Completed The cat that bites

Tove is aided by an Akalak in a moment of desperation

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The cat that bites

Postby Tove on July 19th, 2018, 8:05 pm

Tove’s brows furrow as she began to feel like a child being scolded. Of course these things are amazing, but Tove had not been taught of them, nor was she allowed to pray whilst under the roof of the elderly woman that she had looked up to for more than half her life.

“I never said that,” Her tone is defensive in nature as it would be for most. Her new friend was putting words in her mouth of which she had not spoken. How passionate could one be of such things? Her teeth clench down on her tongue as she attempts to find a non-offensive way to state her point.

“I’m only a year into my life, and until recently I have not been given the opportunity to study the Gods and what they have done for all things living. If that offends you I apologize, but you must understand that for reasons of which I would not like to explain, my life had been determined for me.” She says, her arms crossing tightly over her chest, clearly upset over the way the conversation had progressed.

“I would love to learn more however…” Her features soften once more, she truly enjoys the company of the Akalak, though she hardly considers herself so desperate for friendship that she will allow herself to be walked on in the process.

“What you described was beautiful though, you seem to be very devout. I would love to learn more, but right now my head is rather fuzzy, so maybe we can meet again to discuss such things?” Tove isn’t drunk but her brain is just fuzzy enough to leave her lacking the focus needed when learning of religion. “I hope you will agree to this proposition, but if not that is fine.”

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The cat that bites

Postby Aer'wyn Grisghul on July 20th, 2018, 10:31 am

Vel’s eyes studied her defensive posse. The displeasure in her features, the offence she had clearly taken to his words. But instead of replying with equal gesture of verbal aggression his lip curled into a smile and his single blue hand reached out across the table to her. A palm rested against her hair, rifled it gently and almost affectionately. Eyes locked with hers as if trying to comfort her in much a manner that a father would comfort his own daughter after a bad day at school. In that moment there was nothing dark nor malicious about him. A small glimpse Ito the more tender, hidden parts of the creature that was Vel.

“You and I alike Tove.” The words rang out as true and honest as he had ever been with a anyone. “We’re both lived lived that have been decided for us, victims of circumstances beyond our control. You don’t have to tell me the story because I know what you’ve been though. I live it every single day.”

Passion underlined every word he spoke. Love dotted the I’s and crossed the t’s. Love for the gods that gave him purpose and a will stronger than steel that strived to return that gift of purpose tenfold. 

“Seek me out again and I’ll tell you all you wish to know. Hopefully you’ll come to see the truth in this world as I have seen it. Till then, fair well Tove. Till next we meet.”

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The cat that bites

Postby Kynier on August 10th, 2018, 3:12 am


Skill Rewards
  • Brawling +1
  • Endurance +1
  • Interrogation +3
  • Observation +5
  • Socialization +5
  • Unarmed Combat +1
  • Weapon: Dagger +1

Lores Learned
  • Akalaks: Don’t age like humans do
  • Interrogation: Facts that fall loosely off the tongue are more reliable
  • Location: No Man’s Land Tavern
  • Self: Self-preservation keeps morality in check
  • Self: Lore of hidden bodies
  • Self: Booze tastes disgusting
  • Vel: Has one arm
  • Vel: Prettier than Sunberth’s finest beauties
  • Vel: From Riverfall in Cyphrus
  • Vel: Is 58 years old
  • Vel: Had a Kelvic Mother
  • Vel: Not much of a flirt
  • Vel: Not connected to his family
  • Vel: Trying to get rid of his brother
  • Vel: Religious
  • Vel: Will teach about the gods

  • +4 gold mizas

Skill Rewards
  • Disguise +1
  • Interrogation +3
  • Observation +5
  • Negotiation +1
  • Socialization +5
  • Subterfuge +1
  • Unarmed Combat +1
  • Weapon: Bastard Sword +1

Lores Learned
  • Location: No Man’s Land Tavern
  • Self (Vel): Risking an innocent woman’s life goes against his morals
  • Self (Vel): No Honor in money
  • Self (Vel): Lore of hidden bodies
  • Tove: Sees Honor in her
  • Tove: Has some sass
  • Tove: Is Kelvic
  • Tove: Is a year old
  • Tove: Dislikes booze
  • Tove: Thinks she’d be bored outside of Sunberth
  • Tove: Likes Vel
  • Tove: Willing to learn more about the gods

  • 1 dagger

Your writing styles were very complimentative. I would enjoy seeing more interaction between these two PCs. If you have an questions or concerns about your grade please feel free to PM me.
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