Quest Finding Answers To Questions Not Asked

Mathias, driven by Akvin, organizes the settlement for a group effort.

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Syka is a new settlement of primarily humans on the east coast of Falyndar opposite of Riverfall on The Suvan Sea. [Syka Codex]

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Finding Answers To Questions Not Asked

Postby Jehu on October 11th, 2019, 1:12 pm



He was thirsty, having had to drink regularly since the change. He no longer had that precious organ that stored water, meaning Jehu had to hydrate like other people. But he had come to an uneasy armistice with his new body, or at least overcame the immediate shock of the mind-rending alterations. But it just wasn't that Jehu, or any of them, had some bizarre body swap. It wasn't just physical appearance. Jehu was realizing it was more. He didn't just have the body of a Zith...he was a Zith. Thoughts and inclinations unfamiliar were now part of his being. A drive he had not known before had pushed him to keep trying to fly through the night until he got the hang of it. His inhibitions had lowered, desires were hotter, and he had an appetite that was sometimes frightening. His neighbors instinctively made the short list of things that looked good to eat. Of course, he was still Jehu, and would not harm the people of Syka. But his perspectives had changed.

Jehu could see some had not yet shaken the abject shock of the transformations, their eyes almost panicked as they sought an explanation. Those who had been in Syka for a time perhaps took it better. Strange things had happened in the region before. Djed storms had left lingering affects that manifested from time to time, like the sudden, prolific appearance of a strange new fruit-bearing tree that appeared overnight during the summer. But they all wanted an explanation. And it was given. It was someone's fault. But no one pointed fingers. They all were in it together.

Kamilla drew close, offering some comfort to the dejected Chaktawe-turned-Zith. While Jehu found Kam as attractive as a Konti as she was a human, it had taken the night for her to be able to look at him without fear or disgust. But they too had come to grips with the shiftings, and were able to support one another. Jehu laughed at Kam's attempt to assuage his nerves, offering her a toothy smile.

But as Mathias continued, most all in attendance showed a spark of interest. The quest was well timed, and perhaps with intention. A joint endeavor of significant effort would distract the rattled citizens of the settlement, especially with the tempting suggestion of magical reward. Jehu was instantly interested, not so much for the gain of loot, but he had promised Mathias he would do all he could to help when it came to Syka.

Volunteers popped up like the maize-grain of Syliras over a fire. Familar and unfamilar faces stepped forward in support, not the least being his friends Kam and Sophia. To help keep them safe was reason enough to join, though both the Mage and Sophia with her Dhani mien could fend well for themselves. Also, it would be a great opportunity to meet several new arrivals to the settlement, even if they weren't 'themselves' at the moment.

Jehu didn't speak up right away, he watched as others joined in. Would they even accept his help? While the Zith saw some who recognized him, many still looked at the hated creature with suspicion. Jehu kept his wings wrapped around him like a cloak. Then, with conviction, his voice lifted. "I will go as well. I believe I could be of use." His broad wings then expanded to spread out behind him, suggesting his unexpected racial traits could help out.

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Finding Answers To Questions Not Asked

Postby Ines on October 11th, 2019, 8:40 pm

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Adeliz didn't realize how famished she was until she started smelling the food. Ines didn't understand that a new, bigger body meant that she needed more food, and their stomach growled something fierce. The akalak piled up food from every different meal. Fried plantains, fresh pineapple, both pig roast and fish tacos topped with heaping slices of avocado, roasted macadamia nuts, shrimp, and crab - it was a feast, and she was going to enjoy it. Ines mumbled grumpily in the back of her head about how she didn't have to worry about food before, but she shut up when Mathias started talking. The kelvic's simmering anger turned towards the founders, who somehow "accidentally" activated an artifact that ruined her season, and it nearly boiled over when she learned that the change could be permanent. At least she wasn't still upset at her headmate anymore. Adeliz wasn't very upset about the change - she didn't exist before two days ago to begin with - so she didn't share the same feelings with the displaced bat.

