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The Diamond of Kalea is located on Kalea's extreme west coast and called as such because its completely made of a crystalline substance called Skyglass. Home of the Alvina of the Stars, cultural mecca of knowledge seekers, and rife with Ethaefal, this remote city shimmers with its own unique light.

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Winter 518 AV Character Registry

Postby Clara Preston on December 8th, 2018, 6:14 pm

Name: Clara Preston
Brief Description: A very gentle and caring girl that enjoys helping those less fortunate than her and hates seeing people fight. Enjoys drawing what she thinks about and dislikes drawing what she's told to draw, but will always give her best.
Profession: Artist at Tain's Studio
Length of Stay: Indefinite
Goals: Would like to improve on some skills as well as start meeting other PCs.

Favourite Type of Thread: Almost anything.
Least Favourite Type of Thread: Over-complicated Drama.
Goals: I'm a bit bad with descriptions and feelings, so I would like to improve a bit on that. Don't know exactly how you could help me with that though.
Willing to Guest Moderate?: No thank you.
Need Moderator Assistance?: I do not believe so.

Comments: Feel free to hit me up with a message if you want to do something together.
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Winter 518 AV Character Registry

Postby Jomi on December 9th, 2018, 8:21 pm

Name: Jomi
Brief Description: An angry, bitter, short tempered ghost that has been indentured by Madeira. He came back to unlife to search for his former bondmate, and the search is not going well.
Profession: Madeira's biggest regret
Length of Stay: Forever
Goals: I'm working on finishing my betrayed-by-trusted-ally plot with Madeira and Rothsam. It's going to get messy and I'm excited to destroy every bond and social tie we worked so hard to create.

Favourite Type of Thread: Action and investigation with a lot of plot. I prefer to talk through threads with my partners so we can set a central overarching goal for each player, I find that it helps to keep everyone focused and motivated.
Least Favourite Type of Thread: Meandering social threads, or threads that overdo it with the angst.
Goals: I'm rubbish at writing emotions, so the goal this season is to learn to be more introspective with my character. I need to start describing how things affect him rather than just whats happening to him.
Willing to Guest Moderate?: Nope.
Need Moderator Assistance?: Possibly, I'll have to get back to you on that.

Comments: Let's have a great winter everyone! :D
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Winter 518 AV Character Registry

Postby Nemore on December 19th, 2018, 4:19 pm

Name: Nemore
Brief Description: Young Kelvic, recovering from the recent death of his adoptive father and the breaking of their bond
Profession: Acts as an entertainer for the rich, performing music and dancing and sometimes other 'services'. Though he has taken a short break due to the aforementioned loss.
Length of Stay: Seems like forever, for now
Goals: First he needs a new bondmate. Then perhaps he could improve his skills or maybe start a serious study of magic
Willing to Guest Moderate?: No
Need Moderator Assistance?: Can't think of anything now but I may need assistsnce in the future.

Comments: Ok so first time here. Hopefully I won't make any silly mistakes but your patience would be appreciated. x.
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Winter 518 AV Character Registry

Postby Amelia on December 26th, 2018, 7:41 pm

Name: Amelia Trisswell-Barker
Brief Description: Amelia is a budding fashionista determined to make the world a more glamorous place. Think Elle Woods and Glinda with slightly less pink (it's not her colour).
Profession: Seamstress
Length of Stay: Resident
Goals: Whilst Amelia's main goal in life is to make beautiful things and people beautiful, I would like her to get involved in more risky/dangerous/nefarious things in the future.

Favourite Type of Thread: With Amelia, all of my previous threads have involved some kind of comedy/humour. But my preference as a writer is actually more action, investigation, drama, danger.
Least Favourite Type of Thread: Hum-drum socials with no plot or effect on either characters.
Willing to Guest Moderate?: Nope
Need Moderator Assistance?: No thanks.

