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Savacea Jovellana

Postby Savacea Jovellana on July 14th, 2015, 12:04 am

Name:| Savacea Jovellana
Race:| Symenestra
Gender:| Female
Age:| 20
Birthday:| Winter|25|495 Av
Birthplace:| Kalinor
Location: Kenash
Height:| 5'3''
Weight:| 100ilbs
Fluent Language:| Common
Basic Language:| Symenos
Housing:| Sunset QuartersPrivate Room, Basic - 1.5sm/Day
Profession:| PoisoncrafterAt the Majestic. Although Bashful Doler hired her, their interactions are far and few between. She does her job and leaves, social interactions are rare between the two.
Merits:| Loyal & Determined
Flaws:| Insensitive & Villainous
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Savacea Jovellana Part 2

Postby Savacea Jovellana on July 14th, 2015, 3:42 am

In the forest dark and deep, I promise thee eternal sleep.

Appearance NotePLEASE Keep in mind she is not a model, a human, or superly duperly beautiful. With that said, Symenestra do have a beauty to them, in order to seduce others in harvests and gleanings but it is an 'other-wordly-monsterish' type beauty. She has claws, red-glowing eyes, fangs, and deathly pale skin after all. Some find it frightening others will find it entrancing. But she does not look like a human, at all, period. :D

Raven black hair, swirls in curly disarray to her waist, always down and rarely ever up. The curl is not in tight ringlets, but more of a wild, wind swept curl. Once you gaze into her eyes however, it will be hard to tear yourself away from their depths. Her eyes shine like that of a Garnet Jewel, red and powerful, the large round orbs holding your gaze as you become swept away in their penetrating gaze, the pupils of her eyes are larger than a humans and seem to pierce the soul. Like most Symenestra, her eyes at night hold a deathly glow, like the predators of the jungle, waiting to pounce on their prey. Delicate gray veins can faintly be seen when one is close to her on the undersides of her arms, on her legs, and stomach. Savacea's skin is not as pale as most Symenestra, partly due to the fact that she has been exposed to the sun more so then they. Though it is still a porcelain white color, gleaming in the beams of the moon.

Standing at 5'3'' she has a fragile and slender build to her, although she would be more then happy to prove that assumption of yours wrong. She is lithe and strong, despite her delicate bones, from the climbing and dancing she puts her body through. Her legs are long, perfect for dancing, but her arms and hands are elongated as well, giving her a slightly strange, but eerily elegant look. One of her most prominent features, besides her eyes, would be the crescent claws. The Symenestra nails are long, pitch black, and pointed at the ends like tiny daggers able to rip flesh from it's bone. She never trims or files her nails, and they are strong and durable. Another feature that many do not see, as she rarely smiles or socializes with people, is her venomous fangs. They can only be seen however, when her mouth is open, and if her mouth is open chances are she is riled and ready to kill.

Savacea carries herself with a air of mystery, foreboding, and when she looks at you it is with cold, callous eyes. Her voice though is the opposite, although it is eerie it is also quite beautiful. She holds on to her Symenos accent in her language, so her voice is rather entrancing to the ear, her words creeping off the tongue in a soft, lyrical, but dark and eerie sound. She dresses in silk usually, preferring the soft texture above all other cloths, and always has her Symenestra armor on, just in case. Usually she will wear a simple silk shirt and a pair of tights, simple shoes that can easily be taken off if she needs to climb her way out of danger or preferably no shoes at all. Though at times when she feels the need she will wear a simple silk dress, though it is rare for her to ever wear anything to make herself look anything other then unapproachable, she has no need to impress anyone, as her focus is on other things.
Guarded, mysterious, and seductive would be the three words to describe Savacea. She keeps to herself, preferring to be lonely for eternity if she must. She never divulges too much about herself, keeping an air of mystery surrounding her. Though if she needs something, she has no problem poisoning someone to get it. Those who have been in her life, or rather those she allowed in, would say the girl was strange, a bit eccentric, and sometimes violent. She isn't very sociable, nor is she very friendly. Unless you consider her excellent skills at being a smarty pants, friendly. She is dark, devious, and a bit sadistic. Being rejected by her father after her mother's death, as well as the heart break of her first and only love, has left Savacea cold and emotionless. Though if she does let you in, all that falls away. She is still a bit dark at times, sometimes attempting to show no emotion, distancing herself to an extent. But with all that she loves deeply, loyally, and faithfully. She has a heart capable of love that only people dream about, once you are her friend she becomes protective over you and can be possessive at times, but it is all in good spirit as she does not let many in, those she does will be loved fiercely however.