The witch wondered how they had just now decided to seek the source of the artifacts turning up in that river. She would have thought it wise to check it out immediately! Still, the fact that they didn't now led to the opportunity for her to go with. Ines knew nothing about Pavena, though. The bits of ruins she had seen she had just accepted, and she had no idea what a world gate was. The kelvic assumed that the scaly people were a weird subtype of Dhani, and never bothered to learn more. The giant, scaled lizard-things at the meeting looked much different than Dhani, though. The fact that the Myrians, at least, as far as she knew, had no idea about these artifacts or pre-Valterrian city ruins was a red flag for Ines. There had to be some reason they stayed away from the area. Neither of them really knew who Morwen was, or why anyone would go searching for her, but she must've been important.

Before Adeliz spoke up, Sophia (who she still had not gotten a chance to speak to) and Kamilla, now a Konti, both volunteered, along with a number of people she hadn't interacted with. She spoke up, too.

"I will join." The akalak stood up with her words, her plate bare even after the disturbing news. She would need to get new clothing from Juli tonight, it wasn't safe to wander into the jungle naked. She could also borrow some things of Lars', but more importantly, Ines would need to become comfortable using her new body. Looking over between Sophia, Kamilla, the founders and everyone else, Adeliz remembered she still needed to introduce herself.

In the murmuring and movement of the crowd, the akalak sought to speak with Randal, the first resident that Ines had met a season before. He was now a Dhani, somehow taller than he was when they met, but her own change made them still closer in height than before. She lurked near the grouping of founders, but waited until she caught his and beckoned him over.

"Ines tells me you are Randal. I am Adeliz." The witch said. "Ines is not happy. You may see me very much or very little." Her voice stayed quiet, and like how James' voice no longer carried because it had gotten lower, neither did hers. She resolved herself to seek out and introduce herself to all of the others who volunteered before they left to sleep.
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Finding Answers To Questions Not Asked

Postby Gossamer on October 13th, 2019, 12:43 am

Mathias sized up the volunteers as people slowly stepped forward and offered to join the expedition. A Konti, three Akalaks, a Zith, six humans and a Jamoura. It was a good mix for sure. Even with Akvin along, there might be a chance they could figure things out. He knew Kamilla had a magical background as well, which helped tremendously. They had a swimmer in the form of the Konti and aerial support in the form of the Zith. Both would make good additions since they’d need scouting from both land and lake. Everyone looked physically fit as well, which helped tremendously. He was, sadly, on the older side and knew the climb up the stair step and the crossing of the lake might not be the best for him. He’d done the climbs many times, but Kalum had warned him that his heart had an odd beat to it and that he should be careful. It was nothing the twice-marked healer of Rak’keli could help with, so when Randal proposed the trip to him after Akvin’s revelation of the artifact, Mathias had been cautious. He’d sit this one out… protecting the Settlement from the home base.

James and Randal were both trustworthy and good in a crisis. So they made excellent leaders for the expedition. “This will be a true expedition. You will be on a true journey of discovery. I will leave you now to get your things in order. Pack carefully but lightly. Bring what you need to survive in the jungle, but pack light. Bring food for a few days and we’ll find out what else the jungle can provide. I will see you all back here in the morning, packed up and ready to leave. We will be going at sunrise.” Randal said, then turned and glanced at Ines.

He frowned at her and shook his head sadly. “Give Ines time, Adeliz. It’s good to meet you but this must be quite a shock for both of you. Ines was a Kelvic yesterday morning. She might not be a typical Kelvic either, for most long for companionship and company… someone or something to bond with. I would hope she would embrace your presence. And realize how fragile being you is not knowing if your life will be for only a single season or if by chance or luck you get longer. What if she gets close to you and you vanish? What if you get attached to your life with her and are violently shredded away in ninety days? She’s not wrong to guard her heart and dislike you for her own sanity.” He said not unkindly. Randal reached out and gripped Ines’ shoulder comfortingly. “Just give her time.” He emphasized again.

Randal glanced up at Jehu then and smiled. “You and your wings are very welcome. We’ll definitely need scouting done from the air. And from the lake as well.” He said, glancing at Kamilla. All the Dhani like me will be equally suited. We’ll need to work hard to guard the humans. And the other Akalak will also come in handy if they know their weapons, as well as their race, is reputed to do so.” Randal said happily. He was rarely in a bad mood or looked at the dark side of things.

“Now, I suggest you all get going and make some preparations for being gone. If you have any livestock to feed or any pressing matters that need attending to while you are gone, let Mathias know in the morning and he’ll add it to his list of things that need tending while you are gone. I’ve got him watching my chickens.” Randal added, nodding towards Mathias.

