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The westernmost tip of Kalea, Wind Reach is home to an amazing group of people and their giant eagle mounts. [Lore]

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[Wind Reach] The Sanikas Gates

Postby Phoenix on February 10th, 2013, 10:15 pm



After the long hard journey up the road, the gates seemed to be a bit of a disappointment to those that are use to much grander sites. The gates seemed to be nothing more than a simple hallway cut into the face of Mount Skyinarta. As visitors peer down the hallway darkness only greets them, as they walk up the first few steps and become level with massive columns to each side, they notice a deep grove set around them. Upon investigation of the groove, there appears to be a solid steel gate that will drop in place, holding the entrance against all attacks. Almost, as if an afterthought, a simple metal chain with a colorful glass handle dangles by the side of the column waiting to be pulled.

The few Inarta that travel from Thunder Bay know that the chain is there to announce your presence to the gatekeepers. Pulling it, sounds off a clatter of bells that fill the road with a metal harmony, and brings an old man whose red hair has faded to gray. Perhaps one of the few scholars left that can speak common fluently, the man greets visitors with a voice as fine as old paper crackling. “Hello, may I be of assistance?” As the visitors look around, they see a small alcove where a pot is warming itself over a small coal fire on a stone table. The old man is sitting on a stone bench with soft leather for padding, and next to him are a bronze lever and a bronze pipe opened to the air. Beyond the alcove is a small room, where enterprising people can come and learn different languages from Gatekeeper; all he asks is for a few tea leaves to pass the time.

An elder craftsmen of the Inarta, Gatekeeper Valtrrrik Imsun otherwise known as Val Imsun is the first line of defense against unwanted visitors and wild creatures. Though the Gatekeeper has many wrinkles on his face, his eyes glow with knowledge of adventures long lived and obtained through trial. Unknown to distant travelers, the Gatekeeper was an Endal that has ridden to other cities and learned their languages. After his eagle was to old to hold him aloft, he retired and now he stands guard against any evil entering Wind Reach. Perhaps, because of his experience in other cities; he track goods coming into the city and knows a round about value for them. Upon answering a few questions, the Gatekeeper shouts into the pipe, with the Inarta language, to ready the Dek which operates a great lift that moves goods and people up a shaft into the city proper. Afterward the Gatekeeper shoots answers about the people and the value of their goods.

Mod Note:
Please feel free to moderate your own entrance to the city. There is no Moderation Required for this location. However, the Wind Reach Storytellers still reserve the right to deny access to the city and/or intervene on incorrect entrance posts :)

Previously, moderation was required to enter into the city. Here is the old entrance thread should anyone wish to view it for examples.

Note: During the winter the gates are closed, but a small steel door is set in the gate to allow single visitors to enter and leave. The Door is barred and only by pulling the chain will the gatekeeper open the door.
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[Wind Reach] The Sanikas Gates

Postby Eilea on February 13th, 2013, 6:53 pm

oocI really hope I'm doing this right, if not, please help me! :)

Winter 73 512

The wind whistled in the sky. Eilea pulled on Wine’s reins. “Woah…” She spoke softly and patted the horse’s neck. “Calm now.” Just ahead was the Entrance to the city she had been heading towards. Eilea slid off of her Windrunner’s back and checked her bags, reassuring that they were secure. “See, it took no time at all.” She said in Vani and fed the horse a couple pieces of candy. “Apparently this is the gate.” She spoke softly and led the horse forward and then up the steps.

It seemed too simple. There were no real identifying inscriptions or marks along the walls. Snow had blown in, creating unique designs on the ground. The Steel gates were closed and she found herself getting worried. This had to be it. She had followed the stories up until this point. This had to work. It had to. “Hello!” She called out in the most common language among the lands. There was a slight echo. “Is there anyone… here?” It was then that she noticed the door built into the closed gates. “Oh…” She knocked on the door. Nothing. Though, for some reason she felt that she wasn’t alone, like she was being watched. Wine pushed against her side. “What is it, girl?” Eilea responded quickly, scratching the horse’s neck.

She looked around, making notice of her surroundings. Something was hanging from the ceiling. Upon further investigation, Eilea found it to be a chain with a glass handle. “Well, it’s worth a try.” She tugged on the chain. Bells echoed through the air. Eilea jumped back and grabbed at the Bow that was attached to the saddle. Just as she did, the door opened. The Vantha relaxed a bit, and took Wine’s reins in her hands again.

