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This shining population center is considered the jewel of The Sylira Region. Home of the vast majority of Mizahar's population, Syliras is nestled in a quiet, sprawling valley on the shores of the Suvan Sea. [Lore]

[Syliras Location] The Ironworks

Postby Crypt on September 22nd, 2012, 5:49 am

26th of Fall, 512 AV

Crypt stepped into the Ironworks, breathing in the warm air that tasted of fire and steam which emerged from the forges within, nodding to an Isur, who greeted him cheerily.

“Hello there! Name's Ros, what brings you here on such a fine day?” He shouted over the sound of hammers striking hot iron and steel.

“Name's Crypt, and this here is my Strider, Maras. I'm here to get a small steel shield, preferably in the shape of a buckler.” Crypt replied.

“Well, that can be easily arranged. Ah, here's a fine one. Newly forged only a week ago by one of my finest smiths. How about 9 gold mizas for it?”

Crypt thought about it for a moment before replying.

“That's a little too much for me, perhaps 82 silver mizas?”

Ros shook his head, his hair moving from side to side.

“That's a little too little for me, Crypt. Tell you what, since I like the looks of you and your fine, strong steed, I'll let you have it for 88 silver mizas.”

Crypt sighed. He hated haggling over a price; it was annoying and it wasted your time.

“Alright then. Just let me test it with my longsword...”

Waiting for Ros to be ready, he unsheathed his longsword and slashed at the shield.

Not a scratch marred the gleaming surface. Crypt's grin widened as he took the shield and buckled it on his right arm. He then took out the money from a pouch by his side and gave it to Ros, flipping an extra silver miza to him.

“Give that to that smith of yours, his work is excellent. Have a good day!”

Crypt walked out of the Ironworks as Ros shouted.

“You too, Crypt!”

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[Syliras Location] The Ironworks

Postby Fallon on March 10th, 2013, 5:01 pm

14th Spring 513AV

Fallon almost sheepishly entered the sweltering heat of the ironworks. Not because of nerves, more because the wave of fire and the clinking of anvils in the background. That and it was one of the few occasions she had to go to the ironworks, and she hoped to not make a habit of it. Everything after all cost money. She stepped in, turning round on the spot and taking in the scene, summoning her memory on what it was she wanted.
I need a weapon. A sword, something that can be used with a shield and still has some form of reach with it. So not a short sword, or a long sword, somewhere inbetween?
One of the workers noticed. He gave a puzzled look at her presence almost as if it was alien to see, and then received a clip over the head by the man who lead the place.

"You alright Lass?"
"Uh yeah, I need a sword. That isn't a longsword. It doesn't quiet work for me."
He looked a bit confused for a moment "So a short sword?"
"Maybe. I'm not sure."
"Come with me Lass," he said taking her to one side where a collection of blades sat "Now tell me, what was wrong with the long sword?"
Fallon scratched her head "Well it was kind of well... too big? And didn't feel right to hold. And I didn't feel li-"
He silenced her and guided her along the blades, before gesturing to study "What feels right?" he asked as Fallon stared blankly at the weapons. She traced her fingers along the hilts before stopping dead at one of them.
"Ah, the Tulwar. It works a bit like a sabre, and is smaller that a long sword. Might be good for someone of your stature," he said taking it out of the display to show her "It's heavy ended though. Here have a feel."
He passed the weapon to her in its scabbard and let her have a feel before taking it back. Fallon gave a small nod in understanding, though it was only a vague one.
"Anything else the lass going to want?" asked the man.

A good few chimes later coin was exchanged and Fallon walked away with some new equipment, her purse looser of money and her mind lighter with the idea that if she did break a weapon during her training she would not receive the Knights breathing down her neck.
This better be worth it.

Receipt :
Tulwar- 22gm
Wooden Tulwar - 6gm
Scabbard- 4gm
Total= 32gm
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[Syliras Location] The Ironworks

Postby Hiwalani Kau'i on August 31st, 2013, 7:36 pm

"Hello?" Hiwalani poked his head into the Ironworks, his greeting was immediately met with a blast of warm, humid air. He took a moment to welcome the change in climate.
"Hello there. My name is Ros." The shopkeeper welcomed.
Hiwalani bowed and smiled, "I'm Hiwalani, and I'm in the market for leather armor."
Ros walked up to him, "Yes, we do have that. Breastplate and shoulder padding, very maneuverable."
Hiwalani added, "Do you have leather armor for legs as well?"
"Yes, both cuisses and greaves."
Hiwalani thought for a moment, "I'm looking in for those, and do you have steel vambraces ? I need to protect my arms."
"Yes that as well."
"Oh, yes. I forgot, I need a weapon as well. I've done my research and I feel that a pair of Kamas will be my choice in weaponry. That and a knife."
"We're definitely your stop."
"Then," Hiwalani smiled, "Let talk!"

