Open A Cursed Tenday Indeed (Open)

Syka's residents gather for the first tenday of pring 522.

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Syka is a new settlement of primarily humans on the east coast of Falyndar opposite of Riverfall on The Suvan Sea. [Syka Codex]

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A Cursed Tenday Indeed (Open)

Postby Gossamer on March 16th, 2022, 1:25 am

The 10th of Spring, 522 A.V. Early Afternoon

If the Sykan's were honest with themselves, the Tenday Celebrations were just excuses to celebrate survival; to party. They loved their liquor, music, and mingling. They played games, splashed in the sea, and made then consumed a huge feast. Someone always roasted a couple of pigs or a few huge mackerels. There were stories exchanged and sometimes kisses fueled by drunken melancholy.

Torches were lit, and the music played on well after the sunset over the sea. Many Sykans could sing. Most could play. And there was never an ending to those that loved to drum. Couples danced, and singers refreshed their voices with the delicious rum that Stu had been working on day and night since Syka was founded.

There were bonfires and fire shows, and even magic openly celebrated. The local reimancers were good at fireworks and pyro techniques that just got better the longer the night aged In Syka, magic wasn't a feared thing. It was embraced and openly shared. So too were values that were long lost in other places. One didn't strive to outdo one's fellow Sykan.

The Sykans supported each other, helped, and were united in a way that most places that called themselves cities could never be. They shared knowledge and laughter and even some tears when necessary. And they shared dangers, which halved the threats, and made them easier to face.

Life in paradise wasn't perfect. Paradise was deadly, with razor-sharp fangs and claws. Things stung and bit and were filled with poison. The jungle held a menace for those that opposed it or tried to tame it. And the ocean was a little better. But the Sykans were thriving by living within it and beside it, accepting it for what it was, and carving out a place for themselves within the rules that were established long before people were people and thought to make up their own.

Connections were made. Friendships formed. And neighbor checked on a neighbor, and more importantly, shared what they had with others... be it skills, riches, food, or brute strength. It was a good place to live and had been since the day it was founded.

But now... something had changed.

Mathias was worried, deeply worried, and he stood in a loose cluster with the other Founders. Everything was set up as usual... buffet tables, pigs roasting on spits, barrels of rum tapped, but no one was smiling. There was a tension in the air that seemed to swirl around affecting each and every member of the settlement, even to the littlest newest children.

Randal snorted and tossed his head. His new horns spiraled up on either side of his head like a gemsbok's crown. His forehead was more prominent and his facial hair was growing heavy. Tuffs of hair ran up his forearms almost like a stags fetlock. And his beard extended down onto his chest where it grew lush and thick like a pelt. The handsome youngest Founder was all but a beast.

And before everyone sat for food and the music and dancing started, he had something to say.

He jumped up on a few steps higher than the ground at the Commons and beckoned everyone over. Syka had well under a hundred people, but the crowd was thick tonight. There were even some non-resident Svefra in attendance. The seafaring race had taken to dropping by Syka on the days ending in zero knowing there would be a Tenday and free-flowing food and drink. They always contributed, but on this particular tenday, they definitely had segregated themselves from the crowd and were milling about uncomfortably.

Randal cleared his throat and called the crowd to attention. "May we have your attention?" He called out across the crowd. He was perched five steps up leading to the lofted Commons area, so his voice carried across the Commons itself. Mathias and James climbed the steps to join him. Together, all three presented a united front. But it was Randal that continued to speak.

"As you all know, this season... we kicked it off with a bang, and well... things aren't going as usual. Each of us seems to have been afflicted with ... something... in my case, I've grown horns and am... well my features are turning bestial. That change is reflected in my mannerisms as well." He snorted and took a moment to paw at the step. "But others have been unaffected... like Mathias and Stu. We'd like you to step forward, one at a time, and let us know what you think about this... and any thoughts you might have on the cause. We need to share information. Miss Hess will be taking notes on all the speakers." He added, then went on to relate his own account.

"I've grown horns. My teeth have thickened and grown a second row... and I have a pelt now. My forehead is ridged and my bones are thickened. I can think of nothing that would cause this... and it started just a few days ago... but keeps getting worse." He said, then stepped down, and carefully gestured for the next person to speak.

"Please... everyone take a turn. We can do the usual Tenday festivities and eat... but we need to have this discussion first." He added then walked to Miss Hess' side, wading through the children, to keep watch over her shoulder as she took notes.

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A Cursed Tenday Indeed (Open)

Postby Cleon on March 16th, 2022, 5:17 pm


The party hadn’t started yet, but Cleon was already a few drinks deep when he showed up to mill around with the rest of the Sykans. He wasn’t even sure what he was hoping to do here as he wasn’t particularly in the mood for a party. However Oralie had mentioned it, made the recommendation that he go for Faye’s sake, and there really wasn’t any arguing with that logic. How could he when she had gotten so, so much older.

The change was unmistakable now, even to a blind man for Faye’s once smooth skin was covered in wrinkles. Cleon did his best to avoid looking at her because when he did, it only seemed to make her sad which he felt more than partially responsible for. He had brought them here after all, and ever since coming here it had been one thing after another giving them almost no time to make adjustments.

