[Nyka Location] The Gates

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Known as the Celestial Seat, Nyka is a religious city in Northern Sylira. Ruled by four demigods and traversed by a large crevice, the monk-city is both mystical and dangerous. [Lore]

[Nyka Location] The Gates

Postby Archailist on December 11th, 2013, 5:02 pm

Time Stamp: 1st of Winter, 513.

It had been an arduous undertaking. The travel through the majority of Fall along with the armoured caravan filled with monks heading for the Blade in Nyka. He'd taken it, with little persuasion, with the knowledge that the monks held in their regard. But he'd come to regret it, soon enough - he'd nearly been crushed several times the moment the cart had stopped, by simple passers-by that did not care to look below them. He was lucky to have been able to hop nimbly from their path, though it became exhausting quickly and it was a constant the entire way to the thick stone walls of the city.

The chuckles of the guards brought a small smile to his face. He knew what they found amusing - a squirrel wanted to enter the city. And the squirrel held a weapon, too. Something deep inside him hardened when he saw the large guards staring down at him, one with a broad smile as he kneeled over in order to inspect the weapon critically. They must have thought he was harmless even with it, though - they let him pass without a word, but plenty of laughs. They'd all see, though, because the next time he passed them, he'd be leaving the city to become a knight, and after that he'd return and he'd show them all how a squirrel had become a Syliran Knight. They could laugh all they wanted - he'd show them all, he knew, as he walked through the gates and the waves of guards.
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[Nyka Location] The Gates

Postby Vanari on December 24th, 2013, 11:17 pm

Winter, Day 40, 513 AV

Vanari stared up at the intimidating guards, who were armed to the teeth. She felt rather delirious, having raced from Ravok like her life depended on it for the past quarter of a season. The insane "team" she had arrived with was still lying somewhere outside the gates, still unconscious from all their celebratory merry making in having beat their own record. Thirty seven days--three days ahead of schedule. They'd practically peed themselves.

The Vantha, on the other hand, was just eager to not be in motion anymore. She was filthy, worn to the bone, and hungry enough to plow past these monky guards. But she didn't.

She had, prior to arriving, taken the time to wash her face in a nearby stream. That way, at least she looked only moderately less suspicious than before. Ari wasn't quite sure where Ria was at the moment, but she hoped to the sneaky little illusionist inside the city. Which meant she had to get past these guards first, who were glaring at her fiercely.

After a quick round of interrogations, however, it became clear the Vantha was not a threat. They let her in and were courteous enough to point her in the direction of the Celestial Square, where the Safe Haven Hostel would offer her lodgings.

Vanari nodded her thanks, than trudged off to what she hoped would be sanctuary.

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[Nyka Location] The Gates

Postby Sapphire Blue on January 4th, 2014, 3:03 am

Sapphire blinked to the nearest bush when she saw a group of travelers get out of their boat. She knew they could not see he, for she had the power of invisibility. She felt like she was never alone, even when invisible. She watched the followers closely and with caution. Its not like they could rob her, she has nothing to be taken. They could not kill her, she is a ghost. They could not make her life any worse. She has no family, she has no house. As she stares at the travelers, one of them stops and looks Phire straight in the eyes. She jumps back and blinks back to her cave.
how could he see her? She rests her head in her arms as she kneels down next to her bench. Sapphire had lived out side the gates of Nyka for her whole life, maybe it was time to move.
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[Nyka Location] The Gates

Postby Misty Snowsong on March 1st, 2014, 9:05 am

Spring, Day 1, 514 AV
Misty goes up to the gates on the first day of the new year. She rides behind her giant friend as the guards eye them. The guards mostly look at the big man before they see the slight black shimmer of Misty's hair; they then allow them both to pass into the crowds.
Oh the crowds.
Misty mumbles under her breath, "I want to go back to the wilderness...."
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[Nyka Location] The Gates