Her eyes reveal no emotion, or at least she tries to train her face to show no emotion. She keeps to herself and if ever she is approached by someone, acting friendly or not, she automatically does not trust them and assume they are there to kill or rob her. She stays on guard at all times, always expecting the worse out of those around her. Savacea keeps up her facade of a dark, don't mess with me attitude, to keep herself safe. Although at times she does get lonely, and longs for the company of another. Even if it is just a friendly chat over common likes, though she does not give into such luxuries.

Though she was not always this way, at one time she was full of life, happy, always smiling or laughing, with the naive idea that love could conquer all. Now you would rarely see her laugh or smile. The only smile you would see grace her face is a sadistic one, letting you know that blood was about to be shed, mainly yours. She has a fragile body, like most Symenestra do, though she never shies away from a fight. Her fighting style uses her gravity defying ability, excellent climbing skills, and the use of her claws and venomous fangs. She is not adverse to using poison on someone who has rubbed her the wrong way either. Revenge is always sweet and laced with the faintest taste of poison.

Personality Broken Down:

It is best to know what you are getting into...


Poison Families Known
1. Fungus
2. Mineral
3. Chilopoda
4. Roots
5. Aquatic
Racial Abilities
See well in poor lighting.
Produces Venom/Fangs

Marks of Interest:
Free Born Mark on Right Hand


Revenge is always sweet and laced with poison.

Savacea Jovellana was born to Vaughn Jovellana and Nehia Jovellana, their last name coming from the flower Jovellana Violacea. Her mother was a full blood Symenestra, as well as her father. They both stood firm against the Harvest for surrogates, and so her mother decided to go with the invasive surgery of having Savacea cut out, to keep the blood line pure. Though her mother unfortunately did not survive the procedure, and this left her father distraught and over come with depression. Her father continued being depressed and paid little attention to his daughter, until he remarried. She was 12 years old at this time, and the damage had already been done. He constantly tried to make amends with his daughter, for all the years he ignored her, did not pay her the attention or love she needed, or the guidance of her father, or the attention she craved daily from him. To make matters worse, the woman he remarried was vicious and cruel, and stood for all that her father and mother once stood against. Taking a Surrogate to birth her Half Brother, Varkon. This only made Savacea stray further from her father, and made her heart grow cold to him as well as others.

She never thought herself to be able to love anyone, nor did she want children or a lover. She wanted to be alone, forever. But at the young age of 14 she met a boy. All the best stories begin with.. "There was a boy." Well in this case he was older, more a man then a boy, he was 18 and captured her heart. Dran was full of adventure and danger, the typical bad boy persona that drew Savacea in and drove her father mad. Which only made Savacea love him more. When she turned 16, Dran 20, they came up with a rather dangerous and immature plan to run away together to escape their families and the rules they both rebelled against of the beautiful Kalinor. After all, with love one could over come anything, right?[Left in Spring/511]

Their adventure took them to Alvadas, via Merchant Caravan carrying silk to Alvadas.Arrived in Alvadas Fall/511 In Alvadas they found that it was mysterious and full of illusions. The city was constantly changing, nothing ever staying the same. They found it quite amusing, and rather wonderful, and decided that this is where they would stay. Life wasn't easy being so young, but full of determination, and love being the fuel that kept Savacea going instead of running back to her Father and Half-Brother in Kalinor. Though they were not the richest in monetary means, Savacea felt like a Queen standing next to Dran. Nothing could ever tear her down, she did not need fancy things, a nice place to live, all she needed was him and their love that was so strong.