With that, the crowd began to break up. Several of the other citizens that were not volunteering to go did walk up to the founders and offered supplies or advice. But otherwise, in the course of ten chimes, the Community Commons was cleared out other than people cleaning up in the kitchen and dividing up leftovers to send home with some of the dispersing crowd. Kamilla’s butterscotch pie was all gone. The empty pan was cleaned and presented to her though before she left.


In the morning, at Sunrise, the group was all assembled and simply waiting for the rest of the party to arrive. Randal was decked out in full travel gear, ready for heavy jungle travel, while the Jamoura was heavily burdened with a huge pack that seemed effortless for James to carry. Akvin looked casual in his normal black leathers, tall boots, and armed lightly with a machete. He carried no pack, though a canteen was strapped to his belt. The rest of the group looked fit too, with various packs and heavy arms all ready to go.

When everyone arrived, Randal and James set out without preamble down the path that headed south. They wove their way through the settlement and headed by the Panacea, past the cut off to the tar pits, and trailed past Uta’s place and the bridge that bypassed a stream there. They walked on, traveling past the switchbacked path to Treasure Point until they ended out on a beach well south of the settlement but just a tad north of Stairstep Falls.

The Cobbled Pathway took them safely most of the way. Once off the pathway and onto the beach, the group could clearly see the falls and the spill of the water across the sand breaking the continuous beach up.

Cascading down a rise in the southern edge of the Maw where the Suvan touches it, Stair Step Falls is a small river called Clearwater that flows out of the Falyndar Region to the sea in a series of stair steps down to the beach.

Randal stopped the group there. “It’s beautiful, no? But don’t let that fool you. It’s a dangerous thing, these falls. It’s known for two things. First and foremost, big nuggets of gold have been found in its depths and washed up on the beach where the water spills across the accumulated sand. Both by excavating and panning, significant wealth can be had via seekers with the skill and patience to hunt for it.” Randal paused then glanced around. “Any kind of gold fever can be dangerous, doubly so here in Syka. But that’s not all.” He said, continuing.

“Stair Step Falls is also known to turn up artifacts from pre-Valterrian Mizahar. Some of these artifacts consist of simple things like jewelry or silverware. Whole and partial ceramics and metal items have been found as well. After particularly high-water events, even magical artifacts have been unearthed on the beach and in the river wash. No one seems to know where the Clearwater River is churning up these little tokens, but last year Mathias made it to the top and found a huge lake and citadel there. This is what we are going to explore.” Randal added, then gestured to what appeared to be a trailhead of switch backs leading up the settlement side of the falls.

“It will take us all day to get up the falls… and make camp at the top. Then, we’ll need to cross the lake somehow and investigate the citadel. We also need to investigate the lake as well. It might very well be the source of the artifacts rather than the citadel itself. We’ve just not had time to look properly since we settled the city. It’s even possible the citadel isn’t a ruin but is very much occupied. We need to be prepared for any scenario. Does anyone have any suggestions or questions? Jehu, I’m hoping you’ll volunteer to scout the path up the waterfall and land, marking any dangerous portions.” He said, holding out what looked like a cloth bag full of torn up strips of red rags. The rags looked like they’d make excellent ‘danger here’ warnings to be hung along the trail if any danger was spotted.

“I’d like a couple of Dhani in the lead and a couple of Dhani taking up the rear. James has most of our food, so keep him and it protected in the middle. We’ll make camp at the top. Ready?” And with that, Randal set off, volunteering to go first as he started the climb. He’d clear brush away with his Kukri as he hiked, hopefully opening up the trail enough for the rest of the climbers to go up.

It wasn’t a particularly hard climb, but it was steep with switchbacks every six feet. It was one of those trails that never seemed to end either… up and up and up….. the stair steps had flat places at the top of them that could be cleared out for camps or resting spots. And the waterfall was constantly accessible from these flat spaces.

Randal walked strongly, carefully, yet didn’t let the group linger. He’d try to see the whole group up the trail quickly and get them to the top in under one day.

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Finding Answers To Questions Not Asked

Postby Sophia Sunshore on October 13th, 2019, 9:23 pm


Sophia let her gaze fall over those who volunteered for the expedition. She had known before either had spoken that Kamilla and Jehu would both want to help. Ines too, though the more she watched the new Akalak, the more she thought there was more difference to her fellow Witch than just a change of race, but she failed to put her finger on it. A few she didn’t recognise also stepped up, including the tall, coppery Dhani who had sat with her for just a moment, and the human she had spotted when she first arrived.