A few moments passed and Hiwalani finished his quick business. He felt a little more comfortable leaving Syliras now.
Reciept :
Leather Armor - 10 GM
Leather Greaves - 12 GM
Leather Cuisses - 12 GM
Steel Vambrace - 50 GM
Kama (x2) - 4 GM
Hunting Knife - 5 SM
Metal Core Practice Kama - 1 GM
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[Syliras Location] The Ironworks

Postby Jubilation on July 30th, 2014, 1:09 pm

Walking into the building and looking around a little, Jubilee came up to a man.

"Hi there. I'm Ros. Is there anything I can do for you?" The man named Ros asked. Jubilee smiled and nodded her head.
"I'm Jubilee. I'd like to buy the Talon Sword, please." She told the man, he nodded, walked away for a while, and came back with a long, black sword with glass imbedded in the handle. It was beautiful. Jubilee smiled and thanked the man, paying him for the sword.
"Come again!" Called Ros as Jubilee walked out of the shop.
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[Syliras Location] The Ironworks

Postby Aventis on November 15th, 2014, 3:16 pm


17th of Autumn, 514 AV

Today was the day after. What he did today other than now would hardly matter, seeing as the squire's entire purpose for today is to follow orders and nothing else. The squire, money ready in his hand, unafraid of thieves in the city of peace.

The man, cloak wrapped taut around his lower arms, wandered around the Syliras Ironworks, seemingly lost, before Aventis approached a man, seemingly professional, and tapped his shoulder. "Yeah?" the man said, before even turning around.

"I, uh... Are you..."

"Yeah. I work here." he said, turning around now. "Look, I'm pretty busy. Do you want something?"

"I... Yeah. Uh... Shortsword?"

"Sounds good. You want a sheathe with that, buddy? Only an extra four GM."

"Yeah... I can do that."

"Yeah great. I have 'em just right over here..."

A few chimes had passed, and Aventis walked out of the shop short of fourteen gold mizas, but with a shiny new shortsword strapped to his waist.


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[Syliras Location] The Ironworks

Postby Tolgar Cotterill on March 19th, 2017, 12:42 am

19th of Spring, 517

Tolgar pushed open the doors to the Ironworks, a place he'd been to many times before. The familiar sights, smells and sounds hit him immediately, and he embraced them. The striking of the hammer, the stoking of the forge. This was one of the best places in Syliras to find metal weapons, armour and other miscellaneous metal objects.

Tolgar had two things on his mind: primarily, a poleaxe. His weapon of choice, valued for its versatility in combat, and the only weapon that he would consider himself a competent wielder of. Tolgar had previously owned a poleaxe, but had unfortunately lost it in a failed battle against some bandits, along wih his armour. On that thought, his seconday wish was to purchase a new set of armour. Funds were limited, as he'd not found a new job yet, but something with ample torso protection, and possibly some limb protection, would be preferable.

He headed further into the forge, approaching one Fredrick McGowan, a man he'd done trade with before.
"Ey, McGowan." Tolgar started, keeping his voice pretty loud so he could be heard over the pounding of metal as McGowan worked on what Tolgar could only assume to be someone else's commision. No response. "Oi, twat." Tolgar tapped on the man's shoulder a few times.

He turned, releasing the heated metal he'd been pounding, then smiled. "Hey, Tolgar." he looked up to his scalp. "Still not found any of that ancient herbal hair growth remedy?" He let out a small chuckle. There was little more consistent than Fredrick's humour.
"No, 'fraid not." Tolgar responded. "So, I wanna buy some shit." Tolgar looked around the room, hoping to catch eye of a poleaxe on a weapon rack.
"Yeah?" McGowan responded.
"I need me a new poleaxe, and some armour. Breastplate, if you got one available."
McGowan cocked a brow. "Uh, you got the funds for that? Pretty tall order, no offence, but you can’t even afford hair."

Tolgar rifled through a pouch. Only 100GM, probably wouldn't be enough. "Just 100GM."
McGowan shook his head. "Nah, wouldn't get a breastplate for that cheap, least not one that'd fit your fat belly." McGowan chuckled, as did Tolgar. “Best you’ll do for that is some breast and back plate. Less metal than a full breastplate, so it’s much cheaper. And, luckily for you, I have both that and a nice poleaxe already in stock.”

McGowan led Tolgar to the storeroom, where he laid eyes on the poleaxe leaning into a weapon rack. McGowan gave a nod, and he picked it up, feeling its weight and length. The axe head was sharp, the hammer was heavy, the spear-tip came to a fine point, and the weighting was perfect. “Excellent blacksmithing, as always.”

Mcgowan presented him with the back and breastplate. “Use the straps to adjust it. One size fits all. Might be a bit of a stretch for you, though.” They both laughed, once more.
“11 GM for the poleaxe, aaaaand….” McGowan checked a list in his hand. “50GM for the breast and back plate. 61 alltogether.” He shoved the list back in his pocket and looked up to Tolgar. This was certainly bleeding him dry, but he’d be getting a job as a result of this equipment, so it’d be worth it. He gave him the required amount of GM, then put on his equipment. McGowan provided him with an additional couple leather holsters for the axe-head and spear, which some locations required.

From here, Tolgar needed some leather armour to go beneath his back/breast plate. He’d have to get this from a dedicated shop, however. He gave McGowan a nod, then headed out, satisfied with his purchases.

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