Though their sweet love story turned into a tragedy quickly, as Dran began to act distant towards Savacea. He rarely spoke to her anymore, and when he did it seemed to bore him. He stopped touching her, and only did so and just enough to keep her satisfied, and it always seemed like it took all his strength to manage a small kiss. This made Savacea curious, she knew he had changed, as well as his feelings. She just did not know why, and wanted to find out desperately, so she could fix it. So when Dran left one night, she decided to follow him. He led her to a dark alley, and her wonderful vision let her see his crime. He was entangled with another woman, a human woman at that. They were in the throes of passion in the dank alley against the wall, and it made Savacea's stomach twist and turn. She screamed like a mad woman, the sound echoing off the grimy walls and into the dark moonless night. She felt betrayed, lead on, but worse of all she felt unloved. Savacea's red eyes gleamed with hatred at not only Dran, but the woman as well. She scaled the dank wall and landed on the woman, inches away from biting her with her venomous fangs and ending her pathetic existence.. How dare she take away the only love that she had in her life. Dran pulled her off though, called her some rather unsavory names.

Savacea could not believe that the man who once swore he loved her and that she was the only woman for him, would even dare say such things to her. She was taken aback, shocked, and heart broken. She looked at the woman's body crumpled in on itself in fear of her and she spat in her direction, telling Dran that he could have his little human whore, and that she never wanted to see his face again. Dran replied that she would never have to worry, as him and the woman was leaving for Kalinor anyway. She was shocked that he was taking the woman back to Kalinor, knowing that she was nothing more then a Broodmare to fulfill his needs of wanting children. She expressed how she was not the least interested in having kids, but he at the time did not want them either. Savacea felt herself break into pieces at realizing how he had changed in such a short span of time.

This made Savacea tremble with rage, and she knew from this day forward she would never trust another person, never let her heart be consumed again by a man, she would continue to be lonely and full of hatred so she would never have to experience the pain of heart break and rejection ever again. The hatred and rage only seemed to build as days went by, fueling her desire for revenge.

Left Alvadas Fall/514
Savacea left Alvadas via boat, and sailed to a dark and lonely island, Black Rock. This is where she continued to practice her Poison Crafting, focusing on it and a few other skills, to kill Dran. Surely the human was dead by now, and spawned Dran a child. Since she did not plan on staying in Black Rock forever, she rented a room in Black Rock while working on her skills, so she could travel back to Kalinor and seek her revenge on those who broke her heart, and took away the only thing she ever craved in life, Love.

Left Black Rock Spring/516

Black Rock was visited by people from Wind Reach, their fiery red hair standing out in the black and white dreariness of Black Rock. These people had brought a huge bird with them, that would carry the items they were trading. Savacea was able to convince them into giving her ride. They dropped her off in a swamp land, that she later found out was called Kenash.

The swamps did not bother her, she preferred the presence as it reminded her of Black Rock's Marshes. Well, kind of, you could not hear wails or screams of the dead, or see the ghostly figures flying around you crying as if they were damned for eternity. Instead you could see lots of cotton and tobacco, the place was filled with devious deeds and debauchery. Savacea was not sure where this was going to lead her, but she applied for Free-Born status, found a cheaper place to lodge at (though that was difficult) and looked for a job.

She took note that the people of Kenash was not exactly fond of her. Sure they tolerated her, since she worked and made a living, but that did not mean they liked her. She would receive remarks and comments about her body and appearance daily. Many of the Kenashians despised her, as she was different and a outsider compared to them. Which was okay with her, they would come to her work eventually, and when they did perhaps their drink would have a special ingredient...
Heirloom: Mother's Swath of Silk for Aerial Dancing.

Heirloom Story:
Savacea's Mother had few belongings left. Her father locked them up once she passed away, and would not let anyone touch them. Although late at night, while everyone was asleep, Savacea knew he would unlock the chest that held her few belongings and would inhale her scent and cry softly into the night. When she decided to leave with Dran, she was able to obtain the key, and took out her Mother's Aerial Dancing Swath of Silk. She held it close to her and inhaled her lingering scent, before leaving her home behind.