And so began the next chapter in her life…
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[Wind Reach] The Sanikas Gates

Postby Kitchi on February 18th, 2013, 12:15 am

The snow was deepening quickly, it had been snowing for a while and Kitchi knew she was late back, the sky was starting to redden with the fading sun. The familiar plain entrance came into view and her movements quickened. Each footstep echoed softly and she paused in front of the small steel door.Her blue eyes cast out across the snow once more, an almost longing look crossing her eyes. Her hands found the glass attached to metal and she tugged it down. The wait was short and she was soon greeted by the lowering of the door, the faint chim of music and the friendly face of the Gatekeeper.
'Late again?' The wrinkled man smiled at Kitchi.
'Yes, sorry' Kitchi smiled back at him, a familiar face was always welcome. And so Kitchi returned from her short adventure outside of Wind Reach.
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[Wind Reach] The Sanikas Gates

Postby Kane on February 23rd, 2013, 6:37 am

59th Winter 512

Kane approached the gates on his horse Ansel. The gates are closed. This is a troublesome situation, he thought to himself. Glancing around in confusion, he searched for a solution to his problem. A chain dangled down next to a column. Curiously, Kane steered his horse towards it. He dismounted and approached the chain to examine it.

This chain has to be here for a reason. Should I pull it? It might be trapped though. I don’t really know enough about the people of this city to tell if traps are a thing they do. I mean, I’ve heard tales of this place, but you never know with people these days. They could have been lying. They were probably lying. They didn’t seem to like me very much. Not that I could blame them, I did just get them into trouble. Man you can’t trust anyone these days. It’s quite a sad world.

As Kane stood there contemplating the implications of life, while staring blankly at the chain, the gatekeepers door swung open. “You pull it. Don’t be dumb.”

Startled, Kane spun around to face the old man in the door. The gatekeeper smiled kindly at him. “It’s not a riddle.” Oh, he speaks Common. Kane noted while blinking slowly. “Err, okay then.” Kane said in slight irritation to being caught in such an embarrassing situation. Behind them, Ansel released a whiney which sounded suspiciously close to a sarcastic cackle. Kane’s eyebrow twitched.

With a grin, the gatekeeper turned and opened the gate before gesturing the newcomer through. Kane narrowed his eyes and pursed his lips, then turned and shuffled towards his horse. After mounting, he coaxed his horse to glide through the entrance, his head held high. In the darkness of the tunnel, Kane muttered to himself, “Well... that went swimmingly.”
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[Wind Reach] The Sanikas Gates

Postby Aradia on March 12th, 2013, 6:30 pm

Winter 90th 512 AV

Aradia enjoyed the flight with Red from the Spires, at first she was frightened, looking down at the small world below them, knowing that she was going to plummet to her death for sure. But after a few hours all the fright went away, and was replaced with excitement. She was flying!

Aradia was slightly disappointed that her half-brother had to drop her off at the place he called the Sanikas Gates. He told her that she needed to announce her arrival to the gatekeepers, which it was mandatory for all who entered Wind Reach, promising he would meet up with her after his duties. Aradia let out a sigh of frustration, brushing her hand through her crimson red hair.

Aradia stood before what Red called the gates, but it did not look like gates at all. Instead it looked to be more of a deep and dark hallway leading into the mountain. It was a strange site, not what she was expecting to see at all. She thought she would see a stone gate with ornaments of Wind Eagle feathers, glass beads, and guards standing there looking big, tough, and mean.

Aradia shrugged her shoulders and banished the slight disappointment and approached the ominous looking hallway. It was dark inside that hallway. Thoughts of things lurking in the shadows played inside her mind, making her heart race like the hooves of a horse galloping upon frozen ground. Just your imagination Aradia. Red would never leave you somewhere unless he knew it was safe. Aradia said these words to herself, trying to calm down her beating heart.

Aradia takes a few steps and becomes level with two stone columns that were massive, climbing up the rock mountain. The singer sees a deep grove set around the columns and a slight frown contorts her once calm face. Upon further examination of the grove, Aradia saw a solid steel gate ready to drop down at any minute. The frown stayed etched on the singer’s face, wondering if it was for attacks, or to plummet down upon people like her, either cutting them in halve or squishing them to death. Then something glinting caught her eye and she peered up and over and sees a metal chain with a colorful glass handle, just dangling by the side of the column.

Well.. That is a little strange. Aradia thought to herself as she moved her body closer to the chain, investigating what it was there for. If I pull this will that steel gate drop down, or does it do something else? Aradia vaguely remembered what Red said about a chain. She remembered him telling her to pull it, but she did not remember what it did. Or did he say not to pull it? Aradia thought, small beads of sweat appearing on her forehead. To pull or not to pull… that is the question. Will death come from pulling the chain, or entrance into Wind Reach? Aradia let out a frustrated breath, her mind was making her spiral into fright once again, into indecision. Finally she made up her mind after five chimes. She was going to pull the chain, Red would never put her in danger.

