Location [Syliras Location] The Ironworks

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This shining population center is considered the jewel of The Sylira Region. Home of the vast majority of Mizahar's population, Syliras is nestled in a quiet, sprawling valley on the shores of the Suvan Sea. [Lore]

[Syliras Location] The Ironworks

Postby Dusk on December 9th, 2011, 2:51 am


Ros grinned, and slapped Vex on the shoulder. "Grab an apron and find yourself an anvil. Let's see what you can get done before the end of the day, hmm?"

OOCCongrats on your new job! I will send you a PM regarding your employment.


Ros chuckled and nodded. "Oh, we've always need of help around here, and even more of steady workers. If you're a mind to be here, I'm happy to have you. You can work either sunup to sundown, or the other way around. The forges don't go cold here. You interested?"
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[Syliras Location] The Ironworks

Postby Etrius on December 22nd, 2011, 9:35 pm

24th of Winter 511AV

As Etrius walked through the door heat blasted him in the face. He could smell the fire and the melting metal. It felt good, really good. He walked up to the man working the forge. "Hey, I need a weapon."

The man looked at him and smiled "That's why we're here. What are you looking for?"

"I need a war scythe. Big and heavy."

"How's this? The man pulled a scythe off the wall behind him and handed it to Etrius. Etrius wielded it, holding it in front of him. It was big, heavy, strong, and felt like it could cleave a man in two.

"Perfect! How much?"

"18 gold mizas."

Etrius fished the money out of his bag and handed it to the man. "Thanks" He turned and walked out of the building, the scythe balanced across his shoulders, happy with his purchase.

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[Syliras Location] The Ironworks

Postby Leo on January 26th, 2012, 12:49 am

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[Syliras Location] The Ironworks

Postby Yve on January 28th, 2012, 1:01 am

Winter 29, 511 AV

Yve strode into the Ironworks, but balked in surprise at the multitude of blades and armor. Obviously that's what would be sold here, but she was still very impressed by how many things could actually be forged. She wasn't looking for anything special, just a hunting knife to make her days during travel a little easier. As she approached the counter, swiveling her head around to view the rest of the shop, she absently set her pouch of mizas onto it. She was more confident after her earlier shopping, so she rushed right into it.

"I'd like a hunting knife very much, please." she said. Yve tore her attention from the walls to smile at the man behind the counter. He had a curious gray arm, but she didn't give it a second glance. People stared at her like she was weird sometimes, and she thought it was rude, so she wasn't going to stare at him. The man was smiling at her though, like she'd just said something funny. "Aye, you can get one right over there. It'll cost you 5 silver miza." he said, pointing at a table next to the counter. She smiled again, nodding, and selected the one she wanted, sticking it onto the counter next to her coins. It was nice and small, but had a wicked edge. She plucked a gold miza out and held it out to him eagerly. "My name is Yve by the way." He counted out 5 silvers for her change, chuckling softly. "Ross; good to meet you." he said with a crooked smile.

Yve nodded happily and took her coins, then stuck her new knife inside the bundle of her pants. "Thank you!" she said and before Ross could even reply, she was flitting out the door, hugging her things to her chest. He was left, smiling bemusedly, watching the door swing shut.
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[Syliras Location] The Ironworks

Postby Gunho Ma on February 3rd, 2012, 5:31 am

Winter 27, 511 AV

The proud owner of two newly forged blades Gunho had put it upon himself to train himself up to competency in their use, however being a fighter of some experience himself he intuitively understood that he wouldn't get much better if he restricted his training to simple exercises conducted alone. He would need more than that, a serious sparring session with another fighter would help him develop muscle memory and an understanding of how his weapon could be used most efficiently.

But that kind of training came with its own share of risks and Gunho understood that he had to take some kind of safety measure to prevent injury to himself and those he would spar against.

Shields and armor were the obvious answer. The difficult part was in figuring out which would best suit him. After half and hour of observing the wares on display he finally came to a decision and bought himself a small steel shield and another wooden one just like the last. For armor he took lamellar armor and padded armor to put beneath it. He also saw something that he might have use for eventually, a wooden sparring weapon and decided to include that in his purchase.

Money exchanged hands and soon Gunho had a wealth of items he could train with in the days to come.

-9gm Small Steel Shield
-3gm Small Wooden Shield
-2.5gm Wooden Sparring Short Sword
-45gm Lamellar Armor
-5gm Padded Armor

Sum: 64.5gm
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[Syliras Location] The Ironworks

Postby Retananil on March 7th, 2012, 6:02 am

Spring 50th 512 A.V

The storm had passed, long ago, but the city was still wound up. Refugees were crammed into buildings too small for such large numbers.