Possession Origin Description
Portable Poisoncrafting Kit Bought Combining some of the functions from both an philterer's identification and appraisal kits, this portable kit is more specialized for the poisoncrafter's trade. A series of small vials, bags, bottles and tubes along with various identification and production tools are included in the kit. Contained in a large bag often strapped to a backpack, to the untrained eye, it looks very much like an philtering kit.
Old Man's Beard Acquired Here 1 oz
Liverwort Acquired Here 1.5 oz
Single Cattail Reed Acquired Here 1
Wraiths Mint Acquired Here 2.5 oz
Blank Book Bought Simple common binding, to write in
Pint Jars x3 Bought To put stuff in.
Vials x5 Bought To put stuff in.
Short Silk Dress Bought Garnet Red To Be Pretty!
Average Book Titled: 'Plants and Their Uses' Bought To Learn About Herbs.
Swath of Silk Mothers/Heirloom Used for Aerial Dancing, Garnet Red.
Knife, Spider Throwing Bought Used for defense.
Silken Shirt Kalinor (SP) Dark Garnet Red
Tights Kalinor (SP) Black
Silken Undergarments Kalinor (SP) Black
Silk Hooded Cloak Kalinor (SP) Black
Symenestra Exoskeleton Armor(Torso) Bought Dark Garnet Red
Simple Sandals Kalinor (SP) Easily removed for climbing.
Water Skin Kalinor (SP) To quench the thirst.
Comb Kalinor (SP) [Bone] To brush the hair.
Brush Kalinor (SP) [Bone] To brush the hair.
Silken Knapsack Kalinor (SP) To carry stuff
Soap Kalinor (SP) To not stink.
Fruit Rations Kalinor (SP) Smooshed into Jam..yummy.
Eating Knife Kalinor (SP) To eat jam with..
Flint & Steel Kalinor (SP) To make a fire.

Purchase Cost Total
Starting 100Ashls 100Ashls
Cashed In Housing + 500Ashls 600Ashls
Symenestra Armor [Torso] -30Ashls 570Ashls
Knife, Spider Throwing -10Ashls 560Ashls
Short Silk Dress -6 Ashls 464 Ashls
Blank Book - 1 Ashl 463 Ashls
Pint Jars x3 -6 Ashls 457 Ashls
Vials x5 -5 Ashls 452 Ashls
Dance Lessons 1 Season -33 Ashls 419 Ashls
Crossbow Light -12Ashls 407 Ashls
Crossbow Bolts (20) -1 Ashl 406 Ashls
Average Book: Herbalism -17 Ashls 389 Ashls
Summer 515 Seasonal Expense -100 Ashls 289 Ashls
Summer 515 Seasonal Wages Still Waiting -
Fall-Winter 515 *Inactive no expense/wages Switched To Mizas due to Black Rock Closing 0 0
Sold Crossbow/Bolts +13 Mizas 302 Mizas
Poratble Poisoncrafting Kit -150 Mizas 152 Mizas
Seasonal Expenses Spring 516 Waiting for Wages Waiting For Wages
Wages Spring 516 Waiting for Wages Waiting for Wages
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Savacea Jovellana Part 3

Postby Savacea Jovellana on July 15th, 2015, 2:48 am


Skill Exp Total Level
Climbing GradersClimbing is a Racial Ability 100 Master
Poison 25*SP*, +2+2+1+1+2+1+3+1 38 Competent
Herbalism 5*sp*, +1+4+3+1+2+2+4 22 Novice
Botany +1+1+1+2+1 6 Novice
Stealth +1, +3, +1, +1 6 Novice
Philtering +1+3+1+3+1 9 Novice
Cooking +3+2+1+1+1 8 Novice
Foraging +1+1+1+1+1+2 7 Novice
Medicine +1+1+1+1 4 Novice
Cleaning +1+1+1+1 4 Novice
Geology +3 3 Novice
Land Navigation +2 2 Novice
Butchery +1 1 Novice
Detection +1 1 Novice
Disguise +1 1 Novice
Cosmetology +1 1 Novice
Camouflage +1 1 Novice
Skill Exp Total Level
Acrobatics 10*RB*, +2+1+1+2+5 21 Novce
Endurance +2+3+1+2+2+2+1+1+1 15 Novice
Weapon:Knife[Spider Throwing] 10*sp* 10 Novice
Aerial Dancing 5*sp*, +2 7 Novice
Body Building +1+1+1+2+1 6 Novice
Dancing +1+5 6 Novice
Running+1+2+1+2 6 Novice
Wilderness Survival: Forest 5*sp*+1 6 Novice
Wilderness Survival: Swamps +1+2+1 4 Novice
Swimming +3 3 Novice
Hunting +1+2 3 Novice
Weapon:Crossbow +2 2 Novice
Unarmed Combat +1 1 Novice