That’s not to say it had been on the whole a bad experience. He’d managed to find work he’d liked, and the people here were more than generous with their help. Cleon had already gained several pounds from the food he managed to force down, and even had grown an inch in height if the marks on the wall were accurate assessments. He’d started making them for Faye to keep track of her changing, but couldn’t help but measure himself while he was at.

Of course, while he was happy enough with his physical changes, he was the worse he had been mentally for a long time, and it only seemed like he could recognize that when he was a few drinks in. Otherwise it felt almost impossible to get anything done if he didn’t have at least something grounding him. Speaking of just that, he wondered why if this was a party wasn’t anyone partaking in what had been laid out on the tables.

He couldn’t reason why beyond the simple idea that they appeared to be waiting for something with their being two distinct groups as far as he could tell. His own small party was currently on the outer edge of a group of Sykans, more than a few of which he recognized either from having been introduced personally or having watched them meet with James on his first day here.

Cleon fancied himself rather good with faces, memorizing them at least but he had trouble interpreting their looks now with his level of intoxication. They all seemed neutral enough, but he couldn’t really figure out what was going on beyond that. At least until Randal took a prominent spot at the head of the crowd and beckoned everyone over. Reluctantly, Cleon followed along with the rest of the crowd, though he was content to stay towards the back if possible.

Randal was proof that whatever was happening wasn’t just occurring with them as Cleon had watched the man change over the course of days. It had started off subtle a lot like Faye’s had only instead of growing older he’d been growing into.. Well he didn’t know how to put it better than the man appeared now. The man was a beast in appearance and mannerisms. Cleon didn’t know exactly how to feel about it because a large part of him had felt relief at first because if it was happening to a founder, he felt that the problem wouldn’t just get swept under the rug like his or Faye’s might.

Still, a part of him felt poorly for the man as he’d grown to rather like working for him, first on the beds and more recently at the surf shop. He’d hadn’t done anything but clerk yet, however that would change soon as he learned more about the boards Randal was making. His change along with Faye’s though was certainly problematic though, along with whatever was happening to him and Oralie for that matter. She’d mentioned it once or twice, but he’d been sober on those occasions and not really inclined to listen beyond a word or two.

As for what he was dealing with, how could he really put it into words? An should he? Compared to what Faye and Randal were experiencing his own troubles seemed almost trivial. Flippant even if he came up there saying he had an unnatural need to pursue pleasure. For that’s what it sort of was. An itch he had to sate to get a calm thought in every once and a while so he didn’t go gibbering mad. How strangely would they look at him though if he admitted that?

Randal, up there explaining his own illness didn’t have to worry about that. He had physical proof and beyond that he was a founder of the settlement. His word was beyond reproach? But his own? Would anyone believe him if he told them about his own troubles? Would they care? Cleon had a hard time believing they would and suddenly felt very thirsty. He belatedly wished he had brought a pipe, though there was little enough time to worry over that as Randal called for volunteers.

That would be for them. Faye at least. They would be fools not to take the opportunity to get her problem out there and get as many eyes on it as possible. Without needing much guidance, he walked with Faye towards the front, skirting the edge of the crowd as they did so. He made sure to walk slowly so as to not cause Faye any undue pain, and when they came to where Randal had stood, he turned to nod briefly towards the founder before helping Faye onto the platform.

“Many of you may not know me, but my name is Cleon, and this is my sister Faye. As she will tell you in a few, a lot has changed for us since coming here, and hers has been particularly pronounced. Ten days ago she was eleven years old, and now.. This. Her mind has stayed the same but her body gets rapidly older everyday. We’ve went to the Panacea on a number of times but it seems that there is no natural explanation for this. Whatever this is, it didn’t start until we came here on the first with the Veronica. I’d.. I.. Well if anyone thinks they have an idea, please come forward so we can figure out what has been happening to cause this change.” Cleon said, and then moved to step off of the platform to allow Faye to talk for herself when his sister kicked him in the shin.

He traded a cross look with her, then exasperated, he realized what she was after. “Uh well as for myself, since the first I have had a number of cravings I did not have before coming here. Not just for food, or drink, but strange ones like gambling.” He said, not particularly wanting to elaborate more than that, and as his sister didn’t kick him again, he let it go as he took a step off of the platform. Cleon had the strong urge then and there to go to the tables and top off his dwindling take but he stayed on for the sake of Faye and Oralie. Tonight was going to be a very long one.

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A Cursed Tenday Indeed (Open)

Postby Faye on March 16th, 2022, 5:18 pm


Faye had expected to change when she came here. All she had known for so long was a cramped room in the back of a shack until she traded that cramped space for an equally drafty one in the mines. It had been beyond boring, but she had tolerated it because it was done to keep her safe. She’d always trusted her brother and sister to do the best they could by her, which they proved by arranging her to come here. A place where she finally didn’t have to be so alone. A place she could explore and learn without any fear. She had been looking forward to that, still was partially, but the change had been more drastic than she could have ever have anticipated.

