[Ignotus Correspondence Thread] Ignore The Bloodstains

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[Ignotus Correspondence Thread] Ignore The Bloodstains

Postby Ignotus Everto on December 7th, 2012, 12:08 am

Verily I see a great many letters beneath me.
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Correspondence Thread
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[Ignotus Correspondence Thread] Ignore The Bloodstains

Postby Wrenmae on December 7th, 2012, 1:52 am

Left for Ignotus beneath his door, Winter 24th, 512 AV

Ignotus Everto

The day I received a letter from Wrenmae, I spent an hour pronouncing your name. They say there is power in the words we call ourselves...that by claiming a name, you choose to be bound by it. As with any employer, I made sure that, if nothing else, I would pronounce your name without mistake.

Where I come from, to mispronounce a name is to speak to a soul you have not yet met...and should that name be claimed, your words will travel to their ears. It is why I, and several other children, carried many names...in hopes we would hear the secrets slipped in solitude.

But that is then and perhaps you are not one to consider superstition.

You may call me as Wrenmae does, Hound. It is a name I have used often in Sunberth and have become accustomed to using here. I am told you have plans for Zeltiva, plans that may involve a little foul play. I assure you, my record of service is sound. I will not boast of my past accomplishments, however. My bond is my word. Your secret is my secret, including any task you set me to do.

When first we meet, you will name a price. This is not a price you need pay, but it is a price you must consider. A note here, if I may. I do not consider all payments to be necessarily made in mizas. We are of a similar cloth, you and I...and as such, we both have goals. If you are prepared to lend your expertise to me one day, I am prepared to offer mine to you.

Name this price and it will be the price to retain my service. Should another exceed that price, I will inform you and continue service in another capacity. You understand, I trust.

But words are cheap, yes? Shall we meet?

I will speak with you near the fourth pier of the East Street docks exactly five chimes after Midnight tomorrow.

Come well armed or unarmed, but I make no guarantee I will match you in either regard. These are dangerous times and I like to think I have survived because I am careful.

And for an eternal nuit...you must be the most careful of all.

To your health.


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[Ignotus Correspondence Thread] Ignore The Bloodstains

Postby Ricky Maze on March 10th, 2013, 7:33 am

Left for Ignotus beneath his door, Spring 6th, 513 AV


Where to begin... how about this; the plans have changed. I know I said that I could follow through with this, but in light of recent events I find it even harder to do. I underestimated that man, therefore I've had a change of heart.

However that does not mean I can't keep my end of the bargain, I did after all discover a very interesting fact today; a fact that may actually please you quite well. Meet me at the Fountain of Cascading Harmony around noon tomorrow. We can discuss this matter further.

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