Skill Exp Total Level
Observation +2, +1, +3, +1, +1, +1, +3, +5, +5, +1, +5, +5, +2, +3, +5, +1, +3, +2, +3, +1, +2 55 Expert
Rhetoric +2, +1, +5, +2, +1, +2, +1, +2, +3, +1, +1, +1 22 Novice
Teaching +2+1+5+2+5+1 16 Novice
Logic +1+1+2+2+1+2+1+1 11 Novice
Investigation +1+1+1+1+1+1 6 Novice
Organization +1+1+1+2 5 Novice
Planning +1+2+2 5 Novice
Intelligence +1+1 2 Novice
Research +2 3 Novice
Philosophy +1 1 Novice
Mathematics +1 1 Novice
Skill Exp Total Level
Sociliazation+1, +1, +3, +2, +2, +1, +4, +5, +4, +2, +5, +5, +1, +2, +5, +1, +1, +2, +2, +2 51 Expert
Flirting +1+1+3+2+5 12 Novice
Seduction +2+4+1 7 Novice
Storytelling +4 4 Novice
Intimidation +1+1 2 Novice
Negotiation +1 1 Novice
Interrogation +1 1 Novice

None Yet



Poison Related
Lore of Brewing Mushrooms
Lore of Brewing Mold
Becoming Employed at Tokia's Tonics
Bismuth: Affects Organs, Kidney, Bladder with great discomfort and a telling line upon the navel
Coloradoite: Highly Toxic and Absorbed through the Skin
Hutchinsonite: Contains Thallium, can cause Hair Loss and Other Serious Side Affects, Deadly
Galena: Very Brittle, and Somewhat Toxic
Arsenopyrite: Appears like Fools Gold, can be absorbed through physical contact, releases highly toxic vapors, avoid heating
Chalcanthite: Contains copper, kills plant life and vegetation, and can shut down body processes if an overdose of Copper is created
Tobernite: Contains Uranium and slowly exudes radon cancer that poisons and weakens its victims
Erionite: Highly toxic material that can destroy lungs and respiratory system
Cinnabar: Highly toxic and can cause permanent damage to an individual's nervous system
Realgar: Most commonly used to dispose of vermins or weeds, it is a byproduct of Arsenic
Tremolite: Contains Asbestos
Tiger's Eye: Can absorb asbestos, and release it if ground up
Moonstone: Contains aluminum which can weaken bone density if given in large enough doses
Mohawkite: Contains Copper as well as Arsenic
Wulfenite: Contains lead
Polished Gemstones are Not Toxic
Rough Minerals can be boiled to release Their Toxins
It is Important to Use Proper Equipment and Safety Precautions When Handling all Potentially Hazardous Minerals
Poison: Antidotes
Symenestra: A kiss of death
Lazy Gel: Created using Centipedes, Blue Colored and Smells Sweet
Acson: Mildly Poisonous to the Touch/ Much more so if infused with Food Or Drink
Poison: Blackened Breath
Poison: Symenestra Poison
Poison: Heartstinger
Slime of the Mollusk: Found on beach
Cooking: Snails
A Custom Poison
Poisons: Always do your research
Effects of Black-Eye Mushrooms
Poison: Carrion Limb, loss of movement
Berridon: Highly poisonous
Berridon: Cause hallucinations
Bon'mur: For dry eyes
Bon'mur: Found in marshlands
Acson: Mildly poisonous
Phantoms Shell: Flesh poison
Phantoms Shell: Name ingredient, seaweed