To start, she was much taller than she had been coming here, standing at around five feet four inches the last time Cleon measured her earlier this morning. If it had just been that, she could have lived with the change, might have even been able to get excited about it. However the change did not leave itself to just that. The rest of her had gotten older, much older at this point. Her hair was now more gray than blond and was falling out in more than a few places. The skin on her arms and hands was covered in discolored blotches, and her joints ached something terrible with every change in the weather. She had a hard time walking across uneven sand, and had to be assisted by Oralie or Cleon to even get very far without doubling over in pain. Everything was pain today it seemed from the moment she had opened her eyes.

She hadn’t even wanted to come to this tenday celebration, and who could really fault her for that. Faye didn’t want to be seen out like this, even if she was sure no one would recognize her. She certainly didn’t want to go up there and speak with everyone. However it was all they’d seem to have talked about over the last couple of days, getting this out in front of the founders and this was just that opportunity.

It wasn’t like she really had to worry about them believing her. She’d been visiting Kami rather regularly at the Panacea over the past ten days, at first for her cough, then for whatever was happening to her now. She’d started off thinking it was just a growth spurt, but the last couple of days confirmed it for her that she was getting older. That scared her more than anything else, and she was glad she had Cleon and Oralie there for support.

She was clutching onto Cleon now as she stared at the platform with more than a little worry. An when it came time for volunteers, she tentatively went along with where Cleon was leading them. This didn’t feel right. It was too public. There were too many eyes on them, scared anxious faces that mirrored back at her how she was feeling as they worked their slow way to the front.

Faye wondered too late if she could get Kami to represent her on her behalf, but there would be none of that as Cleon guided her onto the platform. On it, she leaned more heavily into Cleon as she shook like a leaf, looking wide eyed out onto the variety of faces she found there. They didn’t seem so friendly from this point of view.

She almost breathed a sigh of relief when Cleon took the initiative to introduce her, and for a time Faye was able to avoid the gazes of almost everyone as she listened. Then Cleon paused, and looked about ready to hop off without saying anything about himself. Faye felt a intense spasm of irritation, and kicked him solidly on the chin, remaining still as stone when he whirled around to glare at her. He buckled as she knew he would, and launched into a brief explanation of his own ailments.

Faye found herself fascinated by his explanation as up until this point, he had refrained from elaborating why he had been so irritating of late. She knew it had to be something just because of the abruptness of his strange behavior, but now she actually had a point of reference, she felt much better about her chances of trying to support her brother in the future. Because she really did want the best for him, even if he was a pain.

When he tried to step off this time, she didn’t stop him. Only stood there awkwardly as she looked out onto the many gathered faces. Faye gulped. “All of what he said was true. I’ve been growing older everyday, and Kami at the Panacea has been taking measurements to try and figure out how this is happening. I.. I don’t know what any of this means, but I’ve really come to enjoy my time in Syka despite all of this so I just hope we can figure this out together. Thank you for listening.” Faye said, and then wobbled for a second till Cleon took her hand, helping her off the platform.

She came away not really feeling like she added much to the conversation, and feeling terrified to still be within full view of the crowd. Faye could almost make them out mumbling about her, and she wanted to shut her ears to the noise. Instead she took her brother’s hand and allowed herself to be lead off to the side while they waited to see who would be the next to speak.

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A Cursed Tenday Indeed (Open)

Postby Oralie on March 16th, 2022, 8:49 pm

Usually Oralie loved the Tenday celebrations. When she had first arrived in Syka, they had horrified her for the simple fact that they meant she had to socialise. But over time as she had grown more comfortable with the company of others, and grown as a person, they had become something that she looked forward to each time they came around.

Of course, while they were excuses to party, this particular Tenday meeting came with a more subdued mood. Things were not right in the settlement. Oralie had felt it for days. At first she thought she had been imagining the shadow being that had suddenly appeared. She thought it was simply her nightmare sticking in her mind while she was awake.

And then she had met Faye, and had watched the child grow to a woman far older than Oralie herself in a matter of days. While her mind stayed young, her body aged and Oralie felt that if she blinked for too long she would miss the girl skip another few years. Faye’s brother too - Cleon. At first it was assumed he was having some personal troubles. He may well have been anyway, even without these strange happenings, but they were extreme. Then there was Randal. Oralie had watched over the last few days as horns had sprouted from his head.

It was a painful walk from the Protea Inn to the Commons. Not for Oralie, though the hairs on the back of her neck were prickling as she knew the shadow being was trailing along behind her. No, it was painfully slow, for both her and Cleon were helping Faye along the uneven pathway. She appeared to be an old woman now, her joints stiff and her steps halting.

When they eventually arrived, she stood with the pair of them near the fringe of the crowd. She’d had a hard time convincing them to come, Faye especially not wanting others to see her. Oralie could hardly blame her. She had managed to convince Cleon that it would be for the best - that together the denizens always figured things out in the end.

Her golden gaze fixed on Randal as he spoke out to the gathered Sykans. He had changed in the last couple of days since she had seen him. His horns were longer now, spiralling up from his head and she noticed him twitch with animalistic movements. Her brow lowered in a frown as she considered his words. Not everyone had been affected by whatever was happening. A lot of them had been it seemed, though she had no idea how many.