Aradia pulled down on the chain, once it was pulled a clatter of bells sounded off. The sound was musical, beautiful. Echoing off the hall walls and traveling throughout the hallway and onto the road, a metal harmony. The harmonious metal bells seemed to have brought an elder man shuffling slightly towards her. He looked to have had a beautiful mane of red hair like all Inarata, except his was fading into a vibrant gray color.

The man’s crackling yet calm voice reached her ears, speaking in common, Hello, may I be of assistance? He gestured for her to come closer to him, so Aradia put a bright smile on her face and came closer to the man. Where she stood she could see a small alcove where a pot was above a small coal fire. The man sat on a stone bench, the leather padding underneath his rumped looked to be soft and comfortable. Next to where the man sat were a bronze lever and a bronze pipe that opened into the air. Beyond the quaint alcove appeared to be a small room, which looked to be a place where people learned something. Aradia was not for sure on her observations, but she then realized she had yet to answer the gate keepers question.

Feeling a little flustered at her rude behavior of examining the contents of where she was at, a slight blush appeared on her cheeks, ”Oh how rude of me, I am so sorry to have kept your question lingering. My name is Aradia. My brother Red dropped me off her to announce my arrival into Wind Reach…. That is if you permit my entrance kind sir.” Aradia kept her voice soft, it waivered slightly at her becoming flustered at herself.

The old man examined Aradia a little, looking her up and down, his brows slightly creased. Then he nodded with a small smile on his face, ”Yes you may enter the city Aradia. Enjoy your time in Wind Reach.” The old man gestured the way out of the “gates” and Aradia walked out of the hallway and into the glorious Wind Reach.

A new adventure in Aradia’s life was about to begin, and the excitement of that knowledge was almost too much to contain.
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[Wind Reach] The Sanikas Gates

Postby Strig on April 5th, 2013, 3:27 pm


22nd of Spring, [513 AV]

Strig moved quickly along the road to Wind Reach. Despite it being Spring, there was a chill in the air. It seemed that this cold lasted for weeks since he had seperated with his master, almost as if it had followed him. Strig shivered and pulled his cloak tighter around his body as he walked.

If he had a rest the previous night, or indeed, any night before he left home, Strig would have sagged when he saw the gates to Wind Reach. Far from being the magestic, towering doors that he had seen in his dreams, it was a squat and rugged opening that was cut into the nearby mountain. But the truth was that Strig was too tired, glad instead to see finally see a shelter without the threat of wolves or bandits.

There was nobody at the gate... puzzled, Strig peered down into the opening, the pitch blackness revealing to him what would be impossible to see with human eyes. There was a steel gate at the end of the hallway with a column next to it. A long chain dangled from the column, swinging softly as if it had been reasonably touched. Could the city be abandoned? Strig shook the thought out of his head. He would try to get past the gates first and then worry about it.

Tipping his head to the side, the tired Isur placed his right hand onto the gate, it was smooth and cold with the hard practicality of constant use. Casually, he rapped his left arm... his steel arm against the gate, listening to the ring that echoed in the hallway. Finally with a shrug, he turned to the long chord that dangled and steadied in his presence. Taking a deep breath, Strig tugged the rope.

The cocophony of sound that beated against the stone made Strig jump. He readied his weapon... and then remembered the fact that he didn't have any weapons... he cursed his hindsight. The ringing that faded was replaced by the sound of footsteps. Slowly an old man came into light, white still amongst the red. He walked slowly, his clever eyes darting past the gate.

"Hello, may I be of assistance?" the man said, peering at Strig's skin.

Strig blinked. The man was speaking in Isur. But how did he...? The man only smiled, the fire from the torch dancing in his eyes.

"Just want access to the city... sir" Strig replied in Common, making his voice gruffer than usual.

"Access you say?" The man asked with a smile, switching to Common as well.

Strig nodded, smiling as well despite himself.

The man, the gate keeper shrugged and rapped at the gate with the end of his torch. Someone must have been listening to the sound, because Strig heard the sound of gears turning and chains pulling.

"You may enter the city...But be careful." The old man whispered.
"This is far from Sultros."

Strig raised an eyebrow and was about to ask him a question when the man turned, gesturing him to follow. Strig walked slowly to match the man's pace, until he stopped. A few Inarta came out of nowhere to paw through Strig's bags and with a brisk nod, Strig heard a lever being pulled. The floor began to rise slowly beneath his feet, light filtered into the chasm as the sounds of city life brushed against his ears.
"Welcome" the man smiled.
"Welcome to Wind Reach."