Burdock: Dark green leaves, poisonous to animals
Burdock root has many health benefits
Echinacea: The flowering herb
Echinacea: A blood cleansing herb used to flush out poison
Amla: Fruits in late summer
Tinospora Cordifolia: The heart of the moon
Delaviv: A rare herb
Healing Pomade and slaves
Wraith Mint: Has a calming effect
Botany: Types of moss
Botany: Types of seaweed
Wraith's Mint: Can be Spotted in Moonlight, and Smelled and 'tasted' by Ghosts, Scent is enhanced if crushed or burned
Old Man's Beard: Good For Starting Fires
Cattails: Not Enjoyable, but Can be Eaten
Cattails + Old Man's Beard + Wood = Great Fire Starter
Using Reeds to Breathe Underwater or Create Sounds
Organisation: Gathering tools before starting work
Simple uses for beeswax
Tolm: Used to ease pain, aid sleep and relax muscles
Chamomile: Relaxes a person and helps them sleep
How to make a basic Poultice
Acalai: Rare tree found in warm climates
Amur: Rare plant found on hills
Batonal: A common plant with rounded leaves
Brinetooth: Produces blue berries from small white flowers
Bunwol: Uncommon marsh plant with hairy leaves
Clodgol: Six petal star shaped flower
Doglo: Uncommon vine plant that produces berries
Everlight: A ground creeping plant
Medicine: Warming up slowly
Pomade: Less Beeswax for better results
Remedial Herbs: Well Vyfox and Tolm
Fire Bush: Heals skin problems
Hommos: For stomach pain
Lidgefar: Help with blood clots
Tivcore Plant: Seeds for ink
Azhiltu: Cures stomach pain
Azhiltu: Dry flowers to collect seeds
Azhiltu: Used to stop bleeding
Medical Plants: Crafting antidotes

Dance Related
Illistrid: The ghost dancer
Dancing: Begin with stretches
Dancing: Basic stretches
Rick: The dancer
Acrobatics: Basic lifts
Logic: Dancing partners should always be trustworthy
Acrobatics: A basic cartwheel
Illistrid: A pushy teacher
Acrobatics: Stamina is important
Dancing: Warmup muscle training
Dancing: Splits
Dancing: Ball Change
Dancing: Kick-Ball-Change
Dancing to a count
Dancing: Soutenu turns,
Dancing: Soutenu pique turns
Dancing: Chaines turn
Dancing: Aerial Silks
Aerial Silks: Hip Key Drop
Aerial Silks: Takes a lot of upper body strength
Aerial Silks: Spider Descent
Aerial Silks: Aerial Splits
Aerial Silks: A secure foot knot

Jaleryn and Vesta: Entities in Charge of the Administration Office
Cicerone: Black Rock's Guides
Tokia: An old Myrian woman
Race: Svefra, ocean dwellers
Myrians: Aggressive and Defensive About there Armaments
Kiva: A Myrian that Also Works at Tokia's Tonics
Loda: Myrian
Loda: Smug
Loda: A determined man
Loda: Blooded Fang
Loda: Strong physically and mentally
Myrians fight Dhani
Dhani: Vicious Snakes
Myrian women are strong
The Goddess Myri
Loda: Twenty-nine Springs Old
Loda: Older than he looks
Myrian: Trained from a young age
Strid: A sexy ghost
Loda: A Handsome Myrian
Varikan Rose: Symenestra
Tokia: Demanding and overbearing

Location: The Crag
Location: Black Rock, Northern Docks
Location: Black Rock Cliffs
Weather: Torrential rain in Black Rock
Black Rock: Fog
Location: The Black Marsh