Retananil may not like these people, she may not even remotely care about them, but she resented them for their helplessness. She felt the need to act and to restore.

She wanted to do something useful in the city to recreate the stability of before. She wanted to do something familiar, and one craft in all of Syliras was truly natural to her, bred as it was into her and taught to her when she was younger yet.

The Ironworks was run by an Isur, it breathed the Isurian craft and supplied farmers and Knights alike with their tools.

In her heart, Retananil was at home just inhaling the fumes of hard work and pride. She could forget music here until the world wasn't so upside down and then return to her dream.

The Isur man carried himself with dignity befitting his arm, the deep grey limb a reason in itself to be proud. She could identify his clan on sight with that limb. She longed to see purple, though.

"My kin," she started, stepping forward to speak with the burly figure. They were about eye to eye, a comfort among these ungainly stick-like races. She spoke the cool tongue of the Isur in the hope he would respond alike. "My name is.Retananil Soundforge. I should like to do my craft here."

Let him see the amythest arm and make his guess about her clan. She would readily tell him if asked, yes, but it felt useless in her introduction.

She awaited his answer, green eyes hard under the overhanging ridge.
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[Syliras Location] The Ironworks

Postby Evora on June 24th, 2012, 1:47 pm

2nd Day of Summer, 512AV

Evora strode into the darkened work room. There was a slight excitement in her belly at the prospect of purchasing a bow. Her fingers longed to lock around one again. It had been so long ago since she had last taken aim, practicing with her father. She shoved the sad thoughts aside as she looked about for the forger.
"Hello?"she called, "I've come to purchase a few items. I wish to buy a long bow and a quiver of arrows. Is there someone there?"

The room was hot from the furnace and alive with the clattering of steel on steel and she wondered in anyone had heard her. "Hello?"
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[Syliras Location] The Ironworks

Postby Ro'anne on July 4th, 2012, 3:06 pm

4th day of Summer, 512AV

The air was warm and lazy, hanging about and giving a sigh. It was almost as if the weather had already forgotten the damages caused by the Djed storms. Then again, nature would always recover from any and all damages done to her. This planet was a survivor, full of beings determined to etch out a name for themselves despite the stumbling blocks set before them.

The older teen, apron about her waist and right arm full of Iron, walked into the Ironworks. The iron, at least fifty pounds of it, was perched on her shoulder as her right arm held and balanced it. Setting it down, the woman set a foot upon it and leaned over, panting. The Iron wasn't ridiculously heavy, but it was dense and she had walked a long way. Looking up, she spotted Ros Vizerian, the Isur who ran the Ironworks. The woman, Ro'anne, called out to him.
"Mr. Vizerian? Might I have a moment of your time? I'm Ro'anne, an Armorer, do you have any positions available?"
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[Syliras Location] The Ironworks

Postby Emblem on July 11th, 2012, 3:17 pm

Ros turned at the sound of his name, coming from a young females voice. Towards the entrance of the forge, he spotted a girl, who had just set down quite a bit of iron down on the table. Casually, he began to walk over to her, so they wouldn't have to yell over the sounds of hammers striking iron. Plus, it would be rude to discuss business in such a matter.

"Well Ro'anne, I guess you already know my name, so no need for me to introduce myself. And you even brought iron, wouldn't be trying to bribe your way into a job would ya?" he chcukled. "Anyway, there is always a need for smiths here, and a good armorer would be a welcome addition. So grab, a hammer, an apron, and whatever other tools you see fit, and get started. Let's see what you can do before sundown."
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[Syliras Location] The Ironworks

Postby Eanos on August 20th, 2012, 9:52 am

Leviathan wrote:
Winter 11, 510
Ros took Eanos's hand in a firm handshake. Unlike most competitors in business, these two had managed to maintain a strong friendship despite being against each other for profit. Besides, Eanos was still bringing money in for Ros. "I have a shipment of cold iron, steel, and Isurian Steel taht should arrive in a few days. I can't spare much but if it's just a few weapons' worth I could probably spare it for a fair price, for a brother that is." Ros grinned genuinely as he stood there, waiting for Eanos's response.

He had hoped for a warm reception to his proposition and was not disappointed at the reply. He would never be a competitor for the massive Ironworks, and it would be a very long time before he was a competitor for the work of Ros himself, and in the mean time the two businesses could work in a way that benefited both.

He nodded and smiled.

"I have no large orders so that would be perfect, thank you."

He grinned back at the joke about Isurian steel, wondering how many actually believed such a thing existed, for of course steel was just steel until it had been blessed in the creation of whatever object was being made by its Isurian maker.
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