[Zeltiva] Character Registry | Winter 512 AV

Characters must be registered here for the Winter season.

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Center of scholarly knowledge and shipwrighting, Zeltiva is a port city unlike any other in Mizahar. [Lore]

[Zeltiva] Character Registry | Winter 512 AV

Postby Paragon on December 1st, 2012, 8:24 am

Character Registry


If your characters are in Zeltiva for Winter, 512 AV for whatever reason, please register them in this thread. It especially helps us Storytellers, because we can see who is here and who they are with a quick glance. Players can also see who is around in the domain for the season. Please use the template below for registration!

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[b]PC Name[/b]: Your PC's Name Goes here.
[b]Race, Age, Sex[/b]: The details of your PC.
[b]Role in Zeltiva[/b]: Visitor, Student, Teacher, Resident?
[b]Likes To Thread About[/b]: Anything you'd like in your threads.
[b]Dislikes To Thread About[/b]: Anything you don't want in your threads.
[b]Needs Training/Moderator Assistance[/b]: Anything that may require moderator assistance during the season.
[b]Willing to Guest Moderate?[/b]: Would you be able to help moderate threads for other players?
[b]Accomodation:[/b] Where are you residing in Zeltiva?
[b]Standard of Living:[/b] Squalor/Poor/Common/Good/Exquisite?
[b]Additional Comments[/b]: Anything else.
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[Zeltiva] Character Registry | Winter 512 AV

Postby Calen on December 1st, 2012, 2:45 pm

PC Name: Calen
Race, Age, Sex: Human,18,Male
Role in Zeltiva: Student
Likes To Thread About: Anything and Everything is not only acceptable, but is encouraged
Dislikes To Thread About: Nothing; Half the fun in life is doing things you don't want to
Needs Training/Moderator Assistance: Nothing comes to mind
Willing to Guest Moderate?: Not especially, but I'm not saying its completely off limits
Accomodation: University of Zeltiva Stuent Lodging
Standard of Living: Poor
Additional Comments: I like to make serious topics seem a little bit silly or humorous.
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[Zeltiva] Character Registry | Winter 512 AV

Postby Runo on December 1st, 2012, 3:27 pm

PC Name: Runo
Race, Age, Sex: Human,15, female
Role in Zeltiva: apprentice/visitor
Likes To Thread About: Anything
Dislikes To Thread About: Nothing
Needs Training/Moderator Assistance: I think I'm fine
Willing to Guest Moderate?: For the sake of Zelvita... no
Accomodation: 4 person tent, horse... that thing
Standard of Living: Poor/common
Additional Comments: I would love to thread with anyone in Zelvita, PM me!
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[Zeltiva] Character Registry | Winter 512 AV

Postby Zivilist Gott on December 1st, 2012, 3:39 pm

PC Name: Zivilist Gott
Race, Age, Sex: Human, 28, male
Role in Zeltiva: Wave Guard
Likes To Thread About: Fighting, social and quests
Dislikes To Thread About: not really, the usual is training threads and the like.
Needs Training/Moderator Assistance: not really
Willing to Guest Moderate?: Maybe
Accomodation: A small flat in West Street
Standard of Living: Common
Additional Comments:
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Zivilist Gott
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[Zeltiva] Character Registry | Winter 512 AV

Postby Ray on December 1st, 2012, 4:38 pm

PC Name: Ray
Race, Age, Sex: 26 year old human male
Role in Zeltiva: He's a drifter, and he's staying in Zeltiva for now.
Likes To Thread About: Anything with plot, character development and conflict.
Dislikes To Thread About: No purely social threads, please!
Needs Training/Moderator Assistance: Ray might be going on a big questie when Sybel and co. show up.
Willing to Guest Moderate?: Absolutely!
Accomodation: Seedy in on East Street.
Standard of Living: Poor
Additional Comments: Nope.
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[Zeltiva] Character Registry | Winter 512 AV