Crafting: Paper making basics
Socialization: Using different tones of voice to portray a message
Planning: Following recipes
Malediction: Creating Items from Remains of the Dead
Finding the Blue Centipedes
Climbing in Kalinor is the way to travel
Savacea Jovellana: A history of Climbing
Rhetoric: Asking the right questions
Symenestra Poison
Observation: The Smell of Salt Air
The Road to Revenge
Logic: Crying is a Weakness
A Long Day
Ya'Tago: A Fierce Giant Insect of the Jungle Wilds
Myrian Coming of Age Trials
A Taste of Myrian Hunting Rituals
Some of the Many Uses of Charcoal
Realizing How Many Beautiful and Strong Things Come from a Race Lauded as Barbarians and Savages
Myrians can Sport Tattoos, Face and Body Paint, and even Bones
Exploring the Black Marsh
An Uncomfortable Feeling of Growing Attraction
Avoiding an Encounter with a Dhani of the Black Marsh
A Symenestra Teaching Loda More of His Own Culture
Feeling Hate and Anger Emanate from Loda
Medicine: Treating Scratches with a crushed wet solution of Old Man's Beard
Enjoying Loda's Touch
Learning of a Myrian Children's Story
Admitting Growing Feelings to One Another (Loda/ Savacea)
Feeling a strange hatred and discomfort within a particular spot in the Black Marsh
Myrians Live in Wooden Longhouses
Teaching Acrobatics by Showing
Every Being Has Strengths and Weaknesses
Admitting Fears and Insecurities to Loda
Realizing that Loda's Stay is Only Temporary
Tempting Loda Sexually
Trying Out Paired Acrobatics
Hunting: The Giant Centipede
Stealth: Moving in the shadows
Centipede Innards
Organisation: Preparing for another day
Myrians: Youthful
Cleaning: Sterilising tools
Observation: Musty smell of cooking mushrooms
Observation: The smell and taste of the sea
Swimming: Basic duck dive
Swimming: Basic kicks and strokes
Cooking: Seaweed
Philosophy: Cooking, the way to a man's heart
Savacea: Working overtime
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Savacea Jovellana Threads