Postby Tavil on March 1st, 2014, 9:17 am

Free again. I think to myself, riding through the gates into Nyka. I'd never been this far away from home before my capture, and the city was intriguing. As I look around me, I notice the guards eying me with caution, but I simply keep moving. They look slightly surprised when they see the small Vantha behind me, but they do nothing to stop either of us. I hear Misty's slight whine, the edge of my mouth smiling slightly as I reply. "Do not worry, little Vantha. I do not expect we will stay in one place for too long." My words are choppy, but easily understood. Relief washes over me when I realize that we're actually in the city, and my previous thought returns. Free again.
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[Nyka Location] The Gates

Postby Tyrannus on April 10th, 2014, 3:24 am

514 Av Spring Day 91.

Slowly, he moved up the pathway. The rocks sliding underneath the soles of his feet, dust rising within the area. The six foot male, completely, stood in his dirty black rags in front of the guards. His long white, dirty-blonde hair tied with cloth ripped from his cloak. His feet covered with the tattered groups. The grown man stepped forth, eying their blades. In awe he admired them, but also realized that just a simple hand to his blade could cause them to lash out and behead him like a punished man.

"Excuse m--"

"Hault, boy!"

Tidus stopped right in his tracks. The tall man looked muscular, holding the halberd in his right hand. He stepped forth, the three behind him ready to strike. Immediatelly he snatched the sword from Tidus' side, looking at it. His dark brown eyes reflecting into the shining blade. Tidus himself knew and thought the sword itself was in good condition, fine, especially for war and cutting through hard objects. But the muscular monk seemed to think otherwise.

Spittle was flying from his lips, expanding from his esophagus with wind touched by his breath, filled with a smell that made Tidus turn his head, revealing his tightened, strength-filled jawline. The monk was standing there with his friends who also laughed at his sword.

"Ah, what was I worried about? He can't even harm an insect with this blade."

The sword was shoved right back into his sheath, and he stepped on towards the other three. Before they dared to ask him a question, he spoke for himself in a raspy tone whilst staring at them, repositioning his blade, strong to him, but weak to them.

"I've come here to explain. I'm a Svefra. You can laugh at my blade all you want, you wont be laughing, because when I walk out of here I'll be as strong as you."

After this small and strong speech, all of the guards stared at him, and seconds after he entered the area, they began to below in laughter as they with their strength together closed the gates..
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[Nyka Location] The Gates

Postby Mercer Erasmus on April 15th, 2014, 10:11 am

I smiled as the familiar walls of Nyka came into view, the moss covered lower section that rose up and up until your neck hurt from craning it so much. I allowed a small smile to pass over my lips. "Home." Was all I thought as I approached the massive gates. "Mercer, good to see you!" Roared poleaxe as he gestured in welcome "I'ts been a long time since I last saw you!"
"To long my friend. I was worried you wouldn't remember me." I said with a smile in my voice. "How could I forget that ugly mug." He boomed. We both laughed as he waved me on through. I relaxed as I journeyed deeper into the city that was my home.
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[Nyka Location] The Gates

Postby Bay'Lin La on June 11th, 2014, 3:56 am


42nd Day of Summer, 514 AV

OOC42nd day of summer: A red tide rolls in today. Dead fish and seabirds wash up on shore along with the curious, bright red water, prompting mass self-flagellation by Nyka's fishermen, and more than a few monks, believing the seemingly toxic seas to be a form of punishment. The water will remain this way for the majority of the remaining season.

Baylin couldn't believe what he was seeing, what he was currently wading through? Had an attack on Nyka happened without him even knowing it? Surely that couldn't have been the case...could it? Surely some news of a sea battle would have been spread? As he glanced around only one word came to mind. Sanguine. Blood red as far as the eye could see. Everywhere. He held the reigns of Allsi, his seahorse, tightly while his other hand carried his trident in preparation to defend himself along with his sister whom hugged her arms closely around his waist. The blood red tide had scared off the collective of Charoda and Konti who the siblings had formed a caravan with.