She was surprised that Cleon went first, helping Faye up onto the platform with him. Oralie watched with concern as she stood next to him, nervousness and tiredness evident on her face. She tried to catch her eye, to nod and smile reassuringly. She nodded as Cleon spoke, thankful that he seemed able today to eloquently explain what had been happening to his sister.

As the siblings stepped down, Oralie found herself jostled to the front. She caught Randal’s eye and the founder nodded at her. Aside from Cleon, he was the only person she’d actually told about her shadow. She stepped up onto the platform and faced the gathered Sykans.

“Whatever is happening to me isn’t visible to anyone else. At least as far as I am aware…” Oralie scanned the crowd below her, looking for hints in people’s eyes that they might have seen what ailed her. The shadow being drifted up the steps to hover next to her as she spoke, and to Oralie’s disappointment, not a single person so much as blinked at it.

“There is a creature following me about. I don’t know what it is, but it seems to be made of shadows. It doesn’t speak or touch or do much of anything. It just follows me, staring at me the entire time with luminous silver eyes. It feels very wrong, like that feeling you get when you know someone is looking at you when you aren’t looking at them.” She caught a couple of people nodding and felt some relief that she was getting her point across.

“It can follow me anywhere it wants to - even to the Outpost. I don’t remember exactly when it appeared unfortunately. It was definitely on the first though. It wasn’t there when I woke up, but at some point in the morning after I had come down to help unload the Veronica it appeared.”
Oralie paused, glancing at Randal again. “That’s it really…”

She moved to step off of the platform to let someone else come up and speak and the shadow being drifted down after her. She made a beeline for where Cleon and Faye were standing, veering off only briefly to grab a stool for Faye to sit on. Oralie knew that the girl tired quickly now, and she had no idea how many more people were going to be getting up to speak. She squeezed Faye’s shoulder. “Thank you for being brave Faye.” She then glanced up at Cleon and gave him a small smile too. It couldn’t have been easy for the siblings to stand up in front of a crowd of strangers.

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A Cursed Tenday Indeed (Open)

Postby Naadiya on March 16th, 2022, 11:48 pm

The morning of the Tenday greeted Naadiya like a slap in the face.

This Tenday would be like no other, and sitting it out might be more problematic than every before. She’d already been thinking of hiding in her room through the celebrations, had been thinking about it for the last few days even. But she’d had so little luck in curing her condition herself that she could see no other option.

Artik had already found out about her occasionally swapping sexes. His introduction had not been the smoothest, nor the most honest at first. But he now knew as much as she did.

The previous night, Naadiya and Artik had decided to ease the stress of the imminent holiday. He wanted to try a drink Stu was working on that had all kinds of heat. It was spicy, served hot and left that lingering burning sensation in your mouth after you had swallowed that only got worse when you followed it with water. The only thing that would soothe the tongue was warm milk.

Upon watching their reactions to the drink, Stu had decided the best addition to the drink would be to include an accompanying shot of heated milk. He could serve it as 'the cure'. They'd all been pretty impressed with the idea at the time, of course she and Artik were also in desperate need of said 'cure' and were willing to agree to anything in their states.

They had both passed out on Artik’s ship and woke up with heads still pounding. Her mouth still felt hot. Her body still felt drunk. But her mind, was a blade freshly forged and dunked in water.

In fact, she had just been dunked in water.

As the two had been trying to get off the ship on their way to the Commons, a still partially inebriated Artik, tripped and reached out for support. His hand only found her and she, being fairly intoxicated herself, could not hold up his weight. The two fell over the ship’s edge and into the water.

Naadiya fell into the ocean as a woman and crawled out of it as a man. She still wore a dress, its red fabric now wet and clinging to her masculine frame.

Her annoyance at the caused of her being drenched, drove Naadiya to walk several paces ahead of the Svefra who trudged on behind her and, still recovering from the fall, was unable to see the humor in the whole scene he’d caused just yet. But the boozy haze in his mind was not thick enough to keep him from understanding her feelings, he too would have been pissed to be tossed in the ocean so soon after waking up.

He was pissed right now, being randomly drenched himself. So he let her speed forward, anger in every step.

Getting wet was nothing new to the blond man, but now, stripping off his clothes revealed masses of thick growing hair or the reddened patches of skin from the fresh and constant shaving. He had sheepishly gone to the local healers for a solution but the best help they could give had been balms and ointments to help with the irritated skin. Even magical solutions had not stuck, and the hair kept growing.

Despite having shaved the previous morning, Artik had the full beard of a man who’d gone several days without grooming. It went down his neck and almost made contact with the animalistic mass that crowded his chest, long and wet. He’d had two hair cuts since the start of the season and was shaving so often, he’d needed get a much sharper razor or his skin was going to be torn to shreds. Naadiya had been helping him and he was thankful for it even when he forgot to show it. There were just some parts of one’s body that were too difficult to shave yourself, and his flexibility was not exactly peak level.

They had reached the crowd that was gathering and listened to Randal’s speech several yards apart. Naadiya had edged her way forward from the second she’d arrived. She moved even as people spoke, taking the advantage of everyone being so focused on looking up and paying attention to the speaker, that they barely noticed the lethe unknown man in a wet dress weaving through the crowd.