Postby Savacea Jovellana on May 4th, 2016, 12:00 am


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Threads of Summer 515av :
Thread Type Status Date XP
Administration Office Getting a Job with Tokia Complete 15th, Summer 515AV XP EarnedInvestigation 1 Observation 2 Socialization 1
New Found Determination Shopping/Job Intro Completed 15th, Summer 515AV XP EarnedSocialisation: 1 Observation: 1 Negotiation: 1
A Mossful Excursion Job Thread 1/2 Completed 16th Summer 515AV XP EarnedObservation: 1 Foraging: 1 Logic: 1 Botany: 1 Socialisation: 1 Philtering: 1 Rhetoric: 1 Poison: 1 (1 x handful of moss)
Of Rocks&Minerals Job Thread Completed 17th Summer 515 AV XP EarnedGeology 3 XP Investigation 1 Observation 1 Poison 2 XP Rhetoric 2 XP Socialization 2 XP Teaching 1 XP
Two Worlds Collide Kiva and Savacea working/Job Thread In Progress 18th Summer 515AV XP EarnedClimbing 1 Hunting 1 Investigation 1 Observation 3 Poison 1 Socialization 4
Dancing With Spirits Savacea takes dance lessons Completed 19th, Summer 515AV XP EarnedObservation: 3 Investigation: 1 Socialisation: 3 Dancing:1 Acrobatics:2 Bodybuilding: 1 Endurance: 2
Unexpected Views Climbing with Loda and developing unexpected views of him Complete 20th, Summer 515AV XP EarnedObservation: 5 Detection: 1 Rhetoric: 5 Stealth: 1 Intimidation: 1 Logic: 2 Socialisation: 5 Teaching: 2 Endurance: 3 Bodybuilding: 1 Storytelling: 4 Flirting: 1
Unexpected Views Part 2 Climbing with Loda and developing unexpected views of him Complete 20th, Summer 515AV XP EarnedTeaching: 1 Socialisation: 4 Observation: 5 Endurance: 1 Rhetoric: 2 Logic: 2 Flirting: 1 Intimidation: 1
Poisonous Pomade First steps in making Signature Poison/Job Related Completed 21st, Summer 515 AV XP EarnedPlanning: 2 Logic: 1 Poison: 2 Cosmetology: 1 Socialisation: 2 Organisation: 1 Herbalism: 1 Observation: 1 Research: 2
Dancing With Spirits Part 2 Dance Lessons Completed 22nd, Summer 515 AV XP EarnedDancing: 5 Socialisation: 2 Bodybuilding: 1 Acrobatics: 1 Observation: 1 Endurance: 2 Rhetoric: 1
Secrets to Remember Loda and Savacea go to Black Marsh Completed 23rd, Summer 515AV XP EarnedDisguise 1 Flirting 3 Foraging 1 Herbalism 4 Investigation 1 Land Navigation 2 Observation 5 Socialization 5 Stealth 3 Teaching 5 Wilderness Survival 1 WIlderness SurvivalBiome was not noted by Grader, however they were in a Swamp.
Secrets to Remember Part 2 Loda and Savacea go to Black Marsh Completed 23rd, Summer 515AV XP EarnedAcrobatics 1 Climbing 1 Disguise 2 Endurance 2 Foraging 1 Flirting 2 Herbalism 1 Intimidation 1 Land Navigation 3 Observation 5 Rhetoric 2 Seduction 1 Socialization 5 Stealth 1 Storytelling 1 Teaching 1 Wilderness Survival 2 WIlderness SurvivalBiome was not noted by Grader, however they were in a Swamp.
Dancing with Spirits Part 3 Savacea taking dance lessons Completed 24th, Summer 515 AV XP EarnedRunning: 1 Endurance: 2 Observation: 2 Socialisation: 1 Dancing: 2 Rhetoric: 1 Bodybuilding: 2 Acrobatics: 2 DancingGrader put it as Dancing, however it was Aerial Dancing she was practicing.
Poisonous Pomade Part 2 Step 2 of Signature Poison Completed 25th, Summer 515 AV XP EarnedSocialisation: 2 Observation: 3 Organisation: 1 Cooking: 3 Philtering: 3 Cleaning: 1 Rhetoric: 2 Herbalism: 1 Medicine: 1 Logic: 1 Botany: 1
Warrior & Dancer Savacea and Loda meet on the beach. Completed 26th, Summer 515 AV XP EarnedAcrobatics 5 Endurance 2 Flirting 5 Interrogation 1 Observation 5 Philosophy 1 Planning 1 Rhetoric 3 Running 2 Seduction 4 Socialization 5 Teaching 5
Poisonous Pomade Part 3 Signature Poison Completed 27th, Summer 515 AV XP EarnedSocialisation: 1 Medicine: 1 Organisation: 1 Mathematics: 1 Observation: 1 Herbalism: 2 Philtering: 1 Botany: 1
Hands of a Dying Man Job Related Completed 29th, Summer 515 AV XP EarnedPhiltering: 3 Observation: 3 Rhetoric: 1 Logic: 2 Socialisation: 1 Poison: 2 Intelligence: 1 Foraging: 1 Running: 1 Endurance: 1 Cooking: 2 Cleaning: 1
Play Nice, Hunt Well Savacea and Loda go hunting! Completed 30th, Summer 515 AV NOT Graded
Black-Eye Job Threads Completed 31st, Summer 515 AV XP EarnedForaging: 1 Observation: 2 Socialisation: 2 Philtering: 1 Cooking: 1 Cleaning: 1 Poison:1
Lungs of Centipede Job Related Completed 32nd, Summer 515 AV XP EarnedObservation:3 Socialisation:2 Planning:2 Rhetoric:1 XP EarnedHunting:2 Stealth:1 Camouflage:1 Wilderness Survival-Swamp:1 Crossbow:2Running:2 Butchery:1 Organisation:2 Endurance:1 Cooking:1
Carrion Limb Job Related Completed 33rd, Summer 515 AV XP EarnedObservation: 1 Poison: 3 Herbalism: 4 Botany: 2 Medicine: 1 Logic: 1 Intelligence: 1
Dancer of Silks Aerial Dancing Completed 34th, Summer 515 AV Not Graded
Burning Sea-Weed Job Related Completed 39th, Summer 515 AV XP EarnedSocialisation: 2 Logic: 1 Observation: 2 Botany: 1 Swimming: 3 Bodybuilding: 1 Endurance: 1 Foraging: 2 Seduction: 1 Rhetoric: 1 Cooking: 1 Poison: 1 Cleaning: 1
Minty Haunting Meeting Ezra in the Black Marsh In Progress 40th, Summer 515 AV Not Graded (Abandoned?)
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