Strig fought to repress a shiver.
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[Wind Reach] The Sanikas Gates

Postby Sasha Lamone on May 24th, 2013, 1:26 am

22nd of Spring, [513 AV]
Sasha spirited to the gates, her white hair flowing back. She never liked entering the Gates alone, though she'd never admit it. "WAIT! DON'T CLOSE THE GATE!" She saw the gatekeeper and a man beginning to walk through. Sasha ran up to the steps and put her hands on her knees to catch her breath, no doubt the man and the gate Keeper were staring at her. "Don't." she gasped, "Don't close the Gate yet." Sasha breathed deeply, looked up and smiled, "Good evening Val, nice to see you again." She looked over to the stranger and smiled kindly at him, nodded and said hello.
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[Wind Reach] The Sanikas Gates

Postby Maximus Gears on June 1st, 2013, 11:18 am

1st of the Day, Summer of 513 A.V.

She looked like home away from home, this Wind Reach he'd heard about from the few travellers he'd conversed with before he finally made the choice to leave his home. Stone buildings cut from the mountain and darkness that was bright as day to the eyes of one who's lived his life under the deep but comforting shadows of Sultros. Maximus had never journeyed outside his home before but he did not regret that choice. Perhaps Sultros was the best place for acquisition of knowledge related to his craft, but it was a place wherein only the truly talented were imparted with such valued secrets.

He was not of them, not one of the gifted, in Isur he was not seen as a skilled smith, he was only fit to be an assistant - outside however, that was another matter entirely. His skills were probably comparable to a human blacksmith of many years... and he had the arm all sons of Izurdin were blessed with. Perhaps here he would find no shortage of work, perhaps here he could finally polish his craft and not be denied the chance to improve slowly and steadily.

He climbed the steps inside, the bag on his bag a weight too light to be a burden. He said a chain, no doubt connected to a bell - or so he thought- and gently tugged at the dangling article, allowing it to sing its music so he could announce his presence and hopefully be given permission to enter Wind Reach.
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[Wind Reach] The Sanikas Gates

Postby Wymond on June 3rd, 2013, 3:56 am


81st of Spring, 513 AV

Wymond walked alongside his chestnut Zavian mare, Bea as they finally reached the Sanikas Gates, which was a wonderful relief after weeks of struggling through Sanikas Valley and then Sanikas Road just to get here. Bea whinnied in what seemed a joyful way as she saw the people bustling around. Wymond chuckled fondly as he rubbed the side of her neck. He too shared her elation, their supplies had been running low and the nights had been restless. But here they were, and Wymond was famished, tired, and he felt grimy. He had held off eating so that Bea could for two days, and now he was convinced that even in his human form that he could easily clean off a full grown cow. And his clothes needed a good washing. His tunic was now a dirty grey when it was once white, and his breeches were stiff with sweat and grime, and they made his legs chafe.

The first Inarta Wymond was able to meet was an elderly man with grey hair, but surprisingly sharp green eyes. Wymond smiled kindly at the man as he approached. The man gave a small smile back and then spoke in accented common tongue.

"Where are you from, young man?"

"I am a long way from home, sir. I am visiting from Sunberth. I have heard a great many things about this city; so in my travels, i decided to visit here." Wymond replied.

The man looked the Kelvic over, and then the mare "The Skyhigh stables are not too far from here. I advise you set your beast up there, the Reach isn't necessarily the place for horses." And with that, the man turned to a bronze pipe and shouted something what Wymond assumed was the Inarta language. Shortly after, the gate opened up and Wymond lead Bea inside.

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[Wind Reach] The Sanikas Gates

Postby Drayn on June 6th, 2013, 8:17 pm

1st of Summer. 513 AV.

Drayn made his way up towards the gates of his home city. A smile spread across his face every time he had come to them. Today he decide he wanted to take a little trip out to the woods to train his little falcon Reon who currently sat on the mans sontav. Reon chirped at Drayn, and the man turned to him and shook his head. The little falcon was always excited when it came to traveling even if it wasn't very far away. The little falcon ruffled its feathers as Drayn pulled down on the chain. The old gate keeper walked over to Drayn and looked him over. "Welcome back. Did you have fun on your trip?" he asked, as he petted the little falcon who nuzzled the old mans hand. "That I did, sir" Drayn said with a nod. The old man turned and spoke into a pipe. The gates slowly rose and Drayn made his way inside.
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