A young man and his mother, or grandmother were walking up well ahead of where Naadiya stood and when she’d seen the man’s gait, she winced in recognition. It wasn’t always easy to spot the signs of abusing alcohol on herself as she didn’t walk around with a mirror. But being with Artik so often, Naadiya got used to picking up the little things. A slight misstep or the hint of a word almost slurred. If she had bothered to look back at the hairy Svefra, Naadiya was sure she’d see similar signs. And if she being honest, an outsider looking at herself, perhaps would as well.

When the elderly lady stepped on stage Naadiya gasped, freezing her stride and throwing a hand up to cover her mouth the second she connected the two dots. She’d been momentarily distracted and missed a good part of what the man, Cleon, had said, but as she looked up at the old woman, Naadiya needed no explanation. The girl had not had a real introduction to the siblings, but she had briefly glimpse them around the inn. However, the girl that spoke was not the same one she had seen get off board the ship. Not at all.

Poor thing.

Naadiya hoped she had not been noticed by the girl. She herself had a great fear of aging and all that came with it. The wrinkles, the aches, the loss of teeth and hair and eventually even the control of one’s body and mind. The thought horrified Naadiya to her core, unavoidable as it was. And now there was a personification of her fear standing ahead of her speaking. Naadiya’s heart went out to her, she could not even imagine what the young girl was going through. If there was a positive to spotted, it might be that being young as Faye was when the disaster struck her, she likely had no fear of the pending doom of passing time.

Well.... she didn't before all this... who knows how this will traumatize the girl...

There was a change in speakers and Naadiya looked up to see Oralie.

The very first day of the season, Naadiya had woken up to screams in the Protea, Oralie’s screams. They had initially put it off to her dreaming or sleepwalking, she didn't know the Kelvic had been living with this terror every day since. Oralie’s story filled in a bit of the gaps, and as she spoke, Naadiya continued to edge her way forward until she had reached the front.

If I had a shadow following me, I’d probably lose my mind…

As she looked at the people who’d just spoken, pity seeped into her gaze. Naadiya was guessing there would be a lot of commiseration on this Tenday. Then she caught of glimpse of Artik and her anger flooded right back in as she realized she too had a ‘show’ in addition to a ‘tell’ that she could share.

Taking the same spot vacated by previous speakers, Naadiya stood there with a sour smile, dripping sea water. The wet fabric of her dress revealed what was underneath fairly well and she felt little need to put words to it.

“You might not recognize me, but I know many of you and many more I’ve seen around the settlement in passing. To those I haven’t met, my name is Naadiya.”

A few people gasped in surprise, having known or seen the Benshira woman but not knowing the extent of her current state until now.

“I don’t know when exactly it started happening, but it comes and it goes. Sometimes I wake up male, sometimes female. I haven’t figure out the specifics but I’m almost sure its linked either to emotional stress, drinking… maybe diet? Or the moon, for a little bit I thought it was related to the moon… Ok I don’t know what sparks the male switch, but it happened right before I got here, when an asshole tried to use me for leverage and threw me in the ocean. So you also add ocean water to the list of potential causes, or contact with assholes for that matter.”

As she ranted, Naadiya had crossed her arms and arched an angry brow. She had already spotted Artik walking in the crowd and stared daggers at him as he made his way up.

Naadiya did not feel like she was done venting but he walked up next to her anyway, placing a hand on her muscular shoulder which she quickly shrugged off.

“Hello everyone,” Artik grunted out, his voice had been much more hoarse than he’d expected and he had to clear his throat before continuing. “I have been growing a lot of body hair… Yes, it is everywhere. And no, it doesn’t stop. I shave, it grows. I shave. It grows.”

She was already annoyed with him, and his woe-is-me speech seemed to throw fuel to her fire. There was an eleven year old crone in the crowd but his body hair was so overwhelming... Naadiya walked off, blending back into the crowd, leaving him to finish alone.

Artik paused awkwardly as she walked off, then continued when he lost sight of the woman among the many faces staring back. He talked about when his symptoms started showing and the many ways in which it inconvenienced him but Naadiya had already rolled her eyes and cut through the crowd of people that still stood around the front.

As she walked by, Naadiya waved to Oralie and gave another sympathetic look to the fragile old lady who seemed to have aged even since having left the center of attention, but she did not stop to talk just now. She went searching for a drink, knowing there must be a barrel of something strong enough to make this tense occasion, somewhat less tense. Besides, she wanted to find some before Artik did, and he was like a bloodhound to booze and if she could get her fill and leave before he caught the scent in the air, all the better.

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A Cursed Tenday Indeed (Open)

Postby Tazrae on March 20th, 2022, 2:33 pm

As long as the meals were made and the linens cleaned, no one actually missed her. Taz tried not to care. She knew something was going on, but didn’t know if it was personal or not. She was more and more suspecting it wasn’t. Every single one of the patrons of her establishment had some sort of issue.

Faye’s issue was most prominent of all. She aged. Taz wasn’t sure what was happening, but she was afraid the little girl that had showed up on her doorstep with her somewhat lecherous older brother was going to die if they didn’t figure things out. She appeared far older than Tazrae at this point. Her brother had some issues, but they weren’t things that Tazrae had enough experience with to really understand. He seemed to need things… more than he should. Taz couldn’t put a finger on it. Shiress acted… hunted. And the monk with her, seemed to forget what his native tongue was every day and picked out another one to be fluent with. She was still waiting for him to cycle back to Common if he ever was, to thoroughly discuss the issue with him.