As a group, Sophia thought they appeared one that would fare well in the jungles, though the trees did hold a tremendous amount of danger. Kamilla perhaps appeared the most fragile with her delicate Konti form, but she knew that the mage had more than enough tricks to defend herself.

Sophia listened attentively while Randal gave them more information on the trip. Immediately her mind was running through a list of all the things she had in her ‘jungle pack’, deciding what to take and leave. A light frown lowered her brow briefly when she thought of food. She had dried meat, and while the thought of it wasn’t as unappetising as the oranges, she still didn’t relish the thought of eating it.

Her attention was drawn back to Randal as he addressed the group once more, nodding as he seemed to echo her mental sentiment that they seemed like a well-suited group. She lodged a thought in her mind to make sure to ask Mathias in the morning to keep her plants watered, as the last thing she needed would be to come back to find all her stock dead.

With the meeting over, Sophia wound her way home. She was getting more and more used to her new body and moved with a graceful speed that got her back in no time at all. Immediately on her return, she upended her pack and sorted the contents properly, making sure she had everything she thought she would need. On the top sat her Isaus clothing and she held the trousers up for a moment, considering them. She had no legs at present, and she was certain that the scales covering a snake were more than suitable protection against biting insects. She set them aside for now and continued on with the rest of her items.


The next morning Sophia shouldered her pack and set off for the Commons once more. She was wearing the Isuas shirt as it felt strange to be heading into the trees not wearing it, and she had folded the trousers neatly into her pack, just in case. She had modified her belt too that held her cutlass, as she had no waist as a snake to hold it up. It was now hooked over one shoulder and strapped across her body. The prospect of food had continued to stump her, but she had packed the dried meat, as someone would be able to eat it, even if she couldn’t.

Upon her arrival, Sophia detoured quickly to find Mathias and ask him to look after her stock, before returning to where Randal and James were gathering the rest of the volunteers. She was one of the first to arrive, and she watched Akvin - the founder’s friend with curiosity. Of all of them, he seemed to be the only one unaffected by the strange magic, and he appeared to be travelling very light for what lay ahead of them all.

There was barely time to greet any of her friends before Randal and James set off along the Cobbled Pathway. Sophia tended toward the front of the group, as even trying her best to keep her pace slow, she was still moving faster than a lot of the others. The founders kept up a brisk pace and it wasn’t long before the Stair Step Falls came into view, a place Sophia had yet to visit properly in all her time in Syka.

The falls were beautiful, and Sophia drank in their sparkling cascades with golden eyes. Randal’s voice drew her attention, and she listened curiously to his warnings.
“Any kind of gold fever can be dangerous, doubly so here in Syka.”
Didn’t they know it. Just last season Sophia had entertained an obsession with sea glass that had almost cost her her life when it landed her outside in the middle of the epic storm that destroyed a number of the settlement’s buildings.

“A citadel? Like a fortressss?” Sophia glanced up the falls, voicing her thoughts aloud. “Even if there are no people there, the wildlife might have inhabited it by now…”
The golden Dhani nodded at Randal when he again asked for volunteers.
“I don’t mind going up near the front.” She was already near the front of the group thanks to her newly acquired speed, and her new form would hopefully help her offer some sort of protection for the others against anything untoward that they might come across.

Sophia fell in behind Randal as he started to cut a path, taking up her cutlass in hand to catch any brush he might miss. The path was steep, and had she been in her regular body Sophia was sure she would have tired fairly rapidly. This body however was stronger, and her muscled tail propelled her along at a satisfactory pace. She would occasionally check behind to make sure that there was no trouble, or that nobody needed any help, but for the most part she followed on after Randal, slicing brush here and there with a swipe of her cutlass.