"By gods... This...this is wrong..." May'lin, his younger sister, spoke in the charoda language of char. Her heart sank deeper into her chest as she continued to hug against her brother, pressing her head onto his shoulder to hide her face into the crook of his neck. "Lets get to the surface and learn of what madness befalls upon these humans." He hitched Allsi's reins to a wooden pole beneath the sea by the docks. Finding it to be a suitable enough spot to leave the seahorse before he and his sister swam to the surface to exit the water.

Their arrival was shocking to some as they dripped of blood causing a few monks who were investigating the sea to give him what seemed to be... 'evil' gazes? He asked them what had happened and was only met with shrugs and hostility. It caused Baylin to abandon his information hunting, for the moment at least, to simply get into the city as he made his way to the Gates. One of the Monks guarding the doors approached. "State your business."

Baylin nodded his head slightly. "My name is Baylin La, and this is my sister May'lin. We seek refuge and I see work within the city from the troubled sea. The waters are over run with Otani and run red for reasons beyond my knowledge or understanding. If you were us, would you enjoy swimming through a world of endless blood? "

The monks eyes narrowed, weather or not with repugnant or sympathetic intentions in mind Baylin did not know, but the Monk allowed them to pass.

Their clothing dripping red water as they continued on their way.
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[Nyka Location] The Gates

Postby Serana on July 30th, 2015, 7:09 pm

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12th Day of Summer, 515


This girl, this...slave. She had done it. Done what she had dreamt of doing since the day she had stepped foot into the house of her master, since she had felt the weight of her slave collar round her pale neck. Sera had run from her master and left the life of a slave behind. As for whether it would remain behind her... well, one never knew but she would do her best to find the life she was meant to live.

So where was it that they had landed? Despite arriving by boat, spending most if not all her time throwing up because of the motion of the ship, she would still need to get in through the gates. She had no credentials, no identification that allowed others to know that she was someone so what did she do?

With a small sack hulked over her shoulder, the only things she had in this life, she moved towards the gates with some hope that Leth was looking out for her because if not him, then who? Her deep brown eyes peered over her shoulder, almost as though she expected her master to be standing there, whip in hand with that look on his face... It caused her to shiver and Sera forced herself to look forward. She needed to keep moving.

Approaching the gate, the petite Kelvic offered the armed monks nothing more than a disarming smile. When asked what her business was in Nyka, she went with honesty. She stated that she wished to start over and believed that their fair city was where she was meant to go. One could only hope they didn't stop her.
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[Nyka Location] The Gates

Postby Vann Shaper on September 16th, 2015, 9:22 pm

1st of Fall, 515 AV

A new day, a new season and a new city to comb through it's depths.

It took a good while to even make it here. I suppose that's why they call it a merchant's pace while traveling.

The caravan Vann was in was given a quick look over by the people in the gate but nothing of interest came from the guards. Trying to peer under the cowls of the monks proved to be precarious as the monk turned his head straight at him.

A silence soon followed that left the Dryka's mouth dry before realizing he was gaping. Looking back at the monk and Vann had to fight the urge to shudder. Back to his original position as if nothing had happened at all.

This is all too eerie for the likes of me.

"You would do well to behave yourselves while in Nyka."

A look of apprehension finally latched itself to Vann's face. The voice coming from right beside him sent chills down his spine before he looked behind him in alarm.

"This is a new beast then Syliras Vann. These knights don't show much mercy to anything that disrupts their city."

It was the damned trader he had been watching over that was talking! Why in his right mind would he choose right now to cause a scene?

"I am no fool. I realize that before we got here."

The plainsman did not want to go no further for he felt the eyes of four nearby monks boring into his back. He stopped himself from calling the monks "intimidating men in dresses" just in time it had seemed.

"The sense I get from the area is all foreboding of something greater. What lies in store for us inside this "Nyketah" of yours.

At that the trader nodded solemnly before turning his attention back to driving.
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