And there were others.

Randal looked… bestial. And that became more and more true every day. Artik, who had gloriously long blond hair, seemed to have more and more hair every day. She’d even seen him sport a full beard from one day to the next but had kept her mouth shut about it. Syka had gone mad, that much was for sure, but she was truly having a hard time even remotely dealing with it because her world was already madness.

She couldn’t help them, not really, not with everyone forgetting about her.

And yet, she showed up to the Tenday, expecting to cook and clean. She did. No one bothered to question her since she jumped in to help. But when she heard Randal’s words, putting down her cleaning in the Communal Kitchens, and gathering near the back edge of the crowd to listen.

Faye got up and spoke. So did Cleon and her heart bled for them. Oralie's words affected her deeply as well. There was nothing much she could do about it though... not really. She had no place to even start fighting this situation. Others spoke, and when there was a short lull in the crowd, Taz walked up and stepped onto the step where Randal had been.

"My name is Tazrae. I moved here in the Spring of 520 and built the local Inn. None of you can remember me, even though I know most of you or rented you a room at one time or another. When I speak to you, introduce myself, everything is seemingly normal though I am as a new person to you. But as soon as I am out of your sight, you don't remember me." She said, then shook her head. "I have no idea what causing this. But it seems everyone is affected." She added, then hopped down off the steps. Once she was out of sight of those further back they'd forget her.

So she headed back to the back of the crowd to finish listening to the rest of the speakers. There might be something there... a clue. Or maybe Alric was right and there was something bigger at work here. So Tazrae settled in to listen to the rest of the afflictions to see if anything made sense with all of them running together.

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A Cursed Tenday Indeed (Open)

Postby Shade on March 20th, 2022, 2:56 pm

Shade was leaning casually against a palm tree keeping Shiress and Ian in his sight. The woman had dark circles under her eyes like she hadn't been sleeping worth a darn. He'd stumbled upon a beach party the ladies of The Protea were having in the middle of the night a few evenings ago. So he assumed, by the ruckus, that none of them could sleep. He'd watched over them for a time, then had wandered back to his room to go back to sleep. Syka had been proving to be a lot less dangerous thus far than he'd thought it would be. That was interesting in itself. He wasn't sure if the jungle here had been tamed or the people have been acclimatized to the jungle itself. If it was the latter and not the former, he wasn't sure the people understood how their assimilation was going.

Little Brea walked by and he reached out and snagged the child by her shoulder. She started to tense, balling up two of her four little fists, until she saw who it was. "It's just me. Shade." He said carefully. "Will you tell me what the others have said so far? I can't understand a word they are saying." He added.

Brea nodded and filled him in on what everyone had been talking about so far.

"I want to speak." He said in Arumenic. "Will you translate for me?" He asked. Brea nodded, and together the two of them waded through the crowd and climbed up on the steps as soon as the woman with caramel hair had hopped down. Brea took his left hand in one of hers and stood patiently.

Finally, she said in Common. "This is Shade. He has some stuff to say." She called out. Shade smiled, glanced at her, and uttered a few words that sounded an awful lot like thank you even if they were in a foreign tongue.

He began in Arumenic, with Brea translating quietly beside him.

"I am Shadekas. I came off The Veronica on the first. Everything was fine until I got here. Now, each morning when I wake up, I speak and think in a different language. Half of them I don't even know what they are called. This one is Arumenic because Brea speaks it and I find I can communicate with her. But the rest of you, unless I am speaking common and thinking in common, just all sound foreign to me. I don't remember which language is which from day to day and I have no idea what's going on. About three quarters of the time, I can't understand any of you. This is the most confusing thing I've ever had happen to me. I even went through a day on the 5th where all I could do was speak and understand Jamouran. This is not normal. But thankfully I have little Brea here to translate for me today so I can tell all the rest of us are somehow effected as well. We need to figure out what is going on and solve this." He said, before he hopped down.

Shade let Brea continue to translate, then held the girl's hand keeping her close so she could tell him what the rest of the people were saying.

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A Cursed Tenday Indeed (Open)

Postby Moritz Craven on March 20th, 2022, 7:45 pm

The first tenday of the season, as normal Moritz found himself wandering around somewhat. While he listened to a few conversations, ate a few bites of food, and was there, he wasn't overly social. Perhaps, Moritz reasoned, even more so this season with his current.... Affliction.

He'd noticed it on the first day of Spring, some ways into the day on his birthday he found everything he said or expressed came out untrue. Particularly tricky for the overly truthful Kelvic, he could not be honest or tell anything straight to anyone. Every word came out of his mouth wrong and twisted, which annoyed him to no end.

So it was, eating a bite of sliced fruit, that he was gladdened to hear that everyone else or at least many others were also similarly afflicted. However after thinking for a bit, he realized he had no way of explaining that he shared in this affliction. While he had some ideas, listening to people express their own tales one by one, he was unsure how he could make his own issue clear when his issue was to not be truthful and clear in anything...