Supplies :
In Sophia’s pack:
Isaus trousers, bag of coconut fibre tinder, hammock, rope, folded tarp, flint & steel, small knife, insect repellent, bag of dried meat, filled water canteen, bandages, lavender oil (wound cleaner), fishhooks & line, journal & ink, orange cotton scarf, parts of survival toolkit (simple first aid kit, 2 simple snares, a small compass, 2 candles, a blanket, needle & thread)

Cutlass, small axe (fangs :p )
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NOTE: During the Fall Sophia is a Dhani, specifically a golden eyelash viper. See here for more detailed info.
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Finding Answers To Questions Not Asked

Postby Jehu on October 16th, 2019, 2:28 pm



To say they were suddenly a motley crew was an understatement. Jehu had never seen such a curious blend of races, even as he realized that he didn't know the true race of the strangers that appeared. He just wanted to be himself again, he wanted that for everyone. He glanced at Kamilla and then Sophia, his friends, trying to smile at them with encouragement. The Kelvic, or the Ines that used to be Kelvic, he recognized readily, though her skin was as dark as his fur. He heard someone say she was an Akalak, somehow squeezed into a woman's body. How strange it must be for her.

So many others, Dhani with vaguely familiar features, even James and his huge primate form, it was as if they were all wearing costumes that they couldn't take off. The menagerie separated, some to prepare for the next day's expedition, others to gather food to offer, or tend to duties the adventurers would leave unattended.

Jehu spent the rest of the day in his tent. Except when it clouded over, it was harder for him to see. His face hurt from squinting, due to his light-sensitive eyes. But he had plenty of work to do. Laying out gear, garments and supplies, Jehu had several things to consider, given his winged, clawed form. His pack and gear would be jury-rigged to better fit between his wings, or around his waist. After several ridiculous failed attempts, there was no way to put on a shirt. His light, silky fur would have to suffice in protecting his skin. He would definitely need to stop by the Mercantile in the morning to pick up a few things.

He felt tired, and napped during the afternoon, finding it easy to sleep. When the sun set, The Zith-man took to the skies again, testing and trying flight, hovering and landing. One of his most obvious contributions he would have to the expedition was his ability to go aerial. He wanted to be ready.

Jehu arrived at the mercantile before the sun rose, as Juli was opening. He needed boots that would fit his now clawed feet. He also wanted a pair of isuas pants that were sturdy but light, he suddenly found pants to be uncomfortable. A few other items were acquired. Then he met up with the others at the Commons, changing into his new isuas pants and boots. He would go bare-chested.

He walked with the group as they made their way to the foot of Stair Steps Falls. He had ventured to the falls a few times, while patrolling with Buraga. With the others, Jehu listened to Randall. He spoke of gold and magic. Things that played upon people's greed. He hoped no on outside of Syka heard of the treasures of their home. It could bring ugliness to their settlement.

At Randal's request, Jehu readily agreed to scout ahead and took up the bag of cloth strips. Securing it to his belt, the Zith lifted off on broad dark wings, spear in hand. He followed up the trail head to find dangers such as narrow straits, obstacles on the trail, particularly slippery rocks or other perils.

Supplies :
small camo tarp (from hunter's kit)
thin rope (from hunter's kit)
flint & steel
torches (2)
light blanket
sacks-empty (2)
insect repellent
rations (3 days)
hunting knife
extra pair of pants
extra set of undergarments
short spear
Wand of Illumination

boots, high 5sm (worn)
isuas pants, 1gm 6sm (worn)
rucksack, 1gm
tinder, 1cm
hammock, 5gm

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Finding Answers To Questions Not Asked

Postby Kamilla on October 16th, 2019, 6:52 pm


Kamilla was relieved to see both Jehu and Sophia had volunteering to go on the expedition as well, even Ines joining, though the latter wasn't as much of a surprise. Once all was said and done, they had gathered up quite the assortment of people, though Kamilla couldn't help but wonder how many of them had skills that would be useful to contribute to their little venture. Regardless, she doubted that any of them were as I'll suited to the physical part of the trip as her, nome of her short stints in the jungle had been pleasant.

There wasn't much of a discussion once the volunteers had been gathered, s simple briefing on what they should do and where they would meet. Once dismissed, Kamilla hadn't wasted much time, figuring that she had a lot of preparations to make. She'd offer her friends a casual goodbye, retrieve her empty pie tray and head home.

The night had proven productive as she'd dropped Roo and Yen off with Finn trusting the svefra with their safety, as well as made a magic scroll which she intended to give to give to Jehu once she saw him. The latter had been done more on a whim than anything else.

