem/metal arm which was more noticeable Crylon cleared his throat before speaking. He tried to speak in short partial sentences that his limited common could handle, but he felt he was getting himself across well enough.

“Excuse me. I think... That bad idea. Someone die. Children upset. If we do, we do together. Splitting up, not good idea. Safety, comfort, together. As long as not going dangerous place, like in jungle, think better we do together. Not good time, split up.”

While Crylon was calm Tazrae seemed more or less unagitated, but by comparison the man seemed quite agitated. And, perhaps, not thinking completely clearly or reasonably. First he had said it wasn't a good time to be alone, and then directly after had said they should split up... Was that not conflicting?

Also, logically speaking, keeping them all together meant if anyone among the group was guilty in some way there was a better chance of someone noticing compared to them breaking into smaller groups. While logical he did not state this tidbit of reasoning, since he did not think it would help the particular mood of this hyped up fellow.

“Ah, I am Crylon. Was brought along by Darcy. But maybe you not saw before.”

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Runaways And Rag-Tags

Postby Faye on April 24th, 2022, 11:11 pm


It wasn’t hard to find the group of children being herded along by Tazrae and Antelokes. They were right where she wanted to be all along, and part of her felt comforted at the sight even though not a single one of them were familiar to her. It was just better than being alone, aside from her curse, and the events of today, her experiences with Syka had been largely good on the whole. So when she walked up and overheard the two talking with one another, she did what she could to sort of edge into the group although she couldn’t help but feel that she didn’t belong even though she was a child herself. It came with the territory of looking like a thirty something woman as she currently appeared. In fact, she had spent most of this season looking far older than she was which is why she had mostly avoided the children from the pavilion up until this point. Simply put it was too awkward to explain, but it had left her feeling very lonesome without someone her own age to spend time with.

As she drew near, her eyes went wide immediately at the large Ixam. She’d seen them before of course, but that didn’t mean she was comfortable with them. They looked as if they could easily eat her, although they had never been particularly aggressive around her. The more she thought about it, the more she had to figure it was just because she hadn’t had a lot of experience with animals before Syka and now she was in a place with talking birds, and giant lizards. It was a lot to take in on top of everything else, and even through over half of an entire season she still didn’t feel adjusted to this place.

Keeping a wary eye on the Ixam, Faye sidled up closer to the woman, and a young boy with very curious eyes. One of the older girls seemed to be doing much of the talking so Faye listened carefully to all that was being said as a new fear began to settle over her. Had they really wandered off on their own or had they been taken by the same person that was responsible for Miss’ Hess. Looking in every face gathered about her, she thought she saw the same fear and uncertainty there, although she noticed the boy beside her seemed to be masking his well. Or perhaps he was just in shock. It was so hard to tell.

Bending over slightly so she could look him in the eyes, Faye said quietly. “Hello, my name is Faye. I know I don’t much look it, but I’m actually eleven. I was wondering what your name was?” She asked.

“Dalton” The boy said after looking at her for a moment, and then back at the adults that were taking charge of the conversation.

“Well Dalton, maybe later we can talk a bit, and you can tell me how old you are and we can chat about where we are from and how we came here.” Faye said before she turned to pay attention to the gathering.

“I agree, I think we should all stick together if we are going to go search. I don’t know about any of you all, but I don’t really want to be alone right now.” Faye admitted, and stayed close to Dalton who was the only name she new at that moment.

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