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The Song Of The Wind I

Postby Kelski on December 1st, 2018, 3:44 am

Timestamp: 45th of Fall 518 A.V.

Kelski lit the torch and watched the flames lick the wrapping for a few moments without really seeing the light. Instead, she was hearing the voice of the fire more than she was actually looking at it. Her thoughts were directed inward leaving only her ears and sense of smell to babysit her vacant stare. She stood stoic, her other hand clutching the flint and steel she'd used to light the torch.

Gilthas had summoned her. And truth be told she knew why and it terrified her. It wasn't too late to back out, to thank him and say no, but she knew this was a cusp she wouldn't stand upon again.... not at least in this life. So she blinked and took a step forward, deciding to choose to go forth proudly and not let the fear rule her.
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