Comments: Returning to Miz after over a year away, so please be patient :)
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Winter 518 AV Character Registry

Postby Ruth Wavedancer on January 3rd, 2019, 1:32 pm

Name: Ruth Wavedancer
Brief Description: Craftswoman and wife of a sailor newly arrived in Lhavit looking to settle down.
Profession: Woodcarver
Length of Stay: Indefinitely
Goals: Settle in, get to know people, find a job and enjoy the peace and quiet.

Favourite Type of Thread: Character development and progression - as long as the thread is going 'somewhere', I'm happy (whether that somewhere is developing a relationship, a skill, a plot line or something else).
Least Favourite Type of Thread: None right now.
Goals: Nothing that comes to mind - we'll see how it goes.
Willing to Guest Moderate?: No
Need Moderator Assistance?: Don't think so.
Comments: Excited to be here - PM me if you want to thread!
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Winter 518 AV Character Registry

Postby Mauriel on January 6th, 2019, 9:42 am

Winter Registry

Name: Mauriel
Brief Description: Mauriel is a young Ethaefal on a quest to become a traveling bard, bringing Mizahar closer together through music and stories.
Profession: Bard at Scholar's Demise
Length of Stay: For the foreseeable future at least, I'm looking into her traveling, but it doesn't seem like it'll happen soon.
Goals: Her job skills, as well as some Auristics she could learn from Sav perhaps.

Favourite Type of Thread: Character developing moments, solo or with people
Least Favourite Type of Thread: Skill grind when I don't put effort into it to make it interesting.
Goals: Yes, I want to make Mauriel a bit more of a consistent character, I feel like I've been explore-writing her and it's a bit all over the place in some aspects. That's as much as I'll have time for this season, but I want to make my plots more interesting as well.
Willing to Guest Moderate?: No.
Need Moderator Assistance?: No.

Comments: A bit busy irl, so I'm trying to keep active thread count low (temptations aren't entirely unwelcome, tho :P )
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Winter 518 AV Character Registry

Postby Zen Tanka on January 7th, 2019, 11:59 pm

Name: Zen Tanka
Brief Description: A Shinya acolyte hell-bent on catching up to his prodigious brother, sparing no expense in that goal.
Profession: What does your PC do for a living (or want to do): Currently Pending for a Job
Length of Stay: How long is your PC going to be in Lhavit: Indefinite
Goals: Is there anything you want your PC to achieve or improve upon this season: Achieving Full Shinya status

Favourite Type of Thread: Well, I for one do not have much experience writing, so, anything quite that can help me improve I would not dislike.
Least Favourite Type of Thread: What do you like threading about least as a writer: Nothing in particular
Goals: Is there anything you as a writer want to improve upon, and if so, do you want/need any assistance: Well, to be honest, I feel like I am a bit lacking behind Mizahar's 'standard', if you know what I mean, so, I guess there is that. Overall improvement, sounds about right.
Willing to Guest Moderate?: No idea what that is, but I am willing to assist where I can!
Need Moderator Assistance?: None so far

Comments: Anything else you want to say, either to me or your fellow writers.
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Winter 518 AV Character Registry

Postby Gemma Parker on February 13th, 2019, 11:57 pm

Name: Gemma Parker
Brief Description: She's a Konti healer with one gnosis mark. She is torn between the desire to make her parents proud and to become her own woman. She isn't sure if she can have both, but for now, she explores in her free time and wants to learn new things.
Profession: Healer at The Catholicon
Length of Stay: For a while, at least until she's strong enough or rich enough to go exploring.
Goals: I just want to try to finish the job threads since I only have 15 days. I was hoping to learn Auristics with a PC so I could try to do the winter challenge, but I don't think that's going to be possible in so little time.

Favourite Type of Thread: Hmm, I don't know. Anything? I don't really like combat, though.
Least Favourite Type of Thread: Combat?
Goals: I really just want to have fun. I know my writing isn't great, but it's a fun way for me to express myself.
Willing to Guest Moderate?: Not really, at least not for now.
Need Moderator Assistance?: CS, job approval

Comments: None for now!
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