When it came time to depart on the expedition the following morning, Kamilla was as prepared as she could be, though couldn't help but feel that she was still missing some things. Having had no idea what to bring on a trip into the jungle, she'd arrived at the mercantile at the crack of dawn, asking Juli for advice. The founder's daughter had been very helpful, gathering up a, rather expensive, bunch of supplies which Kamilla bought without a second thought. She might have looked ridiculous traveling there in a pair of leather pants, her magical thigh high boots and a scarf wrapped around her chest, but she'd figured none of her clothing were suited for the hike and she'd been right.

By the time she had completed her shopping trip, Kamilla had felt over encumbered with items, some of which she doubted she'd have found use for and so, had unpacked several of the items and tossed them into her cart golem Wally to be retrieved when she returned to Syka. She pulled one of her newly purchased Isuas button up shirts on and decided not to change out of her leather pants for the time being.

Once gathered, the team of Sykans departed without much preamble, everyone seemingly eager to reach their destination, though Kamilla couldn't deny that she felt the same. A brief greeting was given to the grouo jn general, her mind too preoccupied for small talk for the time being. Excitement bubbled deep within the mage's mind at what they might have discovered.

The trip took them south along the Cobbled road and right past Kamilla's mountain home, which was located quite near to the Stair Step Falls, in fact she could see some of it from her home. When Randal spoke, she silently agreed thst it was indeed beautiful, though she found the potential power it might be housing far more interesting.

Once they began the climb, Kamilla stuck to the middle of the group, with the unfamiliar humans, her friends all given tasks more suited to their current races. She'd spotted the peculiar handsome man, wearing leather pants like herself, though after only a few chimes she had begun to regret her decision, her legs seemingly on fire with the constant strain of the hike. She took a swig of her waterskin often, certain that her new semi aquatic form required hydration far more often than her actual body. The weight of her possessions did not help in the slightest.

Despite the constant strain of the climb, Kamilla powered on, driven by the thought of the treasures that awaited her in the citadel above.

Items :
1 Backpack
1 Leather Pants
2 Isuas Shirt
1 Isuas Pants
2 Pairs of Socks
2 Undergarments
1 Purple Scarf
Leave No Trace Boots
Explorer's Globe
Opaque Spectacles
1 Magic Scroll Containing Stone Spear
Rations(2 days)
Inscribing Paint
2 Charcoal Sticks
Comb, wooden
Insect Repellent
Survival Kit:
First aid kit, simple
Flint and steel
2 Candles
Needle and Thread
Small knife


Insect Repellent 1 GM
1 Isuas Pants 1.6 GM
2 Isuas Shirt 0.4 GM
2 Undergarments 0.2 GM
2 Socks 0.2 GM
Hammock 5 GM
Survival Kit 25 GM

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Finding Answers To Questions Not Asked

Postby Ines on October 26th, 2019, 6:00 am

Adeliz chewed her cheek as Randal went to speak with the other volunteers. What he said was devastatingly true. The Akalak came from nothing landed in Syka, with Ines, like a splatter of Lhex's spit on her face. She could be gone just as easily in a season, too, and the Kelvic would be left alone. Abandoned, as she had suspected she had been abandoned by her clan, and with no choice in the matter. That didn't change the present, however, and they were still stuck together. As for preparations, they knew that Lars could handle the mill and ashta for however long they were gone. He had done it himself for seasons before, he could do it for a few days more.

She started her trek home, control relinquished to Ines on the way. The Kelvic had been listing items they might need in her head, and clothing was one of the first ones. Myrian salts, too - the multipurpose ointment was used frequently in her clan, both on people and elephants. It seemed to cure anything. There was a host of other things that she only knew the Myrian words for and would have to either search for or describe to see if the mercantile had it. It would be an early morning, between visiting Uta, the mercantile, and getting to the base of the falls. All before sunrise. For the season before she slept hanging from the ceiling of Lars' bungalow, and she now had to improvise by sleeping in a hammock put up between palms next to the ashta bathing pool. The breeze had been gentle, and it was not long before they fell asleep.

The Akalak was awoken by Ivas inspecting her face with his trunk. The young bull did not seem to understand why she was sleeping outside now. The season before, Ines had noticed that the Ashta became active a few bells before sunrise every day. She had no reason to suspect that it would be different now that it was fall, and she rolled out of the hammock. Adeliz, too, awoke, but she felt much less used to the strange hours that Ines kept. After chimes were spent digging in her chest, the witch felt she had found what suitable things she had for the trek. Ines emerged from the bungalow with what she had, a backpack full of items, her bandana tied around her neck, and her machete tied to a leather strip and slung on her waist.