He eyed the founder, listening to his words, however he found the mans name was something he could not recall. Though he could tell that something was different about him... He was certain he had met the man before, but... Ah, horns! He of all people should notice someone suddenly sprouting horns, but it took him a few moments to realize the change. Among other odd features, the man had horns.

He listened to the odd afflictions occurring on each person, and found they were quite varied in type. Some were physical, while others seemed more mental. He was unsure if his own would be considered physical or mental, or perhaps a bit of both, though he supposed his was mainly a mental change affecting how he acted physically.

Excessive hair seemed a not so bad problem compared to some, though he was surprised to hear someone he had met before was now changing genders for a seemingly unknown reason. While Moritz felt in some ways he was mature, he was fairly sure he would not handle well turning into a woman. He had enough to figure out on the workings of being a man, let along working out being a woman and all that entailed. And so if nothing else he felt good that he did not have that particular malady.

After listening to quite a few tales and waiting for a pause in the conversation Moritz found it was a good time for himself to talk, and so he took a step forward and tried to explain his situation. But instead what came out was lies, and quite odd ones he found.

"Hello, I am John Sniten, thank you for having me. I haven't noticed anything weird, so I don't know that I can help much. Although I have noticed a few of those odd shadow creatures the guy from earlier talked about, but I've been seeing those for seasons so I thought they were normal. Maybe they aren't related to this other odd stuff? They seem pretty harmless and just tell funny jokes when you give them belly rubs, so I didn't think much of them. I wonder why that other one chooses not to speak..."

Moritz voice broke off as he slapped his hands over his mouth, turning to face Oralie for a moment before looking up at the sky. Why had he said that. Shaking his head he kept himself from speaking, or saying anything further.

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A Cursed Tenday Indeed (Open)

Postby Crylon Stonecraft on March 20th, 2022, 8:26 pm

While Crylon had not been in Syka long he felt the time he had been there had been rather eventful. But he also felt he had a lot to learn and did not know many people. And so the concept of a tenday had excited him, and he had been hoping for the chance to converse and introduce himself to some like minded people.

However upon arriving he had found a... He could find not better word for it... A Mood had fallen across the tenday. For a moment he wondered if someone had died from the tones and actions, but that did not seem to be the case.

Taking an offered drink Crylon sipped at the alcoholic beverage, finding it tasty. He was unsure who had made it, but it did seem well made and so he took a few more sips and quickly polished off the cup before returning for another cup of something or other. Like houses the local drinks seemed to take on the spirit of the place, and was a cocktail of fruit and sweetness unike the simpler drinks he had in other places like Ravok.

As for the drinks in Sunberth, well it being Sunberth he had been a bit more careful about what he partook of from others... Better than not doing so and being blindsided by some plot.

Another reason he was somewhat excited by the tenday was the chance of meeting the other Isur living in the settlment. He had heard there was another one around, and so was hoping to get the chance to meet her and talk in his native tongue. Few places he had gone to had Isur, and when he did run into them there was not many of them. And that had been in big cities, with many not even being proper Sultros born and raised Isur if not outright partial Isur. Most of the ones in Ravok had been locals and were only part Isur. In Sunberth he had met an Isur, but he was unsure if he was from Sultros or not and had seemingly gone native. Ever since he had heard of the female Isur in the setltement he had been looking forward to meeting her, though he was unsure if she would be coming or not... But if not the tenday, what better chance did he have to meet her?

When the founder began to speak, possibly the human he had met on arriving but looking different, he was shocked to hear what he had to say. But at the same time... It also made sense. The odd physical compulsion, the overriding desire to hug anyone drawing near, while it was not so bad perhaps as many of the others around it was still annoying to say the least.

Working on his common and figuring out what he would say Crylon listened to the testimonies one by one, hearing each persons unique affliction. The odd things that had occurred reminded Crylon of some past events he had endured, though he was unsure it was exactly the same.

A man who had grown horns and had taken on other changes. Clean who had urges, though of the non-hugging variety, namely more physical ones like imbibing... Faye, a child who was aging over and over again and again at high speed, who seemed to currently be an old woman. A woman being followed by an invisible shadow creature... With glowing eyes and who was ambiguous whether for good or ill.

When he heard of one person, a woman named Naadiya who was changing genders from female to male and was currently a man, he could not help but smile a bit. While it was not exactly the same, it did have some similarities to something that had occurred to him in the past.

When he saw a woman who said she was being forgotten, he wondered if he had met her and forgotten, or if knew to the place he truly did not know her...

Listening to the translated mans words he nodded along, understanding how hard a lack of understanding could be. He felt for his problems, having experienced it himself with others in his speech as he learned common, along with in others who spoke even less than he did in common or any tongue he knew.

Once most of the people who seemed interested in speaking had spoken and there was a lull in the conversation Crylon stepped forward, raising a hand to make himself clear among the crows due to his small size compared to most of the humans that weren't children. His arm though that he raised, his special Isurian black one, was quite noticeable.

“I am Crylon Stonecraft. Also come this season to Syka. And notice thing since come from not before. When person come near, I suddenly have need of hug. Cannot control, though once do hug am able let go. For those have hugged, today or before, apologies. Cannot control when happen.”

