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A lawless town of anarchists, built on the ruins of an ancient mining city. [Lore]

A Chance Encounter (Kynier)

Postby Vasin on March 19th, 2019, 6:57 pm

"Yes, directly asking for indirect means of helping could very well be seen as an extortion racket." he would say with a pause."It is what people would assume upon first hearing it as well." he said agreeing that was likely not the best way to approach it."You would be safer to request that people directly help. Maybe in the case of signs, when one has torn down someone notices and puts it back up? That sort of thing as not everyone would be willing to fight." Vasin said thinking about it."But, as you mentioned the best way would be a tight-knit group of friends and allies. People who know these streets would be best at it." Vasin said liking the idea of that."One would just need to ensure that they do not become viewed as bullies, however. Difficult, but it could be done. If not, well people in this city have a tendency to group up as a counter force." he said knowing that the obstacles in place would require a great effort to overcome, but not just that. It would require dedication.

"Makes sense I suppose. You have more time to think if you are in a standoff position, and are able to see them coming at you. But after the initial clash, all bets are off." he said knowing that in the heat of the moment he didn't have time to think, only to react or die."They probably have lots of memory in their arms. React without thinking. But yeah, best to see what they have to offer."

"Yeah, from what I can tell the docks are too dangerous for the majority of traders coming here. Plus, there isn't exactly a central authority to communicate with. Picking any of the gangs would just make the others angry." he said thinking the situation over."People here don't want to give up their freedom, even if that freedom isn't really real. So, I don't think a single group can ever take over. At least, not without major work and sacrifice." he said though entirely unsure of what that would involve."I'm not sure about the situation between other cities. I do not keep up with that sort of stuff. But moving over land could be made easier if there were settlements in between I reckon."

Vasin had started to get a feeling towards the back of his head, like a bad feeling. But he was too distracted by his conversation with Kynier to notice that they had walked into a rather bad situation. He came to a stop when Kynier had tapped him on the shoulder and got his attention. They told Vasin not this way, and for the briefest of moments, Vasin was confused. However, he nodded in understanding knowing that it more than likely meant trouble. A quick glance around and he noticed some people. So, Vasin quickly followed Kynier's lead and would start to turn around. However, they were quickly cut off by another too figures. Vasin also looked back and noticed how they had been surrounded by four people.

"Seems we have indeed." Vasin said looking to Kynier as he looked to the ground surrounding them. What did they want? Just a straight up murder? Or just their coin? Regardless, Vasin did not want to give them either. Vasin then heard their demands and started to weigh his options internally. If they fought would Kynier help? or simply submit? Vasin did not know them very well yet. So he would look to him. They asked what Vasin thought and quietly he would reply in a whisper."If we rush one of them we could even the odds a little one at a time. But that will leave the others free to come around behind us." Vasin whispered cautiously as he reached for the handle of his sword."But, we take one done we can make a break for it." he added in his quiet tone."What are you feeling?"
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A Chance Encounter (Kynier)

Postby Kynier on April 3rd, 2019, 2:02 am


A wave of reassurance swept over him knowing that Vasin wasn’t willing to yield to the demands of his opponents. Even if the tactical advantage didn’t rest with him and the other man. Such assurance made Kynier feel bolder, knowing that there was someone else willing to risk that danger with him. Saying no to a collective of thugs was dangerous, no matter what the affiliations were. As Vasin whispered his opinion, Kynier’s eyes were shifted to each of four that wanted their valuables. It seemed that he considered ganging up on even a single opponent the wisest idea.

Kynier gave the large man a false. The man had the greatest reach and the deadliest weapon, but wasn’t likely to go down even by a surprise assault from the both of them. With the woman at his side, that excluded her as well. Trying to take her out put them in the other man’s reach. So, either the dagger holder or the rapier wielder. As Kynier turned his eyes back on Vasin, one of the four spoke up. “Enough!” the large man shouted as he took the handle of his greatsword in both hands. With a little pop of his shoulder, the greatblade arced into the air slowly for his grip to settle before coming down.

There was no certainty to who the attack was directed at. Kynier had already turned to engage the two other men, specifically the rapier wielder. As he approached, he pulled both Glister and his other short sword from their sheathes. The movement alone would be enough to take him out of the large man’s reach. Powerful attacks were usually slow. Kynier went for between the dagger man and the rapier. As the rapier holder took to his stance, the mage raised his left blade up across his chest to slash at the would-be fencer. The narrow blade came up and stopped Kynier’s attack, which was part of his plan.

Pivoting on his foot, Kynier kept pressing on the blade with his left hand to attempt to force the man’s weapon up high, exposing his body for Vasin to take advantage of in case he had been following Kynier’s direction. Hopefully the man had. As his back foot circled around, Kynier turned his head to the dagger man and slashed at him with Glister. It had served more as a warding cut, as the man stepped back out of reach. Turning back, Kynier stepped toward the rapier man with a thrust from the hip with Glister. Though the thug tried to twist out of the way, the cold iron generated a grazing cut on the man’s side.

Kynier pulled back on the blade to saw at the small cut and make it worse. The man winced loudly and hissed through his teeth as a second less shallow cut formed on the side of his body. With two quick steps, Kynier was outside the square that their attackers had originally formed. It was quickly condensing as the woman and the large man were approaching, and looking for a means of coming at them without endangering themselves to all the sharp edges that had been draw. Kynier did a quick scan to determine Vasin’s position and status. One of them was wounded, and the duel-wielder was coming at Kynier. Had the other man managed to deliver a critical attack against the man with the rapier? If they hadn’t managed to kill one initially, staying to engage them all was not going to seem like a good idea.

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A Chance Encounter (Kynier)

Postby Baelin Holt on September 17th, 2019, 4:32 pm

Vasin :
1 Interrogation
1 Investigation
1 Observation
3 Planning
5 Socialization

Location: The Majestic
The Majestic: Contains shelves of rotted books
Investigation: Usually best to not be rude
Kynier: Claims to know the owner of the Majestic
Stumble Alley: Known for people disappearing there
Sun's Birth: Offers training for a fee
Pajalkich: Hunts in Sunberth's wilds
Wildlands: Might contain pre-Valterrian relics
The Docks: Seem to be too dangerous for most traders
Sunberth: Led by the gangs and the people

This was a great chat between Vasin and Kynier on all things Sunberth! The planning was on point and I enjoyed the read. It’s too bad the thread got cut off where it did, but it was still a very good discussion. Please note that your ledger still has typos for your Spring 519 wages and living expenses (says 518), your thread list ought to be organized, and it’d be good to get your Summer 519 living expenses in as soon as you can.

If you have any comments or concerns about your grade, don’t hesitate to message me via PM or Discord. Please edit your grade request as graded, and I hope you enjoy your grades!

Kynier :
If you come out of retirement, either message me or resubmit to the grade queue for your grades. Thank you for the read!
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