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This shining population center is considered the jewel of The Sylira Region. Home of the vast majority of Mizahar's population, Syliras is nestled in a quiet, sprawling valley on the shores of the Suvan Sea. [Lore]

[Syliras Location] Undeniable Interests

Postby Fallon on April 5th, 2013, 8:56 am

With careful hand Fallon counted her coins, her head quietly counting through things before finally nodding. It sounded reasonable enough, and in honesty it was cheaper than she was first expecting.
"Yeah that sounds fair," She fished out the money with very little argument and placed it down on the counter, before taking up the book with careful hands "Have a good day."
Now let's see where this takes me... she thought with a smile.
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[Syliras Location] Undeniable Interests

Postby Rhuryc on June 12th, 2013, 8:46 pm

Summer 2, 513 AV

In all the time Rhuryc lived in the city he had never once visited the odd-ball shop. No better time than the present. He stepped inside with a cautious tilt, his bootfalls heavy against with each soldering thud. He glanced about for a moment before he located the shopkeep then hastened forward. He offered the other man a pleasant grin and a nod, though his distortion at the sheer amount of things decorating the various shelves was apparent. It took Rhuryc a few marks longer than it should have to speak, his eyes alight with a near-boyish curiosity. He could spend a week in this shop and still not know everything it held.

"Ah, good morning." Rhuryc glanced over the counter at his elder. The fellow was ancient. "I'm looking for any texts you can spare on the Azenth. If that's possible. On Ancient text translations also. Maybe religious texts on Tyveth, Ivak, and... potentially symbols related to the gods. Yahal, also, if you have any. Really anything on the subject would be beneficial." He stared at the old man for a moment, blinking only when it seemed appropriate.
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[Syliras Location] Undeniable Interests

Postby Inayl on June 18th, 2013, 12:44 pm

1th Summer of 513,

The knight was nowhere to be found: Inayl was spending his morning walking through the city, while carefully inspecting every single knight that passed by. He was in search of a knight, a certain knight amidst a city of knights. Impossible. But giving up wasn't an option; he was simply in need of magic, magic to retrieve what he had lost.The skill he was hoping to master was the Art of Summoning, but he knew that kind of magic was long since abolished in the City of Syliras. The Art of Voiding would have to do... for now.

He remembered the location of the little store, the Undeniable Interest, a store his parents had often dragged him to, in search of a master, and a buyer. Entering the store a strange feeling took hold of his stomach: the sight of grimoires and magic books filled his eyes with tears. He turned around and quickly left the store. It had been to soon.
'But I need magic, I won't find him otherwise.'
He took a deep breath, and closed his eyes.
'For my knight, to find and thank him.'
Forcing himself to stay calm, he entered the store again, and started looking for the shopkeepr. Unsurprisingly he found the monument of Old Age, standing amidst several piles of books, which seemed to be just as old as their ancient owner.
' I'm sorry, but do you have any book on Voiding... something not to hard, but not to shabby either.'
As the words left his mouth, he wondered how long the old man would take before helping him. How long before he'd find his knight?
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[Syliras Location] Undeniable Interests

Postby Matthew on August 8th, 2013, 12:29 pm

79th of Summer

Matthew strode into the store, eyes immediately scanning the shelves. There were all sorts of odd and ends in the dusty shop, but he was specifically looking for one. He had talked to Isolde about it, and she had told him a time when he could come in, and where she would put the book if they had it. Glancing around quickly to make sure the owner of the shop wasn't leering at him, he quickly moved down a few of the shelves, counting in his mind. When he had reached the correct one, he stepped into it, scanning the shelves within. It had been easy to get the name of the creature, as many a Knight had immediately spoke it once he gave a physical description. His own personal encounter, combined with the posting on the board, combined with the details the Knights had given... his eyes settled upon a blue-bound book, and he instantly reached out for it, snatching it and flipping it open.

He moved quickly, not really reading as much as scanning the pages. He flipped through until the name of the monster caught his gaze, and then started to scan through even faster. He didn't have much time, and knew the owner of the shop wouldn't be happy to find someone just reading one of his expensive tomes. So, he scanned through, looking for any of several key words. Anything that would give him a clue on how to be helpful during the upcoming fight he was planning on going into.

Why was he? He wasn't so sure. Oddly enough, the death of the creature seemed like a puzzle. Could he solve it before the creature solved him?

His blue eyes found a sentence, and he locked onto it, lips mouthing the words. Perfect. He repeated the sentence a few more times, shelved the book, and left. It was only a small tidbit of information. But it would have to do. He couldn't purchase the book, so he would merely borrow a few words from it.
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[Syliras Location] Undeniable Interests

Postby Eanos on November 28th, 2013, 2:22 pm

86 Fall, 513AV

It was not often that Eanos left his forge on personal business, and it had been quite some time since he last visited this particular store. Then his enquiries had been somewhat brusquely ignored by the owner who had quietened the clerk who served him, leaving him with just the books that he’d been offered.

This time he spent a while wandering in the depths of the store, attempting to decipher some of the obscure words on the dusty spines of the tomes and also peering with some curiosity at the other items which gathered dust on the shelves. It would not surprise him if some of the items had been stored here since the castle was first built and then perhaps only placed here from another storage with the dust from there intact.

Eventually though there was only so much wandering that he was prepared to do without any particular purpose so he sought out the owner and introduced himself.

”Good day,” he began, wondering what a polite greeting might be. ”I am Eanos, owner of Sultros Blades and apprenticed to the Magecrafter. I wish to start building my own library of books and I’m interested in certain subject areas and I’m also interested in anything else related to magecrafting or smithing that you might have on your shelves.” He imagined that the owner must have the same relationship with the Knights as himself so he would understand what he meant when he said he was the owner, and that it meant that the Knights accepted him here.

”With regards books, I’m interested in whatever you have on metalsmithing, in particular smelting and alloys, also any other books you might have on advanced smithing techniques. I’m also looking for books on djed working with regards shielding, reimancy and of course magecrafting. If you have anything on Philtering then again I’d be obliged.”

It was something of a long list and there was more that he was interested in, but he recalled that prices here were not cheap and already it was enough for one day.

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[Syliras Location] Undeniable Interests

Postby Ascen on February 21st, 2017, 10:10 pm

Syliras was truly a magnificent city to take a stroll around the bustling streets and just to take in the scenery. This technically isn't the first time Ascen has been in Syliras, but the last time he came here was only for a few chimes before going out on a job. Now that Ascen has the time on his own hands, the young human can actually explore the city or at least explore where he's allowed to go. There were some places that he didn't even know existed until he saw it with his own eyes. With the occasional and drowned out thuds from his leather shoes as the crowd noise made Ascen's steps almost unnoticeable unless he stomps on the ground.

Then something caught his attention, a shop that has a sign of Undeniable Interests. It wasn't the sign that caught his attention, but rather how small the shop appeared to be. Ascen's brow raised before looking up at the sky to see the sun still shining down her glorious light upon Mizahar. Indicating that it was still noon, Ascen would waltz into the shop as his eyes were getting kind of watery from looking up at the sun. After blinking a couple times to get his eyes adjusted to how low of a lighting this shop truly has; the first thing Ascen notice is how incredibly clutter it is and that's including the layer of dust covering the variety of books, scrolls, and other strange looking objects that Ascen can't make heads or tails out of. After taking a moment to look around, he raised his voice to hopefully have someone to hear him whoever owns this place. "Is anybody here?"
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