Pausing for a moment to catch up his words and improve his phrasing, Crylon tried to contribute a bit to the conversation.

“Have listened to others who have felt... Malady... Change... And seem common things. And time. Happen sometime on first of spring. Happen after boat arrive. I know as well, not feel change before get off boat. So couple things seem possible... Though anyone feel before boat arrive, say so? Perhaps affect time when start. Anyways... Seem most likely, something come off boat, which cause affect. Someone, person, who do, on boat. Or perhaps item or thing brought on. So, even if not meaning to, is maybe person or thing who come new this season. Founder say afore, many people come new season this, not normal. So perhaps relate this? Is anyone not here, who come new on boat? Maybe is good place start, ask. Or any odd thing brought on boat?”

Turning to the man turned from a woman earlier Crylon paused again, eyeing the male woman before speaking.

“Other thing, also seem possible. Is maybe work or play, or test, of divine. Seasons ago, back in other city, myself and others feel thing happen. Many different things. I go sleep as man, wake up am woman. Later in season, change back, stay as man, but for time was woman. Turn out, was game or test of show thing by Leth, god of moon, show change. Not quite same now, seem, but perhaps something like this? Those seem most possible from what said so far. Is anyone check, is maybe play or test of divine?”

Looking around Crylon tried to gauge the others response to his words, but was unsure if anyone knew anything.

“Could also be other thing, but is seem most likely from sayings, those two.”

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A Cursed Tenday Indeed (Open)

Postby Shiress on March 21st, 2022, 3:26 am

Shiress leaned over Ian, pressed a damp cloth to the toddlers cheek, and started scrubbing. No matter where her little boy ended up, he got dirty and inside their clean room at the inn obviously was no exception to this rule.

"I swear, son," Shiress huffed, trying hard not to be irritated at her boy, "you could come straight out of a bath with a dirty face." she smiled down at her boy, "Ready to go back and see Shade? We need to hurry!"

Shiress was worried that everyone had already spoken at the Tenday meeting and she would miss her turn. She had told Shade that she'd only be gone for a few chimes, but she swears Ian somehow collected even more mud on their walk back to the room. A dirt covered boy was not an impression the doctor wanted to make on the people of Syka. Especially not coupled with the first impression of a panicked outburst on the first day of her arrival. Some things needed to be forgotten. Completely.

Grabbing Ian by the hand, Shiress threw the cloth on a bedside table, slung her bag across a shoulder, and started for the door. Eenie, Ian's black and white striped monkey that had taken up with the boy since arriving in Syka, took hold of the toddlers other hand. The monkey was the spitting image of stuffed toy monkey gifted to Shiress's son as a newborn.

After a conversation with Shade, the fact that the toy was gifted to the boy by Rhysol himself was something Shiress had decided to keep to herself. She was not sure if the appearance of the monkey had something to do with everything else that was going on in the city or if this would have happened anyway. So far, the animal seemed dedicated to making sure Ian was cared for and safe. A huge part of Shiress was thankful for her son's new companion even if a small part was still wary.

Sliding the room key from a table, Shiress had just reached out to open the room's door when Eenie let out a loud shriek followed by a very clear "No! Bad!" that wasn't dissimilar to Shade's bird when she spoke.

The sudden Outburst startled Shiress and she whirled, hand clutching at her chest. Eenie pulled at Ian hard enough to dislodge the toddler's hand from Shiress's and then pressed against him, forcing him back until Ian was caught between the wall and the monkey. Shiress took a half step forward, ready to rescue her son from the animal, when her long hair was seized from behind.

Shiress gasped, the hold on her hair tightening, as she was wrenched around and directly into a familiar face that caused her blood to run cold.

"Thought you could run and hide from me, slave?" Elijah Jordan, Shiress's long dead slave master cooed, lips so cold as they brushed crudely against her's it caused them to sting. "Thought killing me would free you?" Elijah laughed throatily, then backhanded Shiress across the face hard enough that she heard her nose break and Eenie let out another loud shriek.

Shiress slumped to the floor, blood pouring a crimson river down her mouth and chin, her head shaking back and forth in a frantic gesture of No! No! No! because Elijah Jordan was stabbed dead by her own hand and this couldn't be real. It had to be a living nightmare, but that nightmare loomed over her, glaring down with eyes that she remembered seeing wide and lifeless.

A hard kick to the side cracked more bone, the blow knocking Shiress to her side long enough to see that the small, gentle looking companion of Ian's was now a fierce, baboom-like beast standing over her son, protecting him from that which attacked his mother, but the animal made no attempt to help her.

Shiress squeezed her eyes closed, forcing herself over to hands and knees and started a painful crawl toward the only window in the room. Whether she would try to climb through it, fling herself out of it, or just scream, Shiress didnt know but it felt like freedom from the terror that had just stepped directly out of her past.

"Shade. Shade. Shade."

For every painful inch Shiress gained, she panted the monk's name, calling out to him, despite knowing he was nowhere near enough to hear her. Just before reaching the window, she was again yanked backward and Shiress's world, the room, and everything around her exploded in a starburst of pain and the only thought in her head was that she was going to die by her master's hand after all.

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