Then began the walk to the mercantile. The mill was on the far edge of Syka, but the walk to the commons was easy, and Adeliz was coherent by the time they reached the mercantile in the first place. Ines still did not want to talk to or think of her, and the twin soul was content to sit in the back of her head. The witch managed to find the supplies she had in mind, including a brand new set of clothing. She left Juli with a pile of assorted bikka and Mizas after packing everything away and dressing up.

Her last stop before the base of the falls was Uta's place. Ines didn't actually know whether or not the botanist would have what she wanted, but if anyone did, it would be her. As luck would have it, Uta was awake when the bat arrived. Further luck proved true when she did have a pouch of myrian salts. With further advice from the botanist, Ines left with rosemary ointment and a couple vials of sweetblossom tincture, too.

Even when she was smaller, the witch had a surprising amount of physical stamina. She was long used to days full of hard physical labor, and wrangling elephants - especially ones that were nearly twenty feet tall, let alone nine or ten like she did now - was enough to keep her in shape. The long walk along the settlement was easy as cake, and with her new, even stronger body with its much longer gait, she was as ready as ever to tackle the climb. It would still be way easier to fly, but maybe this new body wasn't the worst thing for this task. Adeliz stayed and observed, hiding her joy like one hides a smile behind a hand. Ines was nearly back to her old self, as far as the twin soul could tell. Maybe it was having such a task at hand for her to focus on.

Ines listened to Randal carefully. Myrians often used gold in jewelry, as replacement teeth, and any number of things. They had the strength and numbers to dominate the vast majority of Falyndar, however, and had no worries of a gold fever infecting travelers there. Syka, on the other hand, wasn't nearly as protected.

Ever familiar with the humidity, hiking near the falls felt far nicer than directly in the jungle itself. Cool air and even some spray from the falls greeted them when the switchback led them towards the water. The witch didn't have anything specific to do, and seeing as she was not readily proficient with her machete, she decided to lag in the middle. She nearly didn't catch Kamilla, the mage appearing far different than she had upon their first meeting. Her terrible choice of clothing for the climate and scenario was a dead giveaway, though.

Ines made her way towards the now-Konti Kam. "I did not think you would be so little to me before," she said, glancing down at the woman, something the bat had never thought she would do. "Are you okay walking?" Since they had started the climb they hadn't stopped, drinking water and snacking on bits of jerky and provisions as they went. She had never made the trip before, let alone ever even been to this edge of the settlement, and she wondered how long it was going to take. Randal did say they were going to make camp at the top. Adeliz thought that meant it would take the whole day, but Ines felt almost intentionally contrarian and so ignored her.

wc: 1018

inventory :
Purchased ItemsPrices tracked in CS ledger, total price 40GM 20SM 7CM
  • High Leather Boots (Wearing)
  • 5pc Chalk
  • Tourniquet
  • Water Additive
  • Iron Pot
  • Small Steel Mirror
  • Sewing Needle
  • Spool of Isuas Thread
  • 1pt Flask of Oil
  • Signal Whistle (Tied on string around neck)
  • Gripping Resin (4 uses)
  • 4x pairs Ramie Socks (Wearing)
  • Isuas Sarong
  • Ramie Pants (Wearing)
  • 4x pairs Ramie undergarments (Wearing)
  • 2x Ramie shirts (Wearing)
  • Hammock
  • 20pc Tinder
  • Rucksack (Wearing)
  • Myrian Salts (3 doses)
  • Rosemary Ointment (4 doses)
  • x2 Sweetblossom Tincture (2 doses each)

Owned Items
  • Flint & Steel
  • Eating Knife
  • Waterskin
  • Backpack (Wearing)
  • 1 Week's Rations
  • Leather gloves
  • Red Ramie Bandanna (Wearing)
  • Sisal Broad-Brimmed Hat (Wearing)
  • Ivory-handled Machete (Wearing)
  • Soap
  • Large Tarp
  • 50ft rope
  • 2 torches
  • Blanket
  • Fishing tackle & hooks
  • Wooden comb
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