Postby Ricky Maze on December 2nd, 2012, 1:30 am

PC Name: Ricky Maze
Race, Age, Sex: Human (Mixed), 26, Male
Role in Zeltiva: Resident, Wave Guard!
Likes To Thread About: Anything really. :) I'm not picky as I enjoy writing in general.
Dislikes To Thread About: So far nothing comes to mind.
Needs Training/Moderator Assistance: Naw, I'm good. :P
Willing to Guest Moderate?: Sure!
Accomodation: Renting a room at the grotto.
Standard of Living: Common
Additional Comments: This season is going to be a emotional challenge for Ricky, so for those that would like to help him deal with his grief pm me and we can get to scheming! ;)
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[Zeltiva] Character Registry | Winter 512 AV

Postby Vincent Gorvald on December 2nd, 2012, 3:34 am

PC Name: Vincent Gorvald
Race, Age, Sex: Human, 30yrs, Male
Role in Zeltiva: Newcomer, seeking to make a name for himself and to get noticed. Has some esteem issues involving him feeling like a failure so will try to overcompensate.
Likes To Thread About: Deep plot based threading, mystery, intrigue, combat most things are fine with me. Also enjoy political ambitions and social upheval.
Dislikes To Thread About: Mundane day to day drudgery, unless it is building towards a plot point.
Needs Training/Moderator Assistance: Possibly building a hall...
Willing to Guest Moderate?: Most certainly, I have had a bit of experience in RP and I enjoy creating environments and scenarios.
Accomodation: Depending on how my negotiations go, I may be staying at an inn or with someone..?
Standard of Living: Good
Additional Comments: A rough and tough sailor with a past in military discipline and basic skills in leadership and swordplay.. Vincent intends to make his mark on Zeltiva, he is very driven and motivated by a strong desire to prove himself in the eyes of his dead father. He also seeks a means to vengeance on his younger brother, his only plan at the moment is to become rich and powerful giving himself more options in regards to the pursuit of that goal.
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[Zeltiva] Character Registry | Winter 512 AV

Postby Rigger on December 2nd, 2012, 6:58 am

PC Name: Rigger
Race, Age, Sex: Human, 22, Male
Role in Zeltiva: Resident, recently pushed out of home to make his way in the world.
Likes To Thread About: Adventure, intrigue, ongoing plots
Dislikes To Thread About: pointless activity
Needs Training/Moderator Assistance: Very new. All assistance welcome.
Willing to Guest Moderate?: No, at least until more experienced.
Accomodation: Just off East street
Standard of Living: Common
Additional Comments: Anything else.
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[Zeltiva] Character Registry | Winter 512 AV

Postby Gravel on December 3rd, 2012, 3:52 am

PC Name: Gravel
Race, Age, Sex: Pycon, 10, Male
Role in Zeltiva: Visitor
Likes To Thread About: Anything really. I'm pretty open to any sort of shenanigans.
Dislikes To Thread About: Well, Gravel's death, obviously. (Though if the dice happen to fall that way...)
Needs Training/Moderator Assistance: Nothing comes to mind at the moment.
Willing to Guest Moderate?: Given my lack of time here, It's probably best if I don't.
Accomodation: Possibly World's End Grotto, but more likely than not some secluded alley way. No sense if wasting an entire room on one as small as Gravel.
Standard of Living: Poor
Additional Comments: Primarily here to join up with the group I plan on traveling with for the forseeable future, but it's always fun to see the sights!
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[Zeltiva] Character Registry | Winter 512 AV

Postby Rilian on December 4th, 2012, 7:50 am

PC Name: Rilian.
Race, Age, Sex: 19 y.o. male Kelvic. Yes, he's up there in his years.
Role in Zeltiva: Visitor, for the moment.
Likes To Thread About: Practically anything.
Dislikes To Thread About: Threads without a premise.
Needs Training/Moderator Assistance: Nothing I can think of.
Willing to Guest Moderate?: Absolutely.
Accomodation: A comfortable roost wherever one can be found.
Standard of Living: Squalor, if you can call it that. Rilian is happy to sleep on the streets.
Additional Comments: Rilian is not the most sympathetic or philosophical of characters. He is a straightforward individual (albeit sometimes a straightforward liar) who lacks interest in anything he can't see with his own eyes. (Love, sympathy, dignity, scholarly persuits--forgituhboutit). If you come seeking debate or deep intellectual discussion, you will be disappointed.
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